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used in Anna Karenina

50 uses
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to stop or discontinue
  • He glanced at her; she blushed, and ceased speaking.
    Part One (41% in)
  • The colonel of the regiment had announced that if these scandals did not cease he would have to leave.
    Part One (99% in)
  • The family doctor respectfully ceased in the middle of his observations.
    Part Two (1% in)
  • For the first instant Alexey Alexandrovitch seemed, as it were, appalled at his own snoring, and ceased; but after an interval of two breathings the snore sounded again, with a new tranquil rhythm.
    Part Two (26% in)
  • The snipe had ceased flying; but Levin resolved to stay a little longer, till Venus, which he saw below a branch of birch, should be above it, and the stars of the Great Bear should be perfectly plain.
    Part Two (40% in)
  • Vronsky passed Mahotin, but he was immediately aware of him close upon him, and he never ceased hearing the even-thudding hoofs and the rapid and still quite fresh breathing of Gladiator.
    Part Two (68% in)
  • When the three-mile steeplechase was beginning, she bent forward and gazed with fixed eyes at Vronsky as he went up to his horse and mounted, and at the same time she heard that loathsome, never-ceasing voice of her husband.
    Part Two (77% in)
  • She was in an agony of terror for Vronsky, but a still greater agony was the never-ceasing, as it seemed to her, stream of her husband's shrill voice with its familiar intonations.
    Part Two (77% in)
  • But at that moment the racers started, and all conversation ceased.
    Part Two (78% in)
  • The roof was mended, a kitchen maid was found—a crony of the village elder's—hens were bought, the cows began giving milk, the garden hedge was stopped up with stakes, the carpenter made a mangle, hooks were put in the cupboards, and they ceased to burst open spontaneously, and an ironing-board covered with army cloth was placed across from the arm of a chair to the chest of drawers, and there was a smell of flatirons in the maids' room.
    Part Three (21% in)
  • A roar of delighted shrieks arose in the nursery, and never ceased till they had set off for the bathing-place.
    Part Three (24% in)
  • The coachman, Terenty, fastened the horses, who kept whisking away the flies, to a tree, and, treading down the grass, lay down in the shade of a birch and smoked his shag, while the never-ceasing shrieks of delight of the children floated across to him from the bathing-place.
    Part Three (24% in)
  • Nothing was to be heard but the night sounds of the frogs that never ceased in the marsh, and the horses snorting in the mist that rose over the meadow before the morning.
    Part Three (33% in)
  • Everything relating to her and her son, towards whom his sentiments were as much changed as towards her, ceased to interest him.
    Part Three (36% in)
  • In reality he had ceased to enjoy himself as long ago as the year before, when he went away to Moscow.
    Part Three (60% in)
  • Levin himself had felt on seeing Kitty Shtcherbatskaya that he had never ceased to love her; but he could not go over to the Oblonskys', knowing she was there.
    Part Three (74% in)
  • Unconsciously yielding to the weakness of Anna—who had surrendered herself up to him utterly, and simply looked to him to decide her fate, ready to submit to anything—he had long ceased to think that their tie might end as he had thought then.
    Part Four (5% in)
  • "I want to tell you that I can't dine at your house, because the terms of relationship which have existed between us must cease."
    Part Four (31% in)
  • Sometimes, too, he had experienced the opposite, expressing at last what he liked himself, which he was devising arguments to defend, and, chancing to express it well and genuinely, he had found his opponent at once agreeing and ceasing to dispute his position.
    Part Four (52% in)
  • He snatched the chalk with nervous, trembling fingers, and breaking it, wrote the initial letters of the following phrase, "I have nothing to forget and to forgive; I have never ceased to love you."
    Part Four (54% in)
  • "What is your discussion about today?" asked Levin, never ceasing smiling.
    Part Four (56% in)
  • The nervous agitation of Alexey Alexandrovitch kept increasing, and had by now reached such a point that he ceased to struggle with it.
    Part Four (73% in)
  • The baby was lying with its head thrown back, stiffening itself in the nurse's arms, and would not take the plump breast offered it; and it never ceased screaming in spite of the double hushing of the wet-nurse and the other nurse, who was bending over her.
    Part Four (82% in)
  • One thing he could not pluck out of his heart, though he never ceased struggling with it, was the regret, amounting to despair, that he had lost her forever.
    Part Four (98% in)
  • "I have doubted, I doubt everything," said Levin in a voice that jarred on himself, and he ceased speaking.
    Part Five (3% in)
  • It seemed to her that, knowing this, he might sooner cease to love her; and she dreaded nothing now so much as losing his love, though she had no grounds for fearing it.
    Part Five (24% in)
  • With his characteristic decision, without explanation or apology, he simply ceased working at painting.
    Part Five (37% in)
  • He had begun sitting up again, coughing, had begun eating again, talking again, and again had ceased to talk of death, again had begun to express hope of his recovery, and had become more irritable and more gloomy than ever.
    Part Five (58% in)
  • Only at rare moments, when the opium gave him an instant's relief from the never-ceasing pain, he would sometimes, half asleep, utter what was ever more intense in his heart than in all the others: "Oh, if it were only the end!" or: "When will it be over?"
    Part Five (59% in)
  • From the day she left Italy the thought of it had never ceased to agitate her.
    Part Five (83% in)
  • And all at once a strange idea came to her: what if he had ceased to love her?
    Part Five (91% in)
  • She thought he had ceased to love her, she felt close upon despair, and consequently she felt exceptionally alert.
    Part Five (91% in)
  • Vassenka Veslovsky kept up alone a ceaseless flow of cheerful chatter.
    Part Six (22% in)
  • The metallic clank of a whetstone against a scythe, that came to them from the cart, ceased.
    Part Six (49% in)
  • And so, just as before, only by occupation in the day, by morphine at night, could she stifle the fearful thought of what would be if he ceased to love her.
    Part Six (98% in)
  • "Never mind," she thought, "only let him be here, and so long as he's here he cannot, he dare not, cease to love me."
    Part Six (99% in)
  • Yet as soon as he was out of the room, she ceased to think of him.
    Part Seven (34% in)
  • All the ordinary conditions of life, without which one can form no conception of anything, had ceased to exist for Levin.
    Part Seven (42% in)
  • fat cigarette after another and extinguishing them on the edge of a full ash tray, with Dolly, and with the old prince, where there was talk about dinner, about politics, about Marya Petrovna's illness, and where Levin suddenly forgot for a minute what was happening, and felt as though he had waked up from sleep; the other was in her presence, at her pillow, where his heart seemed breaking and still did not break from sympathetic suffering, and he prayed to God without ceasing.
    Part Seven (44% in)
  • He had long ago ceased to wish for the child.
    Part Seven (45% in)
  • The awful scream never paused, it became still more awful, and as though it had reached the utmost limit of terror, suddenly it ceased.
    Part Seven (46% in)
  • Levin could not believe his ears, but there could be no doubt; the scream had ceased and he heard a subdued stir and bustle, and hurried breathing, and her voice, gasping, alive, tender, and blissful, uttered softly, "It's over!"
    Part Seven (46% in)
  • Vronsky besought her to be calm, and declared that there was no trace of foundation for her jealousy; that he had never ceased, and never would cease, to love her; that he loved her more than ever.
    Part Seven (76% in)
  • Vronsky besought her to be calm, and declared that there was no trace of foundation for her jealousy; that he had never ceased, and never would cease, to love her; that he loved her more than ever.
    Part Seven (76% in)
  • As she sat in a corner of the comfortable carriage, that hardly swayed on its supple springs, while the grays trotted swiftly, in the midst of the unceasing rattle of wheels and the changing impressions in the pure air, Anna ran over the events of the last days, and she saw her position quite differently from how it had seemed at home.
    Part Seven (87% in)
  • Well, will Kitty cease looking at me as she looked at me today?
    Part Seven (95% in)
  • At last the little hand ceased waving, and the eyes closed.
    Part Eight (31% in)
  • Levin ceased thinking, and only, as it were, listened to mysterious voices that seemed talking joyfully and earnestly within him.
    Part Eight (64% in)
  • And Levin ceased speaking and then called the attention of his guests to the fact that the storm clouds were gathering, and that they had better be going home before it rained.
    Part Eight (86% in)
  • The rain was already ceasing, and it was beginning to get light when Levin reached them.
    Part Eight (89% in)

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