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used in Anna Karenina

33 uses
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extremely embarrass (decrease dignity, self-respect, or pride — especially in front of others)
  • Her relations with Stepan Arkadyevitch after their reconciliation had become humiliating.
    Part Two (3% in)
  • He's good-hearted, but he's proud, and now he's so humiliated.
    Part One (59% in)
  • Kitty knew that the words she had uttered in anger about her husband's infidelity and her humiliating position had cut her poor sister to the heart, but that she had forgiven her.
    Part Two (7% in)
  • I consider jealousy, as you know, a humiliating and degrading feeling, and I shall never allow myself to be influenced by it; but there are certain rules of decorum which cannot be disregarded with impunity.
    Part Two (24% in)
  • She felt so sinful, so guilty, that nothing was left her but to humiliate herself and beg forgiveness; and as now there was no one in her life but him, to him she addressed her prayer for forgiveness.
    Part Two (27% in)
  • However often he told himself that he was in no wise to blame in it, that recollection, like other humiliating reminiscences of a similar kind, made him twinge and blush.
    Part Two (28% in)
  • There had been in his past, as in every man's, actions, recognized by him as bad, for which his conscience ought to have tormented him; but the memory of these evil actions was far from causing him so much suffering as those trivial but humiliating reminiscences.
    Part Two (28% in)
  • And I tell you—I did make an offer and was rejected, and Katerina Alexandrovna is nothing now to me but a painful and humiliating reminiscence.
    Part Two (47% in)
  • "Tell me, isn't it humiliating to think that a man has disdained your love, that he hasn't cared for it?
    Part Two (88% in)
  • They don't know how at every step he's humiliated me, and been just as pleased with himself.
    Part Three (48% in)
  • He would have had his hand chopped off before he would have allowed himself by a word, by a hint, to humiliate her, or even to fall short of the fullest respect a woman could look for.
    Part Three (59% in)
  • If that's mine, I feel so exalted, so strong, that nothing can be humiliating to me.
    Part Three (69% in)
  • How could a woman of any intelligence, of any delicacy, put her sister in such a humiliating position!
    Part Three (74% in)
  • She is oppressed, humiliated by the consciousness of her disabilities.
    Part Four (44% in)
  • "And I'm oppressed and humiliated that they won't engage me at the Foundling," the old prince said again, to the huge delight of Turovtsin, who in his mirth dropped his asparagus with the thick end in the sauce.
    Part Four (44% in)
  • "One must get out of the humiliating position in which one is placed; one can't live a trois."
    Part Four (49% in)
  • He felt disgraced, humiliated, guilty, and deprived of all possibility of washing away his humiliation.
    Part Four (75% in)
  • And now when he had learned to know her, to love her as she should be loved, he had been humiliated before her, and had lost her forever, leaving with her nothing of himself but a shameful memory.
    Part Four (76% in)
  • Most terrible of all had been his ludicrous, shameful position when Alexey Alexandrovitch had pulled his hands away from his humiliated face.
    Part Four (76% in)
  • He recognized all his magnanimity, but he did not now feel himself humiliated by it.
    Part Four (98% in)
  • Altogether their honeymoon—that is to say, the month after their wedding—from which from tradition Levin expected so much, was not merely not a time of sweetness, but remained in the memories of both as the bitterest and most humiliating period in their lives.
    Part Five (41% in)
  • But I cannot help feeling humiliated before other people for the position I am placed in.
    Part Five (65% in)
  • If I could take from off you all these petty, humiliating cares....
    Part Five (65% in)
  • She had never felt so humiliated as at the moment when, sending for the commissionaire, she heard from him the exact account of how he had waited, and how afterwards he had been told there was no answer.
    Part Five (84% in)
  • Anna felt humiliated, insulted, but she saw that from her point of view Countess Lidia Ivanovna was right.
    Part Five (84% in)
  • Vronsky could not understand exactly what had passed between the Kartasovs and Anna, but he saw that something humiliating for Anna had happened.
    Part Five (98% in)
  • He was humiliated himself at what he was saying, and that exasperated him all the more.
    Part Six (18% in)
  • I'm not jealous, but I'm wounded, humiliated that anybody dare think, that anybody dare look at you with eyes like that."
    Part Six (19% in)
  • "It's humiliating too, of course."
    Part Six (20% in)
  • The birth of a son (he was certain it would be a son) which was promised him, but which he still could not believe in—so marvelous it seemed—presented itself to his mind, on one hand, as a happiness so immense, and therefore so incredible; on the other, as an event so mysterious, that this assumption of a definite knowledge of what would be, and consequent preparation for it, as for something ordinary that did happen to people, jarred on him as confusing and humiliating.
    Part Six (40% in)
  • "But tell me one thing: was there in his tone anything unseemly, not nice, humiliatingly horrible?" he said, standing before her again in the same position with his clenched fists on his chest, as he had stood before her that night.
    Part Six (41% in)
  • It means that I, hating him, but still recognizing that I have wronged him—and I consider him magnanimous—that I humiliate myself to write to him....
    Part Six (75% in)
  • Either I receive a humiliating refusal or consent....
    Part Six (75% in)

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