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used in Anna Karenina

39 uses
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firm in purpose or belief
  • Levin felt so resolute and serene that no answer, he fancied, could affect him.
    Part Two (40% in)
resolute = firm in purpose or belief
  • But her face, to which she tried to give a severe and resolute expression, betrayed bewilderment and suffering.
    Part One (9% in)
  • Vronsky was a squarely built, dark man, not very tall, with a good-humored, handsome, and exceedingly calm and resolute face.
    Part One (44% in)
  • Vronsky looked wonderingly at the prince with his resolute eyes, and, with a faint smile, began immediately talking to Countess Nordston of the great ball that was to come off next week.
    Part One (46% in)
  • She vividly recalled his manly, resolute face, his noble self-possession, and the good nature conspicuous in everything towards everyone.
    Part One (47% in)
  • Madame Karenina, however, did not wait for her brother, but catching sight of him she stepped out with her light, resolute step.
    Part One (53% in)
  • Seizing the first pretext, she got up, and with her light, resolute step went for her album.
    Part One (64% in)
  • What had become of his always self-possessed resolute manner, and the carelessly serene expression of his face?
    Part One (69% in)
  • "No, I am not going to stay," answered Anna, smiling, but in spite of her smile, both Korsunsky and the master of the house saw from her resolute tone that she would not stay.
    Part One (71% in)
  • With a resolute feeling of hope in a new, better life, he reached home before nine o'clock at night.
    Part One (79% in)
  • "Well, what is it?" she said to herself resolutely, shifting her seat in the lounge.
    Part One (86% in)
  • In the habitual conditions of her life she felt again resolute and irreproachable.
    Part One (94% in)
  • Holding herself extremely erect, as always, looking straight before her, and moving with her swift, resolute, and light step, that distinguished her from all other society women, she crossed the short space to her hostess, shook hands with her, smiled, and with the same smile looked around at Vronsky.
    Part Two (17% in)
  • What do you think about it?" she turned to Anna, who, with a faintly perceptible resolute smile on her lips, was listening in silence to the conversation.
    Part Two (17% in)
  • "I have long meant to tell you this," she went on, looking resolutely into his eyes, and hot all over from the burning flush on her cheeks.
    Part Two (18% in)
  • "Yes," he said, going up to her resolutely.
    Part Two (60% in)
  • Vronsky had several times already, though not so resolutely as now, tried to bring her to consider their position, and every time he had been confronted by the same superficiality and triviality with which she met his appeal now.
    Part Two (60% in)
  • "Whether he knows or not," said Vronsky, in his usual quiet and resolute tone, "that's nothing to do with us.
    Part Two (60% in)
  • "Well, let us go, then," said Kitty, turning round resolutely.
    Part Two (95% in)
  • "It's both," he said resolutely: "I don't see that it was possible...."
    Part Three (6% in)
  • She dressed quickly, went downstairs, and with resolute steps walked into the drawing room, where she found, as usual, waiting for her, the coffee, Seryozha, and his governess.
    Part Three (46% in)
  • If on hearing this news he were to say to her resolutely, passionately, without an instant's wavering: "Throw up everything and come with me!" she would give up her son and go away with him.
    Part Three (68% in)
  • She walked across the drawing room and went resolutely to him.
    Part Three (71% in)
  • "I have asked you no question about that," he said, all at once, resolutely and with hatred looking her straight in the face; "that was as I had supposed."
    Part Three (71% in)
  • Levin saw proofs of this in his dress, in the old-fashioned threadbare coat, obviously not his everyday attire, in his shrewd, deep-set eyes, in his idiomatic, fluent Russian, in the imperious tone that had become habitual from long use, and in the resolute gestures of his large, red, sunburnt hands, with an old betrothal ring on the little finger.
    Part Three (81% in)
  • She stopped and went on again, looking at him resolutely with her truthful eyes, "Even when I thrust from me my happiness.
    Part Four (65% in)
  • "I tell you what," said Anna, who had for a long while been exchanging wary glances with Vronsky, and knew that he was not in the least interested in the education of this artist, but was simply absorbed by the idea of assisting him, and ordering a portrait of him; "I tell you what," she said, resolutely interrupting Golenishtchev, who was still talking away, "let's go and see him!"
    Part Five (28% in)
  • Terrible as it was to Levin to put his arms round that terrible body, to take hold of that under the quilt, of which he preferred to know nothing, under his wife's influence he made his resolute face that she knew so well, and putting his arms into the bed took hold of the body, but in spite of his own strength he was struck by the strange heaviness of those powerless limbs.
    Part Five (52% in)
  • "Come and dine with me," said Anna resolutely, angry it seemed with herself for her embarrassment, but flushing as she always did when she defined her position before a fresh person.
    Part Five (92% in)
  • Flinging away the cigar, Sergey Ivanovitch advanced with resolute steps towards her.
    Part Six (11% in)
  • Levin had offered to take her place, but the mother, having once overheard Levin's lesson, and noticing that it was not given exactly as the teacher in Moscow had given it, said resolutely, though with much embarrassment and anxiety not to mortify Levin, that they must keep strictly to the book as the teacher had done, and that she had better undertake it again herself.
    Part Six (14% in)
  • "Where are you going, Kostya?" she asked her husband with a guilty face, as he passed by her with a resolute step.
    Part Six (41% in)
  • He paused, but suddenly, remembering Kitty and everything that had happened, he said, looking him resolutely in the face: "I have ordered the horses to be put-to for you."
    Part Six (43% in)
  • "At home; please walk in," said the porter, resolutely removing his overcoat.
    Part Seven (16% in)
  • This concentration of the footman upon his lamps, and his indifference to what was passing in Levin, at first astounded him, but immediately on considering the question he realized that no one knew or was bound to know his feelings, and that it was all the more necessary to act calmly, sensibly, and resolutely to get through this wall of indifference and attain his aim.
    Part Seven (40% in)
  • From the moment when he had waked up and understood what was going on, Levin had prepared his mind to bear resolutely what was before him, and without considering or anticipating anything, to avoid upsetting his wife, and on the contrary to soothe her and keep up her courage.
    Part Seven (42% in)
  • He saw the old princess too, flushed and overwrought, with her gray curls in disorder, forcing herself to gulp down her tears, biting her lips; he saw Dolly too and the doctor, smoking fat cigarettes, and Lizaveta Petrovna with a firm, resolute, reassuring face, and the old prince walking up and down the hall with a frowning face.
    Part Seven (43% in)
  • Lizaveta Petrovna's face was stern and pale, and still as resolute, though her jaws were twitching, and her eyes were fixed intently on Kitty.
    Part Seven (45% in)
  • It seemed as though he knew both what he was and for what he was living, for he acted and lived resolutely and without hesitation.
    Part Eight (42% in)

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