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used in Anna Karenina

51 uses
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feels contempt towards her
lack of respect for someone or something thought inferior — often accompanied by a feeling of dislike or disgust
  • In spite of his absolute contempt for the author, it was with complete respect that Sergey Ivanovitch set about reading the article.
    Part Eight (2% in)
contempt = disrespect and dislike
  • She laughed contemptuously and took up her book again; but now she was definitely unable to follow what she read.
    Part One (86% in)
  • Do you understand the folly of it, that on the pretext of my being unfaithful to him," she said contemptuously, "he wants to get the benefit of my fortune."
    Part One (98% in)
  • Levin smiled contemptuously.
    Part Two (41% in)
  • What kind of bird may it be, pray?" added Ryabinin, looking contemptuously at the snipe: "a great delicacy, I suppose."
    Part Two (42% in)
  • He scanned the bookcases and bookshelves, and with the same dubious air with which he had regarded the snipe, he smiled contemptuously and shook his head disapprovingly, as though by no means willing to allow that this game were worth the candle.
    Part Two (43% in)
  • I don't understand," said Anna contemptuously.
    Part Two (80% in)
  • She noticed that when questioning her about her family, Madame Stahl had smiled contemptuously, which was not in accord with Christian meekness.
    Part Two (90% in)
  • Getting up and walking about the room, he glanced again at the portrait, frowned, and smiled contemptuously.
    Part Three (43% in)
  • He was equable and not cringing with his superiors, was free and ingratiating in his behavior with his equals, and was contemptuously indulgent with his inferiors.
    Part Four (3% in)
  • His brow was lowering, and his eyes stared darkly before him, avoiding her eyes; his mouth was tightly and contemptuously shut.
    Part Four (12% in)
  • Alexey Alexandrovitch smiled contemptuously.
    Part Four (51% in)
  • He smiled contemptuously, and flung down the telegram.
    Part Four (68% in)
  • The smartly dressed and healthy-looking nurse, frightened at the idea of losing her place, muttered something to herself, and covering her bosom, smiled contemptuously at the idea of doubts being cast on her abundance of milk.
    Part Four (83% in)
  • A handsome head waiter, with thick pomaded hair parted from the neck upwards, an evening coat, a broad white cambric shirt front, and a bunch of trinkets hanging above his rounded stomach, stood with his hands in the full curve of his pockets, looking contemptuously from under his eyelids while he gave some frigid reply to a gentleman who had stopped him.
    Part Five (19% in)
  • Golenishtchev had been contemptuously indifferent to the tone taken by Vronsky.
    Part Five (20% in)
  • As a bachelor, when he had watched other people's married life, seen the petty cares, the squabbles, the jealousy, he had only smiled contemptuously in his heart.
    Part Five (38% in)
  • He looked at her sternly when she came in, and smiled contemptuously when she said she had been unwell.
    Part Five (60% in)
  • "Soldier!" said Korney contemptuously, and he turned to the nurse who was coming in.
    Part Five (88% in)
  • He bowed, shrugging his shoulders, and smiling contemptuously.
    Part Six (44% in)
  • "Society!" he said contemptuously, "how could I miss society?"
    Part Six (63% in)
  • She smiled contemptuously.
    Part Seven (5% in)

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exact meaning not specified
  • She saw in this a contemptuous reference to her occupations.
    Part Seven (71% in)
  • Hearing her husband's steps, she stopped, looking towards the door, and trying assiduously to give her features a severe and contemptuous expression.
    Part One (8% in)
  • She was right, for Levin actually could not bear her, and despised her for what she was proud of and regarded as a fine characteristic—her nervousness, her delicate contempt and indifference for everything coarse and earthly.
    Part One (42% in)
  • Somehow or other these women are still looked on with contempt by them, and do not touch on their feeling for their family.
    Part One (60% in)
  • He saw that this association was a mere anchor to save him from self-contempt.
    Part One (75% in)
  • The doctor was meantime with difficulty restraining the expression of his contempt for this old gentleman, and with difficulty condescending to the level of his intelligence.
    Part Two (1% in)
  • "No, because he has treated me with contempt," said Kitty, in a breaking voice.
    Part Two (6% in)
  • Your tone of contempt for us poor townsfolk!
    Part Two (41% in)
  • "Quite so, where you please," said Ryabinin with contemptuous dignity, as though wishing to make it felt that others might be in difficulties as to how to behave, but that he could never be in any difficulty about anything.
    Part Two (42% in)
  • Nodding with an air of lofty contempt to the two officers, he went up to Vronsky.
    Part Two (50% in)
  • He felt that Yashvin, in spite of his apparent contempt for every sort of feeling, was the only man who could, so he fancied, comprehend the intense passion which now filled his whole life.
    Part Two (50% in)
  • It seemed to her that his big, terrible eyes, which persistently pursued her, expressed a feeling of hatred and contempt, and she tried to avoid meeting him.
    Part Two (84% in)
  • And in spite of the complete, as he supposed, contempt and indifference he now felt for his wife, at the bottom of his heart Alexey Alexandrovitch still had one feeling left in regard to her—a disinclination to see her free to throw in her lot with Vronsky, so that her crime would be to her advantage.
    Part Three (38% in)
  • The complication was of this nature: Alexey Alexandrovitch's characteristic quality as a politician, that special individual qualification that every rising functionary possesses, the qualification that with his unflagging ambition, his reserve, his honesty, and with his self-confidence had made his career, was his contempt for red tape, his cutting down of correspondence, his direct contact, wherever possible, with the living fact, and his economy.
    Part Three (42% in)
  • I have too much respect or contempt, or both....
    Part Three (72% in)
  • The prince's manner of treating the very people who, to Vronsky's surprise, were ready to descend to any depths to provide him with Russian amusements, was contemptuous.
    Part Four (2% in)
  • But for this prince he was an inferior, and his contemptuous and indulgent attitude to him revolted him.
    Part Four (3% in)
  • At the mention of letters the lawyer pursed up his lips, and gave utterance to a thin little compassionate and contemptuous sound.
    Part Four (19% in)
  • The position of Alexey Alexandrovitch, owing to this, and partly owing to the contempt lavished on him for his wife's infidelity, became very precarious.
    Part Four (22% in)
  • Its meaning ran: "If it's a trick, then calm contempt and departure.
    Part Four (69% in)
  • He felt that he could not endure the weight of universal contempt and exasperation, which he had distinctly seen in the face of the clerk and of Korney, and of everyone, without exception, whom he had met during those two days.
    Part Five (62% in)
  • "Why, upon my word, sir," the carpenter said with a contemptuous smile.
    Part Six (21% in)
  • All these people, just like our spirit monopolists in old days, get their money in a way that gains them the contempt of everyone.
    Part Six (30% in)
  • They don't care for their contempt, and then they use their dishonest gains to buy off the contempt they have deserved."
    Part Six (30% in)
  • They don't care for their contempt, and then they use their dishonest gains to buy off the contempt they have deserved."
    Part Six (30% in)
  • I don't deserve contempt.
    Part Six (76% in)
  • "Striving for God, saving the soul by fasting," said Countess Lidia Ivanovna, with disgusted contempt, "those are the crude ideas of our monks....
    Part Seven (66% in)
  • Only in the Northern Beetle, in a comic article on the singer Drabanti, who had lost his voice, there was a contemptuous allusion to Koznishev's book, suggesting that the book had been long ago seen through by everyone, and was a subject of general ridicule.
    Part Eight (2% in)
  • (so the peasant called the house porter, in a tone of contempt), "you may be sure he'll make it pay, Konstantin Dmitrievitch!
    Part Eight (52% in)

There are no more uses of "contempt" in Anna Karenina.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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