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used in War and Peace

31 uses
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continuous — often in an annoying way
  • At each ascent or descent of the road the crowds were yet denser and the din of shouting more incessant.
    Book Two — 1805 (59% in)
  • The little princess talked incessantly, her short, downy upper lip continually and rapidly touching her rosy nether lip when necessary and drawing up again next moment when her face broke into a smile of glittering teeth and sparkling eyes.
    Book One — 1805 (87% in)
  • The little princess, plump and rosy, was sitting in an easy chair with her work in her hands, talking incessantly, repeating Petersburg reminiscences and even phrases.
    Book One — 1805 (97% in)
  • Amid the smoke, deafened by the incessant reports which always made him jump, Tushin not taking his pipe from his mouth ran from gun to gun, now aiming, now counting the charges, now giving orders about replacing dead or wounded horses and harnessing fresh ones, and shouting in his feeble voice, so high pitched and irresolute.
    Book Two — 1805 (91% in)
  • That affair was the same thing as this soldier with the harsh voice, and it was that affair and this soldier that were so agonizingly, incessantly pulling and pressing his arm and always dragging it in one direction.
    Book Two — 1805 (99% in)
  • It seemed as if I chattered incessantly with other people and suddenly remembered that this could not please him, and I wished to come close to him and embrace him.
    Book Six — 1808-10 (37% in)
  • Speranski's high-pitched voice struck him unpleasantly, and the incessant laughter grated on him like a false note.
    Book Six — 1808-10 (67% in)
  • The thought that her best days, which she would have employed in loving him, were being vainly wasted, with no advantage to anyone, tormented her incessantly.
    Book Seven — 1810-11 (99% in)
  • Prince Andrew talked incessantly, arguing now with his father, now with the Swiss tutor Dessalles, and showing an unnatural animation, the cause of which Pierre so well understood.
    Book Eight — 1811-12 (96% in)
  • He mounted it and rode at a gallop to one of the bridges over the Niemen, deafened continually by incessant and rapturous acclamations which he evidently endured only because it was impossible to forbid the soldiers to express their love of him by such shouting, but the shouting which accompanied him everywhere disturbed him and distracted him from the military cares that had occupied him from the time he joined the army.
    Book Nine — 1812 (7% in)
  • Granted that were they competent they might be made use of," continued Napoleon—hardly able to keep pace in words with the rush of thoughts that incessantly sprang up, proving how right and strong he was (in his perception the two were one and the same)—"but they are not even that!
    Book Nine — 1812 (23% in)
  • From the day when Pierre, after leaving the Rostovs' with Natasha's grateful look fresh in his mind, had gazed at the comet that seemed to be fixed in the sky and felt that something new was appearing on his own horizon—from that day the problem of the vanity and uselessness of all earthly things, that had incessantly tormented him, no longer presented itself.
    Book Nine — 1812 (78% in)
  • In the noblemen's hall there was an incessant movement and buzz of voices.
    Book Nine — 1812 (93% in)
  • With an incessant hum of voices the crowd advanced to the table.
    Book Nine — 1812 (97% in)
  • Meanwhile still more projectiles, now with the swift sinister whistle of a cannon ball, now with the agreeable intermittent whistle of a shell, flew over people's heads incessantly, but not one fell close by, they all flew over.
    Book Ten — 1812 (11% in)
  • Black figures flitted about before the fire, and through the incessant crackling of the flames talking and shouting could be heard.
    Book Ten — 1812 (13% in)
  • Pierre saw that there was a bridge in front of him and that soldiers were doing something on both sides of it and in the meadow, among the rows of new-mown hay which he had taken no notice of amid the smoke of the campfires the day before; but despite the incessant firing going on there he had no idea that this was the field of battle.
    Book Ten — 1812 (79% in)
  • In line with the knoll on both sides stood other guns which also fired incessantly.
    Book Ten — 1812 (80% in)
  • There for several hours amid incessant cannon and musketry fire, now Russians were seen alone, now Frenchmen alone, now infantry, and now cavalry: they appeared, fired, fell, collided, not knowing what to do with one another, screamed, and ran back again.
    Book Ten — 1812 (85% in)
  • The Russians stood in serried ranks behind Semenovsk village and its knoll, and their guns boomed incessantly along their line and sent forth clouds of smoke.
    Book Ten — 1812 (89% in)
  • The tall youth, not noticing the disappearance of his foe, waved his bare arm and went on talking incessantly, attracting general attention to himself.
    Book Eleven — 1812 (55% in)
  • The satisfaction of his hunger and the wine rendered the captain still more lively and he chatted incessantly all through dinner.
    Book Eleven — 1812 (77% in)
  • The awful pain he suffered made him moan incessantly and piteously, and his moaning sounded terrible in the darkness of the autumn night.
    Book Eleven — 1812 (83% in)
  • She knew Prince Andrew was in the same yard as themselves and in a part of the hut across the passage; but this dreadful incessant moaning made her sob.
    Book Eleven — 1812 (86% in)
  • Was he like that incessant moaning of the adjutant's?
    Book Eleven — 1812 (87% in)
  • And suddenly the sequence of these thoughts broke off, and Prince Andrew heard (without knowing whether it was a delusion or reality) a soft whispering voice incessantly and rhythmically repeating "piti-piti-piti," and then "titi," and then again "piti-piti-piti," and "ti-ti" once more.
    Book Eleven — 1812 (89% in)
  • She was agitated and incessantly tortured by the thought of the dangers to which her brother, the only intimate person now remaining to her, was exposed.
    Book Twelve — 1812 (28% in)
  • From all sides, like the roar of the sea, were heard the rattle of wheels, the tramp of feet, and incessant shouts of anger and abuse.
    Book Thirteen — 1812 (70% in)
  • ..." she whispered incessantly, kissing her head, her hands, her face, and feeling her own irrepressible and streaming tears tickling her nose and cheeks.
    Book Fifteen — 1812-13 (3% in)
  • For three weeks Natasha remained constantly at her mother's side, sleeping on a lounge chair in her room, making her eat and drink, and talking to her incessantly because the mere sound of her tender, caressing tones soothed her mother.
    Book Fifteen — 1812-13 (4% in)
  • When Morel had drunk some vodka and finished his bowl of porridge he suddenly became unnaturally merry and chattered incessantly to the soldiers, who could not understand him.
    Book Fifteen — 1812-13 (15% in)

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