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  • She simply continued to be mild in her temper, inflexible in her judgment, disposed to admonish her husband, and able to frustrate him by stratagem.
    Finale (46% in)
  • She was disposed rather to accuse the intolerable narrowness and the purblind conscience of the society around her: and Celia was no longer the eternal cherub, but a thorn in her spirit, a pink-and-white nullifidian, worse than any discouraging presence in the "Pilgrim's Progress."
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (27% in)
  • I have been little disposed to gather flowers that would wither in my hand, but now I shall pluck them with eagerness, to place them in your bosom.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (38% in)
  • "There's some truth in that," said Mr. Standish, disposed to be genial.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (73% in)
  • "I should be disposed to refer coquetry to another source," said Mr. Bulstrode.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (73% in)
  • To a man under such circumstances, taking a wife is something more than a question of adornment, however highly he may rate this; and Lydgate was disposed to give it the first place among wifely functions.
    Book 1 — Miss Brooke (77% in)
  • The decision will rest with me, for though Lord Medlicote has given the land and timber for the building, he is not disposed to give his personal attention to the object.
    Book 2 — Old and Young (1% in)
  • I am a good deal occupied as a magistrate, and in the collection of documentary evidence, but I regard my time as being at the disposal of the public—and, in short, my friends have convinced me that a chaplain with a salary—a salary, you know—is a very good thing, and I am happy to be able to come here and vote for the appointment of Mr. Tyke, who, I understand, is an unexceptionable man, apostolic and eloquent and everything of that kind—and I am the last man to withhold my...
    Book 2 — Old and Young (62% in)
  • On both occasions Fred had felt confident that he should meet the bill himself, having ample funds at disposal in his own hopefulness.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (1% in)
  • That very evening, indeed, before the fair had set in, Fred thought he saw a favorable opening for disposing advantageously of his horse, but an opening which made him congratulate himself on his foresight in bringing with him his eighty pounds.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (12% in)
  • Towards Fred Vincy she had a motherly feeling, and had always been disposed to excuse his errors, though she would probably not have excused Mary for engaging herself to him, her daughter being included in that more rigorous judgment which she applied to her own sex.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (17% in)
  • Mr. Bulstrode in things worldly and indifferent was disposed to do what his wife bade him, and she now, without telling her reasons, desired him on the next opportunity to find out in conversation with Mr. Lydgate whether he had any intention of marrying soon.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (76% in)
  • But the younger men who were relatives or connections of the family, were disposed to admire her in this problematic light, as a girl who showed much conduct, and who among all the chances that were flying might turn out to be at least a moderate prize.
    Book 3 — Waiting for Death (89% in)
  • Altogether, reckoning hastily, here were about three thousand disposed of.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (13% in)
  • It was a time, according to a noticeable article in the "Pioneer," when the crying needs of the country might well counteract a reluctance to public action on the part of men whose minds had from long experience acquired breadth as well as concentration, decision of judgment as well as tolerance, dispassionateness as well as energy—in fact, all those qualities which in the melancholy experience of mankind have been the least disposed to share lodgings.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (33% in)
  • It was from Sir James Chettam, offering to Mr. Garth the management of the family estates at Freshitt and elsewhere, and adding that Sir James had been requested by Mr. Brooke of Tipton to ascertain whether Mr. Garth would be disposed at the same time to resume the agency of the Tipton property.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (74% in)
  • "There's something in what she says, though," said Caleb, not disposed to have Mary's sharpness undervalued.
    Book 4 — Three Love Problems (78% in)
  • The men of Frick were not ill-fed, and were less given to fanaticism than to a strong muscular suspicion; less inclined to believe that they were peculiarly cared for by heaven, than to regard heaven itself as rather disposed to take them in—a disposition observable in the weather.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (19% in)
  • ...not long after that interview between Mr. Farebrother and Mary Garth, in which she confessed to him her feeling for Fred Vincy, it happened that her father had some business which took him to Yoddrell's farm in the direction of Frick: it was to measure and value an outlying piece of land belonging to Lowick Manor, which Caleb expected to dispose of advantageously for Dorothea (it must be confessed that his bias was towards getting the best possible terms from railroad companies).
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (20% in)
  • Will was in a defiant mood, his consciousness being deeply stung with the thought that the people who looked at him probably knew a fact tantamount to an accusation against him as a fellow with low designs which were to be frustrated by a disposal of property.
    Book 6 — The Widow and Wife (67% in)
  • Rosamond's first question was, whether her husband had called on Mr. Trumbull that morning, to speak about disposing of their house.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (17% in)
  • "He was disposed to interfere too much, was he?" said Mrs. Garth, imagining that her husband had been touched on his sensitive point, and not been allowed to do what he thought right as to materials and modes of work.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (63% in)
  • Lydgate, who had the remembrance of his last conversation with Bulstrode strongly upon him, was not disposed to say an unnecessary word to him, and bowed slightly in answer to this account; but just before entering the room he turned automatically and said, "What is his name?
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (65% in)
  • "I have more than once stayed here a few nights for the sake of seclusion," said Bulstrode, indifferently; "I am quite disposed to do so now.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (66% in)
  • This was the tone of thought chiefly sanctioned by Mrs. Dollop, the spirited landlady of the Tankard in Slaughter Lane, who had often to resist the shallow pragmatism of customers disposed to think that their reports from the outer world were of equal force with what had "come up" in her mind.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (89% in)
  • Mr. Dill affected to laugh in a complimentary way at Mrs. Dollop, as a woman who was more than a match for the lawyers; being disposed to submit to much twitting from a landlady who had a long score against him.
    Book 7 — Two Temptations (91% in)
  • If the invitations had been accepted she would have gone to invite her mamma and the rest, whom she had seen nothing of for several days; and she now put on her bonnet to go and inquire what had become of them all, suddenly feeling as if there were a conspiracy to leave her in isolation with a husband disposed to offend everybody.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (24% in)
  • He had always before been disposed to find the utmost fault with Lydgate.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (24% in)
  • She had accepted her whole relation to Will very simply as part of her marriage sorrows, and would have thought it very sinful in her to keep up an inward wail because she was not completely happy, being rather disposed to dwell on the superfluities of her lot.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (42% in)
  • A map was a fine thing to study when you were disposed to think of something else, being made up of names that would turn into a chime if you went back upon them.
    Book 8 — Sunset and Sunrise (76% in)

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