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used in The Idiot

49 uses
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to remember — especially experiences from long ago
  • A painful recollection flashed into his mind.
    2.3 — Part 2 Chapter 3 (12% in)
recollection = memory

(editor's note:  The suffix "-tion", converts a verb into a noun that denotes the action or result of the verb. Typically, there is a slight change in the ending of the root verb, as in action, education, and observation.)
  • Not only was there no trace of her former irony, of her old hatred and enmity, and of that dreadful laughter, the very recollection of which sent a cold chill down Totski's back to this very day; but she seemed charmed and really glad to have the opportunity of talking seriously with him for once in a way.
    1.4 — Part 1 Chapter 4 (75% in)
  • I recollect I awoke from this state for the first time at Basle, one evening; the bray of a donkey aroused me, a donkey in the town market.
    1.5 — Part 1 Chapter 5 (29% in)
  • While saying good-bye to his friends he recollected asking one of them some very usual everyday question, and being much interested in the answer.
    1.5 — Part 1 Chapter 5 (57% in)
  • "It was just a minute before the execution," began the prince, readily, carried away by the recollection and evidently forgetting everything else in a moment; "just at the instant when he stepped off the ladder on to the scaffold.
    1.5 — Part 1 Chapter 5 (78% in)
  • But suddenly he seemed to have an idea, and recollected himself.
    1.7 — Part 1 Chapter 7 (85% in)
  • Then suddenly recollecting himself, he turned sharply on the prince.
    1.8 — Part 1 Chapter 8 (76% in)
  • However, Gania recollected himself almost immediately.
    1.9 — Part 1 Chapter 9 (22% in)
  • Gania recollected himself at last.
    1.10 — Part 1 Chapter 10 (24% in)
  • Gania recollected himself in time to rush after her in order to show her out, but she had gone.
    1.10 — Part 1 Chapter 10 (95% in)
  • Excellency, no doubt you recollect Kryloff's fable, 'The Lion and the Ass'?
    1.13 — Part 1 Chapter 13 (38% in)
  • "But—recollect, Nastasia Philipovna." stammered Totski, "you gave a promise, quite a free one, and—and you might have spared us this.
    1.14 — Part 1 Chapter 14 (85% in)
  • I-I shall respect you all my life, Nastasia Philipovna," concluded the prince, as though suddenly recollecting himself, and blushing to think of the sort of company before whom he had said all this.
    1.16 — Part 1 Chapter 16 (31% in)
  • The general caught him up on the stairs: "Prince, prince!" he cried, seizing hold of his arm, "recollect yourself!
    1.16 — Part 1 Chapter 16 (91% in)
  • "No, no; it's all right, come in," said Parfen, recollecting himself.
    2.3 — Part 2 Chapter 3 (10% in)
  • He caught himself engaged in a strange occupation which he now recollected he had taken up at odd moments for the last few hours—it was looking about all around him for something, he did not know what.
    2.5 — Part 2 Chapter 5 (8% in)
  • But he had hardly become conscious of this curious phenomenon, when another recollection suddenly swam through his brain, interesting him for the moment, exceedingly.
    2.5 — Part 2 Chapter 5 (9% in)
  • "What could it have to do with me?" he said to himself again, and stopped as if rooted to the ground by a kind of paralysis of limb such as attacks people under the stress of some humiliating recollection.
    2.5 — Part 2 Chapter 5 (83% in)
  • But when Adelaida and Aglaya recalled the episode of the pigeon, his mind became filled with memories, and it is impossible to describe how this poor old man, usually half drunk, was moved by the recollection.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (64% in)
  • The general, like all drunkards, was extremely emotional and easily touched by recollections of his better days.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (67% in)
  • "Very likely—I don't recollect," continued Prince S. "Some of us laughed at the subject; some liked it; but she declared that, in order to make a picture of the gentleman, she must first see his face.
    2.6 — Part 2 Chapter 6 (87% in)
  • The journey in question is in itself too unimportant for his friends to recollect it after more than twenty years; and of course Mr. Burdovsky could have known nothing about it, for he was not born.
    2.9 — Part 2 Chapter 9 (14% in)
  • At length, however, just as the visitors were on the point of departing, Prince S. seemed suddenly to recollect himself.
    2.11 — Part 2 Chapter 11 (8% in)
  • And recollect—it was a YOUTH, at the particular age which is most helplessly susceptible to the distortion of ideas!
    3.1 — Part 3 Chapter 1 (85% in)
  • He recollected well that even the portrait face had left but too painful an impression.
    3.2 — Part 3 Chapter 2 (71% in)
  • Recollecting himself, however, and seeing at a glance the sort of people he had to deal with, the officer turned his back on both his opponents, and courteously, but concealing his face with his handkerchief, approached the prince, who was now rising from the chair into which he had fallen.
    3.2 — Part 3 Chapter 2 (94% in)
  • "SHE is insane," muttered the prince, suddenly recollecting all that had passed, with a spasm of pain at his heart.
    3.3 — Part 3 Chapter 3 (30% in)
  • As to recollecting what he had been thinking of all that time, he could not.
    3.3 — Part 3 Chapter 3 (62% in)
  • All the guests were known to the prince; but the curious part of the matter was that they had all arrived on the same evening, as though with one accord, although he had only himself recollected the fact that it was his birthday a few moments since.
    3.4 — Part 3 Chapter 4 (2% in)
  • A look almost of terror crossed his face as he recollected.
    3.5 — Part 3 Chapter 5 (1% in)
  • Their recollection of him was not sentimental or particularly devoted.
    3.6 — Part 3 Chapter 6 (55% in)
  • So passed two or three minutes, and I recollect that his silence hurt and offended me very much.
    3.6 — Part 3 Chapter 6 (88% in)
  • I cannot remember how long this lasted; I cannot recollect, either, whether consciousness forsook me at intervals, or not.
    3.6 — Part 3 Chapter 6 (96% in)
  • It was a recollection of Switzerland, during the first year of his cure, the very first months.
    3.7 — Part 3 Chapter 7 (89% in)
  • She suddenly frowned again at this point as though at some sudden unpleasant recollection.
    3.8 — Part 3 Chapter 8 (64% in)
  • A shudder seemed to sweep over his whole body at the recollection.
    3.8 — Part 3 Chapter 8 (70% in)
  • Oh! never would he banish the recollection of this meeting with her, and he never remembered it but with the same pain and agony of mind.
    3.10 — Part 3 Chapter 10 (81% in)
  • He suddenly recollected that the general had come for advice on a most important matter, affecting his destiny.
    4.4 — Part 4 Chapter 4 (7% in)
  • Long since holding, as she did, the post of "confidential adviser to mamma," she was now perpetually called in council, and asked her opinion, and especially her assistance, in order to recollect "how on earth all this happened?"
    4.5 — Part 4 Chapter 5 (12% in)
  • He seemed to have a wonderfully good memory, however, for he told the prince all about the two old ladies, Pavlicheff's cousins, who had taken care of him, and whom, he declared, he had taken to task for being too severe with the prince as a small sickly boy—the elder sister, at least; the younger had been kind, he recollected.
    4.7 — Part 4 Chapter 7 (8% in)
  • "Well, yes—but we call it from the Jesuits, you know; it comes to the same thing," laughed the old fellow, delighted with the pleasant recollection.
    4.7 — Part 4 Chapter 7 (24% in)
  • He took the prince by the hand and pressed it warmly; then he patted it, and quietly urged him to recollect himself—speaking to him exactly as he would have spoken to a little frightened child, which pleased the prince wonderfully; and next seated him beside himself.
    4.7 — Part 4 Chapter 7 (59% in)
  • He remembered, some days afterwards, how during all those fevered hours he had seen but HER eyes, HER look, had heard HER voice, strange words of hers; he remembered that this was so, although he could not recollect the details of his thoughts.
    4.8 — Part 4 Chapter 8 (52% in)
  • He could remember that Vera brought him some dinner, and that he took it; but whether he slept after dinner, or no, he could not recollect.
    4.8 — Part 4 Chapter 8 (52% in)
  • When I asked him about you, he told me that he had long since ceased to love you, that the very recollection of you was a torture to him, but that he was sorry for you; and that when he thought of you his heart was pierced.
    4.8 — Part 4 Chapter 8 (74% in)
  • See, he is gazing at you, he can't recollect himself.
    4.8 — Part 4 Chapter 8 (89% in)
  • Recollect yourself!
    4.9 — Part 4 Chapter 9 (92% in)
  • The prince recollected that somebody had told him something of the kind before, and he had, of course, scoffed at it.
    4.10 — Part 4 Chapter 10 (19% in)
  • As recollection dawned upon him, he became violently agitated.
    4.10 — Part 4 Chapter 10 (97% in)

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