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used in Sense and Sensibility

35 uses
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to remember — especially experiences from long ago
  • Recollecting, soon afterwards, that he was probably dividing Elinor from her sister, he put an end to his visit
    Chapter 31 (99% in)
recollecting = remembering
  • —but the tears which recollection called forth as they entered the house were soon dried away.
    Chapter 6 (17% in)
  • On the contrary, if I have felt any anxiety at all on the subject, it has been in recollecting that he sometimes showed a want of pleasure and readiness in accepting my invitation, when I talked of his coming to Barton.
    Chapter 8 (82% in)
  • As it was, it required but a slight effort of fancy to connect his emotion with the tender recollection of past regard.
    Chapter 11 (97% in)
  • "My dear madam," said Lady Middleton, "recollect what you are saying."
    Chapter 13 (14% in)
  • When breakfast was over she walked out by herself, and wandered about the village of Allenham, indulging the recollection of past enjoyment and crying over the present reverse for the chief of the morning.
    Chapter 16 (7% in)
  • Mrs. Palmer laughed heartily at the recollection of their astonishment, and every body agreed, two or three times over, that it had been quite an agreeable surprise.
    Chapter 19 (78% in)
  • This hint was enough, Lucy recollected herself instantly and replied, "Indeed you are very much mistaken, Lady Middleton; I am only waiting to know whether you can make your party without me, or I should have been at my filigree already.
    Chapter 23 (76% in)
  • To this determination she was the more easily reconciled, by recollecting that Edward Ferrars, by Lucy's account, was not to be in town before February; and that their visit, without any unreasonable abridgement, might be previously finished.
    Chapter 25 (72% in)
  • She instantly saw that it was not unnoticed by him, that he even observed Marianne as she quitted the room, with such astonishment and concern, as hardly left him the recollection of what civility demanded towards herself.
    Chapter 26 (44% in)
  • He heard her with the most earnest attention, but seeming to recollect himself, said no more on the subject, and began directly to speak of his pleasure at seeing them in London, making the usual inquiries about their journey, and the friends they had left behind.
    Chapter 26 (46% in)
  • It was a lucky recollection, all her good spirits were restored by it.
    Chapter 27 (4% in)
  • "My dear," said she, entering, "I have just recollected that I have some of the finest old Constantia wine in the house that ever was tasted, so I have brought a glass of it for your sister.
    Chapter 30 (70% in)
  • He stopt a moment for recollection, and then, with another sigh, went on.
    Chapter 31 (37% in)
  • He looked pleased by this remembrance, and added, "If I am not deceived by the uncertainty, the partiality of tender recollection, there is a very strong resemblance between them, as well in mind as person.
    Chapter 31 (39% in)
  • It was THAT which threw this gloom,—even now the recollection of what I suffered—
    Chapter 31 (53% in)
  • ...occurred very often, by saying, "It is very shocking, indeed!" and by the means of this continual though gentle vent, was able not only to see the Miss Dashwoods from the first without the smallest emotion, but very soon to see them without recollecting a word of the matter; and having thus supported the dignity of her own sex, and spoken her decided censure of what was wrong in the other, she thought herself at liberty to attend to the interest of her own assemblies, and therefore...
    Chapter 32 (53% in)
  • When they stopped at the door, Mrs. Jennings recollected that there was a lady at the other end of the street on whom she ought to call; and as she had no business at Gray's, it was resolved, that while her young friends transacted their's, she should pay her visit and return for them.
    Chapter 33 (3% in)
  • Recollecting himself, however, he added, "That is, I mean to say—your friends are all truly anxious to see you well settled; Fanny particularly, for she has your interest very much at heart, I assure you.
    Chapter 33 (47% in)
  • "Why, to be sure," said he, seeming to recollect himself, "people have little, have very little in their power.
    Chapter 33 (82% in)
  • They were relieved however, not by her own recollection, but by the good will of Lucy, who believed herself to be inflicting a severe disappointment when she told her that Edward certainly would not be in Harley Street on Tuesday, and even hoped to be carrying the pain still farther by persuading her that he was kept away by the extreme affection for herself, which he could not conceal when they were together.
    Chapter 34 (33% in)
  • But Elinor had more to do; and so anxious was she, for his sake and her own, to do it well, that she forced herself, after a moment's recollection, to welcome him, with a look and manner that were almost easy, and almost open; and another struggle, another effort still improved them.
    Chapter 35 (46% in)
  • If you only hope to have your assertion contradicted, as I must suppose to be the case, you ought to recollect that I am the last person in the world to do it.
    Chapter 35 (95% in)
  • —and when to that is added the recollection, that he might, but for his own folly, within three months have been in the receipt of two thousand, five hundred a-year (for Miss Morton has thirty thousand pounds,) I cannot picture to myself a more wretched condition.
    Chapter 37 (90% in)
  • —Whether he had asked her pardon for his intrusion on first coming into the room, he could not recollect; but determining to be on the safe side, he made his apology in form as soon as he could say any thing, after taking a chair.
    Chapter 40 (42% in)
  • I suppose, however—on recollection—that the case may probably be THIS.
    Chapter 41 (30% in)
  • After a few moments' chat, John Dashwood, recollecting that Fanny was yet uninformed of her sister's being there, quitted the room in quest of her; and Elinor was left to improve her acquaintance with Robert, who, by the gay unconcern, the happy self-complacency of his manner while enjoying so unfair a division of his mother's love and liberality, to the prejudice of his banished brother, earned only by his own dissipated course of life, and that brother's integrity, was confirming her...
    Chapter 41 (65% in)
  • The openness and heartiness of her manner more than atoned for that want of recollection and elegance which made her often deficient in the forms of politeness; her kindness, recommended by so pretty a face, was engaging; her folly, though evident was not disgusting, because it was not conceited; and Elinor could have forgiven every thing but her laugh.
    Chapter 42 (61% in)
  • After a moment's recollection, therefore, concluding that prudence required dispatch, and that her acquiescence would best promote it, she walked silently towards the table, and sat down.
    Chapter 44 (4% in)
  • — Whatever your business may be with me, will it be better recollected and explained to-morrow.
    Chapter 44 (9% in)
  • The steadiness of his manner, and the intelligence of his eye as he spoke, convincing Elinor, that whatever other unpardonable folly might bring him to Cleveland, he was not brought there by intoxication, she said, after a moment's recollection, "Mr.
    Chapter 44 (11% in)
  • "But, upon my soul, I did NOT know it," he warmly replied; "I did not recollect that I had omitted to give her my direction; and common sense might have told her how to find it out."
    Chapter 44 (37% in)
  • Elinor could not hear the declaration, nor witness its proofs without sometimes wondering whether her mother ever recollected Edward.
    Chapter 45 (43% in)
  • As they approached Barton, indeed, and entered on scenes of which every field and every tree brought some peculiar, some painful recollection, she grew silent and thoughtful, and turning away her face from their notice, sat earnestly gazing through the window.
    Chapter 46 (25% in)
  • My illness has made me think— It has given me leisure and calmness for serious recollection.
    Chapter 46 (65% in)

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