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used in Jane Eyre

62 uses
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1  —13 uses as in:
approached the city
to get closer to (near in space, time, quantity, or quality)
  • We saw him approach her; and then, ma'am, she yelled and gave a spring, and the next minute she lay smashed on the pavement.
    Chapter 36 (88% in)
approach = get near
  • "I want you to come here;" and seating himself in an arm-chair, he intimated by a gesture that I was to approach and stand before him.
    Chapter 1 (57% in)
  • approach = come near
  • Mrs. Reed occupied her usual seat by the fireside; she made a signal to me to approach; I did so, and she introduced me to the stony stranger with the words: "This is the little girl respecting whom I applied to you."
    Chapter 4 (39% in)
  • approach = come near
  • It wanted but a few minutes of six, and shortly after that hour had struck, the distant roll of wheels announced the coming coach; I went to the door and watched its lamps approach rapidly through the gloom.
    Chapter 5 (8% in)
  • approach = come near
  • "Never," I thought; and ardently I wished to die. While sobbing out this wish in broken accents, some one approached:
    Chapter 8 (8% in)
  • approached = came near
  • Having invited Helen and me to approach the table, and placed before each of us a cup of tea with one delicious but thin morsel of toast, she got up, unlocked a drawer, and taking from it a parcel wrapped in paper, disclosed presently to our eyes a good-sized seed-cake.
    Chapter 8 (61% in)
  • approach = come near
  • "Approach the table," said he; and I wheeled it to his couch.
    Chapter 13 (62% in)
  • approach = come near
  • "Evening approaches," said I, as I looked towards the window.
    Chapter 16 (47% in)
  • approaches = comes near
  • It was with some trepidation that I perceived the hour approach when I was to repair with my charge to the drawing-room.
    Chapter 17 (41% in)
  • approach = come near
  • I did not like this iteration of one idea — this strange recurrence of one image, and I grew nervous as bedtime approached and the hour of the vision drew near.
    Chapter 21 (4% in)
  • approached = came near
  • I approached my cheek to her lips: she would not touch it.
    Chapter 21 (96% in)
  • approached = moved nearer
  • Diana and Mary Rivers became more sad and silent as the day approached for leaving their brother and their home.
    Chapter 30 (81% in)
  • approached = got near
  • It was near Christmas by the time all was settled: the season of general holiday approached.
    Chapter 34 (0% in)
approached = got near
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  • At this moment John approached him from some quarter.
    Chapter 37 (12% in)
  • Miss Miller approaching, seemed to ask her a question, and having received her answer, went back to her place, and said aloud — "Monitor of the first class, fetch the globes!"
    Chapter 5 (58% in)
  • Some heavy clouds, swept from the sky by a rising wind, had left the moon bare; and her light, streaming in through a window near, shone full both on us and on the approaching figure, which we at once recognised as Miss Temple.
    Chapter 8 (32% in)
  • I am a little deaf," returned the good lady, approaching her ear to my mouth.
    Chapter 11 (22% in)
  • She approached.
    Chapter 11 (52% in)
  • It was three o'clock; the church bell tolled as I passed under the belfry: the charm of the hour lay in its approaching dimness, in the low-gliding and pale-beaming sun.
    Chapter 12 (31% in)
  • The din was on the causeway: a horse was coming; the windings of the lane yet hid it, but it approached.
    Chapter 12 (42% in)
  • As this horse approached, and as I watched for it to appear through the dusk, I remembered certain of Bessie's tales, wherein figured a North-of-England spirit called a "Gytrash," which, in the form of horse, mule, or large dog, haunted solitary ways, and sometimes came upon belated travellers, as this horse was now coming upon me.
    Chapter 12 (44% in)
  • Mr. Rochester must have been aware of the entrance of Mrs. Fairfax and myself; but it appeared he was not in the mood to notice us, for he never lifted his head as we approached.
    Chapter 13 (23% in)
  • A dream had scarcely approached my ear, when it fled affrighted, scared by a marrow-freezing incident enough.
    Chapter 15 (67% in)
  • How near had I approached him at that moment!
    Chapter 17 (64% in)
  • She approached the basin, and bent over it as if to fill her pitcher; she again lifted it to her head.
    Chapter 18 (16% in)
  • Too often she betrayed this, by the undue vent she gave to a spiteful antipathy she had conceived against little Adele: pushing her away with some contumelious epithet if she happened to approach her; sometimes ordering her from the room, and always treating her with coldness and acrimony.
    Chapter 18 (33% in)
  • A post-chaise was approaching.
    Chapter 18 (58% in)
  • As she said this, she approached her tall person and ample garments so near the window, that I was obliged to bend back almost to the breaking of my spine: in her eagerness she did not observe me at first, but when she did, she curled her lip and moved to another casement.
    Chapter 18 (59% in)
  • You are silly, because, suffer as you may, you will not beckon it to approach, nor will you stir one step to meet it where it waits you.
    Chapter 19 (12% in)
  • Chance laid them somewhat apart; let them be once approached and bliss results.
    Chapter 19 (16% in)
  • He still waited; he held a key in his hand: approaching one of the small, black doors, he put it in the lock; he paused, and addressed me again.
    Chapter 20 (19% in)
  • The candle, wasted at last, went out; as it expired, I perceived streaks of grey light edging the window curtains: dawn was then approaching.
    Chapter 20 (43% in)
  • Then he approached Mason, whom the surgeon was already handling.
    Chapter 20 (46% in)
  • I approached him, and said the gentlemen were coming; he nodded: then I looked carefully round and listened.
    Chapter 20 (65% in)
  • It required some courage to disturb so interesting a party; my errand, however, was one I could not defer, so I approached the master where he stood at Miss Ingram's side.
    Chapter 21 (13% in)
  • Tea ready, I was going to approach the table; but she desired me to sit still, quite in her old peremptory tones.
    Chapter 21 (32% in)
  • I approached the bed; I opened the curtains and leant over the high-piled pillows.
    Chapter 21 (48% in)
  • "Is that a portrait of some one you know?" asked Eliza, who had approached me unnoticed.
    Chapter 21 (66% in)
  • I started at first, and then I approached him.
    Chapter 23 (19% in)
  • We were now approaching Thornfield.
    Chapter 24 (77% in)
  • "I care not in this moment sweet, Though all I have rushed o'er Should come on pinion, strong and fleet, Proclaiming vengeance sore: "Though haughty Hate should strike me down, Right, bar approach to me, And grinding Might, with furious frown, Swear endless enmity.
    Chapter 24 (88% in)
  • It drew aside the window-curtain and looked out; perhaps it saw dawn approaching, for, taking the candle, it retreated to the door.
    Chapter 25 (80% in)
  • (he stooped and approached his lips to my ear); "because, if you won't, I'll try violence."
    Chapter 27 (21% in)
  • Jane, I approached the verge of despair; a remnant of self-respect was all that intervened between me and the gulf.
    Chapter 27 (40% in)
  • Any enjoyment that bordered on riot seemed to approach me to her and her vices, and I eschewed it.
    Chapter 27 (57% in)
  • What business had I to approach the white door or touch the glittering knocker?
    Chapter 28 (31% in)
  • I approached it; it was a road or a track: it led straight up to the light, which now beamed from a sort of knoll, amidst a clump of trees — firs, apparently, from what I could distinguish of the character of their forms and foliage through the gloom.
    Chapter 28 (57% in)
  • Oh, this last hour, approaching in such horror!
    Chapter 28 (85% in)
  • Mr. Rivers now closed his book, approached the table, and, as he took a seat, fixed his blue pictorial-looking eyes full on me.
    Chapter 29 (64% in)
  • One morning, being left alone with him a few minutes in the parlour, I ventured to approach the window-recess — which his table, chair, and desk consecrated as a kind of study — and I was going to speak, though not very well knowing in what words to frame my inquiry — for it is at all times difficult to break the ice of reserve glassing over such natures as his — when he saved me the trouble by being the first to commence a dialogue.
    Chapter 30 (40% in)
  • I found or devised something for you three weeks ago; but as you seemed both useful and happy here — as my sisters had evidently become attached to you, and your society gave them unusual pleasure — I deemed it inexpedient to break in on your mutual comfort till their approaching departure from Marsh End should render yours necessary.
    Chapter 30 (44% in)
  • I approached to take it: a welcome gift it was.
    Chapter 31 (32% in)
  • I saw even that to be thus frankly addressed on a subject he had deemed unapproachable — to hear it thus freely handled — was beginning to be felt by him as a new pleasure — an unhoped-for relief.
    Chapter 32 (64% in)
  • Then he approached the fire.
    Chapter 33 (5% in)
  • Approaching the hearth, he asked, "If I was at last satisfied with housemaid's work?"
    Chapter 34 (15% in)
  • Summer approached; Diana tried to cheer me: she said I looked ill, and wished to accompany me to the sea-side.
    Chapter 34 (50% in)
  • He started to his feet and approached me.
    Chapter 34 (77% in)
  • I went out and approached him as he stood leaning over the little gate; I spoke to the point at once.
    Chapter 35 (13% in)
  • "I hope we are friends," was the unmoved reply; while he still watched the rising of the moon, which he had been contemplating as I approached.
    Chapter 35 (14% in)
  • Amidst the silence of those solitary roads and desert hills, I heard it approach from a great distance.
    Chapter 36 (19% in)
  • But in his countenance I saw a change: that looked desperate and brooding — that reminded me of some wronged and fettered wild beast or bird, dangerous to approach in his sullen woe.
    Chapter 37 (9% in)
  • I approached him with the now only half-filled glass; Pilot followed me, still excited.
    Chapter 37 (19% in)

There are no more uses of "approach" in Jane Eyre.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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