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used in A Tale of Two Cities

2 meanings, 20 uses
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1  —18 uses as in:
according to, or in accord with
in keeping with; or in agreement/harmony/unity with
This sense of accord is often seen in the form according to or accordingly where it can take on more specific meanings. For example:
  • "According to Kim, ..." — as stated by
  • "To each according to her ability." — based upon
  • "Points are scored according to how well they perform." — depending upon
  • "The dose is calculated according to body weight." — in proportion to
  • "We got a flat tire. Accordingly, I pulled to the side of the road." — because of what was just said; or as a result
  • The wine-shop keeper accordingly rolled his eyes about, until they rested upon an elderly gentleman and a young lady, who were seated in a corner.
    1.5 — The Wine-shop (48% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • His linen, though not of a fineness in accordance with his stockings, was as white as the tops of the waves that broke upon the neighbouring beach, or the specks of sail that glinted in the sunlight far at sea.
    1.4 — The Preparation (12% in)
  • According to the immemorial usage of waiters in all ages.
    1.4 — The Preparation (22% in)
  • The rough, irregular stones of the street, pointing every way, and designed, one might have thought, expressly to lame all living creatures that approached them, had dammed it into little pools; these were surrounded, each by its own jostling group or crowd, according to its size.
    1.5 — The Wine-shop (3% in)
  • Accordingly, the forger was put to Death; the utterer of a bad note was put to Death; the unlawful opener of a letter was put to Death; the purloiner of forty shillings and sixpence was put to Death; the holder of a horse at Tellson's door, who made off with it, was put to Death; the coiner of a bad shilling was put to Death; the sounders of three-fourths of the notes in the whole gamut of Crime, were put to Death.
    2.1 — Five Years Later (24% in)
  • Whatever gloss the various spectators put upon the interest, according to their several arts and powers of self-deceit, the interest was, at the root of it, Ogreish.
    2.2 — A Sight (65% in)
  • Who was called accordingly.
    2.3 — A Disappointment (57% in)
  • Among these, accordingly, much discoursing with spirits went on—and it did a world of good which never became manifest.
    2.7 — Monseigneur in Town (42% in)
  • The water of the fountain ran, the swift river ran, the day ran into evening, so much life in the city ran into death according to rule, time and tide waited for no man, the rats were sleeping close together in their dark holes again, the Fancy Ball was lighted up at supper, all things ran their course.
    2.7 — Monseigneur in Town (99% in)
  • Expressive sips of what made them poor, were not wanting; the tax for the state, the tax for the church, the tax for the lord, tax local and tax general, were to be paid here and to be paid there, according to solemn inscription in the little village, until the wonder was, that there was any village left unswallowed.
    2.8 — Monseigneur in the Country (22% in)
  • Accordingly, Mr. Stryver inaugurated the Long Vacation with a formal proposal to take Miss Manette to Vauxhall Gardens; that failing, to Ranelagh; that unaccountably failing too, it behoved him to present himself in Soho, and there declare his noble mind.
    2.12 — The Fellow of Delicacy (7% in)
  • Accordingly, when Mr. Lorry called that night as late as ten o'clock, Mr. Stryver, among a quantity of books and papers littered out for the purpose, seemed to have nothing less on his mind than the subject of the morning.
    2.12 — The Fellow of Delicacy (79% in)
  • The precaution that had been taken to account for his silence, Mr. Lorry had previously explained to him, and he had written to Lucie in accordance with it, and she had no suspicions.
    2.19 — An Opinion (94% in)
  • The mender of roads went home, with the dust going on before him according to the set of the wind, and was soon at the fountain, squeezing himself in among the lean kine brought there to drink, and appearing even to whisper to them in his whispering to all the village.
    2.23 — Fire Rises (50% in)
  • It is in vain I represent that I have acted for them, and not against, according to your commands.
    2.24 — Drawn to the Loadstone Rock (62% in)
  • According to its nature.
    3.1 — In Secret (56% in)
  • On these few steps of his dangerous way, Charles Darnay had set his foot according to Doctor Manette's reiterated instructions.
    3.6 — Triumph (44% in)
  • Sow the same seed of rapacious license and oppression over again, and it will surely yield the same fruit according to its kind.
    3.15 — The Footsteps Die Out For Ever (6% in)

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2  —1 use as in:
done of her own accord
  • Decidedly not; once received a kick on the top of a staircase, and fell downstairs of his own accord.
    2.3 — A Disappointment (21% in)

There are no more uses of "accord" flagged with this meaning in A Tale of Two Cities.

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?  —1 use
exact meaning not specified
  • That, in the first frantic greetings lavished on himself as a notable sufferer under the overthrown system, it had been accorded to him to have Charles Darnay brought before the lawless Court, and examined.
    3.4 — Calm in Storm (16% in)

There are no more uses of "accord" in A Tale of Two Cities.

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