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used in Ulysses by James Joyce

18 uses
  • —O, he did, Martin Cunningham affirmed.
    Episode 6 — Hades (26% in)
  • Symbol of the apostles in the mass for pope Marcellus, the voices blended, singing alone loud in affirmation: and behind their chant the vigilant angel of the church militant disarmed and menaced her heresiarchs.
    Episode 1 — Telemachus (88% in)
  • —The truth is midway, he affirmed.
    Episode 9 — Scylla And Charybdis (85% in)
  • mortals with sapience endowed to be studied who is ignorant of that which the most in doctrine erudite and certainly by reason of that in them high mind's ornament deserving of veneration constantly maintain when by general consent they affirm that other circumstances being equal by no exterior splendour is the prosperity of a nation more efficaciously asserted than by the measure of how far forward may have progressed the tribute of its solicitude for that proliferent continuance...
    Episode 14 — Oxen Of The Sun (1% in)
  • ...with similar excellence accomplished if an inverecund habit shall have gradually traduced the honourable by ancestors transmitted customs to that thither of profundity that that one was audacious excessively who would have the hardihood to rise affirming that no more odious offence can for anyone be than to oblivious neglect to consign that evangel simultaneously command and promise which on all mortals with prophecy of abundance or with diminution's menace that exalted of reiteratedly...
    Episode 14 — Oxen Of The Sun (2% in)
  • And they said farther she should live because in the beginning, they said, the woman should bring forth in pain and wherefore they that were of this imagination affirmed how young Madden had said truth for he had conscience to let her die.
    Episode 14 — Oxen Of The Sun (13% in)
  • But the slap and the blessing stood him friend, says Mr Vincent, for to make up he taught him a trick worth two of the other so that maid, wife, abbess and widow to this day affirm that they would rather any time of the month whisper in his ear in the dark of a cowhouse or get a lick on the nape from his long holy tongue than lie with the finest strapping young ravisher in the four fields of all Ireland.
    Episode 14 — Oxen Of The Sun (37% in)
  • A murmur of approval arose from all and some were for ejecting the low soaker without more ado, a design which would have been effected nor would he have received more than his bare deserts had he not abridged his transgression by affirming with a horrid imprecation (for he swore a round hand) that he was as good a son of the true fold as ever drew breath.
    Episode 14 — Oxen Of The Sun (52% in)
  • He is practically a total abstainer and I can affirm that he sleeps on a straw litter and eats the most Spartan food, cold dried grocer's peas.
    Episode 15 — Circe (37% in)
  • —He's Irish, the seaman bold affirmed, staring still in much the same way and nodding.
    Episode 16 — Eumaeus (20% in)
  • The Germans and the Japs were going to have their little lookin, he affirmed.
    Episode 16 — Eumaeus (52% in)
  • —I mean, of course, the other hastened to affirm, work in the widest possible sense.
    Episode 16 — Eumaeus (60% in)
  • One morning you would open the paper, the cabman affirmed, and read: Return of Parnell.
    Episode 16 — Eumaeus (68% in)
  • Stephen dissented openly from Bloom's views on the importance of dietary and civic selfhelp while Bloom dissented tacitly from Stephen's views on the eternal affirmation of the spirit of man in literature.
    Episode 17 — Ithaca (1% in)
  • ...had to the impotable water of the Grand and Royal canals as in 1893) particularly as the South Dublin Guardians, notwithstanding their ration of 15 gallons per day per pauper supplied through a 6 inch meter, had been convicted of a wastage of 20,000 gallons per night by a reading of their meter on the affirmation of the law agent of the corporation, Mr Ignatius Rice, solicitor, thereby acting to the detriment of another section of the public, selfsupporting taxpayers, solvent, sound.
    Episode 17 — Ithaca (8% in)
  • He affirmed his significance as a conscious rational animal proceeding syllogistically from the known to the unknown and a conscious rational reagent between a micro and a macrocosm ineluctably constructed upon the incertitude of the void.
    Episode 17 — Ithaca (43% in)
  • Was this affirmation apprehended by Bloom?
    Episode 17 — Ithaca (43% in)
  • With indirect and direct verbal allusions or affirmations: with subdued affection and admiration: with description: with impediment: with suggestion.
    Episode 17 — Ithaca (50% in)

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