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used in Frankenstein

37 uses
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for that reason (what follows is so because of what was just said)
  • I once had a friend, the most noble of human creatures, and am entitled, therefore, to judge respecting friendship.
    Introductory Letters (85% in)
  • I am going to unexplored regions, to "the land of mist and snow," but I shall kill no albatross; therefore do not be alarmed for my safety or if I should come back to you as worn and woeful as the "Ancient Mariner."
    Introductory Letters (42% in)
  • You have been tutored and refined by books and retirement from the world, and you are therefore somewhat fastidious; but this only renders you the more fit to appreciate the extraordinary merits of this wonderful man.
    Introductory Letters (89% in)
  • Having paid his debts, therefore, in the most honourable manner, he retreated with his daughter to the town of Lucerne, where he lived unknown and in wretchedness.
    Chapter 1 (10% in)
  • I was indifferent, therefore, to my school-fellows in general; but I united myself in the bonds of the closest friendship to one among them.
    Chapter 2 (14% in)
  • Natural philosophy is the genius that has regulated my fate; I desire, therefore, in this narration, to state those facts which led to my predilection for that science.
    Chapter 2 (42% in)
  • My departure was therefore fixed at an early date, but before the day resolved upon could arrive, the first misfortune of my life occurred—an omen, as it were, of my future misery.
    Chapter 3 (2% in)
  • M. Krempe was a little squat man with a gruff voice and a repulsive countenance; the teacher, therefore, did not prepossess me in favour of his pursuits.
    Chapter 3 (56% in)
  • I knew well therefore what would be my father's feelings, but I could not tear my thoughts from my employment, loathsome in itself, but which had taken an irresistible hold of my imagination.
    Chapter 4 (82% in)
  • I welcomed my friend, therefore, in the most cordial manner, and we walked towards my college.
    Chapter 5 (47% in)
  • Entreating him, therefore, to remain a few minutes at the bottom of the stairs, I darted up towards my own room.
    Chapter 5 (62% in)
  • Probably you do not; I will relate her history, therefore in a few words.
    Chapter 6 (16% in)
  • I had no fear, therefore, that any circumstantial evidence could be brought forward strong enough to convict her.
    Chapter 7 (90% in)
  • It may therefore be judged indecent in me to come forward on this occasion, but when I see a fellow creature about to perish through the cowardice of her pretended friends, I wish to be allowed to speak, that I may say what I know of her character.
    Chapter 8 (37% in)
  • We crossed the ice, therefore, and ascended the opposite rock.
    Chapter 10 (98% in)
  • I tried, therefore, to dress my food in the same manner, placing it on the live embers.
    Chapter 11 (35% in)
  • I conjectured, therefore, that he found on the paper signs for speech which he understood, and I ardently longed to comprehend these also; but how was that possible when I did not even understand the sounds for which they stood as signs?
    Chapter 12 (62% in)
  • My voice, although harsh, had nothing terrible in it; I thought, therefore, that if in the absence of his children I could gain the good will and mediation of the old De Lacey, I might by his means be tolerated by my younger protectors.
    Chapter 15 (63% in)
  • Rely, therefore, on your hopes; and if these friends are good and amiable, do not despair.'
    Chapter 15 (80% in)
  • I also am unfortunate; I and my family have been condemned, although innocent; judge, therefore, if I do not feel for your misfortunes.'
    Chapter 15 (90% in)
  • I do not wish to take any unfair advantage, and I beg therefore that you will take some days to consider of your determination.'
    Chapter 16 (24% in)
  • If, therefore, I could seize him and educate him as my companion and friend, I should not be so desolate in this peopled earth.
    Chapter 16 (77% in)
  • Turning to him, therefore, I said, "I consent to your demand, on your solemn oath to quit Europe forever, and every other place in the neighbourhood of man, as soon as I shall deliver into your hands a female who will accompany you in your exile."
    Chapter 17 (71% in)
  • Tell me, therefore, whether you object to an immediate solemnization of the marriage.
    Chapter 18 (22% in)
  • To England, therefore, I was bound, and it was understood that my union with Elizabeth should take place immediately on my return.
    Chapter 18 (46% in)
  • My journey had been my own suggestion, and Elizabeth therefore acquiesced, but she was filled with disquiet at the idea of my suffering, away from her, the inroads of misery and grief.
    Chapter 18 (55% in)
  • Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.
    Chapter 20 (34% in)
  • He besought me, therefore, to leave my solitary isle and to meet him at Perth, that we might proceed southwards together.
    Chapter 20 (54% in)
  • As it was, I merely remarked that they spoke English, and I therefore addressed them in that language.
    Chapter 20 (88% in)
  • He came, therefore, sometimes to see that I was not neglected, but his visits were short and with long intervals.
    Chapter 21 (44% in)
  • I checked, therefore, my impatient thirst for sympathy and was silent when I would have given the world to have confided the fatal secret.
    Chapter 22 (12% in)
  • I resolved, therefore, that if my immediate union with my cousin would conduce either to hers or my father's happiness, my adversary's designs against my life should not retard it a single hour.
    Chapter 22 (50% in)
  • Let the day therefore be fixed; and on it I will consecrate myself, in life or death, to the happiness of my cousin.
    Chapter 22 (63% in)
  • But death was no evil to me if the loss of Elizabeth were balanced with it, and I therefore, with a contented and even cheerful countenance, agreed with my father that if my cousin would consent, the ceremony should take place in ten days, and thus put, as I imagined, the seal to my fate.
    Chapter 22 (69% in)
  • "I thank you," replied I; "listen, therefore, to the deposition that I have to make.
    Chapter 23 (73% in)
  • With new courage, therefore, I pressed on, and in two days arrived at a wretched hamlet on the seashore.
    Chapter 24 (22% in)
  • They insisted, therefore, that I should engage with a solemn promise that if the vessel should be freed I would instantly direct my course southwards.
    Chapter 24 (57% in)

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