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How to Use This Site

How to Use This Site
Additional Tips for Teachers

Teacher Central:
The first option on the Teacher Info menu leads to a page called Teacher Central. It combines teacher and non-teacher menu choices that are most used by teachers.

Quiz Results:
Teachers who don't use written tests can see quiz results via an emailed screen shot, immediate classroom display, or printout.
Details™ assigns a score based on the number of answers that are correct on the first try. If they want a perfect score, students can repeat the test.
How to Capture Screenshots
  1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button at the top or side of your device.
  2. Immediately press and release the Home button.
  3. The screenshot is automatically saved with other photos.
  1. Depending upon your device, press and hold one of these pairs of buttons until the screen flashes.
    • the sleep/wake and volume-down button
    • the power and home buttons
  2. The screenshot is automatically saved with other photos.
Windows Computer
  1. Press the [PrtScn] button.
  2. The screenshot is on your clipboard and can be pasted into an email by holding the [Ctrl] key down when you press the letter [v].
Mac Computer
  1. Press Control-Shift-Command-3.
  2. The screenshot is on your clipboard and can be pasted into an email by pressing Command-V.
Printable Quizzes To print a quiz, pretend you're taking an interactive quiz, but choose the Printable Quiz option prior to beginning.

Extra Credit Assignments:
Encourage independent vocabulary work by granting extra credit for these additional quizzes.
  • top-ranked words quizzes associated with independent reading
  • the extra credit words quiz associated with whatever the class is reading

Better Overview, More Words:
This site is designed to work well when using a standard smartphone. When using a larger screen, a more powerful word-browsing option is available.
Details Click on the Browse with Large Screen link at the top of each book's menu. That page provides a better overview and more words. Notice that it also has options toward the top of the screen to:
  • Show different groups of words.
  • Get an overview with 1 line per word.
  • Order words in various ways—such as by chapter.
  • Further limit words or detail.

Quiz Status:
The computer does a pretty good job of identifying the best words to quiz for each book and creating questions. For the most popular books, a human editor will edit the computer's work. When a book's quizzes are not entirely edited, quiz status will say prototype.
Details Quiz status can be found at the bottom of the Browse with Large Screen page. To make it easy for you to check a question, the printable quiz answer sheet will have a following the answer to each question that has not been checked by an editor. If you need a quiz edited for your class or if you suggest an improvement, please let us know. For example, you might suggest a good word to improve book comprehension.

Quiz Consistency:
To assist with class preparation, quizzed words will not change during the school year.
Details Though the words will not change, questions may be improved. Additionally new books may be added. We treat the school year as lasting from mid-August to mid-June.