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How to Use This Site
Additional Tips for Teachers

Teacher Central:
The first option on the Teacher Info menu leads to a page called Teacher Central. It combines teacher and non-teacher menu choices that are most used by teachers.
Click "" or "" at left to see how they work:
  • When you see "▶" outside of quotes, clicking/touching it provides more detail.
  • When you see "▼" outside of quotes, clicking/touching it removes detail to provide a better overview.
Best Quizzes:
The most popular and most carefully edited quizzes are listed on the list,  With Popular Quizzes.
Details The computer does a reasonable job of selecting words, sample sentences, and wrong answers, but quizzes are better when edited by a human.

To request careful editing of a quiz, send an email to the address shown when you press the Give Us Feedback button at the bottom of most pages. Similarly, if there's a word that's important for comprehension that should be added to a book's quiz, tell us which word (and preferably which word to remove to make room for it).
More Details To make it easy for you to check a question, the printable quiz Answer Key has a following the answer to any question that has not been checked by an editor.
A book's vocabulary list page:
Details The page is more easily seen and navigated with a computer or tablet screen. But the same information is available on a smartphone turned sideways.

Note that you can:
  • Show different groups of words.
  • Sort words in various ways—such as by chapter.
  • Click Show to see exemplary samples.
  • Click "▶" near any word to see the word used in a sentence from the book and more.
  • Search for a specific word via a searchbox that appears towards the top-left when more than 20 words are showing.

More Details You can also click Further limit words, to:
  • Select words by chapter.
  • Select words by difficulty level
  • Ask that words be selected or underlined if they are more commonly used in a selected subject area.

Finally, the page has a footnote that tells how to move to the top of the page in your browser.
Quiz Overview:
To get a quick overview of a quiz choose View Printable Quiz from the book's menu. It displays the same questions asked on the interactive (computer-administered) quiz. Answers (and possibly questions) can be shuffled on the printable quiz and are automatically shuffled on the interactive quiz.
Details of quiz options
  • Computer administered or Printed quiz
  • Top-Ranked words or Extra Credit words
  • Best or Book sentences (We recommend Best sentences for pre-reading quizzes and Book sentences for post-reading quizzes.)
    • Best senteces are chosen to most clearly demonstrate the meaning of a word
    • Book sentences are chosen from the book—ideally from a memorable passage
Quiz Results:
Teachers who don't use written tests can see quiz results via an emailed screen shot, immediate classroom display, or printout.
Details The interactive quiz, is a completion quiz. It cannot be completed without getting every answer right. It will report the number of attempts required to get each answer correct. If students want 1 attempt per question, they can repeat the test.
How to Capture Screenshots
  1. Press and then quickly release the side button and the volume-up buttons at the same time.
  2. The screenshot is automatically saved with other photos or can be opened by tapping its thumbnail.
  1. Depending upon your device, press and hold one of these pairs of buttons until the screen flashes.
    • the sleep/wake and volume-down button
    • the power and home buttons
  2. The screenshot is automatically saved with other photos.
Windows Computer
  1. Press the [PrtScn] button.
  2. The screenshot is on your clipboard and can be pasted into an email by holding the [Ctrl] key down when you press the letter [v].
Mac Computer
  1. Press Control-Shift-Command-3.
  2. The screenshot is on your clipboard and can be pasted into an email by pressing Command-V.
Extra Credit Assignments:
Encourage independent vocabulary work by granting extra credit for these additional quizzes.
  • the extra credit words quiz associated with whatever the class is reading
  • top-ranked words quizzes associated with independent reading