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A Note from the Site Creator

Teachers often ask how I came to create

As a rising ninth-grader, summer reading for one of my sons was The Count of Monte Cristo. I suggested we both read the book and discuss it. I think of words as tools that help us think better, so if I see my children encounter a word they don't know, I typically describe it. But that book had too many unfamiliar words.

Clearly it would take the fun out of the book to spend too much time on vocabulary. I wished we could know which words he would see again and again in the book, and which he might later see on the SAT®.

Years later when I retired from database work, I created this website to answer those types of questions. Teachers tell me it greatly increases the vocabulary growth that normally accompanies reading.

Not being a teacher, I depend upon teachers to suggest site improvements. If you have suggestions as you or your class use this site, please share them with me so I can continually improve this tool.

Happy reading,
Jim Thompson