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Post-reading Lesson Plan to
Review Book Vocabulary

  1. Improve college readiness by enhancing vocabulary.
  2. In a 15 minute homework assignment, reinforce 20 well-selected words used in a novel.
  3. Increase word awareness (to encourage life-long increases in vocabulary).
  4. Familiarize students with the format of vocabulary questions on the SAT and ACT tests.
  5. Reinforce the novel's story.
National Standards:
Without detracting from the other class objectives, this assignment helps to meet Common Core Vocabulary Acquisition and Use standards specifically and ELA Literacy standards in general. For a list of those standards:
  1. See Common Core ELA Standards (link last checked 1/16/23)
  2. Choose Language
  3. Choose the grade level of interest
  4. Choose the content area (such as Literature or Informational Texts)
Time Required:
about 15 minutes
Computer, tablet, or smart phone with Internet access. Email, printer, or other method of showing completion to teacher. (See Adaptations such as paper quiz below. A library computer can also be used.)
Student Procedures:
  1. Select a book at
  2. Select Browse Words and look at the detail of those not well known
  3. Return to the book menu and select Book Sentences under Quiz Options
  4. Select Quiz and answer the 20 questions
  5. Print, email, or show results to teacher
Why This Lesson Plan Works
  1. Teachers can print the quiz and have student's take it on paper.
  2. The Extra Credit quiz can be assigned for academically motivated students.
  3. Students can take quizzes from books previously read to earn extra credit.
  4. Students can be given extra points for using their words in writing assignments or finding printed examples of use.
  5. Teachers can assign either the pre-reading or post-reading assignment instead of both.
  6. Teachers can print word lists and let students write their own sample sentences.
    Details on writing sample sentences For this kind of assignment, the sentence would have to meaningful to the student. For example, of the following two sentences that use the word deride, only the second is credit worthy:
         She was derided.
         She was derided for liking the movie.

    Note that any form of the word can be used in the sample sentence. For deride, acceptable forms would be deride, derided, deriding, derides, derisive, derisively, or derision.