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How to Link to

Generally, you will get what you see when you link to this site by simply pasting the URL from your browser address bar into your link. The site was designed with that in mind.

For example, if you link to a quiz by copying it's URL into the link, the link will lead to the same book, the same quiz words, and the same choice of pre-reading or post-reading questions.

There are some exceptions. If you link to one of the Large-Screen Version pages, the page will always load as though you had pushed the Restore Defaults button.

On rare occasions, you might want to change what you're looking at when you paste a URL. For example, if you linked to every use of the word irony in a book, the page would provide only a close button without a menu leading to other pages of the site. To show the menu you could remove the parameter from=site in the pasted URL.