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Long Island Sound
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  • Over Long Island Sound, the sky looked like ink soup coming to a boil.†   (source)
  • Mr. Barbour himself—laughing uproariously over his Virgin Mary and his Sunday morning bacon and eggs—had more than once told the story how he and the children were blown out to sea off Long Island Sound during a hurricane, radio knocked out, how Mrs. Barbour had phoned a priest at St. Ignatius Loyola on Park and Eighty-Fourth and sat up all night praying (Mrs.†   (source)
  • …Rock Creek Valley at Washington, of which the Nation is just taking possession for a Park; considering what superb views were presented of the Palisades and up the valley of the Hudson on the one hand, and the waters and varied shores of Long Island Sound on the other, from the site offered for the Fair by New York; considering all this, we cannot but fear that the choice of a site in the rear of the city, utterly without natural landscape attraction, would be found a disappointment…†   (source)
  • It was on Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • "That one's heading to Long Island Sound as though to block the entrance to New London and that one's heading to Boston, I think.†   (source)
  • From there they were to proceed by water down Long Island Sound, keeping close to the Connecticut shore to avoid enemy cruisers.†   (source)
  • It was, of course, those streets closest to the Volkhov, which in turn became, in no order of geographical sequence, a shoreline in "Maine," the Potomac River of "Washington," and the northern waters of Long Island Sound that housed the naval base at "New London."†   (source)
  • The Long Island Sound one went straight to target.†   (source)
  • Fifty-eight miles north of the Gulf Coast city, I smelled a familiar scent, one I had grown up with on Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • She gunned her motor and exploded away for New York and I, with Charley beside me, drove Rocinante to the Shelter Island Ferry, and then to a second ferry to Greenport and a third from Orient Point to the coast Of Connecticut, across Long Island Sound, for I wanted to avoid New York traffic and get well on my way.†   (source)
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  • I was born on Long Island Sound, but not at Mystic.†   (source)
  • She pointed out the open-air dining pavilion that overlooked Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • To the north, past the beach, the Long Island Sound glittered in the sunlight.†   (source)
  • Long Island Sound glittered in the light of the moon.†   (source)
  • Then I was looking through the mist at strawberry fields, and the Long Island Sound in the distance.†   (source)
  • It hurtled over Long Island Sound, the face spinning in and out of view.†   (source)
  • I stared out at the waves in the Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • The sunset over Long Island Sound was beautiful.†   (source)
  • "So maybe we could coax him back to Long Island Sound," Grover said.†   (source)
  • Moonlight glittered on the waves of Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • The bronze image showed Long Island Sound near La Guardia.†   (source)
  • We sped under the Throgs Neck Bridge and headed for Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • In the distance, Greek triremes floated on Long Island Sound, prepped for war.†   (source)
  • "They sunk his body in Long Island Sound in a weighted sack," Betsy said.†   (source)
  • I'll raise one at Camp Half-Blood as well, right on the shore of Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • She thought about sitting in the dining pavilion, watching the sunset over Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • Horseneck was down on Long Island Sound, too, but much further south than Fairfield.†   (source)
  • I sat at the Poseidon table by myself and watched the moonlight on Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • The whole of Long Island Sound spread out to the horizon.†   (source)
  • The same white-columned Greek buildings were scattered around the valley-the amphitheater, the combat arena, the dining pavilion overlooking Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • Apparently this poor creature had been mucking around on the bottom of Long Island Sound and had somehow gotten itself tangled in the net of this sunken fishing boat.†   (source)
  • If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • The map showed the camp—a semicircle of land with Long Island Sound on the north shore, the woods to the west, the cabins to the east, and a ring of hills to the south.†   (source)
  • She was about thirty feet below in the lake, but I could see her clearly: my friend from Long Island Sound, Bessie the cow serpent.†   (source)
  • Sure enough, a big cruise ship was cutting across Long Island Sound, its white-and-gold lights glowing against the dark water.†   (source)
  • Beyond the woods and the strawberry fields, the Long Island Sound glittered in the last light of the sun.†   (source)
  • Then the son of Poseidon waded into Long Island Sound with his extremely large dog and they both disappeared underwater.†   (source)
  • I would've been happy to have him as my cabin mate forever, but that evening, as we were sitting on a sand dune overlooking the Long Island Sound, he made an announcement that com-pletely took me by surprise.†   (source)
  • I mean, he was in Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • It veered toward Long Island Sound, passing so close to the Athena Parthenos that I thought its landing skids might clip the goddess's winged helmet.†   (source)
  • I looked out at Long Island Sound and I remembered my father saying, The sea does not like to be restrained.†   (source)
  • Tyson gave us the short version: Rainbow the hippocampus-who'd apparently been following us ever since the Long Island Sound, waiting for Tyson to play with him-had found Tyson sinking beneath the wreckage of the CSS Birmingham and pulled him to safety.†   (source)
  • Now imagine that this ridiculously handsome statue is wading out of Long Island Sound onto the North Shore.†   (source)
  • From where we stood at the top of a hill, the entire valley spread out below us: roughly three square miles of woods, meadows, and strawberry fields bordered by Long Island Sound to the north and rolling hills on the other three sides.†   (source)
  • Annabeth and I sat in the sunshine, ordered Cokes and cheeseburgers, and watched the sailboats heading out to Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • Our triremes are unchallenged on Long Island Sound, but those stupid giant eagles dominate our airspace.†   (source)
  • Boston gets one in her harbor, New York gets one in Long Island Sound and another midway between her two biggest bridges—think it will ruin those bridges but we promise to miss them and will.†   (source)
  • But they couldn't afford to ignore missile for Long Island Sound, or rock for 87° W x 42° 30' N—Lake Michigan, center of triangle formed by Chicago, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee.†   (source)
  • About the only big place I'd ever been was Fairfield, down on Long Island Sound, where I used to go sometimes with Father and Sam to pick up sugar or rum that came up from the Barbados in big ships.†   (source)
  • He had a deep-sea fishing rod in his hands, and when he cast it the line went way out—like halfway across Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • Nico pointed toward Long Island Sound, where the lights of a large yacht gleamed a quarter mile offshore.†   (source)
  • "The rumor is that we're supposed to be situated to move either west to the Hudson or south to Long Island Sound in case of a British attack either place.†   (source)
  • But young men didn't — at least in my provincial inexperience I believed they didn't — drift coolly out of nowhere and buy a palace on Long Island Sound.†   (source)
  • Twenty miles from the city a pair of enormous eggs, identical in contour and separated only by a courtesy bay, jut out into the most domesticated body of salt water in the Western hemisphere, the great wet barnyard of Long Island Sound.†   (source)
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