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  • Like the flash drive, I'd obtained these items by submitting an intranet requisition form, then had them delivered to an empty cubicle on my floor.   (source)
  • I performed a few final tasks related to my escape plan, then logged out of the KM intranet for the last time.   (source)
  • Indents have limited access to the company Intranet via their hab-unit entertainment system, from behind the ICI firewall.   (source)
  • I'd spent the past six nights laying siege to the IOI intranet, digging deeper and deeper into the network.   (source)
  • The anonymous seller claimed to be a former IOI contract programmer and one of the lead architects of its company intranet.   (source)
  • I'd been browsing through the L33t HaxOrz Warezhaus auction listings when one in particular caught my eye: IOI Intranet Access Passwords, Back Doors, and System Exploits.   (source)
  • Now, if someone checked my camera feeds, they'd see me lying asleep in my hab-unit, not sitting up all night, furiously hacking my way through the company intranet.   (source)
  • I knew that I needed to be able to take some of the Sixers' data with me when I escaped, so earlier in the week, I'd used my intranet admin account to submit a bogus hardware requisition form.   (source)
  • Then, last night, just before I'd succumbed to exhaustion, I'd finally managed to navigate my way through the intranet's labyrinth of firewalls and into the main Oology Division database.   (source)
  • The obvious problem, which the seller didn't bother to point out in the auction listing, was that these codes were useless unless you already had access to the company intranet.   (source)
  • The seller claimed to be offering classified proprietary information on IOI's intranet architecture, along with a series of administrative access codes and system exploits that could "give a user carte blanche inside the company network."   (source)
  • About seven months earlier, I'd obtained a set of KM intranet passwords from the L33t HaxOrz Warezhaus, the same black-market data auction site where I'd purchased the information needed to create a new identity.   (source)
  • Once I infiltrated the building and got behind the company firewall, I would use the intranet passwords to hack into the Sixers' private database, then figure a way to bring down the shield they'd erected over Anorak's castle.   (source)
  • After some more time on the intranet, she leaned back in her seat.†   (source)
  • All the articles that are planned or in production are on the daily memo on our intranet.†   (source)
  • He's, like, an intranet security guard.†   (source)
  • She had spent an hour infiltrating and charting the intranet at SMP with the help of Berger's account.†   (source)
  • In other words, what she needed was either a police officer who had authorization to access the network or the next best thing—to make the police intranet believe that she was an authorized person.†   (source)
  • When working on an assignment for Armansky several years earlier, she had plotted the structure of the police intranet and assessed the possibility of hacking into the criminal register to make her own entries.†   (source)
  • It was inconvenient because the police intranet was at headquarters, which meant that they had to walk back and forth between the two buildings several times a day.†   (source)
  • Salander and Plague thereafter had the opportunity, if not to hack into, at least to devastatingly disrupt the police intranet with viruses of various types—an activity in which neither of them had the slightest interest.†   (source)
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