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Age of Reason
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Age of Reason

meaning too rare to warrant focus:

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  • "I was right there in the room when they came up with the idea that a pregnancy could be terminated retroactively once a child reaches the age of reason," says the Admiral.   (source)
    age of reason = the age at which children can think critically and logically
  • They both saw from the doorway the end of a drama that had began before Jose Arcadio had reached the age of reason.   (source)
  • It has been proven that at the age of 7 most of us have reached the age of reason-which means we do, at this age, understand & know the difference between right & wrong.   (source)
  • That notion worked fine at Beaufort High School, where my students had more or less reached the age of reason and could be dealt with and reached by words.   (source)
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