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  • We've had positive response to a prototype of the new game.
  • That restaurant served as a prototype for the entire chain.
  • All around him early prototypes of Redd's numerous inventions were on display in spotlit alcoves:   (source)
    prototypes = the first examples of various products that serve as models from which future machines are developed or copied
  • Night Wolves was, technically, the Granadica Design and Prototyping Center.†   (source)
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  • A bat doesn't fit the prototype many people have for a mammal.
    prototype = typical image
  • The researcher identified prototypical responses for each personality type.
    prototypical = typical
  • "I was, like, the prototypical white Hoosier kid," he said.†   (source)
  • She was a prototypical suburban mom, minus the SUV.†   (source)
  • Half a century later, in his path-breaking book The Mask of Sanity, Dr. Hervey Cleckley described the prototypical psychopath as "a subtly constructed reflex machine which can mimic the human personality perfectly….†   (source)
  • He was the antithesis of the prototypical cadet leader.†   (source)
  • I began my second letter to Piedmont in prototypical Conrack style—self-righteous, angry, undiplomatic, unapologetic, and flaming.†   (source)
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  • At the power level available to current experimental prototypes, the most that a full assault on Judgment Day could do is to make the people inside feel dizzy and nauseous.†   (source)
  • The RLR-7800 was a not-yet-available-to-the-plebian-masses prototype, but I had an endorsement deal with Dinatro, so they sent me free gear (shipped to me through a series of remailing services, which I used to maintain my anonymity).†   (source)
  • Its thick neck and high shoulders that slope to the hindquarters look as if they've come from a discarded prototype for the giraffe, and its shaggy, coarse coat seems to have been patched together from the leftovers of creation.†   (source)
  • "Just come out — prototype —" a square-jawed wizard was telling his companion.†   (source)
  • "This one's a prototype of the Boeing X-33," the pilot continued, "but there are dozens of others-the National Aero Space Plane, the Russians have Scramjet, the Brits have HOTOL.†   (source)
  • He has constructed a prototype of their transceiver and tests fuses and valves and handsets and plugs—but even in those late hours, it is as if the sky has dimmed and the school has become a darker, ever more diabolical place.†   (source)
  • Other Compounds in other countries were following similar lines of reasoning, said Crake, they were developing their own prototypes, so the population in the bubble-dome was ultra-secret.†   (source)
  • By 1967, a prototype of the system was up and running.†   (source)
  • A prototype.†   (source)
  • She drew careful diagrams and sent them off with a patent application, but she dropped the idea when she found out it would cost several thousand dollars to make the prototype.†   (source)
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  • I'm a personality prototype.†   (source)
  • It would take a century just to prototype them all.†   (source)
  • DRACO: The Time-Turner the Ministry seized was a prototype.†   (source)
  • More patents followed: a new monoplane wing design, a bomb carriage used on the Flying Fortresses that had rained fire on Hamburg and Dresden and Berlin, a machine gun that was cooled by alcohol, a prototype of the ejection seat later used in United States jets.†   (source)
  • They were the prototypes.†   (source)
  • He secretly connected his prototype to city gas lines.†   (source)
  • These are prototypes and test runs.†   (source)
  • At the heart of the story is southern California, whose cities became prototypes for the rest of the nation, whose love of the automobile changed what America looks like and what Americans eat.†   (source)
  • My point is that God created a prototype for a reasonably sturdy carbon unit, gave us a perfectly usable place to live, some excellent advice, as in 'words to live by'—most of which are misunderstood by the least of my brethren—and stood back to see what we'd do with it.†   (source)
  • Even Defoe's creation, Robinson Crusoe, the prototype of the ideal solitary, could hope to meet another human being.†   (source)
  • "They're just prototypes," Fernando says, "so there's no need to scrutinize them."†   (source)
  • The reason why, if he were not more than two thousand years dead, he would have gladly rubbed him out is that he saw him as a prototype for the many millions of self-satisfied and truly ignorant teachers throughout history who have smugly and callously killed the creative spirit of their students with this dumb ritual of analysis, this blind, rote, eternal naming of things.†   (source)
  • The prototype would be the Transkei.†   (source)
  • Our intention, he usually ends by saying, is to make this as much like your own democratic, free neighborhoods as possible-a little world Inside that is a made-to-scale prototype of the big world Outside that you will one day be taking your place in again.†   (source)
  • He still worked closely with the tank design and production teams, often taking a prototype or randomly chosen production model through a test course with a team of picked veterans to see for himself how well things worked.†   (source)
  • Brian listened to all this and he heard the music end and begin again, the same piano piece, and this was not the second time he was hearing it but maybe the eighth or ninth, and he listened to Marvin's dot theory of reality and felt an underlying force in this theme of the relentless photographic search, some prototype he could not bring into tight definition.†   (source)
  • It's a prototype of the kind of alliance between first world and third that the abolitionist movement needs.†   (source)
  • Some of his neighbors, traditional live-stockers, didn't like him much, but he was the prototype of the new breed of western man.†   (source)
  • Rodocker talked about the prototypes they'd built of the pincer in order to arrive at the final production model.†   (source)
  • Mike was a prototypic "big brother," a tough and fearless warrior who led by example, not by intimidation.†   (source)
  • I hadn't shared the prototype artwork.†   (source)
  • Her accent, and tone, were the prototype of Lieutenant Skaaiat's elegant vowels, of Lieutenant Issaaia's thoughtless, slightly sneering arrogance.†   (source)
  • I'm guessing a new prototype," I said.†   (source)
  • "Remember that this is just a prototype," said David.†   (source)
  • But Bentley Durrell was not only a general, he was a sublime prototype of the species.†   (source)
  • You're the prototype of the white Anglo-Saxon people see every day on the better cricket fields, or the tennis court.†   (source)
  • I had a prototype to build what I guessed would be millions more one day.†   (source)
  • He was the prototype of a new kind of Islamic extremist, willing to use horrifying violence to shock and terrify.†   (source)
  • With a working prototype, Phil set out to make his dream come true.†   (source)
  • Ten percent to prototype and small ship construction.†   (source)
  • Conscientious to a fault, thoughtful of others, and affectionate within reasonable bounds, he was the kind of father whose idealized image appears in many wistful books of human family reminiscences, but whose real prototype has seldom paced the earth upon two legs.†   (source)
  • His face was such a long upper-lipped Irish prototype that it verged on a joke, and he exuded sadness—something intangibly rumpled, exhausted and resigned that caused me to reflect with a twinge of pain on these lonesome office drinking bouts, the twilight sessions with Yeats and Hopkins, the bleak subway commute to Ozone Park.†   (source)
  • He drank vodka and he wrote about Lara; but the more he crossed out and rewrote what he had written the more the Lara of his poems and notebooks grew away from her living prototype, from the Lara who was Katia's mother off on a journey with her daughter.†   (source)
  • The god Amon was the prototype for Zeus …. for Jupiter …. and for every modern face of God.†   (source)
  • I was able to manipulate your bioelectricity to temporarily overwhelm Linh Garan's prototype.†   (source)
  • If she could sell the prototype, it might change their lives.†   (source)
  • Will Wolford wasn't the prototype, either.†   (source)
  • Had he actually been searching for the ingenious lock on her magic—Linh Garan's prototype?†   (source)
  • The other, related trend was a trickle-down of NFL prototypes into America's high schools.†   (source)
  • In blind tastes of some of the early prototypes, Coke pulled even with Pepsi.†   (source)
  • "I picked up your prototype after the contest, and it's a very fine fashion statement.†   (source)
  • The prototype is complete and works very well.†   (source)
  • He thought of his silver bike, the prototype he'd had made.†   (source)
  • "We were behind the glass saying, 'There isn't going to be an aesthetically refined prototype!'†   (source)
  • For example, look at this little prototype they've just concocted.†   (source)
  • "We do have a prototype, a test-bed really," Gnad said, smiling as enthusiastically as he could.†   (source)
  • My contacts gave me this prototype as a curiosity, but they said it isn't 'paired.'†   (source)
  • This is great, but it's got to he looked at as a prototype for now.†   (source)
  • The Workshop must have conducted different experiments on each of its three prototypes.†   (source)
  • Well, they'd finished the prototype of the design structure of his shuttle.†   (source)
  • A prototype, maybe.†   (source)
  • And of course, the big news story tonight is the sensational theft of the new Improbability Drive prototype ship by none other than Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox.†   (source)
  • They'd been working through the night, in a fever of inspiration, and within a week hoped to prototype a version of Mae's notions, to be used first in the Circle, polished there and later rolled out for use in any nation where Circle membership was strong enough to make it practical.†   (source)
  • It was the existence of the new prototype—or, more accurately, the stereotype—of the NFL left tackle that made him so interesting to football coaches.†   (source)
  • When he unveiled the invention at the fair, the prototype was as yet untested, and his contemporaries were skeptical—and rightfully so.†   (source)
  • There was no prototype.†   (source)
  • And it seems your programming worked just as it was meant to—another impressive decision by your surgeon, or perhaps it was Linh Garan's prototype that did it.†   (source)
  • I was hoping to make a prototype first.†   (source)
  • He'd brought Kit to see the prototype.†   (source)
  • He retrieved Piper's dagger, a few of his prototype grenades, and a dozen other odds and ends the dwarfs had taken from the Argo II.†   (source)
  • But soon the brainy Czech boy would transform himself into a prototype American fighting man: a tough, driven, and consummate leader, advancing without complaint toward what he came to understand was his certain death.†   (source)
  • Emboldened by his experiences talking to De Tray and Swankoski, Oscar blurted out a question that would have been unthinkable weeks earlier: "Sir, would you consider lending us one of your prototypes if you aren't using it anymore?"†   (source)
  • A month earlier, while Ramius had been fitting out the Red October after her initial shakedown, Tupolev and three of his officers had flown down to see the model sub that had been the test-bed for the prototype drive system.†   (source)
  • He owed money to many people, including $18k to a pair of bicycle designers who had built him a prototype for a new bicycle he thought he could manufacture in the Boston area.†   (source)
  • "I remember one professor at Stanford who confirmed the concept and its function but said he wanted to be invited back when we got to an 'aesthetically refined prototype,' " Dowell remembers.†   (source)
  • If Frito-Lay, for example, has a new kind of tortilla chip, they need to know where their chip prototype fits into the tortilla chip pantheon: How much of a departure is it from their other Doritos varieties?†   (source)
  • Making the prototype in the U.S. had been catastrophically expensive, but they'd found a supplier in Korea who could build the lenses to their specs, at about a fifth of the cost in America, even cheaper if they shopped it out to a Chinese factory.†   (source)
  • He figured half a million would allow him to rent a small warehouse, some machinery, hire some engineers and designers, get a few prototypes made, buy a few trucks.†   (source)
  • 5 is where you'd really love to be before you actually go to market—and the early prototypes of the Aeron came in at around 4.†   (source)
  • But the aesthetic scores started out between two and three and never got above six in any of our prototypes.†   (source)
  • Granadica's main contribution was in bringing in sonic engineering we didn't previously have access to and building the prototype."†   (source)
  • Their job was to prototype systems.†   (source)
  • They took prototypes of the Aeron to local companies in western Michigan and had people sit in them for at least half a day.†   (source)
  • But as Herman Miller tinkered with the design, coming up with new and better prototypes, and got people to overcome their qualms, the scores began to inch up.†   (source)
  • And when this source ran dry, they commissioned journalists to write up forecasts, and, in this respect at least, the journalists proved themselves equal to their prototypes of earlier ages.†   (source)
  • When he had to consult his library on a new drawing which he wished to compare with its best prototypes, he walked out of his office, whistling, swinging the drawing gaily.†   (source)
  • But wild, down-twisting, squint-eyed, unchangeably firm and wrong in thoughts, with the prickles coming black through his unmethodical after-shave talcum: the puss of an executioner's subject, provided we understand the prototype not as a murderer (he attacked with his fists and had a killer's swing but not the real intention) but as somebody intractable.†   (source)
  • …Julia's from Rex's house and from Brideshead to my flat, Rex's from Brideshead to his house, and Mrs. Muspratt's from Falmouth to Brideshead—was in full swing and we were all, in varying degrees, homeless, when a halt was called and Lord Marchmain, with a taste for the dramatically inopportune which was plainly the prototype of his elder son's, declared his intention, in view of the international situation, of returning to England and passing his declining years in his old home.†   (source)
  • And when the diver had reached the bottom of the bottomless sea, he plucked the plant, though it mutilated his hand, cut off the stones, * Babylonian prototype of the biblical Noah.†   (source)
  • The background she had wished was set so perfectly that it became its own caricature, not a specific society wedding, but an impersonal prototype of lavish, exquisite vulgarity.†   (source)
  • The overhanging leaf sees here its prototype.†   (source)
  • They were attracted to each other; a Swedish Othello and Desdemona, more useful and amiable than their prototypes.†   (source)
  • Moment by moment all that Dick had taught her fell away and she was ever nearer to what she had been in the beginning, prototype of that obscure yielding up of swords that was going on in the world about her.†   (source)
  • It was a strength we are wont to associate with things primitive, with wild animals, and the creatures we imagine our tree-dwelling prototypes to have been—a strength savage, ferocious, alive in itself, the essence of life in that it is the potency of motion, the elemental stuff itself out of which the many forms of life have been moulded; in short, that which writhes in the body of a snake when the head is cut off, and the snake, as a snake, is dead, or which lingers in the shapeless…†   (source)
  • Brown was a latter-day buccaneer, sorry enough, like his more celebrated prototypes; but what distinguished him from his contemporary brother ruffians, like Bully Hayes or the mellifluous Pease, or that perfumed, Dundreary-whiskered, dandified scoundrel known as Dirty Dick, was the arrogant temper of his misdeeds and a vehement scorn for mankind at large and for his victims in particular.†   (source)
  • And it was the same with the peculiar rounded top hat that his grandfather wore in public, which on some higher plane of reality corresponded to the broad-brimmed felt hat in the picture—or the long, pleated frock coat, whose genuine prototype little Hans Castorp found in the fur- and braid-trimmed robe.†   (source)
  • The prototypic Don Juan, invented early in the XVI century by a Spanish monk, was presented, according to the ideas of that time, as the enemy of God, the approach of whose vengeance is felt throughout the drama, growing in menace from minute to minute.†   (source)
  • The resemblance between the American borderer and his European prototype is singular, though not always uniform.†   (source)
  • *a I think then that the species of oppression by which democratic nations are menaced is unlike anything which ever before existed in the world: our contemporaries will find no prototype of it in their memories.†   (source)
  • There is in all small towns, and there was at M. sur M. in particular, a class of young men who nibble away an income of fifteen hundred francs with the same air with which their prototypes devour two hundred thousand francs a year in Paris.†   (source)
  • The mimic animal, which had advanced a little, retired slowly in his front, until it arrived again at the pass, when, rearing on his hinder legs, it beat the air with its paws, in the manner practised by its brutal prototype.†   (source)
  • He was inexhaustible on that infamous date of 1772, on the subject of that noble and valiant race suppressed by treason, and that three-sided crime, on that monstrous ambush, the prototype and pattern of all those horrible suppressions of states, which, since that time, have struck many a noble nation, and have annulled their certificate of birth, so to speak.†   (source)
  • The name of /Taaffe/, familiar in Austrian history, had an Irish prototype, probably /Taft/.†   (source)
  • —As 'twere, in the peerless panorama of Ireland's portfolio, unmatched, despite their wellpraised prototypes in other vaunted prize regions, for very beauty, of bosky grove and undulating plain and luscious pastureland of vernal green, steeped in the transcendent translucent glow of our mild mysterious Irish twilight….†   (source)
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