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  • He walked up to O'Dell and waited patiently until the boy had stopped gyrating.†   (source)
  • I may have lay in the mud for minutes or hours while my brain slowly gyrated inside my skull.†   (source)
  • Wild-looking abstracts, tornadoes of gyrating light-hackers who are hoping that Da5id will notice their talent, invite them inside, give them a job.†   (source)
  • Sometimes, I preferred standing on the sides to observe the stream and tide of their motion, their gyrations, the fusion of feet and fingers with the fever from some dark, tribal, ancestral homeland.†   (source)
  • We recognized the drivers, spotted familiar faces in the windows, people we customarily saw sitting on lawn chairs behind the asylum's sparse hedges or walking in ever narrowing circles, with ever increasing speed, like spinning masses in a gyration device.†   (source)
  • The plain surged with figures in combat — Sardaukar and leaping gyrating robed men who seemed to come down out of the storm.†   (source)
  • She didn't add that, now that the rock band had taken over for a half-hour set, she would feel out of place gyrating on the floor, (and sinful) yes, and sinful.†   (source)
  • Above, the impartial stars continued to gyrate in their endless celestial dance.†   (source)
  • "The love god," Shaunee said, adding a seated gyration of her hips.†   (source)
  • Lindsay gyrates with a ski pole between her legs, rocking back and forth.†   (source)
  • The chicken's neck gyrates and it splatters the ground and Sho's face and shirt with its dripping blood.†   (source)
  • There were parachutes, one, two, three… four, and then the plane gyrated into a spin and fell the rest of the way to the ground, fluttering insensibly inside its vivid pyre like a shred of colored tissue paper.†   (source)
  • I pushed past the girls from Jackson, who had ditched jackets, and were looking skanky in their tank tops and baby tees, gyrating to the music of the Holy Rollers.†   (source)
  • The music had entered her; it lubricated her joints, softened her bones and flesh to produce this gyrating, fluid, and sensual movement.†   (source)
  • One step below, a mass of humanity gyrated in sympathy.†   (source)
  • Several of the remaining glass columns crack, causing the monstrous occupants to gyrate in agitation.†   (source)
  • The strippers gyrated into view, accompanied by jarring, quasi-sensual music and the aroused, incontinent applause of the crowd.†   (source)
  • He spent his nights playing piano and sax for couples who glided and gyrated across the city's polished floors.†   (source)
  • Something is not understood: the robbers and their strange commands, the lady and her gyrations, the tricks she's compelled to perform, like a trained dog.†   (source)
  • Slamming his fist down now and then, he failed to notice that his daughter's eyes were glazed, or that his daughter-in-law stood behind him for a few seconds, placed both her hands on her breasts, touched her tongue to her nose, closed her eyes, gyrated her pelvis, and moaned like a wolf.†   (source)
  • Each stage was framed by mirrors and occupied by a naked, gyrating lady.†   (source)
  • The rock group gyrated to its outer limits, frantic dissonance worthy of the scene.†   (source)
  • His pipes wandered along the trails of the ancient melodies, growing more and more frenzied as he moved faster and faster, until finally he broke into the Rasa-lila, the Dance of Lust, and his retinue, hands on their hips, followed him with increasing speed through its gyrating movements.†   (source)
  • But with the plane gyrating down nose first and the escape passage narrow, perhaps the navigator couldn't pull himself out.   (source)
    gyrating = spinning or spiraling
  • Louie hung there, gyrating in the water and flailing his arms and legs, as the sharks snapped at him and the bullets came down.   (source)
    gyrating = spinning
  • ALL DAY, UNDER A DARK, GYRATING SKY, LOUIE AND PHIL rode the swells, straining their eyes westward and feeling a weary thrill as the bump on the horizon peeked into view.   (source)
  • I almost felt my arm disconnect from my body before he yanked me back, gyrating his pelvis wildly.†   (source)
  • He stopped as he descried a great disk of foam the size of an island, gyrating from north to east.†   (source)
  • The wind, except for occasional gyrating dust devils, was constant.†   (source)
  • The boy screamed and tottered, a windmill again, arms gyrating through the scant air.†   (source)
  • Smiling a little, Eve took another dubious look at the naked bodies gyrating on stage.†   (source)
  • Top Cat then gyrated to the center of the room again and belted out another one called "Cloud Nine."†   (source)
  • But at other times, she would gyrate and make grunting sounds and spasmodically sweep her books and pens to the floor.†   (source)
  • And then the dark mass of Meltdown fans turns into a gyrating, orange-red galaxy as twenty-five hundred new stars appear.†   (source)
  • When the lyrics kick in, Halliday begins to lip-synch along, still gyrating: "All dressed up with nowhere to go.†   (source)
  • It means a system crash— a bug-at such a fundamental level that it frags the part of the computer that controls the electron beam in the monitor, making it spray wildly across the screen, turning the perfect gridwork of SNOW cXASH pixels into a gyrating blizzard.†   (source)
  • One of the pirates scrambles up to balance on the railing, gyrates one fist in the air, and hollers: "ba ka na zu ma lay ga no mala aria ma na p0 no a ab zu … " By that point all the other pirates have stopped laughing, gotten serious looks on their faces, and joined in, bellowing their own private streams of babble, rattling the air with a profound hoarse ulu]ation.†   (source)
  • Everything that was Stevie Rae was gone—from the cowboy boot lamp and the Kenny Chesney poster, to the gyrating Elvis clock.†   (source)
  • It was a competition of gyrating arms, their eyes peering through the dusty glass for some sign of contact within.†   (source)
  • Dancers gyrated on the circling floors, lights flashed over their faces, catching expressions, intense, joyful, feral.†   (source)
  • No doubt the result of a spell she had cast, her gyrations slowed and then ceased, as did her downward trajectory, until at last she floated upright in the night sky.†   (source)
  • Five or six people were dancing and gyrating around the bonfire, throwing their arms up and bringing them down again, bowing toward the earth and then shuffling to the side, where they started all over again.†   (source)
  • The next girl clomped down the runway in torn jeans and combat boots, tossing her hair and gyrating suggestively, grinning out at us.†   (source)
  • The truth of bridges is that they made him feel he was doing some mobius gyration, becoming one-sided, losing all purchase on name and place and food-taste and weekends with the in-laws—hanging sort of unborn in generic space.†   (source)
  • Tadpoles wriggle clumsily through the water, their tails churning and undulating like the mosquito larvae that gyrate energetically up to the water's surface.†   (source)
  • Their oars gradually slowed until, one by one, the ships drifted backward and were drawn toward the veil of mist, beyond which waited the gyrating walls of ebony water and the gnashing rocks at the bottom of the ocean floor.†   (source)
  • I looked at her gyrating Elvis clock.†   (source)
  • Shortening her wingspan, she tilted downward, the sensation of weight leaving her, and gyrated in slow spirals as she dove toward the turgid river.†   (source)
  • I don't associate gyrating with homework, myself, and I don't think any other mother who spends money at this mall does, either.†   (source)
  • She stepped into the ballroom where the crowd was gyrating on the dance floor or huddled around the tables of food.†   (source)
  • Top Cat, numero uno dispenser of good poop on Mr. Dynamite and his Famous Flames, shook and gyrated his way around the room when he thought I was not looking.†   (source)
  • But even though the kids quit responding and reverted back to their classical pose of scholars erect in their desks and lusting for knowledge, Top Cat gyrated on, a grin like a jack-o'-lantern carved on his face and eyes raised in adoration of some muse deep within him.†   (source)
  • Then he'd be sitting there watching the gyrating, and swallowing on the chunk of dry corn pone stuck in his throat.†   (source)
  • I wandered on down past them, and as I passed they paused an instant in their leaping and splashing and gyration to favor me with an indifferent stare from their brown, water-slick faces.†   (source)
  • They danced and gyrated like tortured savages.†   (source)
  • I do not make a pack of gyrations, I go straight to the mark, be happy.†   (source)
  • They descended the spiral stairway to the grillroom, where an orchestra was playing jazz, and dancers gyrated on a polished floor, and diners in evening dress looked on over their cigarettes.†   (source)
  • The men were oblivious of their wives as they gave the social passwords of Main Street, the orthodox opinions on weather, crops, and motor cars, then flung away restraint and gyrated in the debauch of shop-talk.†   (source)
  • He had been caught in a vortex and was being whirled on with a velocity of advance and gyration that made him giddy and sick.†   (source)
  • But the next moment his footing would be lost and he would be dragging around in the whirl of one of White Fang's mad gyrations.†   (source)
  • The swift stream raced and gyrated under them, tossing, distorting, and splitting the moon's reflected face.†   (source)
  • "Anne, do hold your tongue." said Marilla, thoroughly worn out trying to follow the gyrations of Anne's thoughts.†   (source)
  • And for his part, Gilbert, hearing of the gyrations, airs, and aspirations of Sondra from Bella from time to time, was accustomed to remark: "What, that little snip!†   (source)
  • In front of this was the grand central dance of fifteen or twenty couples, flanked by minor dances of inferior individuals whose gyrations were not always in strict keeping with the tune.†   (source)
  • Waters of vexation filled her eyes; and they had the effect of making the famous Mr Merdle, in going down the street, appear to leap, and waltz, and gyrate, as if he were possessed of several Devils.†   (source)
  • Newman watched their genuflections and gyrations with a grim, still enmity; they seemed aids and abettors of Madame de Cintre's desertion; they were mouthing and droning out their triumph.†   (source)
  • The door of the front room had been taken off its hinges to give more space, and that of the room Henchard sat in being ajar, he could see fractional parts of the dancers whenever their gyrations brought them near the doorway, chiefly in the shape of the skirts of dresses and streaming curls of hair; together with about three-fifths of the band in profile, including the restless shadow of a fiddler's elbow, and the tip of the bass-viol bow.†   (source)
  • If you would whirl in regular gyration As he does in his dull old mill, He'd show, at any rate, good-will,— Especially if you heard and heeded his hortation.†   (source)
  • He finds that nothing agrees with him so well as to make little gyrations on one leg of his stool, and stab his desk, and gape.†   (source)
  • There the aerial staircase began its gyrations, only guarded by a thin iron rail, and the narrowing steps seemed to ascend into infinite space!†   (source)
  • At last by a violent effort I release myself at the instant when the ball in its gyrations was about to seize upon it, and carry me off my feet ….†   (source)
  • Though ringweight lifting had been beyond his strength and the full circle gyration beyond his courage yet as a High school scholar he had excelled in his stable and protracted execution of the half lever movement on the parallel bars in consequence of his abnormally developed abdominal muscles.†   (source)
  • …of brilliancy: their magnitudes revealed up to and including the 7th: their positions: the waggoner's star: Walsingham way: the chariot of David: the annular cinctures of Saturn: the condensation of spiral nebulae into suns: the interdependent gyrations of double suns: the independent synchronous discoveries of Galileo, Simon Marius, Piazzi, Le Verrier, Herschel, Galle: the systematisations attempted by Bode and Kepler of cubes of distances and squares of times of revolution: the…†   (source)
  • Thou born to match the gale, (thou art all wings,) To cope with heaven and earth and sea and hurricane, Thou ship of air that never furl'st thy sails, Days, even weeks untired and onward, through spaces, realms gyrating, At dusk that lookist on Senegal, at morn America, That sport'st amid the lightning-flash and thunder-cloud, In them, in thy experiences, had'st thou my soul, What joys! what joys were thine!†   (source)
  • …of the Eagles Skirting the river road, (my forenoon walk, my rest,) Skyward in air a sudden muffled sound, the dalliance of the eagles, The rushing amorous contact high in space together, The clinching interlocking claws, a living, fierce, gyrating wheel, Four beating wings, two beaks, a swirling mass tight grappling, In tumbling turning clustering loops, straight downward falling, Till o'er the river pois'd, the twain yet one, a moment's lull, A motionless still balance in the air,…†   (source)
  • …storm even as now, the snow, the winter-day declining, Thee in thy panoply, thy measur'd dual throbbing and thy beat convulsive, Thy black cylindric body, golden brass and silvery steel, Thy ponderous side-bars, parallel and connecting rods, gyrating, shuttling at thy sides, Thy metrical, now swelling pant and roar, now tapering in the distance, Thy great protruding head-light fix'd in front, Thy long, pale, floating vapor-pennants, tinged with delicate purple, The dense and murky…†   (source)
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