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  • The man was a freethinker and could speak his mind.†   (source)
  • By the time I was sixteen I had read many books and I had become a freethinker.†   (source)
  • 'Because, my boy, as far as my observations go, the only freethinkers among women are frights.'†   (source)
  • He claims to be a freethinker— Voices (in murmurs of astonishment).†   (source)
  • He was president of the Freethinkers' Society, and Pudd'nhead Wilson was the other member.†   (source)
  • Let us say it is I that am the freethinker, then.†   (source)
  • They were Presbyterians, the judge was a freethinker.†   (source)
  • And a fellow from down there was telling me Arrowsmith is great on books and study, but he's a freethinker—never goes to church.†   (source)
  • No: she was a freethinker.†   (source)
  • To all this her mother replied that Alexandra was a freethinker, and that all this was due to that "cursed woman's rights question."†   (source)
  • I had the honor of telling your countrymen about that great poet and freethinker once his life had drawn to a close.†   (source)
  • I never would have thought that a freethinker like Settembrini could submit to such blatantly Spanish requirements and vows.†   (source)
  • And then there was caustic little Naphta, who was bound to strict vows—and such a freethinker that he came close to being a libertine himself, making the Italian look like the dupe of virtue, so to speak.†   (source)
  • And matters were no less confusing when it came to "objective reality" and the "self"—indeed, the confusion here, which was in fact always the same confusion, was so hopeless and literally confused that no one knew any longer who was the devout soul and who the freethinker.†   (source)
  • It seems to me you have to be clear about these two intellectual directions, or dispositions, as they might more accurately be called—the religious and the freethinking.†   (source)
  • They both have their good points, but what I particularly have against the freethinking one—the Settembrinian one, I mean—is that it assumes that only it truly represents human dignity.†   (source)
  • I am speaking in generalities, but you will know how to apply my words to those humanitarian freethinkers, who believe themselves to be heroes still standing up against authority and domination.†   (source)
  • No, he does not like to recall that there was a time when his society was the object of all the antipathies that freethinkers, atheists, and rationalistic encyclopedists usually reserve for the Church, Catholicism, monks, and the Middle Ages.†   (source)
  • In its own way, the other contains a great deal of human dignity, too, and contributes to moral conduct and decorum and noble formality, certainly more than 'freethinking' does—and always with an eye to human weakness and frailty.†   (source)
  • Banal freethinkers would have had reason to think so, It was a time when our own priests wanted to breathe the spirit of Catholic hierarchy into Freemasonry, and there was even a flourishing Jesuit lodge at Clermont, in France.†   (source)
  • And there you had the central dogma of atheistic freethinkers and their pseudo-religion, which presumed to abolish the Book of Genesis and replace it with a stultifying fable of enlightened knowledge, as if Haeckel had been present at the creation of the earth.†   (source)
  • And whereas Settembrini had spoken behind Naphta's back in tones of pathos-laden admonition about the Jesuit, as if he were somehow diabolic, Naphta made unperturbed fun of the other man and the sphere he came from, suggesting that the whole thing was terribly old-fashioned and backward, an attempt at bourgeois enlightenment perpetrated by yesterday's freethinkers, when in fact it was nothing more than a wretched intellectual mirage, which its self-deluded adherents ludicrously believed was full of revolutionary life.†   (source)
  • A Liberal of the forties and fifties, a freethinker and atheist, he may have been led on by boredom or the hope of frivolous diversion.†   (source)
  • Arkady was wounded by Bazarov's cynicism, but—as often happens—he reproached his friend not precisely for what he did not like in him ... 'Why are you unwilling to allow freethinking in women?' he said in a low voice.†   (source)
  • Six months before his death, when he was seventeen, he made friends with a political exile who had been banished from Moscow to our town for freethinking, and led a solitary existence there.†   (source)
  • Freethinker, did he say?†   (source)
  • Of those visitors, many had been men of high rank and learning, some even freethinkers, attracted by curiosity, but all without exception had shown the profoundest reverence and delicacy, for here there was no question of money, but only, on the one side love and kindness, and on the other penitence and eager desire to decide some spiritual problem or crisis.†   (source)
  • Although Driscoll was a freethinker and Howard a strong and determined Presbyterian, their warm intimacy suffered no impairment in consequence.†   (source)
  • Is Hovstad a freethinker?†   (source)
  • Judge Driscoll could be a freethinker and still hold his place in society because he was the person of most consequence to the community, and therefore could venture to go his own way and follow out his own notions.†   (source)
  • And he told them all about his several dignities, and how he had held this and that and the other place of honor or profit, and had once been to the legislature, and was now president of the Society of Freethinkers.†   (source)
  • My arguments perverted some others, particularly Collins and Ralph; but, each of them having afterwards wrong'd me greatly without the least compunction, and recollecting Keith's conduct towards me (who was another freethinker), and my own towards Vernon and Miss Read, which at times gave me great trouble, I began to suspect that this doctrine, tho' it might be true, was not very useful.†   (source)
  • Hence it follows of necessity, that vast numbers of our people are compelled to seek their livelihood by begging, robbing, stealing, cheating, pimping, flattering, suborning, forswearing, forging, gaming, lying, fawning, hectoring, voting, scribbling, star-gazing, poisoning, whoring, canting, libelling, freethinking, and the like occupations:" every one of which terms I was at much pains to make him understand.†   (source)
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