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  • …as a result of what Anne said to me, I had gone down to the slums and seen the old man, the not very tall man who had once been stocky but whose face now drooped in puffy gray folds beneath the gray hair, with the steel-rimmed spectacles hanging on the end of the nose, and whose shoulders, thin now and snowed with dandruff, sagged down as with the pull of the apparently disjunctive, careful belly which made the vest of his black suit pop up above the belt and the slack-hanging pants.†   (source)
  • …saw the black-clothed figure through the dingy glass of the door; then the door pushed open and he entered, older than I remembered, the white patches of hair hanging damply from under the old Panama hat, the steel-rimmed spectacles dangerously loose on the nose and the pale eyes behind, the shoulders stooped and drawn together as though pulled by the obscene, disjunctive, careful weight of the belly, as though it were the heavy tray, or satchel, worn by some hawker on a street corner.†   (source)
  • …to him, which is Your gracious self, embrace but my direction,— If your more ponderous and settled project May suffer alteration,—on mine honour, I'll point you where you shall have such receiving As shall become your highness; where you may Enjoy your mistress,—from the whom, I see, There's no disjunction to be made, but by, As heavens forfend! your ruin,—marry her; And,—with my best endeavours in your absence— Your discontenting father strive to qualify, And bring him up to liking.†   (source)
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