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  • at the bottom of the sea, the branches and leaves,
    Sea-lettuce, vast lichens, strange flowers and seeds, the thick
    tangle openings, and pink turf,
    Different colors, pale gray and green, purple, white, and gold, the
    play of light through the water,
    Dumb swimmers there among the rocks, coral, gluten, grass, rushes,
    and the aliment of the swimmers,
    Sluggish existences grazing there suspended, or slowly crawling
    close to the bottom,
    The sperm-whale at the surface blowing air and spray, or disporting
    with his flukes,
    The leaden-eyed shark, the walrus, the turtle, the hairy
    sea-leopard, and the sting-ray,
    Passions there, wars, pursuits, tribes, sight in thos†   (source)
  • Liberty is to faction what air is to fire, an aliment without which it instantly expires.†   (source)
  • "Very likely," says the doctor: "I have known people eat in a fever; and it is very easily accounted for; because the acidity occasioned by the febrile matter may stimulate the nerves of the diaphragm, and thereby occasion a craving which will not be easily distinguishable from a natural appetite; but the aliment will not be concreted, nor assimilated into chyle, and so will corrode the vascular orifices, and thus will aggravate the febrific symptoms.†   (source)
  • The sun that light imparts to all, receives
    From all his alimental recompence
    In humid exhalations, and at even
    Sups with the ocean.†   (source)
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