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  • "Harry Potter is humble and modest," said Dobby reverently,   (source)
    reverently = with deep respect and admiration
  • ...she speaks of him with such reverence in her voice.   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • My hands naturally come together in reverent worship.   (source)
    reverent = with a feeling of respect, admiration, wonder and awe
  • There is both a reverential and fearful tone when the taxi driver who takes them to Muwaffaq Hotel mentions Ismail Khan's name.   (source)
    reverential = deeply respectful
  • Reverently, he placed the shoe box in my lap.   (source)
    reverently = in a very respectful manner
  • ...his recognition for dedication to the arts made him an easy man to revere.   (source)
    revere = respect and admire
  • “May I join your circle?” Edwin asked reverently.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Their faces ... appeared quiet and even faintly reverent.   (source)
    reverent = respectful
  • Jem's voice was reverent.   (source)
    reverent = displaying feelings of deep respect, admiration, or awe
  • She would be presiding over communities where hunting was not only revered but necessary.   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • He promised to revere her as if she had been First Wife, his only wife.   (source)
    revere = deeply respect and admire
  • Age was respected among his people, but achievement was revered.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • And sometimes in the evenings I would see her holding them, almost reverently, as if they offered the secret of life itself.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • When he saw her walking on the other side of the chain-link fence that separated the school from the soccer field and inside which was the most revered of the sports fields—the football one...   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • Ralph felt a kind of affectionate reverence for the conch, even though he had fished the thing out of the lagoon himself.   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration -- sometimes with a mixture of wonder and awe or fear
  • ...when all the world loves and reveres you.   (source)
    reveres = deeply respects and admires
  • In the opinion of us all, this revered gentleman has great insight into politics.   (source)
    revered = deeply respected
  • Karna the most revered warrior of them all.   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • Dragons were too revered for him to even consider that.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • His expression became awed, almost reverent.   (source)
    reverent = respectful (with a mixture of wonder and awe)
  • "Oh yes, yes!" stammered Darius, casting an almost reverent glance at Mo.   (source)
    reverent = filled with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • He does not thank God; he openly reveres Marx and quietly refuses religion.   (source)
    reveres = regards with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • spoke eloquently, with reverence   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • "Elousia," the voice spoke reverently from the dark next to him.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • In the name of God, whom we all revere, in the name of liberty we hold so dear, in the name of decency which we all cherish, what's happening in America?   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • 'It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.   (source)
  • The conversation was quiet, almost reverent.   (source)
    reverent = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • He read books, slowly, mouthing words, holding them reverently like an altar boy...   (source)
  • The people revered the statue of Bel and went every day to worship it, but Daniel worshiped the Lord our Savior.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • ...a massive car bomb exploded outside a Shiite mosque in Najaf and killed eighty people, including the revered and greatly loved Shiite leader Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Hakin.   (source)
  • He holds the photo at arm's length, quietly reverent.   (source)
    reverent = feeling or showing respect and admiration
  • keeping a reverent distance from the owners of the house   (source)
    reverent = respectful
  • Chhongba bowed reverently, spoke briefly to him in the Sherpa tongue, and indicated for us to come forward.   (source)
    reverently = with deep respect
  • We will treat your comrade with the same reverence we treat our own,   (source)
    reverence = deep respect
  • "The garden of Narciso," Cico said with reverence, "is envied by all—Would you like to taste its fruits?"   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Williams was perhaps the greatest hitter of all time, a man revered for his knowledge and insight into the art of hitting.   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • I reverently turned the book in my hands.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • We may not be revered as we were in ancient days, but never again will humans be able to hunt and destroy us.   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • "There's nothing," Bert said, reverently, "like a good gotcha."   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • They bred mares almost daily for three weeks and sometimes twice daily and Antonio regarded the stallion with great reverence and great love and...   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • "That thing you did on the Taylor polynomial question-we hadn't really done that in class- and you somehow figured it out on your own," the teacher says, looking at Cedric reverently.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of admiration and respect
  • his father was revered like God   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Masks, in particular, revere the Augurs, for it is the Augurs who decide which Martial children will attend Blackcliff.   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • a woman of whom he spoke in reverential terms   (source)
    reverential = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Rowan's teachers spoke of Bram with such reverence that...   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration -- sometimes with a mixture of wonder and awe
  • "Is that Bear Bryant?" he reverently asks.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • ...he lived in profound awe and reverence of the majestic, white-haired major...   (source)
    reverence = deep respect
  • It was a tradition common throughout cultures of the world to revere the elders of a society, and since the days of Methuselah, it had simply been assumed that the older a person was, the more life experience they'd had: Therefore, they were probably wiser than anyone else.   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • I love him and admire him and respect him and revere him, and want to enjoy his forever company forever, and I WILL BE WORTHY OF HIM!   (source)
  • I did not plan for anyone to see me like this, much less Josh Bennett, who apparently I am supposed to fear or revere, though I don't know why.   (source)
  • They may not know him but they revere him.   (source)
    revere = regard him with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • I didn't mix much with the Hasidim, but the extent to which they revered Danny was obvious to everyone.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Just a quiet and reverent place.   (source)
    reverent = respectful or filling with respect
  • In a thinker there is a reverence for the beauty of the alert and directed and lucid mind.   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • No feudal lord ever felt or demanded such reverence for the title of his wife...   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • "The library," he announced in reverent terms, and opened the door for her.   (source)
    reverent = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • I said, "Bojemoi!" softly and reverently.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of admiration, wonder and awe
  • He had noted that Faramir seemed to refer to Elves with reverence,   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • "I don't know yet," she answered softly, almost reverently, as if in awe of an angle she might now have.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of awe and wonder (perhaps with respect for the idea)
  • His father was a stone mason, and the son revered him as if he were the Pope.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect
  • Celia revered El Líder and wanted Felicia to give herself entirely to the revolution, believing that this alone would save her daughter.   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • He had attended the University of North Carolina and they talked of his grades there with reverence and awe.   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • Ralph entered the hall reverently.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and awe
  • I sighed, and I watched his reverent fingers fold the note and close it in its armor of foil and put it away.   (source)
    reverent = feeling or showing respect and admiration
  • Lost in wonder, he starts almost involuntarily to kneel on the floor in reverence—but is sharply interrupted by...   (source)
    reverence = deep respect with a mixture of wonder
  • The Brahmans revere suicide,   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • Randy opened one of the albums. "Old seventy-eights," he said, his voice almost reverent. "Classic jazz. Listen to this."   (source)
    reverent = showing deep respect and admiration
  • His function is to act as a focusing point for love, fear, and reverence, emotions which are more easily felt towards an individual than towards an organization.   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Here the Director made a sign of the T on his stomach and all the students reverently followed suit.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • I attempt to instill a bunch of bobby-soxers and drug-store Romeos with reverence for Hawthorne and Whitman and Poe!   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • He drew me into his office, remarking in a reverent voice that it was a sad time for all of us, and offered me a cigar.   (source)
    reverent = with feelings of deep respect
  • ...it needed all the reverence the General had earned to save his popularity.   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • She revered God and loved Jesus, but she understood why people often turned away from these Two.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and awe
  • "In every one," I pronounced, not without a tremble to my voice, "I am grateful to you and revere you for your re-creation of the garden of Ts'ui Pên."   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • She read the story of the little Christ-child of the baby Jesus.... He could hear her voice reading it off softly and reverently with the words coming like music from her lips.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • "He's the head man," another fellow said, reverently,   (source)
  • Anne walked through it on her way to school with reverent steps and worshiping eyes, as if she trod on holy ground.   (source)
    reverent = with feelings of deep respect
  • A number of bishops were blessing the armies on both sides... Arthur's men were reverent about this, but King Lot's men were not—for...   (source)
    reverent = deeply respectful
  • John Thornton would reverently exclaim, "God!"   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Consider, with all reverence, the monkeys. ...the mercy of God, being infinite, may well embrace all mammals.   (source)
    reverence = deep respect
  • The inspector recognized Poirot and greeted him in an almost reverential manner.   (source)
    reverential = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • she did her work with the thoroughness of a mind which reveres details and never quite understands them;   (source)
    reveres = respects and admires
  • The very air of a church inspires reverence,   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect, awe, and wonder
  • Then she raised her head proudly, and held out one hand to Van Helsing who took it in his, and after stooping and kissing it reverently, held it fast.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Apart from his father, perhaps, there was no one here to whom he offered any reverence.   (source)
    reverence = respect and admiration
  • Yes, I am a fancier of music—which is not to say that I particularly revere it—not, for instance, as I love and revere the written word, the bearer of the human intellect, the tool, the shining plow of progress.   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • Mother and daughter adored each other and revered their son and brother   (source)
    revered = deeply admire and respect
  • ...the heroic and the beautiful, and the reverence for the great poets or for the saints...   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • Billy listened, but less out of awe or reverence perhaps than from a certain natural politeness;   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • ...but it seemed to Camila that she was looking at all the beauty and dignity in the world. As she waited for the lines that preceded her entrance she clung to Uncle Pio in reverent silence,   (source)
    reverent = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • He kissed her hand reverently.   (source)
  • He stood now gazing with great reverence at the famous detective.   (source)
    reverence = deep respect and admiration
  • The falls of Schaffhausen made him 'offer reverent thanks to the all-powerful Creator of the universe, whose works were wondrous and beautiful,'   (source)
    reverent = with wonder and awe
  • she could now so plainly see the strength, energy, and resourcefulness which had caused the Scarlet Pimpernel to be reverenced and trusted by his followers.   (source)
    reverenced = respected
  • Here is an historical figure whom all men reverence and love, whom some regard as divine; and who was one of us—who lived our life, and taught our doctrine.   (source)
    reverence = regard with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • with reverence and affection   (source)
    reverence = feelings of respect and admiration
  • having unconsciously preserved, a feeling of reverence for certain subjects,   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Has ... taught you no reverence?   (source)
    reverence = respect
  • She then bent her head reverently, before the ikon   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect
  • "Sir," says I, "with a proper reverence for your age and our common blood, I do not..."   (source)
    reverence = feelings of respect and admiration
  • my spirit reverently follows them into the regions where Beauty and Truth and Goodness are one.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • THE CADET (with a low reverence):  Madame. . .   (source)
    reverence = respectfully
  • all in deep black, and the whole congregation, the old minister as well, rose reverently and stood until the mourners were seated in the front pew.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect
  • Anna found it difficult now to recall the feeling of almost awe-stricken reverence which she had at first entertained for these persons.   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration -- sometimes with a mixture of wonder and awe
  • But her reverence for genius received a severe shock that night, and it took her some time to recover from the discovery that the great creatures were only men and women after all.   (source)
    reverence = extreme respect and admiration
  • ...and reverently lifting his hat from his brow, and bending his sightless eyes to the earth, he stood in mute devotion.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • For she looked as reverently at Mr. Casaubon's religious elevation above herself as she did at his intellect and learning.   (source)
  • ...and none of us having the least notion of, or reverence for, what we were reading about.   (source)
    reverence = respect and admiration
  • Jean Valjean demanded an audience with the revered prioress   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • That great man who was so revered by d'Artagnan the elder served as an object of ridicule to the Musketeers of Treville,   (source)
    revered = deeply respected and admired
  • The former (slaveholder though he was) seemed to possess some regard for honor, some reverence for justice, and some respect for humanity.   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • I found in myself, and still find, an instinct toward a ... spiritual life ... and another toward ... a savage one, and I reverence them both.   (source)
    reverence = respect
  • Tom always spoke reverently of the Quakers.   (source)
    reverently = with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • The silver hair and benevolent countenance of the aged cottager won my reverence,   (source)
    reverence = feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • I could not have forgotten my revered father's intentions.   (source)
    revered = regarded with feelings of deep respect and admiration
  • Hence in those countries the master readily obtains prompt, complete, respectful, and easy obedience from his servants, because they revere in him not only their master but the class of masters.   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
    Youth, good my friend, you certainly require
    When foes in combat sorely press you;
    When lovely maids, in fond desire,
    Hang on your bosom and caress you;
    When from the hard-won goal the wreath
    Beckons afar, the race awaiting;
    When, after dancing out your breath,
    You pass the night in dissipating:—
    But that familiar harp with soul
    To play,—with grace and bold expression,
    And towards a self-erected goal
    To walk with many a sweet digression,—
    This, aged Sirs, belongs to you,
    And we no less revere you for that reason:
    Age childish makes, they say, but 'tis not true;
    We're only genuine children still, in Age's season!   (source)
  • by her husband, whose memory she much revered;   (source)
    revered = respected and admired
  • Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offence, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.   (source)
    revere = respect or admire
  • Such things when they are well founded and dignified will make him revered and admired,   (source)
    revered = regarded with deep respect
  • When I played the classics, I did so with a determined sort of reverence.†   (source)
  • Then they fell into reverent silence.†   (source)
  • By the time Sydelle Pulaski could assume a pose of reverence, the minute was up.†   (source)
  • "Wool," Mama said reverently.†   (source)
  • The men in his factories at first revered him.†   (source)
  • He took the coin, turned it once, and handed it back with reverence.†   (source)
  • Lotte came closer and peered at the silver object Paul held reverently in his hands.†   (source)
  • The Viking was spoken about with reverence, those who had competed bearing their injuries like veterans of some distant and particularly brutal war.†   (source)
  • She slipped the photo out of its album sleeve and held it up reverently.†   (source)
  • There was no way to tell by looking that the land beneath my childish feet wasn't the primeval mold I read about at school, but it was new, created by magic lines of tile my father would talk about with pleasure and reverence.†   (source)
  • Tino was staring at him with reverence, with no trace of the hard-guy face he usually carries around.†   (source)
  • They spoke but rarely, and then in quiet tones, as if they held some great reverence for the task set before them.†   (source)
  • Noah said with unaccustomed reverence.†   (source)
  • Some illiterates held writing in disdain; others seemed to have a superstitious reverence for the written word, as if it were some sort of magic.†   (source)
  • A generation later these silly, ignorant ladies would be long dead and still revered at High Table and spoken of in lowered voices.†   (source)
  • Margo Roth Spiegelman, whose six-syllable name was often spoken in its entirety with a kind of quiet reverence.†   (source)
  • "I am honored," he began, "that my coronation coincides with our most revered holiday.†   (source)
  • It was a patriarchal society, in which age was respected, even revered, especially when, as in my maternal grandfather's case, age meant a lifetime of hard work, of caring for his family, and of devotion to his faith.†   (source)
  • All of them however were alike in their reverent silence.†   (source)
  • Butler took the tiny tome reverentially.†   (source)
  • Dance is the most revered of the geisha's arts.†   (source)
  • The second boy's voice was reverent and afraid.†   (source)
  • Beside him, another guard recognized me, and one by one they bowed, deeply and reverently.†   (source)
  • Betsie lifted it reverently from the box and held it up to the patch of light that struggled into the room over the surrounding rooftops.†   (source)
  • The fancy avatars all turn around to watch her as she goes past them; the movie stars give her drop-dead looks, and the hackers purse their lips and stare reverently.†   (source)
  • Puzzled, Dee held the book in front of the Morrigan and turned the pages, handling the ancient object with obvious reverence.†   (source)
  • Seeing who was among them, Wonderlander after Wonderlander followed his example and, in less than half a minute, Alyss and Dodge were standing at the center of a bowing, reverent audience.†   (source)
  • While two cooks removed food to make room for it, the body was set reverently down in the corner.†   (source)
  • 'Ah, yes, that's it, precisely!' she said with reverential awe.†   (source)
  • Ellerby approaches the old Pontiac with reverence, circling slowly, touching the rough, dark gray primed doors and mirrors, peering in under the hood at the engine highlighted by the droplight.†   (source)
  • Stories were passed around camp with sick, almost holy reverence.†   (source)
  • "I believe in you," he says, his voice hushed and almost reverent.†   (source)
  • Ally says it quietly, almost reverentially, and I know we're all thinking the same thing: that's the worst way of any.†   (source)
  • She touched his books without the slightest sign of reverence, and even dared to take them from their sacred shelves; she blew the dust off their covers without the least respect and tossed them onto the bed, chatting all the while as he trembled with desire and surprise, unable to extract from his whole encyclopedic vocabulary a single word to hold her there, until she finally took leave of him with a kiss on the cheek that continued to burn: a single, terrible kiss on which he built a labyrinth of dreams where the two of them were a prince and princess hopelessly in love.†   (source)
  • I watched them take their seats, noting the subdued and reverent air, the uncertain anticipation.†   (source)
  • He'd spent hours researching this guitar, ordering it from a company in New York, his face full of quiet pleasure as Paul lifted it reverently from the box.†   (source)
  • The museum is small and dimly lit, displaying each object with reverence.†   (source)
  • "This is how I imagined Sherwood Forest," she said, her voice full of reverence.†   (source)
  • Jake may have been revered by the blacks in Ford County, but he was still resented by many of the whites.†   (source)
  • At four years of age, I didn't need words like "transverberation" to feel reverence for that image.†   (source)
  • One of the last times Jackie Kennedy saw her husband's face was that afternoon at Parkland Hospital, just before the quiet reverence of Trauma One was turned into an unsightly fracas between Secret Service agents and Dallas police.†   (source)
  • She gently lifted the dimpled arms and legs and then reverently placed them back.†   (source)
  • She attempts one of those confessional smiles, the sort usually seen in reverent portraits of Florence Nightingale.†   (source)
  • Cybil breathed the words reverently as she moved toward it.†   (source)
  • It was all done with something like reverence.†   (source)
  • It had been a successful decade, and he looked up to Zala with reverence.†   (source)
  • Chief Harley was the only member of Golf Platoon who had seen action, and even though the details of that action were classified, he was revered by the men because only a tiny percentage of SEALs are chosen for DEVGRU.†   (source)
  • And he said (saving your reverence) that you were howling and swearing and cursing Aslan: 'language I wouldn't like to repeat' were the words he used, looking ever so prim and proper you know the way a Cat can when it pleases.†   (source)
  • Two of my sisters were pregnant at the time, and they were there at the gate in hot-weather smocks, along with Woody, who had left the hospital long enough to welcome Papa back, and Granny and Mama and the rest of the family, a dozen of us standing in the glare, excited, yet very reverent as the bus pulled in.†   (source)
  • Motherhood in prison was revered but also complicated by separation, guilt, and shame.†   (source)
  • She found it hard to think of Grace nowadays without a feeling of reverence and wonder.†   (source)
  • If your revered little award was all that, why didn't you get anything out of it?†   (source)
  • Changazi stood as beatifically still as a portrait of a revered prophet.†   (source)
  • Until the morning she saw the flag photo, that is: She framed it and hung it as the revered third icon on the wall.†   (source)
  • Handling it with the same reverence my mother had carried the family Bible, Echo pulled out an old, tattered math book from her backpack and began turning pages.†   (source)
  • He dipped his head in reverence.†   (source)
  • Then, almost reverentially, I lift up the scarf.†   (source)
  • I respected him, revered him, even.†   (source)
  • " 'Great and marvelous are Thy works, Lord God Almighty,' " she recorded reverently.†   (source)
  • A LACK OF rain and what that did to the crops made everyone in Tongkou hungry—from the lowest fourth daughter of a farmer to the revered Uncle Lu—yet I still didn't concern myself until I saw our storeroom begin to empty.†   (source)
  • The little girl took the napkin reverently, as if she couldn't believe her good fortune.†   (source)
  • I slid forward, muffling my footfalls out of the habit of reverence so long ingrained in me.†   (source)
  • His touch is gentle and reverent, although his expression is hard and unreadable as stone.†   (source)
  • And he had this reverence, this vast, eclipsing love for the law that had to be coalesced.†   (source)
  • He collapses into the arms of the dancers, who lay him reverently on the floor.†   (source)
  • He reverently touched the blue metallic paint.†   (source)
  • "Tak is the answer," he said reverently.†   (source)
  • Bruenor reverently removed the small silver mallet and chisel from the coffer and approached the warhammer.†   (source)
  • She touched the marks on his cheeks, remnants of his time as a Silent Brother, almost reverently.†   (source)
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  • Had that been at Revere Beach?   (source)
    revere = the name of a place
  • So why did Revere succeed where Dawes failed?   (source)
    revere = Paul Revere
  • This thought was of a broken-off piling which had jutted from the sand at Revere Beach.   (source)
    revere = the name of a place
  • His mother and father had taken him to Revere Beach often when he was a kid, and he had always insisted that they spread their blanket where he could keep an eye on that piling, which looked to him like the single jutting fang of a buried monster.   (source)
  • These things all came at widely spaced intervals, but then as the pain itself began not to recede but to erode (as that Revere Beach piling must itself have eroded, he thought, because nothing is forever , although the child he had been would have scoffed at such heresy), outside things began to impinge more rapidly until the objective world, with all its freight of memory, experience, and prejudice, had pretty much re-established itself.   (source)
  • Revere was spirited across Boston Harbor to the ferry landing at Charlestown.   (source)
    revere = Paul Revere
  • Revere became a kind of unofficial clearing house for the anti-British forces.   (source)
  • At ten o'clock that night, Warren and Revere met.   (source)
  • Revere was carrying a sensational piece of news: the British were coming.   (source)
  • Revere listened gravely; this was not the first rumor to come his way that day.   (source)
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  • Revere's news tipped and Dawes's didn't because of the differences between the two men.   (source)
  • Nor is it surprising that when Revere set out for Lexington that night, he would have known just how to spread the news as far and wide as possible.   (source)
  • But he clearly had none of the social gifts of Revere, because there is almost no record of anyone who remembers him that night.   (source)
  • Others — who may not have known Revere personally — might have been skeptical about the accuracy of his information.   (source)
  • On the icy morning of December 13th, Revere rode north through deep snow to warn the local militia that the British were on their way.   (source)
  • Had Revere been given a list of 250 surnames drawn at random from the Boston census of 1775, there is no question he would have scored well over 100.   (source)
  • At the same time that Revere began his ride north and west of Boston, a fellow revolutionary — a tanner by the name of William Dawes — set out on the same urgent errand, working his way to Lexington via the towns west of Boston.   (source)
  • Revere and his close friend Joseph Warren became more and more convinced that the British were about to make the major move that had long been rumored — to march to the town of Lexington, northwest of Boston, to arrest the colonial leaders John Hancock and Samuel Adams, and then on to the town of Concord to seize the stores of guns and ammunition that some of the local colonial militia had stored there.   (source)
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