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  • She perceived that she could do office work without losing any of the putative feminine virtue of domesticity; that cooking and cleaning, when divested of the fussing of an Aunt Bessie, take but a tenth of the time which, in a Gopher Prairie, it is but decent to devote to them.†   (source)
  • The idea that Aineias replanted civilization in the West was already traditional when Virgil took it up in The Aeneid, and it remained active as late as Geoffrey of Monmouth, who began his History of the British Kings (1133) with the Trojan diaspora and the settling of Albion by Brutus (sounds like "British"), a putative great-grandson of Aineias.†   (source)
  • Sir John Dalrymple, the putative father of a whining jesuitical piece, fallaciously called, "THE ADDRESS OF THE PEOPLE OF _ENGLAND_ TO THE INHABITANTS OF _AMERICA_," hath, perhaps, from a vain supposition, that the people here were to be frightened at the pomp and description of a king, given, (though very unwisely on his part) the real character of the present one: "But" says this writer, "if you are inclined to pay compliments to an administration, which we do not complain of," (meaning the Marquis of Rockingham's at the repeal of the Stamp Act) "it is very unfair in you to withhold them from that prince by WHOSE _NOD ALONE_ THEY WERE PERMITTED TO DO ANY THING."†   (source)
  • If he believed that I was a gentlewoman in distress, he might provide me with temporary escort toward the coast and my putative embarkation for France.†   (source)
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