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  • That the Germans should consider its few pfennigs' worth of oxides and canvas among their proudest possessions, and that the Italians should feel relatively empty for their absence, said a great deal about the principles that Alessandro Giuliani continually struggled to understand and that Raphael had mastered completely.†   (source)
  • It was not uncommon for me to find Misty waiting there, her hair slicked back into a ponytail, nose coated in zinc oxide as she swung her baton back and forth, but that day I stepped from the stairwell to see the principal standing there with Sally Jean, who was wearing her yard-work clothes, purse looped over her freckled arm, eyes red and anxious as she searched the hallway.†   (source)
  • Realizing after months of insomnia that this might be the last great effort his health would permit, Webster stimulated his strength for the speech by oxide of arsenic and other drugs, and devoted the morning to polishing up his notes.†   (source)
  • Nitrogen oxides spewed from power plants contribute to acid rain.
  • The study found that premature babies given nitric oxide with their oxygen were healthier.
  • The experts concluded that terrorists without nuclear backgrounds could assemble a nuclear bomb if it had the right materials (such as plutonium 239, uranium 235, plutonium oxide and uranium oxide).
  • The oxides of Chris's flesh and blood did, of course, go up the stack at the crematorium.†   (source)
  • Colace, Dulcolax, prednisone, Zantac, enalapril, CellCept, Prograf, oxycodone, Keflex, magnesium oxide, nystatin, Valcyte.†   (source)
  • But now I was just one more patient, suffering from nitrous oxide poisoning and overexposure to radiation through being out of armor for over an hour before being retrieved, plus broken ribs and a knock in the head which had put me out of action.†   (source)
  • They are eager to share, to thrust that song in my hands, as if only "Tizita" explains the strange inertia that overcomes them; it explains how they were brilliant at home, the Jackson 5, the Temptations, and "Tizita" on their lips, a perfect Afro on their heads, bell-bottoms swishing above Double-O-Seven boots, and then the first foothold in America—behind the counter of a 7-Eleven, or breathing carbon mon oxide fumes in a Kinney underground parking lot, or behind the counter of an airport newsstand or Marriott gift shop—has turned out to be a cement foot plant, a haven that they are fearful of leaving lest they suffer a fate worse than invisibility, namely extinction.†   (source)
  • "My money" is nothing but some east-west and north-south magnetic domains in some iron oxide resting on a roll of tape in a computer storage bin.†   (source)
  • Pink marble is caused by the presence of manganese oxides, gray marble is due to carbonaceous matter, yellow marble is attributed to a hydrous oxide of iron.†   (source)
  • Pink marble is caused by the presence of manganese oxides, gray marble is due to carbonaceous matter, yellow marble is attributed to a hydrous oxide of iron.†   (source)
  • It required a certain amount of scientific education to perceive that the grey scale of the Thing was no common oxide, that the yellowish-white metal that gleamed in the crack between the lid and the cylinder had an unfamiliar hue.†   (source)
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