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  • SNOOPER, POISON: radiation analyzer within the olfactory spectrum and keyed to detect poisonous substances.   (source)
    olfactory = related to the sense of smell
  • He added sotto voce, "And it improves my olfactory experience, you know?"   (source)
    olfactory = smelling
  • Over the great bridge, with the sunlight through the girders making a constant flicker upon the moving cars, with the city rising up across the river in white heaps and sugar lumps all built with a wish out of non-olfactory money.   (source)
    olfactory = smelly
  • Thus by association with the initial letters they mastered the twelve cranial nerves: olfactory, optic, oculomotor, trochlear, and the rest.   (source)
    olfactory = related to the sense of smell
  • What made it possible for certain olfactory nerves to be stimulated by various odors?   (source)
  • Monsieur Defarge's olfactory sense was by no means delicate, but the stock of wine smelt much stronger than it ever tasted, and so did the stock of rum and brandy and aniseed.   (source)
    olfactory = smelling
  • As he passed the Rue de la Huchette, the odor of those admirable spits, which were incessantly turning, tickled his olfactory apparatus, and he bestowed a loving glance toward the Cyclopean roast, which one day drew from the Franciscan friar, Calatagirone, this pathetic exclamation: ~Veramente, queste rotisserie sono cosa stupenda~!   (source)
  • Aunt Sedigeh also had a beautiful garden full of nasturtiums, roses, snapdragons, and sweet peas, a veritable Disneyland for the olfactory sense.†   (source)
  • One would suspect that this would cause olfactory problems, but there is no odor about these primitives except for the slight, sweet smell of chalma.†   (source)
  • The olfactory array immediately suppresses my sense of smell.†   (source)
  • Well, using your olfactory method of investigation, what have you learned, my friend?†   (source)
  • Depending on how sophisticated you want to get, the links can be audiovisual, kinesthetic, tactile, even olfactory.†   (source)
  • Olfactory hallucination, induced by sensual telepathy.   (source)
    olfactory = smell
  • A panel appointed by the National Academy of Sciences warned in 1985 that the nation's meat inspection program was hopelessly outdated, still relying on visual and olfactory clues to find disease while dangerous pathogens slipped past undetected.   (source)
  • They flow out of the mouth and up the nostrils, or up the passageway in the back of the mouth, to a thin layer of nerve cells called the olfactory epithelium, located at the base of the nose, right between the eyes.   (source)
    olfactory = related to the sense of smell
  • During that awful period with Ghosh in jail, Almaz holding vigil outside prison, and the Emperor so distrustful of everyone that Lulu had to sniff every morsel of His Majesty's food, my olfactory brain, the feral intelligence, came awake.   (source)
  • But once you've gone this far, I must point out, with primary, secondary, auditory, olfactory, and labial hallucinations, as well as tactile and optical fantasies, it is pretty bad business.   (source)
    olfactory = smell
  • The olfactory membranes covered an extensive surface; his ears stuck out and were movable, so that they not only played a role in facial expression but also were more adept at catching sound than at present.   (source)
    olfactory = related to the sense of smell
  • That hateful staircase, up which I always passed with such dismay, gave out a smell of varnish which had to some extent absorbed, made definite and fixed the special quality of sorrow that I felt each evening, and made it perhaps even more cruel to my sensibility because, when it assumed this olfactory guise, my intellect was powerless to resist it.†   (source)
  • She stood by a window, holding a book in close contiguity to her nose, as if with the hope of gaining an olfactory acquaintance with its contents, since her imperfect vision made it not very easy to read them.†   (source)
  • At last he began to pass the razor very lightly over the Major's chin, and although it was very difficult to shave him without using the olfactory organ as a point of support, he succeeded, however, by placing his wrinkled thumb against the Major's lower jaw and cheek, thus overcoming all obstacles and bringing his task to a safe conclusion.†   (source)
  • No olfactory delusions.†   (source)
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