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  • The Federal Government explicitly insures up to $250,000 deposited in any FDIC-insured bank, but there is also an implicit guarantee that institutions that are "too big to fail", will be supported in a crisis.
  • I think this was implicit in your suggestion, but I want to state it explicitly, so there is no doubt that we are on the same page.
  • Though she did not mention him by name, her comments were clearly an implicit criticism of his policies.
  • Until Rachael told me to talk to a recruiter—implicitly arguing that she thought I could handle it—joining the Marines seemed as plausible as flying to Mars.   (source)
    implicitly = in a manner that is not stated directly, but is understood
  • Their implicit message was that we were moving into what would become our own cemetery.   (source)
    implicit = understood (without having been directly said)
  • Implicit in that statement is "we're in this together."   (source)
  • The Do not disturb was implicit.   (source)
  • Implicit in what we're saying about China is something that sounds shocking to many Americans: Sweatshops have given women a boost.   (source)
  • More shocking was the message implicit in what Diane had said.   (source)
  • It must be understood, either implicitly or explicitly, that when Obi talks to one of the fighters, everyone gives them privacy.   (source)
    implicitly = in a manner that is not stated directly, but is understood
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  • Although it was no part of his constitutional function, Lincoln did what he could to speed this amendment toward ratification by announcing that he considered it only an explicit statement of what was already implicit in the Constitution—   (source)
    implicit = understood (without having been directly said)
  • Wegner argues that when people know each other well, they create an implicit joint memory system — a transactive memory system — which is based on an understanding about who is best suited to remember what kinds of things.   (source)
  • The implicit social contract is that upper-class girls will keep their virtue, while young men will find satisfaction in the brothels.   (source)
  • To order Anderson to withdraw Fort Sumter's garrison at the demand of the Confederates was a tremendous concession, which Lincoln actually considered but rejected; it would be an implicit acknowledgment of the legality of secession, and the Union would, by his own recognition, be at an end;   (source)
  • Her new friend (and she implicitly stated that he's not her boyfriend) moved here from Seattle right after the new year (they met in journalism class).   (source)
    implicitly = in a manner that is not stated directly, but is understood
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  • The policy helps to reduce the us-versus-them mentality that is implicit in human nature.
    implicit = exists as an inseparable characteristic
  • Over the past few years, a number of psychologists have begun to look more closely at the role these kinds of unconscious—or, as they like to call them, implicit—associations play in our beliefs and behavior,   (source)
    implicit = existing as an inseparable characteristic
  • Eliot uses his essay on Joyce to defend implicitly his own masterpiece, The Waste Land, which also builds around ancient myths, in this case fertility myths associated with the Fisher King.   (source)
    implicitly = by the nature of the argument
  • She didn't need to explain herself, or the future of the world, to the Circlers, who implicitly understood her and the planet and the way it had to be and soon would be.   (source)
    implicitly = inherently (automatically as a result of who they were)
  • But man's descent from animals had been implicit in the first book as well.   (source)
    implicit = an inseparable argument
  • The always seeping suspicion, paralysis, the thing implicit in the push-button city, that it will stop cold, leaving us helpless in the rat-eye dark, and then we begin to wonder, as I did, how the whole thing works anyway.   (source)
    implicit = existing as an inseparable characteristic
  • Sergeant Denham understood that: it was part of his job, though it would not appear in regulations, was rather implicit in the spirit of the country, the spirit in which he was soaked.   (source)
  • ...and much of their work has focused on a very fascinating tool called the Implicit Association Test (IAT).   (source)
  • Overwhelmingly, the heads of big companies are, as I'm sure comes as no surprise to anyone, white men, which undoubtedly reflects some kind of implicit bias.   (source)
  • He was beginning to simmer with rage, although he knew quite well that they themselves were quite unconscious of the patronage implicit in their manner, and that it would be better for him to try and understand the real meaning of this scene, rather than to stand on his dignity.   (source)
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  • But, in the interval, there would be a few brief moments when he would see the thing clearly, and understand that it was "white civilization" fighting to defend itself that had been implicit in the attitude of Charlie Slatter and the Sergeant, "white civilization" which will never, never admit that a white person, and most particularly, a white woman, can have a human relationship, whether for good or for evil, with a black person.   (source)
  • If you'd like to try a computerized IAT, you can go to   (source)
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  • I trust her implicitly.
  • He knows, but he's paid more than enough to keep quiet; and besides, the Admiral trusts Cleaver implicitly.   (source)
  • A person I'd trusted implicitly.   (source)
  • "Trust me."
    And Butler did. Implicitly.   (source)
  • Still, he implicitly believes that what Europe represents is degraded and decaying (and these are not the only examples).   (source)
  • They've accumulated enough credibility that their followers trust their recommendations implicitly, and are deeply thankful for the surety in their shopping.   (source)
  • I trust you implicitly!   (source)
  • She was also the most sensible person now residing in the old Sappington house, and her mother trusted her implicitly.   (source)
  • More than anything, it was the things he didn't do that made Michael Sherwood so intriguing; he seemed so far from the rest of us and yet implicitly he belonged to everyone.   (source)
  • Immediately upon hearing of Sukeena's treatment, her predicament, I wrote my husband a brief note upon my personal stationery and had it delivered by Yvonne, a woman I trust implicitly.   (source)
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  • Badenbrink was an implacable colleague in whom Gullberg had implicit trust.   (source)
  • Lourdes is pleased with her uniform's implicit authority, with the severity of her unadorned face and blunt, round nose.   (source)
  • She did believe him. Implicitly. Without reservation.   (source)
  • In all our hunting parties and adventures in different parts of the world, Quincey Morris had always been the one to arrange the plan of action, and Arthur and I had been accustomed to obey him implicitly.   (source)
  • Anyone who has ever scanned the bookshelves of a new girlfriend or boyfriend—or peeked inside his or her medicine cabinet—understands this implicitly: you can learn as much—or more—from one glance at a private space as you can from hours of exposure to a public face.   (source)
  • Blomkvist trusted Berger implicitly and was never for a second inhibited by the fact that she was going to be working for a rival paper.   (source)
  • I have implicit trust in my parents.
  • But we know, implicitly, where to go to find the answers to our questions — whether it is up to our spouse to remember where we put our keys or our thirteen-year-old to find out how to work the computer or our mother to find out details of our childhood.   (source)
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  • He has no idea of your true allegiance, he trusts you implicitly still?†   (source)
  • That there was, in addition, no escaping being sisters was implicit in every word, even in the address, "Ginny Cook Smith," and the return address, "Rose Cook Lewis."†   (source)
  • Aunt Lydia did not actually say this, but it was implicit in everything she did say.†   (source)
  • White folks, she felt, were implicitly evil toward blacks, yet she forced us to go to white schools to get the best education.†   (source)
  • Cosmology, let's see …. what we believe, subconsciously, implicitly, or both, how the universe works—you want to add something?†   (source)
  • "We really should get going," she says, and then looks at me with implicit concern, her face softening.†   (source)
  • "All these tests and tubes," said Tante Jans, who believed in them implicitly, "what do they really prove?"†   (source)
  • Any movement on your part constitutes an implicit and irrevocable acceptance of such risk," the first MetaCop says.†   (source)
  • Isn't it implicit in his makeup that he can't cross over?†   (source)
  • Surprisingly, Baby Kochamma accepted this explanation, and the enigmatic, secretly thrilling notion of Men's Needs gained implicit sanction in the Ayemenem House.†   (source)
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  • "There has been much", he continued, "which has implicitly or otherwise _criticized-- - it is not so strong a word - _criticized-- the foreign policy of my country."†   (source)
  • Charlie flinched at the threat implicit in my question.†   (source)
  • Implicit in every line is the idea that "Here is the machine, isolated in time and in space from everything else in the universe.†   (source)
  • Implicit in her desire was racial self-loathing.†   (source)
  • "It targets explicit memories, like your name, where you grew up, your first teacher's name, and leaves implicit memories—like how to speak or tie your shoes or ride a bicycle—untouched."†   (source)
  • Mahtob and I both trusted Amahl implicitly.†   (source)
  • As if she were fulfilling an implicit pact, she took her son to the "chamberpot room." arranged Melquiades' broken-down cot for him and at two in the afternoon, while Fernanda was taking her siesta, she passed a plate of food in to him through the window.†   (source)
  • Maybe if her mother had been put in treatment for her addictions (which were implicit) rather than in the garage in Danbury, Pom-Pom wouldn't be standing in his office today.†   (source)
  • I am a drone, Ryan thought, unmoved by the implicit challenge.†   (source)
  • If there was any benefit Cedric received from me, it was in the modest therapeutic value implicit in such conversations: a chance to vent his feelings and frustrations.†   (source)
  • But the grief implicit in Tereza's dream was something he could not endure.†   (source)
  • That this implicit understanding and those first stirrings would bloom until my feelings for Bryn were as consuming as my love for Mia had once been.†   (source)
  • What was implicit in all "oratorical utterance" from Whitehall, Adams knew, was that to the British there was as yet no proper American government and so it would be pointless to undertake serious transactions until such existed.†   (source)
  • Implicitly!†   (source)
  • The rest is implicit: Don't you remember a certain infamous day?†   (source)
  • Why no, I trust you implicitly.†   (source)
  • They had come to trust her implicitly, totally.†   (source)
  • The answer of seven years from now I reached by assuming the present situation, no change in Authority policy, and all major variables extrapolated from the empiricals implicit in their past behavior—a conservative answer of highest probability from available data.†   (source)
  • Then we'll put out a story that implicitly denies those specifics.†   (source)
  • With his right hand he took his handkerchief off his head and laid it beside the phone, in what was very implicitly a "ready position."†   (source)
  • So too was the image of the wolf in flight; the lean and sinewy motion and the overall impression of a beast the size of a small pony; an impression implicit with a feeling of lethal strength.†   (source)
  • It required implicit trust in the Reds.†   (source)
  • It had begun as an open conspiracy against the Overlords, an implicit challenge to their policy if not to their power.†   (source)
  • Somewhere beyond the battening, urged sweep of three-bedroom houses rushing by their thousands across all the dark beige hills, somehow implicit in an arrogance or bite to the smog the more inland somnolence of San Narciso did lack, lurked the sea. the unimaginable Pacific, the one to which all surfers, beach pads, sewage disposal schemes, tourist incursions, sunned homosexuality, chartered fishing are irrelevant, the hole left by the moon's tearing-free and monument to her exile; you…†   (source)
  • Today the city thrives in spite of the challenges implicit in the very presence of this wall.†   (source)
  • Everyone in the room had felt the presence of the supernatural and every child believed implicitly in the presence of ghosts.†   (source)
  • "I trust my husband implicitly, Officer Miller," she said softly.†   (source)
  • I trust his story implicitly," she says, "because that's just what I know King MacLain'd do-run."†   (source)
  • I had trusted Jacob implicitly—trusted him with every single secret I had.†   (source)
  • I believed in it implicitly, and as an ophthalmologist--hah! you see, my profession's slipped out!†   (source)
  • I wonder if viruses have always been with us, or not There's sort of an implicit assumption that they have been around forever.†   (source)
  • There must be something, somewhere, large and grand and redoubtable enough to justify this shining reliance and implicit belief.†   (source)
  • "By speaking English you implicitly and irrevocably agree for all our future conversation to take place in the English language," he says.†   (source)
  • At night in the game room, Sunny slept curled into a ball against Kyle's chest, like a kitten who was friends with a big dog–a rottweiler whom she trusted implicitly.†   (source)
  • How did people do this—swallow all their fears and trust someone else so implicitly with every imperfection and fear they had—with less than the absolute commitment Edward had given me?†   (source)
  • This was probably true, for my husband was of illustrious lineage in his homeland, a fact implicit even in his name.†   (source)
  • Jefferson's praise, his implicit confidence in him, his rededication to their old friendship would have meant the world to Adams, and never more than now, affecting his entire outlook and possibly with consequent effect on the course of events to follow.†   (source)
  • Then, there was the implicit lesson in the story: never let someone who does not belong into the reactor spaces.†   (source)
  • Now that everyone has been through one round of finals and a revealing month at home, it's time to make some choices about who your close friends will be and how you'll define yourself under Brown's implicit guidelines, as first laid out in the diversity workshop.†   (source)
  • The intelligence officers had dismissed the danger implicit in their mission—no sense dwelling on that—and were speculating on what they might find aboard an honest-to-God Russian submarine.†   (source)
  • What is more, implicit in their suggestion was the message to Moody that he must allow me out of the house more often, and must allow me to associate with others who spoke my tongue.†   (source)
  • I could trust Mahtob's sense of security implicitly and Amir was just a toddler, so I did not worry about them.†   (source)
  • He wondered how much of this was an implicit reaction to the enforced confinement of submarining, something just to make sure that there really was a world up there, to make sure the instruments were correct.†   (source)
  • The supernatural held a macabre fascination for the children; they discussed it frequently, and believed implicitly in the existence of witches, warlocks, ghosts, and devils.†   (source)
  • It had not taken Hodge long to see what no doubt he'd been subtly aware of all his life, that those who called his father an idealist were snatching at words to express a feeling that had nothing to do with the word they happened to get hold of: the old man was in blunt truth superior, an implicit condemnation of men who were not; in short, a source of unrest.†   (source)
  • Zeke and Ida mouthed the regional prejudices against blacks constantly, and believed implicitly in almost every stereotype ever concocted against blacks in the South.†   (source)
  • There I sat in a small schoolroom, with a sleeping bag unrolled on the floor beside me, a dinner of beef stew and Gatorade digesting in my stomach, the smell of chalk dust and old textbooks in my nostrils, the wild insect sounds of night rampant in the forest around me, writing a brimstone letter to a man I had met only once, but whom I trusted implicitly to understand, to sympathize, and to act.†   (source)
  • Luke had known, as if the knowledge were implicit in the trees and sky, knowledge beyond mere words or even feelings, that all their high and narrow hopes were doomed: each would glide toward the other one's death as the two sides of the pond glided gently and relentlessly toward the grassy outlet where the streams crossed and fell away to the river.†   (source)
  • Animal joy in his being is implicit in all his movements and attitudes.†   (source)
  • You trust her, then, implicitly, Madame?†   (source)
  • The smile seemed implicit in the room itself, in her standing there, halfway across that room.†   (source)
  • He is devoted to his master and is willing to obey his orders implicitly.†   (source)
  • Judith, giving implicit trust where she had given love, giving implicit love where she had derived breath and pride: that true pride, not that false kind which transforms what it does not at the moment understand into scorn and outrage and so vents itself in pique and lacerations, but true pride which can say to itself without abasement I love, I will accept no substitute; something has happened between him and my father; if my father was right, I will never see him again, if wrong he…†   (source)
  • …before him, uncomplex and inescapable as a barren corridor, completely freed now of ever again having to think or decide, the burden which he now assumed and carried as bright and weightless and martial as his insignatory brass: a sublime and implicit faith in physical courage and blind obedience, and a belief that the white race is superior to any and all other races and that the American is superior to all other white races and that the American uniform is superior to all men, and…†   (source)
  • If he put implicit faith in her, nothing should hurt him; however deep he buried himself or climed high, not for a second should he find himself without her.†   (source)
  • George accepted Victorian society so implicitly that to an archaeologist he would be a fascinating object.†   (source)
  • And you trust him implicitly?†   (source)
  • "—and each had to have a separate nursery, she had to have a library—"I read to distraction"—a music room, a conservatory—"we grow lilies-of-the-valley, my friends tell me it's my flower"—a den for her husband, who trusted her implicitly and let her plan the house—"because I'm so good at it, if I weren't a woman I'm sure I'd be an architect"—servants' rooms and all that, and a three-car garage.†   (source)
  • …nineteen; he was one of those people whose correct age you never know because they look exactly that and so you tell yourself that he or she cannot possibly be that because he or she looks too exactly that not to take advantage of the appearance: so you never believe implicitly that he or she is either that age which they claim or that which in sheer desperation they agree to or which someone else reports them to be) strong enough and willing enough for two, for two thousand, for all.†   (source)
  • The question had long tormented him, although he implicitly trusted that soul.†   (source)
  • You shall be implicitly obeyed, citoyen.†   (source)
  • Yet he believed implicitly all that his religion taught him.†   (source)
  • When she found that she could trust me she did so implicitly.†   (source)
  • But I hadn't then and I believed every word he said IMPLICITLY."†   (source)
  • Those people had trusted him implicitly.†   (source)
  • My dear fellow, you must trust me implicitly and do exactly what I tell you.†   (source)
  • Do not delay—and obey these instructions implicitly.†   (source)
  • He no longer believed implicitly that nothing in the world was of consequence but art.†   (source)
  • They obeyed implicitly, fortunately for them and for me.†   (source)
  • He assured me that all the orders you sent him last week have been implicitly obeyed.†   (source)
  • Still more so, by the stipulation of implicit confidence which I beg to impose.†   (source)
  • He had a wild, hungry eye; and they implicitly believed him.†   (source)
  • They promised implicit obedience, and departed with alacrity on their different errands.†   (source)
  • Dounia put implicit faith in his carrying out his plans and indeed she could not but believe in him.†   (source)
  • So he did not dare to trust to it too implicitly.†   (source)
  • Behind this explicit resolution there lay an implicit one.†   (source)
  • A man believes implicitly, because he adopts a proposition without inquiry.†   (source)
  • Had Rebecca's resolutions been entirely different, he would have followed them as implicitly.†   (source)
  • I had a colored friend, a man from my native place, in whom I had the most implicit confidence.†   (source)
  • We are sworn, once for all, to implicit confidence and devotedness against all proof.†   (source)
  • This promise and indeed every word of the dying elder Father Paissy put implicit trust in.†   (source)
  • 'My late wife loved her second husband, ma'am,' said Mr. Murdstone, 'and trusted implicitly in him.'†   (source)
  • Dear Alexey Fyodorovitch, I trust you implicitly with my Lise.†   (source)
  • He found in the girl a suggestion of all the pleasant English things; the story of safe gardens ringed around by the sea was implicit in her bright voice and as he leaned back to look at her, he meant what he said to her so sincerely that his voice trembled.†   (source)
  • But, considering what you have just said, I do not doubt you will understand me implicitly when I point out that this is only one side of the matter, that there is a second.†   (source)
  • She believed implicitly in him, and the menace hovering near her fell like a shadow upon her present happiness.†   (source)
  • She had known personally but one Mexican, who made and sold excellent tamales, and whom she would have trusted implicitly, so soft-spoken was he.†   (source)
  • Had he felt the need of an implicit faith amid the welter of sectarianism and the jargon of its turbulent schisms, six principle men, peculiar people, seed and snake baptists, supralapsarian dogmatists?†   (source)
  • This is what he says: " 'MY DEAR MR. SHERLOCK HOLMES:—Lord Backwater tells me that I may place implicit reliance upon your judgment and discretion.†   (source)
  • Each of the three of them had a separate doctor, whom they trusted implicitly—and each had a separate attorney.†   (source)
  • From his Chief's employing him as an implicit tool in laying little traps for the worriment of the Foretopman—for it was from the Master-at-arms that the petty persecutions heretofore adverted to had proceeded—the Corporal having naturally enough concluded that his master could have no love for the sailor, made it his business, faithful understrapper that he was, to foment the ill blood by perverting to his Chief certain innocent frolics of the goodnatured Foretopman, besides inventing…†   (source)
  • He could not, however, be blamed for that, and Ivan Ilych still obeyed his orders implicitly and at first derived some comfort from doing so.†   (source)
  • But he believed her too implicitly.†   (source)
  • I was moved to make a solemn declaration of my readiness to believe implicitly anything he thought fit to tell me.'†   (source)
  • There was nothing for it, however, but implicit obedience; so we bade good-bye to our rueful friend, and a couple of hours afterwards we were at the station of Coombe Tracey and had dispatched the trap upon its return journey.†   (source)
  • Though he believed implicitly everything he saw in print, he had learned already that in the Bible things that said one thing quite clearly often mysteriously meant another.†   (source)
  • If he had died during that time when he was little better than an infidel he would have been lost; he believed implicitly in pain everlasting, he believed in it much more than in eternal happiness; and he shuddered at the dangers he had run.†   (source)
  • "You ordered us to wait, citoyen," protested the sergeant, "and to implicitly obey your commands on pain of death.†   (source)
  • Evidently Armand St. Just and his three companions had managed to creep along the side of the cliffs, whilst the men, like true soldiers of the well-drilled Republican army, had with blind obedience, and in fear of their own lives, implicitly obeyed Chauvelin's orders—to wait for the tall Englishman, who was the important capture.†   (source)
  • —At the same time it is fair to observe, that I am one of those who always judge for themselves, and are by no means implicitly guided by others.†   (source)
  • This implicit reasoning is essentially no more peculiar to evangelical belief than the use of wide phrases for narrow motives is peculiar to Englishmen.†   (source)
  • Do so, implicitly.†   (source)
  • You promised to obey me implicitly.†   (source)
  • Pierre, having made up his mind to obey his monitress implicitly, moved toward the sofa she had indicated.†   (source)
  • settled to your satisfaction, you will then return home and follow my advice implicitly, as that of your physician?†   (source)
  • However implicit the faith of David was in the performance of ancient miracles, he eschewed the belief of any direct supernatural agency in the management of modern morality.†   (source)
  • My namesake alone, of those who in school phraseology constituted "our set," presumed to compete with me in the studies of the class--in the sports and broils of the play-ground--to refuse implicit belief in my assertions, and submission to my will--indeed, to interfere with my arbitrary dictation in any respect whatsoever.†   (source)
  • His gestures, his gait, his grizzled beard, his slightest and most indifferent acts, the very fashion of his garments, were odious in the clergyman's sight; a token implicitly to be relied on of a deeper antipathy in the breast of the latter than he was willing to acknowledge to himself.†   (source)
  • I believe that if I were to tell you with a certain air that you have no feeling, you would implicitly believe me.†   (source)
  • "I trust implicitly to you," I said.†   (source)
  • I have still another duty to perform, before I can submit so implicitly to your orders, soldier though you are.†   (source)
  • Chapter 2 Mr Shepherd, a civil, cautious lawyer, who, whatever might be his hold or his views on Sir Walter, would rather have the disagreeable prompted by anybody else, excused himself from offering the slightest hint, and only begged leave to recommend an implicit reference to the excellent judgement of Lady Russell, from whose known good sense he fully expected to have just such resolute measures advised as he meant to see finally adopted.†   (source)
  • Still he had too much professional pride to betray his uneasiness, and those under his care relied on his knowledge and resources, with the implicit and blind confidence that the ignorant are apt to feel.†   (source)
  • This, Arthur received as an assurance that he might implicitly rely on Pancks, if he ever should come to need assistance; either in any of the matters of which they had spoken that night, or any other subject that could in any way affect himself.†   (source)
  • And hardly anything could be more distinctively characteristic of Lucy than that she both implicitly believed what Stephen said, and was determined that Maggie should not know it.†   (source)
  • I rely implicitly on His power, and confide wholly in His goodness: I count the hours till that eventful one arrives which shall restore me to Him, reveal Him to me.†   (source)
  • There are chaotic, blind, or drunken moments, in the lives of persons who lack real force of character,—moments of test, in which courage would most assert itself,—but where these individuals, if left to themselves, stagger aimlessly along, or follow implicitly whatever guidance may befall them, even if it be a child's.†   (source)
  • The nearer the citizens are drawn to the common level of an equal and similar condition, the less prone does each man become to place implicit faith in a certain man or a certain class of men.†   (source)
  • "Well, Dickon," he said, since I have yielded myself so far implicitly to your guidance, I think the moment has arrived when I am entitled to further confidence.†   (source)
  • But as sitting down to hob-and-nob there would have seemed to mark him too implicitly as the weather-caster's apostle, he declined, and went his way.†   (source)
  • She loved her mother because she was so loving a creature, and all the selfishness that she had seen in her only saddened and perplexed her; for she had a child's implicit trust that her mother could not do wrong.†   (source)
  • Alyosha believed that implicitly.†   (source)
  • His affection was proved to have been sincere, and his conduct cleared of all blame, unless any could attach to the implicitness of his confidence in his friend.†   (source)
  • …was a man to be trusted on a furlough-They're wonderful obsarvant, them Mingos; that their worst mimics must allow—but they consaited I was such a man; and it isn't often—" added the hunter, with a pleasing consciousness that his previous life justified this implicit reliance on his good faith—"it isn't often they consait any thing so good of a pale-face; but so they did with me, and, therefore, they didn't hesitate to speak their minds, which is just this: You see the state of things.†   (source)
  • And though of all men the moody captain of the Pequod was the least given to that sort of shallowest assumption; and though the only homage he ever exacted, was implicit, instantaneous obedience; though he required no man to remove the shoes from his feet ere stepping upon the quarter-deck; and though there were times when, owing to peculiar circumstances connected with events hereafter to be detailed, he addressed them in unusual terms, whether of condescension or IN TERROREM, or…†   (source)
  • 'You may, sir,' replied Mr Crummles, looking steadily in his questioner's face, as some men do when they have doubts about being implicitly believed in what they are going to say.†   (source)
  • 'Your cruel commands are implicitly to be obeyed; though I am the most unfortunate fellow in the world, I believe, to have been insensible to all other women, and to have fallen prostrate at last under the foot of the most beautiful, and the most engaging, and the most imperious.†   (source)
  • But Duncan, who, in deference to the other's skill and services, had hitherto submitted somewhat implicitly to his dictation, now assumed the superior, with a manner that was not easily resisted.†   (source)
  • Both might have been influenced by early impressions; for, if the son of the loyal and gallant soldier bowed in implicit obedience to the will of his sovereign, the descendant of the persecuted followers of Penn looked back with a little bitterness to the unmerited wrongs that had been heaped upon his ancestors.†   (source)
  • Let me recommend you, however, as a friend, not to give implicit confidence to all his assertions; for as to Mr. Darcy's using him ill, it is perfectly false; for, on the contrary, he has always been remarkably kind to him, though George Wickham has treated Mr. Darcy in a most infamous manner.†   (source)
  • It was a proof of the force with which certain characteristics in Dorothea impressed those around her, that her husband, with all his jealousy and suspicion, had gathered implicit trust in the integrity of her promises, and her power of devoting herself to her idea of the right and best.†   (source)
  • When one is going to be married, there is nothing like implicit confidence; but never mind that, my boy,—go and announce your arrival, and let her know all your hopes and prospects.†   (source)
  • The sentiment of deep awe with which I habitually regarded the elevated character, the majestic wisdom, the apparent omnipresence and omnipotence of Wilson, added to a feeling of even terror, with which certain other traits in his nature and assumptions inspired me, had operated, hitherto, to impress me with an idea of my own utter weakness and helplessness, and to suggest an implicit, although bitterly reluctant submission to his arbitrary will.†   (source)
  • The small influence of the American journals is attributable to several reasons, amongst which are the following: The liberty of writing, like all other liberty, is most formidable when it is a novelty; for a people which has never been accustomed to co-operate in the conduct of State affairs places implicit confidence in the first tribune who arouses its attention.†   (source)
  • It was one of those moments of implicit revelation which will sometimes happen even between people who meet quite transiently,—on a mile's journey, perhaps, or when resting by the wayside.†   (source)
  • The hands soon imbibed a respect for his skill; and, though they wondered at the disappearance of their old commander and the pilot, for which no reason had been publicly given, they soon yielded an implicit and cheerful obedience to the new one.†   (source)
  • It arises in different ways, and it may change its object or its form; but under no circumstances will dogmatical belief cease to exist, or, in other words, men will never cease to entertain some implicit opinions without trying them by actual discussion.†   (source)
  • "There has never been an instance of a bluestocking being carried away by affairs of the heart"—a statement which, though gathered from an unknown source, he believed implicitly.†   (source)
  • It was supposed that no persuasion could be invented which would induce Mrs Tickit to abandon her post at the blind, however long their absence, or to dispense with the attendance of Dr Buchan; the lucubrations of which learned practitioner, Mr Meagles implicitly believed she had never yet consulted to the extent of one word in her life.†   (source)
  • As he evidently has a rooted feeling on this point, and as the depth of it is recognized in Mrs. Bagnet's face, his mother yields her implicit assent to what he asks.†   (source)
  • In the mean time the veteran, on whose experience they all so implicitly relied for protection, employed himself in reconnoitring objects in the distance, through the openings which the air occasionally made in the immense bodies of smoke, that by this time lay in enormous piles on every part of the plain.†   (source)
  • …dressed out in velvet and damask, hooded with caps of black velvet, with great tufts of Cyprus gold thread; good Flemish heads, after all, severe and worthy faces, of the family which Rembrandt makes to stand out so strong and grave from the black background of his "Night Patrol "; personages all of whom bore, written on their brows, that Maximilian of Austria had done well in "trusting implicitly," as the manifest ran, "in their sense, valor, experience, loyalty, and good wisdom."†   (source)
  • There was a sort of implicit confidence in him that he was really such a good fellow at bottom, Providence would not treat him harshly.†   (source)
  • This last suggestion was so much in accordance with the timid girl's own feelings and wishes, that she readily promised implicit reliance on the excellent spinster's advice: without questioning, or indeed bestowing a moment's reflection upon, the motives that dictated it.†   (source)
  • I confess to you that I had doubts, at first, whether you were to be implicitly relied upon, but now I firmly believe you are.'†   (source)
  • Lady Dedlock, I have no occasion to tell you that Sir Leicester is a very proud man, that his reliance upon you is implicit, that the fall of that moon out of the sky would not amaze him more than your fall from your high position as his wife.†   (source)
  • Notwithstanding this man was held in very unequal estimation among the Hurons, some believing implicitly in his power, and others deeming him an impostor, he was now listened to by all with the deepest attention.†   (source)
  • 'My son's tutor is a conscientious gentleman; and if I had not implicit reliance on my son, I should have reliance on him.'†   (source)
  • This abnegation of his own opinion, and this implicit deference to the opinion of his forefathers, which are common to the English and American lawyer, this subjection of thought which he is obliged to profess, necessarily give him more timid habits and more sluggish inclinations in England and America than in France.†   (source)
  • On perceiving Monte Cristo, she arose and welcomed him with a smile peculiar to herself, expressive at once of the most implicit obedience and also of the deepest love.†   (source)
  • Educate, then, at any rate; for the age of implicit self-sacrifice and instinctive virtues is already flitting far away from us, and the time is fast approaching when freedom, public peace, and social order itself will not be able to exist without education.†   (source)
  • Newman did not look the less distressed to hear Nicholas talking in this strain; but, upon his young friend grasping him heartily by the hand, and assuring him that nothing but implicit confidence in the sincerity of his professions, and kindness of feeling towards himself, would have induced him, on any consideration, even to have made him acquainted with his arrival in London, Mr Noggs brightened up again, and went about making such arrangements as were in his power for the comfort…†   (source)
  • Shallow natures dream of an easy sway over the emotions of others, trusting implicitly in their own petty magic to turn the deepest streams, and confident, by pretty gestures and remarks, of making the thing that is not as though it were.†   (source)
  • The partnership with Jonathan Burge was not to be thought of at present—there were things implicitly tacked to it that he could not accept; but Adam thought that he and Seth might carry on a little business for themselves in addition to their journeyman's work, by buying a small stock of superior wood and making articles of household furniture, for which Adam had no end of contrivances.†   (source)
  • Obedient to the hunter's directions, they followed his steps and advice implicitly; and, although the narrow pas sage along the winding of the spring led amid burning logs and falling branches, they happily achieved it in safety.†   (source)
  • I here warn the reader that I speak of a government which implicitly follows the real desires of a people, and not of a government which simply commands in its name.†   (source)
  • Monte Cristo turned to Haidee, and with an expression of countenance which commanded her to pay the most implicit attention to his words, he said in Greek,—"Tell us the fate of your father; but neither the name of the traitor nor the treason."†   (source)
  • Mr. Turveydrop said this in quite a pious manner, and it seemed to do his son good, who, in parting from him, was so pleased with him, so dutiful to him, and so proud of him that I almost felt as if it were an unkindness to the younger man not to be able to believe implicitly in the elder.†   (source)
  • As they all live in close intercourse, as they have learned the same things together, and as they lead the same life, they are not naturally disposed to take one of themselves for a guide, and to follow him implicitly.†   (source)
  • I placed implicit faith in this last statement, when I marked the look with which it was accompanied.†   (source)
  • Still there is always a certain number who are dismissed as but moderately eager until the others have refused; and it happened that Fred checked off all his friends but one, on the ground that applying to them would be disagreeable; being implicitly convinced that he at least (whatever might be maintained about mankind generally) had a right to be free from anything disagreeable.†   (source)
  • Heyward yielded the guidance of the canoe implicitly to the scout, who approached or receded from the shore, to avoid the fragments of rocks, or deeper parts of the river, with a readiness that showed his knowledge of the route they held.†   (source)
  • "Some one visited my soul in that hour," he used to say afterwards, with implicit faith in his words.†   (source)
  • But he was fond of people: he seemed throughout his life to put implicit trust in people: yet no one ever looked on him as a simpleton or naive person.†   (source)
  • ] When the liberty of the press acts upon men who are in the first of these three states, it does not immediately disturb their habit of believing implicitly without investigation, but it constantly modifies the objects of their intuitive convictions.†   (source)
  • He told Ada, in his most ingenuous way, that he had not come to make any secret inroad on the terms she had accepted (rather too implicitly and confidingly, he thought) from Mr. Jarndyce, that he had come openly to see her and to see me and to justify himself for the present terms on which he stood with Mr. Jarndyce.†   (source)
  • He was implicitly, though reluctantly, obeyed; and when the low echo which rang along the hollow, natural gallery, from the distant closing door, had ceased, pointing toward his insensible daughter, he said: "Now let my brother show his power."†   (source)
  • I had such implicit confidence in her declaration, that I then put it to Mr. Peggotty, whether it would not seem, in the onset, like distrusting her, to follow her any farther.†   (source)
  • "You were saying, signora," said Albert, who was paying the most implicit attention to the recital, "that the garrison of Yanina, fatigued with long service"— "Had treated with the Serasker [*] Koorshid, who had been sent by the sultan to gain possession of the person of my father; it was then that Ali Tepelini—after having sent to the sultan a French officer in whom he reposed great confidence—resolved to retire to the asylum which he had long before prepared for himself, and which he…†   (source)
  • If to public opinion, public opinion constitutes the majority; if to the legislature, it represents the majority, and implicitly obeys its injunctions; if to the executive power, it is appointed by the majority, and remains a passive tool in its hands; the public troops consist of the majority under arms; the jury is the majority invested with the right of hearing judicial cases; and in certain States even the judges are elected by the majority.†   (source)
  • "I believe you, my lord, as implicitly as if God had spoken to me," said the young girl, presenting her forehead to him.†   (source)
  • He was almost the only person who put implicit faith in Ippolit Kirillovitch's extraordinary talents as a psychologist and orator and in the justice of his grievance.†   (source)
  • And so, with a nervous and psychically deranged woman, a sort of convulsion of the whole organism always took place, and was bound to take place, at the moment of bowing down to the sacrament, aroused by the expectation of the miracle of healing and the implicit belief that it would come to pass; and it did come to pass, though only for a moment.†   (source)
  • His wife, Marfa Ignatyevna, had obeyed her husband's will implicitly all her life, yet she had pestered him terribly after the emancipation of the serfs.†   (source)
  • So they murmured to one another frantic words, almost meaningless, perhaps not even true, but at that moment it was all true, and they both believed what they said implicitly.†   (source)
  • Besides all this, Alyosha had till the evening before implicitly believed that Katerina Ivanovna had a steadfast and passionate love for Dmitri; but he had only believed it till the evening before.†   (source)
  • But he defended Smerdyakov's honesty almost with warmth, and related how Smerdyakov had once found the master's money in the yard, and, instead of concealing it, had taken it to his master, who had rewarded him with a "gold piece" for it, and trusted him implicitly from that time forward.†   (source)
  • He yielded implicitly, and would fetch his hat and attend them in a moment.†   (source)
  • The tension is only implicit in The Iliad, but the question of who shall be "best of Akhaians" is always in the air.†   (source)
  • When Hektor at last sets fire to the ships in Book XVI, Patroklos goes into action, and his death at Hektor's hands sets in motion the chain of events that leads to all the other deaths, implicitly including Akhilleus' and Troy's as well.†   (source)
  • Though not an implicit believer in the lurid story narrated (or the eggsniping transaction for that matter despite William Tell and the Lazarillo-Don Cesar de Bazan incident depicted in Maritana on which occasion the former's ball passed through the latter's hat) having detected a discrepancy between his name (assuming he was the person he represented himself to be and not sailing under false colours after having boxed the compass on the strict q.t. somewhere) and the fictitious…†   (source)
  • …himself of the ascendant he must necessarily have, in this delicate and important part of the administration, to prefer to offices men who are best qualified for them, or whether he prostitutes that advantage to the advancement of persons whose chief merit is their implicit devotion to his will, and to the support of a despicable and dangerous system of personal influence, are questions which, unfortunately for the community, can only be the subjects of speculation and conjecture.†   (source)
  • …entered it on Leonela's account, nor did he even remember there was such a person as Leonela; all he thought was that as Camilla had been light and yielding with him, so she had been with another; for this further penalty the erring woman's sin brings with it, that her honour is distrusted even by him to whose overtures and persuasions she has yielded; and he believes her to have surrendered more easily to others, and gives implicit credence to every suspicion that comes into his mind.†   (source)
  • Jones had not such implicit faith in his guide, but that on their arrival at a village he inquired of the first fellow he saw, whether they were in the road to Bristol.†   (source)
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