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  • Recognizing the gravity of his predicament, he had abandoned the cocky moniker he'd been using for years, Alexander Supertramp, in favor of the name given to him at birth by his parents.   (source)
    gravity = seriousness
  • The Giver looked at him gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • The room became gravely silent. Everyone knew that Little Man was in big trouble for no one, but no one, ever called Little Man "Clayton Chester" unless she or he meant serious business.   (source)
    gravely = seriously (to a very noticeable degree)
  • One policeman is said to be in grave danger from concussion, having been struck on the head by a brick.   (source)
    grave = serious
  • His expression was grave.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • "How may I prove myself to you?" His voice was grave.   (source)
  • He turned to Alby then, and looked at him gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • How do people choose their final words? Do they realize their gravity?   (source)
    gravity = importance (weightiness)
  • He disobeyed my orders and made a grave mistake that has put our entire mission at risk.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • "Probably," he said with a grave nod.   (source)
  • Then, always sooner rather than later, she would see a small, grave face and grey eyes staring up at her from beneath a mop of mouse-colored hair, and then Bod and she would play—hide-and-seek, sometimes, or climbing things, or being quiet and watching the rabbits behind the old chapel.   (source)
  • Four gives her a grave look.   (source)
  • Mrs Which's voice was grave.   (source)
  • My mother's eyes gleamed with excitement, but she still gave Dad a grave look.   (source)
  • So far, things were utterly dull: nobody had thundered, there were no arguments between opposing counsel, there was no drama; a grave disappointment to all present, it seemed.   (source)
    grave = serious
  • And everyone, he said, giving them each a grave look, should behave as if he carries the real thing.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • one of his servants was gravely ill,   (source)
    gravely = seriously
  • "Never mind about that," said Brinker with his face responsibly grave.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • From behind the desk a grave-faced girl in a business suit gave me my key and told me that the old library had been booked for the exclusive use of our party.   (source)
  • But her voice is grave.   (source)
  • "I'm afraid that won't work," Dr. Lucafont said gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • "A true witch will always float. The innocent ones just sink like a stone." He was obviously paying her back for the morning's humiliation. But she was surprised to see that John Holbrook was not at all amused. His solemn young face was even more grave than before.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • Sending other men to do his office …. some might construe that as a grave insult.   (source)
  • More grave nodding; they knew about nightmares.   (source)
  • "Deep in you, you think he know, he done grasped the significance of what it's all about? Deep in you?"
    "The significance?"
    "The gravity."   (source)
    gravity = importance (weightiness)
  • But this grave little whimpering bird is out of a sorrowing nest. ... She has been through a lot, Gitl.   (source)
    grave = sad ("with a heavy heart")
  • Danforth is a grave man in his sixties, of some humor and sophistication that do not, however, interfere with an exact loyalty to his position and his cause.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • ...and they saluted him gravely, like gladiators greeting Caesar before they died for his entertainment.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • "Hail, Piper McLean," Chiron announced gravely, as if he were speaking at her funeral.   (source)
  • He says impurity is so grave a sin the Virgin Mary turns her face away and weeps.   (source)
    grave = serious
  • "If you're gonna change your mind," Hallorann said, bending over him gravely, "you better do it quick."   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • I roused the five of you because we are all in grave danger.   (source)
    grave = serious (important)
  • But Mr. Axelroot provides a grave temptation, as he is such an abominable curiosity.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • She nodded gravely. “He was in a lot of pain, and he still kept going. I don't like thinking about it.”   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • "Son," he said, in a grave tone.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • But they greeted me with grave courtesy, murmuring what they had to offer as we shook hands.   (source)
  • The early twentieth century had trusts, but it also had "trustbusters," progressive government officials who believed that concentrated economic power posed a grave threat to American democracy.   (source)
  • "He's not a burglar," replied Mo, but as he stepped back from the window his face was so grave that Meggie's heart thudded faster than ever.   (source)
  • The news was delivered by a young policeman who wore a grave expression and carried his helmet in his hands.   (source)
  • He suffered a grave defeat, and he hardly seemed—seems—the type of man to suffer defeat gracefully.   (source)
  • "I hate them all, just by name," said Amy, a grave judge of anything trendy.   (source)
  • She felt herself the victim of a grave injustice, but her reaction was not vindictive.   (source)
  • She lived in town, a stout, grave woman with a slight Teutonic edge to her speech, over Lottie Opsvig's apparel shop on Main.   (source)
  • Doctor Quinn sat down on the edge of my bed with a grave face.   (source)
  • To deny these rights is a grave offense against God, against the dignity of man.   (source)
  • I think Harriet alive represented a grave threat to someone, that she was going to tell Henrik something, and that the murderer knew she was about to…well, spill the beans.   (source)
  • Dad nodded, once, gravely, and then nodded at the carousel, and stepped up on it, and touched a brass pole.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • It was a grave declaration, and I knew it.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • You've already escaped the gravest danger:   (source)
    gravest = most serious
  • Overcrowding was becoming a grave problem, and this despite the fact that many of the does were re-absorbing their litters before birth.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • More than once he fell asleep and woke up to find Nilda out, shopping for medicinal teas, and Milagros over him, a grave owl in her large glasses.   (source)
  • The judge nodded gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • This situation is at the least unsettling, and at the most a grave and wholly unwarranted provocation.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • Lorena looked more beautiful than ever, but it was a grave beauty since news of the death had come.   (source)
  • Ordinarily, the cleric carried himself with a grave dignity and released words with the same measured regularity with which he fingered his tasbih, or string of prayer beads.   (source)
  • As he said this he sighed and looked so grave and noble and mysterious that for a second Digory really thought he was saying something rather fine.   (source)
  • You were in gravest peril while you wore the Ring,   (source)
    gravest = most serious
  • Obasan moves her head slowly and gravely in a nod as she listens.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • To bring this suffering on another, and to condemn to death all those men and women whom that vampire must subsequently kill! I broke a grave promise.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • I may be committing a very grave error.   (source)
  • It would be a grave error for you, for anyone in this town, really, to pursue this matter.   (source)
  • Maybe he was making a grave mistake, but he didn't think he was.   (source)
  • "The thaw has been so grave that I've trembled for the consequences, for without snow my very important charge cannot get along."   (source)
  • I'll be away for a while, visiting a place where a grave error was made.   (source)
  • She turned to me with a grave smile.   (source)
  • Eugenides laughed outright, and Agape's grave expression gave way to a smile.   (source)
  • There in the toilet water he saw a grave black face.   (source)
  • I don't believe he ever was a first-rate scientist-but what a priceless valet of science! I know that he has been facing a grave problem lately.   (source)
  • I wasn't sure why this was such a bad thing, but from the look on Uncle Press's face, I had made a grave mistake.   (source)
  • Mr. Miller makes the grave error of smiling at Mrs. Nightwing in a charming way.   (source)
  • Certainly not on world peace or the search for meaning in an increasingly distracted world or anything as grave and serious as all that, but on a belief just as true.   (source)
  • It's a grave reaction.   (source)
  • Both lancers and swordsmen always had a grave expression, as if they were not entirely sure that they could stay on their horses, and their armament seemed purely ceremonial.   (source)
  • Lewis Powell, starved and famished after three days of sleeping in the woods, instantly realizes he has made a grave error.   (source)
  • This time, though, the halfling's business was so grave that it dampened even his ever-lifted spirits.   (source)
  • General Pickett is gravely concerned, sir.   (source)
    gravely = very seriously (severely)
  • We made a grave mistake and didn't pay our debts as a country as we moved forward.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate.   (source)
    gravely = seriously
  • A tentative list of the material requirements for this assignment lay on the conference table, surrounded by many grave countenances.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • "This bear did not die of a bullet," one of the Indians told him gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • The PLAYER's grave face does not change.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • His brown eyes lost some of their gravity.   (source)
    gravity = seriousness
  • And for every person who has signed, there are many who feel grave doubts about the wisdom, not to mention the rightness of this Federation plan.   (source)
    grave = serious (important)
  • Walking underneath the trees, I began seriously to wonder if I had not made a grave mistake in coming to Brooklyn.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • Beginning 10 years ago, the Soviets challenged the Western alliance with a grave new threat, hundreds of new and more deadly SS-20 nuclear missiles, capable of striking every capital in Europe.   (source)
  • "It's a grave indignity, having to sit on your hands," the Sunlight Man said.   (source)
  • She had listened gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • The straight chair against the wall looked stiff and attentive as if it were awaiting an order and Mr. Head's trousers, hanging to the back of it, had an almost noble air, like the garment some great man had just flung to his servant; but the face on the moon was a grave one.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • You are faced with a grave responsibility.   (source)
  • Antipova stopped ironing and gave him a grave, astonished look.   (source)
  • It was not really anything of a separation, yet he was surprised to find that it seemed to him a grave one, perhaps because his business was grave, or because of the solemn hour.   (source)
  • George Norris called the President's scathing indictment a grave injustice to men who conscientiously tried to do their duty as they saw it;   (source)
  • This made a grave and persistent noise in the still air, that seemed meditative like the chirping of a solitary little bird.   (source)
  • O'Brien was looking down at him gravely and rather sadly.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • General Macarthur said gravely: "None of us are going to leave the island."   (source)
    gravely = solemnly (in a very serious manner)
  • He looked at her in silence, his face unresponsive and very grave–looked at her intently.   (source)
    grave = serious
  • She watched while Mr. Graves came around from the side of the box, greeted Mr. Summers gravely, and selected a slip of paper from the box.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • Suddenly his effusive manner collapses, as she stares at him gravely.   (source)
  • A change had come over him, and he spoke gravely, and with decision.   (source)
  • Msimangu said gravely, yes, she is very sick.   (source)
  • "You're mistaken, my son," he said gravely.   (source)
  • But if the town was there like on Saturday night, Lige would come up with a very grave air.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • ...trying to make a joke, but they were all too grave for a joke and no one smiled.   (source)
    grave = serious
  • "You run a grave risk, my boy," said the magician, "of being turned into a piece of bread, and toasted."   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • How on earth could I have made so grave a mistake?   (source)
  • Cash's face is also gravely composed; he and I look at one another with long probing looks,   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • All I could get out of him was: 'This place has an evil name among seafaring men, sir.' Then he said to me, very gravely: 'Don't you feel anything?'   (source)
  • LEWIS—(smiling amiably) As for you, my balmy Boer that walks like a man, I say again it was a grave error in our foreign policy ever to set you free, once we nabbed you and your commando with Cronje.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • I have grave doubts.   (source)
    grave = serious (important)
  • The letter lay here a day or two, waiting till you were well enough, then the situation got so grave that I decided to open it in case it was useful to us.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • Mallinson half-turned away, his face lit with a grave shyness.   (source)
  • Mary listened to her with a grave, puzzled expression.   (source)
  • At last she arose, gently dispersed the sympathetic llamas, and with a grave face returned to the shrine.   (source)
  • "Then I have misjudged you, and I ask your pardon"--he bowed gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • In the middle of the room she paused, looking about her with a grave mouth and smiling eyes; and in that instant Newland Archer rejected the general verdict on her looks.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • Anne knelt at Marilla's knee and looked up gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • It was after its fashion an idyllic spot with a little band-stand out on an island near the center of the lake and on the shore a grave and captive bear in a cage.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • (She is alone, it said, and so are you.) And when she purses up her mouth and stares, so grave and thoughtful, she is like a little child.   (source)
  • But have you any grave doubts on the subject?   (source)
    grave = serious (important)
  • She gave him a grave, thoughtful look.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • "It was meant seriously," he answered gravely.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • But, since I had resolved to weigh you in the balance, to make so grave an issue depend upon your answer, I considered it more honourable to give you due warning.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • His tones were so grave that a hush fell upon the group.   (source)
  • Mother Wolf threw herself down panting among the cubs, and Father Wolf said to her gravely:  "Shere Khan speaks this much truth. The cub must be shown to the Pack."   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • I do not think that any one thoroughly sympathized with me in my ambition to go to Hampton unless it was my mother, and she was troubled with a grave fear that I was starting out on a "wild-goose chase."   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • he said gravely, "that is very serious indeed!"   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • I never will, while of myself I'm master,
    let the divinity of tears--their beauty
    Be wedded to such common ugly grossness.
    Nothing more solemn than a tear--sublimer;
    And I would not by weeping turn to laughter
    The grave emotion that a tear engenders!   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • And with the same grave countenance he hurried through his breakfast and drove to the police station, whither the body had been carried.   (source)
  • With a grave and ceremonious air, Marfa Borisovna motioned the prince to a chair at one of the card-tables.   (source)
  • Tom looks at me very grave, and says...   (source)
  • My talk was of the material aspect of his position; it had the sole aim of saving him from the degradation, ruin, and despair that out there close so swiftly upon a friendless, homeless man; I pleaded with him to accept my help; I argued reasonably: and every time I looked up at that absorbed smooth face, so grave and youthful, I had a disturbing sense of being no help but rather an obstacle to some mysterious, inexplicable, impalpable striving of his wounded spirit.   (source)
  • She shall go to her grave looking her best.   (source)
  • Thus he passed out of the preparatory school into college, and we who watched him felt four more years of change, which almost transformed the tall, grave man who bowed to us commencement morning.   (source)
  • He was the notary of the place, a tall, grave man of pompous speech.   (source)
  • But Sylvia kept an awed silence; she knew by instinct that her grandmother did not comprehend the gravity of the situation.   (source)
    gravity = seriousness
  • Phileas Fogg did not betray the least disappointment; but the situation was a grave one.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • After his departure, he had to finish the daily routine of business with his secretary, and then he still had to drive round to call on a certain great personage on a matter of grave and serious import.   (source)
  • "I don't see anything funny," she said gravely, when she could be heard.   (source)
    gravely = in a serious and solemn manner
  • All this time Roger Chillingworth was looking at the minister with the grave and intent regard of a physician towards his patient.   (source)
    grave = serious and solemn
  • "Fly, Fly, I am ashamed of you," Mary was saying in a grave contralto.   (source)
  • Alice thought the whole thing very absurd, but they all looked so grave that she did not dare to laugh;   (source)
  • At these words a grave smile of approval lighted the gaunt face of the Hindoo.   (source)
  • "That's true, Mum," said Mr. Pumblechook, with a grave nod.   (source)
  • Javert was impassive; his grave face betrayed no emotion whatever.   (source)
  • When the last echo of his sultan's step has died away, and Starbuck, the first Emir, has every reason to suppose that he is seated, then Starbuck rouses from his quietude, takes a few turns along the planks, and, after a grave peep into the binnacle, says, with some touch of pleasantness, "Dinner, Mr. Stubb," and descends the scuttle.   (source)
  • "But—but—" said he, getting up slowly, while his face assumed a grave expression.   (source)
  • If you did, it would be in such a grave, quiet manner, I should mistake it for sense.   (source)
  • With a grave severity in my manner I bade her stand up.   (source)
  • Mr. Gore was a grave man, and, though a young man, he indulged in no jokes, said no funny words, seldom smiled.   (source)
  • He told me once, with a grave smile, that no man in the world lived so methodical a life as he.   (source)
  • Nevertheless, the little one was not what you would have called either a grave child or a sad one.   (source)
  • By good conduct, a handsome person and calves, and a grave demeanour, Raggles rose from the knife-board to the footboard of the carriage; from the footboard to the butler's pantry.   (source)
  • Yet hence arises a grave mischief.   (source)
  • She put the question as literally as possible, however, and received a grave answer in the affirmative.   (source)
  • A certain speculator with a grave, whiskered face, who sold cakes at a theatre door, had some strong wooden benches made which he placed before the window of the stores, and obligingly invited the public to stand on them and look in, at the modest charge of twenty-four kopecks.   (source)
  • I am anxious to vindicate myself from such a charge; for although I might trust to your friendship for an apology in your eyes, yet I would not willingly stand conviction in those of the public of so grave a crime, as my fears lead me to anticipate my being charged with.   (source)
  • At Newport we took in a number of passengers for New York, among which were two young women, companions, and a grave, sensible, matron-like Quaker woman, with her attendants.   (source)
  • And here it must be noted that such-like deaths, which are deliberately inflicted with a resolved and desperate courage, cannot be avoided by princes, because any one who does not fear to die can inflict them; but a prince may fear them the less because they are very rare; he has only to be careful not to do any grave injury to those whom he employs or has around him in the service of the state.   (source)
  • I should be very sorry if Meletus could bring so grave a charge against me.   (source)
  • More important, we were happy to have helped out a family that was dealing with a gravely ill child.†   (source)
  • Wang nodded gravely.†   (source)
  • Sofia nodded gravely again.†   (source)
  • Martha looked at him gravely.†   (source)
  • "God—or idols," intoned the imam gravely.†   (source)
  • You'll need a lawyer to write it out," said Joseph gravely.†   (source)
  • But after several months of caring for him at home, the victim's wife apparently abandoned him and he became gravely ill.†   (source)
  • "We haven't yet come to the panic part," replied Mr. Benedict gravely.†   (source)
  • Dr. Cruz smiled and shook the little girl's hand gravely.†   (source)
  • Mr. Cartier introduced himself to each of us individually, making eye contact and smiling gravely.†   (source)
  • They are only to be used as a last defense against evil, or in the gravest of illnesses.†   (source)
  • She was quite concerned at how many Canadian authors were on our reading lists; because she'd not read them, she suspected them of the gravest parochialism.†   (source)
  • Mr. Costello nodded gravely.†   (source)
  • It was only on his fourth trip that he had found Ekwefi, and by then he had become gravely worried.†   (source)
  • It appears that I was gravely mistaken.†   (source)
  • He looked gravely at Arthur and said, "I'm a great fan of science, you know."†   (source)
  • My feelings—my shame—I have no words for," he said, more gravely, when still I did not answer.†   (source)
  • The little girl regarded him with gravely suspicious eyes.†   (source)
  • GINNY (gravely): Yes.†   (source)
  • From then, off and on, I was gravely ill.†   (source)
  • His aunt, Mrs. Gravely, had taught me history in junior high.†   (source)
  • Carlisle looked gravely at Laurent.†   (source)
  • Gravely he handed me the Mark 12 sniper rifle and said simply, "Taliban, Dr. Marcus.†   (source)
  • The park's gravest flaw, at least from Olmsted's perspective, was that its shoreline was subject to dramatic annual changes in the level of the lake, sometimes as much as four feet.†   (source)
  • They looked down gravely, frowning.†   (source)
  • Renata stopped and turned to Mae, looking gravely concerned.†   (source)
  • "You are not to go to the mine," she intoned gravely as lighting split the air and turned her face bluish-white.†   (source)
  • I nodded gravely.†   (source)
  • By the very nature of a witticism, one is given very little time to assess its various possible repercussions before one is called to give voice to it, and one gravely risks uttering all manner of unsuitable things if one has not first acquired the necessary skill and experience.†   (source)
  • Nico replied gravely, "Having money isn't part of our admissions criteria; we fund our students out of research grants."†   (source)
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  • Khalil's in a grave.   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • He sat between his mother's grave and the flower-covered mound.   (source)
  • "Making a grave," he said.   (source)
    grave = burial
  • It was easy to find his grave: It was the newest.   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • Put it in its own little grave, to dig up when he needed it.   (source)
  • But the tunnel was quiet as the grave, and the first unexpected sound they heard was a loud crunch as Ron stepped on what turned out to be a rat's skull.   (source)
  • And who will dig a grave for me?   (source)
  • It reminded me of the eternal flame they'd put on John F. Kennedy's grave that will never go out no matter what.   (source)
  • The sheriff parked the car and led me up a path toward the river, and there, on a little hill overlooking the river and the valley, was my mother's grave.   (source)
  • Unless Sam Westing is out to get somebody from his grave.   (source)
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  • Goose feet on his grave.   (source)
  • As they worked, they put the sky in place above, the trees in the ground. They invented color and air and scent and gravity.   (source)
    gravity = the force that makes things fall
  • "We can go to Jim Morrison's grave!"   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • They stood together over the grave in final tribute.   (source)
  • He looked like a ghost evoked unseasonably from the grave.   (source)
  • But gravity differs from affection: Only one is constant.   (source)
    gravity = the force of mass being attracted to mass -- like a planet to the sun
  • You can take that to the grave, and dig it up when you need it!   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • It was May who taught me the honey song: Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through.   (source)
  • Dodge took the seed and dropped it on his father's grave.   (source)
  • He felt like he was digging his own grave.   (source)
  • I know God stopped me from going to the grave.   (source)
  • Impossibly lean, his frame seemed to flop about from poor gravity.   (source)
    gravity = the force that makes things fall
  • Someone had cleared away last autumn's soggy leaves from Laura's grave.   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • From his grave Westing would stalk his enemy, and through his heirs he would wreak his revenge.   (source)
  • A year ago I caught one of them with a jam jar and a trowel, scraping up dirt from the grave.   (source)
  • With timid, unsteady hands, he began to shovel soil into the grave.   (source)
  • I guess I can go to my grave now, because I've seen it all.   (source)
    grave = time of being buried
  • He looked at the shovel and couldn't help but think that he might need it to dig a grave.   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • That's wisdom you can take to the grave, and dig up when you need it!   (source)
  • We're all grave robbers, once we open the doors locked by others.   (source)
  • Wisdom you can take to the grave, then dig it up again when you need some solace.   (source)
  • Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through.   (source)
  • She hummed their song: Place a beehive on my grave and let the honey soak through.   (source)
  • It's like someone walking on your grave.   (source)
  • Their artificial-gravity system was kaput, and so the two men blacked out.   (source)
    gravity = the force that makes things fall
  • They'd been seized by a gravity field, but of which planet?   (source)
    gravity = the force of mass being attracted to mass -- like a planet to the sun
  • He carried a shovel through the south field to the little grove of birches, their spring bark gleaming brilliant white, and there he dug a grave.   (source)
    grave = burial spot
  • Mr. Maverick said it only leads to two things, the grave or prison, and I ain't trying to see either.   (source)
  • If I die weep at my grave every day until a seedling appears in the dirt, then cry on it to make it grow until it becomes a beautiful tree whose roots surround my body.   (source)
  • Dad had stopped the car and we just idled there below Gus's grave for a minute until Van Houten opened the door and, finally silent, left.   (source)
  • Finally, he touched the grave one last time, walked back to his truck, and drove to his boat at the town wharf.   (source)
  • They buried the pup under the birches near the baby's grave—both of them unnamed, but this newest grave unmarked as well—and now, instead of rain, the sun shone down with what little consolation it could give.   (source)
  • …and I didn't want to cry in front of a bunch of people, and I didn't want to toss a handful of dirt onto his grave, and...   (source)
  • In time, a new Heart Palace would stand in place of the old, its garden featuring the grave of Sir Justice Anders as well as memorials to Queen Genevieve, King Nolan, and the numerous brave Alyssians who lost their lives during Redd's tyrannical rule.   (source)
  • And over her grave, the infamy that she must carry thither would be her only monument.   (source)
  • It was near that old and sunken grave, yet with a space between, as if the dust of the two sleepers had no right to mingle.   (source)
  • And, after many, many years, a new grave was delved, near an old and sunken one, in that burial-ground beside which King's Chapel has since been built.   (source)
  • I found them growing on a grave, which bore no tombstone, no other memorial of the dead man, save these ugly weeds, that have taken upon themselves to keep him in remembrance.   (source)
  • She now skipped irreverently from one grave to another; until coming to the broad, flat, armorial tombstone of a departed worthy—perhaps of Isaac Johnson himself—she began to dance upon it.   (source)
  • And all this time, perchance, when poor Mr. Dimmesdale was thinking of his grave, he questioned with himself whether the grass would ever grow on it, because an accursed thing must there be buried!   (source)
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