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  • Excuse me if my little compliment seems in execrable taste; fortunately my wife doesn't hear me.†   (source)
  • I am finishing the most execrable morning's work.†   (source)
  • Sir Robert Fairlamb was an excellent fellow, a teller of mess-room stories, one who in a heathen day never smoked till the port had gone seven times round; but he was an execrable governor and a worried governor.†   (source)
  • The boy's handwriting was execrable, so that William, who did all things well, got into a fever of impatience.†   (source)
  • But she was never that for very long; after a few days the shining, crafty eyes lost their brightness and their duplicity, that picture of an execrable Odette saying to Forcheville: "Look at him storming!" began to grow pale and to dissolve.†   (source)
  • They are not doing well; the only people who come are a few trollops and one or two waiters out of a job; they are giving up business, and the food is execrable.†   (source)
  • Philip had found nothing wrong with the food at all, and in fact had eaten it in large quantities with appetite and enjoyment, but he did not want to show himself a person of so little discrimination as to think a dinner good which another thought execrable.†   (source)
  • Philip's knowledge of the language was small, but he knew enough to tell that Cronshaw, although he had lived in Paris for several years, spoke French execrably.†   (source)
  • I play upon that execrable scoundrel with a fire-engine until the breath is nearly driven out of his body.†   (source)
  • But when at last, he caught her; when, in spite of all her silken rustlings, and her rapid flutterings past him, he got her into a corner whence there was no escape; then his conduct was the most execrable.†   (source)
  • I hold it to be an impious and an execrable maxim that, politically speaking, a people has a right to do whatsoever it pleases, and yet I have asserted that all authority originates in the will of the majority.†   (source)
  • Your Minister may perhaps be good as a Minister, but as a general he is not merely bad but execrable, yet to him is entrusted the fate of our whole country....I am really frantic with vexation; forgive my writing boldly.†   (source)
  • But the cooking deteriorated, and became execrable; the wine, which had always been bad, became fearfully bad.†   (source)
  • Oh, no; it is execrable!†   (source)
  • The Grève had then that sinister aspect which it preserves to-day from the execrable ideas which it awakens, and from the sombre town hall of Dominique Bocador, which has replaced the Pillared House.†   (source)
  • Peste, I will do nothing of the kind; the moment they come from government you would find them execrable.†   (source)
  • But I only observe that all the countries which formerly adopted that execrable principle are not equally able to abandon it at the present time.†   (source)
  • When execrable Troy in ashes lay, Thro' fires and swords and seas they forc'd their way.†   (source)
  • What words can paint those execrable times, The subjects' suff'rings, and the tyrant's crimes!†   (source)
  • O execrable son!†   (source)
  • All vote to leave that execrable shore, Polluted with the blood of Polydore; But, ere we sail, his fun'ral rites prepare, Then, to his ghost, a tomb and altars rear.†   (source)
  • That upon a quarrel among us, I was set on shore on this coast, where I walked forward, without knowing whither, till he delivered me from the persecution of those execrable Yahoos.†   (source)
  • He thanked Jones for offering to undertake the office, and said, "Go, go, prithee, try what canst do;" and then swore many execrable oaths that he would turn her out of doors unless she consented to the match.†   (source)
  • feebleness of its structure, will moulder into pieces, in spite of our ill-judged efforts to prop it; or, by successive augmentations of its force an energy, as necessity might prompt, we shall finally accumulate, in a single body, all the most important prerogatives of sovereignty, and thus entail upon our posterity one of the most execrable forms of government that human infatuation ever contrived.†   (source)
  • Th' undaunted Fiend what this might be admired—
    Admired, not feared (God and his Son except,
    Created thing naught valued he nor shunned),
    And with disdainful look thus first began:—
    "Whence and what art thou, execrable Shape,
    That dar'st, though grim and terrible, advance
    Thy miscreated front athwart my way
    To yonder gates?†   (source)
  • Whether the execrable scheme which he now attempted to execute was the effect of previous deliberation, or whether it now first came into his head, I cannot determine.†   (source)
  • Ships are sent with the first opportunity; the natives driven out or destroyed; their princes tortured to discover their gold; a free license given to all acts of inhumanity and lust, the earth reeking with the blood of its inhabitants: and this execrable crew of butchers, employed in so pious an expedition, is a modern colony, sent to convert and civilize an idolatrous and barbarous people!†   (source)
  • Jones having, by reason of his deviation, travelled eleven miles instead of six, and most of those through very execrable roads, where no expedition could have been made in quest of a midwife, did not arrive at Coventry till near twelve.†   (source)
  • With fury she possess'd the Dardan dames, To burn their fleet with execrable flames, And forc'd Aeneas, when his ships were lost, To leave his foll'wers on a foreign coast.†   (source)
  • One method, indeed, there is of killing, and that the basest and most execrable of all, which bears an exact analogy to the vice here disclaimed against, and that is poison: a means of revenge so base, and yet so horrible, that it was once wisely distinguished by our laws from all other murders, in the peculiar severity of the punishment.†   (source)
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