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Sample Sentences Using
contrast -- as in: contrast their writing styles
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as in: contrast their writing styles Define
point to differences between; or compare to show differences
  • Contrast winter in Panama with winter in Alaska.
  • Contrast typical underlying beliefs of pro-life and pro-choice supporters.
  • The author uses the characters to contrast the pressures felt by someone who spends everything earned and someone who saves money each month.
  • But, it was only the pleasanter to turn to Biddy and to Joe, whose great forbearance shone more brightly than before, if that could be, contrasted with this brazen pretender.
    Charles Dickens  --  Great Expectations

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  • ...he had thought that up to make me understand he wasn’t afraid of Radleys in any shape or form, to contrast his own fearless heroism with my cowardice.
    Harper Lee  --  To Kill a Mockingbird
  • He was received by Mrs. Bennet with a degree of civility which made her two daughters ashamed, especially when contrasted with the cold and ceremonious politeness of her curtsey and address to his friend.
    Jane Austen  --  Pride and Prejudice
  • Forms of Political Government Compared and Contrasted
    Mark Twain  --  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • And Maximilian was patient, and employed himself in mentally contrasting the two girls,—one fair, with soft languishing eyes, a figure gracefully bending like a weeping willow; the other a brunette, with a fierce and haughty expression, and as straight as a poplar.
    Alexandre Dumas  --  The Count of Monte Cristo
  • At school, she once nearly got them in trouble, when her history teacher assigned the class to write a paper contrasting the views of Demosthenes and Locke as expressed in two of their early columns.
    Orson Scott Card  --  Ender’s Game
  • Our business is not to contrast the two, but to reconcile them.
    E.M. Forster  --  Howards End

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  • All these horrors afflicted Jurgis all the more cruelly, because he was always contrasting them with the opportunities he had lost.
    Upton Sinclair  --  The Jungle
  • Contrasted with his neck and jowls, the rest of his body was unnaturally thin.
    Christopher Paolini  --  Eragon
  • Two were dark, and had high aquiline noses, like the Count, and great dark, piercing eyes, that seemed to be almost red when contrasted with the pale yellow moon.
    Bram Stoker  --  Dracula
  • "Neither sleet nor rain nor a half inch of snow will compel me to dress like a lumberjack."
    "Hey, my relatives were lumberjacks," Mom warns. "No making fun of the white-trash woodsmen."
    "Wouldn’t dream of it," Dad replies. "Just making stylistic contrasts."
    Gayle Forman  --  If I Stay
  • I am no longer comparing the Anglo-American States to foreign nations; but I am contrasting them with each other, and endeavoring to discover why they are so unlike.
    Alexis de Toqueville  --  Democracy In America, Volume 1
  • Had there been a Papist among the crowd of Puritans, he might have seen in this beautiful woman, so picturesque in her attire and mien, and with the infant at her bosom, an object to remind him of the image of Divine Maternity, which so many illustrious painters have vied with one another to represent; something which should remind him, indeed, but only by contrast, of that sacred image of sinless motherhood, whose infant was to redeem the world.
    Nathaniel Hawthorne  --  The Scarlet Letter
  • The colonel was more than a head taller than the chaplain and over twice as broad, and his swollen, overbearing authority made the chaplain feel frail and sickly by contrast.
    Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
  • In contrast to the warm colors of the rosewood box, the inlaid rose had been crafted of a pale wood, probably ash, which shone clearly in the dim light.
    Dan Brown  --  The Da Vinci Code
  • Outside the day was bright—by contrast with the brown shadows of the dismal house in which I found myself, dazzlingly bright.
    H.G. Wells  --  The Invisible Man
  • In fact, by the age of twenty, the elite performers had each totaled ten thousand hours of practice. By contrast, the merely good students had totaled eight thousand hours, and the future music teachers had totaled just over four thousand hours.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  Outliers
  • Kirsten was our resident drama queen. Her emotions were always at full throttle, as was her mouth; she never stopped talking, even if she was well aware you weren’t listening to her. In contrast, Whitney was the silent type, which meant the few words she uttered always carried that much more meaning.
    Sarah Dessen  --  Just Listen
  • John, in contrast, was offering her something different, the opportunity to establish a new family that no one could take away from her.
    Laura Esquivel  --  Like Water for Chocolate
  • Now that I’m an adult, you’ll never catch me with less than $200 in my wallet. I want to be prepared in case I need it. Sure, I could lose my wallet or it could be stolen. But for a guy making a reasonable living, $200 is an amount worth risking. By contrast, not having cash on hand when you need it is potentially a much bigger problem.
    Randy Pausch  --  The Last Lecture
  • More unsettling than the darkness, however, was the fact that in contrast to the heat outside ..., it was as cold as ice in Pilate’s house.
    Toni Morrison  --  Song of Solomon
  • Frau Holtzapfel appeared to be waiting for me in the kitchen. ... By contrast, Frau Diller was fast asleep.
    Markus Zusak  --  The Book Thief
  • "It wasn’t a big deal," I say, wondering what the rumor is in contrast to what really happened.
    Simone Elkeles  --  Perfect Chemistry
  • I expect the stream to stop, but more come from the next landing, a steady flow of blue-clad people in dim blue light, the whites of their eyes bright as lamps by contrast to everything else.
    Veronica Roth  --  Insurgent
  • His jeans were stiff with dirt, and they were too short besides. By contrast, his T-shirt hung almost to his knees.
    Khaled Hosseini  --  And The Mountains Echoed
  • The battle was so high that only the giant, shining bombers were consistently visible; the fighters, tiny in contrast, flickered in and out of view as the sunlight caught them.
    Laura Hillenbrand  --  Unbroken
  • Even his hair seemed darker, in stark contrast to the white of his skin.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Ashes
  • She wore a neat black suit, very plain, in contrast to the multiple brightly colored rings that burned on her fingers.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Ashes
  • In contrast to his reaction to news of the C.I.D. man, he learned with calm courage from Yossarian that Colonel Cathcart had raised the number of missions to fifty-five.
    Joseph Heller  --  Catch-22
  • At forty-four, Linda seemed, by contrast, a monster of flaccid and distorted senility.
    Aldous Huxley  --  Brave New World
  • "You live just below — do you mean at that house with the battlements?" pointing to Thornfield Hall, on which the moon cast a hoary gleam, bringing it out distinct and pale from the woods that, by contrast with the western sky, now seemed one mass of shadow.
    Charlotte Bronte  --  Jane Eyre
  • The Vincys’ house, with all its faults, was the pleasanter by contrast; besides, it nourished Rosamond—sweet to look at as a half-opened blush-rose, and adorned with accomplishments for the refined amusement of man.
    George Eliot  --  Middlemarch
  • It seemed to me that his off-hand professions of childishness and carelessness were a great relief to my guardian, by contrast with such things, and were the more readily believed in since to find one perfectly undesigning and candid man among many opposites could not fail to give him pleasure.
    Charles Dickens  --  Bleak House
  • All was silent within, and he would have passed on in the belief that the party had broken up, had not a dim light, yellow as saffron by contrast with the greenish whiteness outside, streamed through a knot-hole in the folding doors.
    Thomas Hardy  --  Far from the Madding Crowd
  • And very white he looked, in contrast with the roses.
    Charles Dickens  --  Hard Times
  • "That was the voice of an animal", said the chief clerk, with a calmness that was in contrast with his mother’s screams.
    Franz Kafka  --  Metamorphosis
  • ’Why, you have a sleek and slinking way with you that makes me seem so by contrast,’ returned Ralph.
    Charles Dickens  --  Nicholas Nickleby
  • That gleam of merriment soon died away from Maggie’s face, and perhaps only made the returning gloom deeper by contrast.
    George Eliot  --  The Mill on the Floss
  • Even on Sunday, when it veiled its more florid charms and lay comparatively empty of passage, the street shone out in contrast to its dingy neighbourhood, like a fire in a forest; and with its freshly painted shutters, well-polished brasses, and general cleanliness and gaiety of note, instantly caught and pleased the eye of the passenger.
    Robert Louis Stevenson  --  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • By contrast with the brilliancy outside, it seemed at first impenetrably dark to me.
    H.G. Wells  --  The Time Machine
  • Silver himself appeared less terrible in contrast with this creature of the woods, and I turned on my heel, and looking sharply behind me over my shoulder, began to retrace my steps in the direction of the boats.
    Robert Louis Stevenson  --  Treasure Island
  • She had put on the low-necked and tightly-laced dinner-dress which the Mingott ceremonial exacted on the most informal occasions, and had built her fair hair into its usual accumulated coils; and her face, in contrast, was wan and almost faded.
    Edith Wharton  --  The Age of Innocence
  • He still seemed pale, in contrast to his black smooth hair, but he was a respectable runner, a fair basketball center, and a savage hockey-player.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Arrowsmith
  • In contrast to the complacent Myra he saw her as swift and air-borne and radiant, a fire-spirit tenderly stooping to the hearth, and however pitifully he brooded on his wife, he longed to be with Tanis.
    Sinclair Lewis  --  Babbitt
  • Yes, such natures—oh, let me speak in defense of such natures, so often and so cruelly misunderstood—these natures often thirst for tenderness, goodness, and justice, as it were, in contrast to themselves, their unruliness, their ferocity—they thirst for it unconsciously.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  The Brothers Karamazov
  • When others spoke they seemed harsh and uncouth by contrast; and if they gainsaid the voice, anger was kindled in the hearts of those under the spell.
    J.R.R. Tolkien  --  The Two Towers
  • In contrast to the Three Broomsticks, the pub appeared to be completely empty.
    J.K. Rowling  --  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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as in: contrast their writing styles Define
point to differences between; or compare to show differences
as in: there is a contrast Define
a difference -- especially a notable difference; or the side-x-side arrangement of things that draws attention to an unmissable difference
as in: it is a contrast Define
something noticeably different (compared to something else or to other things)
as in: sharpen the picture contrast Define
the difference between tones of an image -- as in a photo or video -- such as the quality of brightness or the intensity of shades or colors
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