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acute -- as in: acute pain
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as in: acute pain Define
sharp (a severely negative event) -- often with a rapid onset
  • She felt an acute pain in her neck.
  • She had acute appendicitis.
  • I felt acute annoyance.
  • We’re facing an acute lack of research funds.

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  • Many Americans in Thomas Jefferson’s time felt acutely the paradox of fighting for liberty while holding other people in slavery.
    James M. McPherson  --  What They Fought For - 1861-1865
  • Zu brought her hands up to her head and began to scrub at it, making a face of acute discomfort.
    Alexandra Bracken  --  The Darkest Minds
  • At this stage my embarrassment was acute.
    V.S. Naipaul  --  A Bend in the River
  • Whatever the cause, her sudden insouciance gave me acute distress.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • The doctor called by Helena Lewicka diagnosed acute inflammation of the gall bladder and recommended a strict diet.
    Wladyslaw Szpilman  --  The Pianist
  • PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Acute appendicitis
    Todd Burpo  --  Heaven Is for Real

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  • I might have gone to Great-Aunt Glo’s funeral after she died of acute pancreatitis.
    Gayle Forman  --  If I Stay
  • The conflicts Murillo sees are most acute when the child was the last to be brought north because the mother couldn’t afford to bring everyone at once.
    Sonia Nazario  --  Enrique’s Journey
  • John’s diagnosis was an acute congestion of the stomach.
    Laura Esquivel  --  Like Water for Chocolate
  • once I had been taken for her daughter, an acute embarrassment for us both.
    Daphne du Maurier  --  Rebecca
  • He had had a short illness, there had been a brief time of acute suffering, then all was over.
    Helen Keller  --  Story of My Life
  • Ruth had to be driven to the symposium because that morning, when the bus was leaving, she was still at home with an acute attack of gastritis.
    Alice Sebold  --  The Lovely Bones
  • —she had to admit that the situation made her feel acutely vulnerable.
    Nicholas Sparks  --  The Lucky One
  • It was at this minute that the position of Countess Andrenyi became acute, and her husband immediately took steps to alter the passport.
    Agatha Christie  --  Murder On The Orient Express
  • She clears her throat and turns away again, acutely shy.
    Tennessee Williams  --  The Glass Menagerie
  • The writer spoke of acute bodily illness...
    Edgar Allan Poe  --  The Fall of the House of Usher
  • Lee, watching, felt a sudden acute depression.
    Michael Shaara  --  The Killer Angels
  • The sensation developed into pain that grew acute.
    Jack London  --  To Build a Fire
  • Yes . . . we’ve all got acute ghetto-itis.
    Lorraine Hansberry  --  A Raisin in the Sun
  • It used to be an acute infection, something that most people could get treated fairly quickly before they had a chance to infect many others.
    Malcolm Gladwell  --  The Tipping Point
  • Simon looked acutely embarrassed.
    Cassandra Clare  --  City of Glass
  • ...was twice hospitalized for acute asthma.
    Leslie Marmon Silko  --  Ceremony
  • ...operating-room facilities for acute emergencies.
    Michael Crichton  --  The Andromeda Strain
  • The resident could put us on that stuff too, in an "acute" situation.
    Susanna Kaysen  --  Girl Interrupted
  • I missed my father, more acutely than I ever had before.
    Kenneth Oppel  --  Airborn
  • Acute embarrassment.
    Edward Albee  --  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • I felt the pain most acutely in my eyes.
    Alice Sebold  --  Lucky
  • showed itself in acute depression.
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky  --  Notes from the Underground
  • A week later one of the boys of the village was very ill in the night with what Mark was sure was acute appendicitis.
    Margaret Craven  --  I Heard the Owl Call My Name
  • The pain again grew more acute, but he did not stir and did not call.
    Leo Tolstoy  --  The Death of Ivan Ilych
  • Soon, someone somewhere decided to give it a proper name: Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration—IAAN for short.
    Alexandra Bracken  --  The Darkest Minds
  • Over him breaks a wave of homesickness so acute that he has to clamp his eyes.
    Anthony Doerr  --  All the Light We Cannot See
  • The distress is so acute, it is almost unbearable.
    Anthony Doerr  --  All the Light We Cannot See
  • ACCORDING TO CHUBS, JACK FIELDS WAS THE SECOND son in a family of five kids, and the only one to survive Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration.
    Alexandra Bracken  --  The Darkest Minds
  • From "Merck" I can assume I am suffering from a case of "severe acute glossitis," an inflamed condition of the tongue’s surface which is of traumatic origin but doubtless aggravated by bacteria, viruses and all sorts of toxicity resulting from five or six hours of salivary exchange unprecedented in the history of my mouth and I daresay anyone’s.
    William Styron  --  Sophie’s Choice
  • Her thirst becomes so acute, she considers biting into her own arm to drink the liquid that courses there.
    Anthony Doerr  --  All the Light We Cannot See
  • the acute phase of the illness
  • I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.
    Agatha Christie
  • Kitty admired her more than ever, and more and more acute was her suffering.
    Tolstoy, Leo  --  Anna Karenina
  • acute patients
  • Their bitterness became even more acute after the Twenty-Negro Law in October, 1862, exempted from the draft one white man on every plantation of twenty or more slaves.
    James M. McPherson  --  What They Fought For - 1861-1865
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as in: acute pain Define
sharp (a severely negative event) -- often with a rapid onset
as in: acute vision Define
sharp (highly perceptive in some area or mentally sharp) (often with a connotation that resulting awareness is painful)
as in: an acute angle Define
sharp; or an angle measuring between 0 and 90 degrees
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