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used in I Am a Seal Team Six Warrior

103 uses
  • Delta told me they'd like to have me move to them.
    p. 156.9
  • It's the navy's equivalent to the army's Delta Force.
    p. 3.2
  • This particular day, I was charged with making sure none of my Delta Force buddies sprang a leak as I covered their insertion into the garage.
    p. 4.7
  • Delta Force operators fast-roped into the roofless garage, dropping lines from the helicopter and sliding right to the ground.
    p. 5.1
  • Little Birds flew overhead with Delta snipers to protect the assault force.
    p. 5.2
  • Another Aidid militiaman carrying an AK-47 came out a fire escape door on the side of a building 300 yards away from me and aimed his rifle at the Delta operators assaulting the garage.
    p. 5.9
  • They told me about skydiving, scuba diving, shooting, and blowing things up—and catching shrimp in the Delta.
    p. 20.3
  • In my encounters with the army, navy, air force, and marines, I've only seen Delta Force brief as well as we do.
    p. 37.3
  • Rudy soon served as the first senior enlisted adviser of the newly formed United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), commanding navy, army, air force, and marine special operations units, including those in JSOC such as SEAL Team Six and Delta.
    p. 39.9
  • He clearly favored American conventional forces over American unconventional units like the SEALs or Delta.
    p. 45.1
  • —Colonel Charlie A. Beckwith, U.S. ARMY DELTA FORCE FOUNDER
    p. 63.9
  • Working with foreign units like the Australian SAS was often easier than working with U.S. counterparts like Delta Force.
    p. 79.1
  • SEALs said they could do things Delta couldn't.
    p. 81.2
  • Delta said it could do things SEALs couldn't.
    p. 81.2
  • Later, he worked in the U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity and in Delta.
    p. 81.4
  • Both SEALs and Delta wanted to be chosen for every mission, so we all had been promising Garrison we could do anything.
    p. 83.6
  • All of JSOC's snipers, both SEAL and Delta operators, saw the light.
    p. 83.9
  • Why should SEAL Team Six take down an aircraft on a runway when Delta does it better?
    p. 83.9
  • Why should Delta take down a ship when SEAL Team Six does it better?
    p. 84.0
  • The most glaring example of this problem arose when Delta had one of several mishaps with explosives, blowing off a Delta operator's fingers.
    p. 84.3
  • The most glaring example of this problem arose when Delta had one of several mishaps with explosives, blowing off a Delta operator's fingers.
    p. 84.5
  • The task force would include four of us from SEAL Team Six, Delta Force, Rangers, Task Force 160, and others.
    p. 86.4
  • Instructors from the Defense Language Institute taught us important phrases in Somali: stop, get down, walk backward toward my voice, hurry, etc. A Delta officer phoned us.
    p. 87.2
  • We suspected that Delta had tried to disqualify us from the op. General Garrison gave the op to us anyway.
    p. 87.8
  • Some Delta boys were on board the chopper ready to take off on a training flight.
    p. 89.4
  • The Task Force 160 helicopter pilots, among the best in the world, told Delta, "Hey, sorry, we got a real-world op. You know, you need to let these guys on."
    p. 89.5
  • The Delta boys were not happy.
    p. 89.5
  • The Delta operators became smaller and smaller as we gained altitude.
    p. 89.6
  • Based on a tip that Aidid's people hung out there, at 0300, Delta Force fast-roped onto a house.
    p. 96.2
  • Delta had launched on a dry hole.
    p. 96.3
  • While there, we also held a meeting with Delta, telling them about the mortar attack details and suspected firing points.
    p. 101.4
  • Later, an asset told us that two mines had been placed on a road and were to be detonated on American vehicles—the same road I'd traveled the day before to meet with Delta at the army compound.
    p. 102.3
  • Delta launched on the dry hole at the nearby house, but they couldn't launch when we really had Aidid.
    p. 106.1
  • Delta had intelligence that Aidid was in the old Russian compound.
    p. 106.8
  • So Delta went after him and took seventeen prisoners— but no Aidid.
    p. 106.8
  • Delta had given Aidid's people another exhibition of how they operate: fly in, fast-rope down, and use a Humvee blocking force of Rangers to protect the operators as they take down the house.
    p. 106.9
  • An asset seemed confident he could get close to Aidid, so we put Delta on alert.
    p. 107.1
  • Delta flew over Mogadishu as a show of force with the entire package: ten to twelve Little Birds and twenty to thirty Black Hawks.
    p. 107.4
  • Delta snipers rode in the light Little Bird helicopters, which could carry guns, rockets, and missiles.
    p. 107.5
  • In the medium-sized Black Hawk helicopters, also armed with guns, rockets, and missiles, the Delta entry teams and Rangers had fast ropes ready in the doorway to make an assault at any moment.
    p. 107.6
  • We lived with Delta Force, the Combat Control Team (CCT), and pararescuemen (PJs).
    p. 111.1
  • Both Delta and SEAL Team Six had begun augmenting their forces with CCTs and PJs.
    p. 111.5
  • Although the air force CCTs and PJs were not as specialized in skills like door-kicking, they were experts in their fields—to a higher level than SEAL or Delta operators.
    p. 111.9
  • Integrating them into SEAL Team Six and Delta was one of the best moves JSOC ever made.
    p. 111.9
  • Under General Garrison's orders, Casanova and I rode with Steve (a Delta sniper working a lot with military intelligence), Commander Assad, and Assad's Pakistani troops.
    p. 112.4
  • Delta hit a building to find out they had captured General Ahmed Jilao instead, even though Jilao was much taller, heavier, and lighterskinned than Aidid—and was a close ally of the United Nations.
    p. 113.5
  • We told a Delta captain, "We'd like to do night sniper flights with the QRF: eyes over Mogadishu."
    p. 113.9
  • Delta launched on the radio station to capture Aidid but hit another dry hole.
    p. 114.9
  • A CIA asset had to go inside the garage and verify that the person was indeed Atto before we launched the full package—at least a hundred men, including a Humvee blocking force, Little Birds with Delta snipers, and Black Hawks with Rangers and Delta operators.
    p. 115.6
  • A CIA asset had to go inside the garage and verify that the person was indeed Atto before we launched the full package—at least a hundred men, including a Humvee blocking force, Little Birds with Delta snipers, and Black Hawks with Rangers and Delta operators.
    p. 115.6
  • Soon Delta Force operators fast-roped down inside the garage, Rangers fastroped around the garage, and Little Birds flew around with snipers giving the assault force protection.
    p. 116.4
  • Another militiaman carrying an AK-47 came out a fire escape and at the Delta operators assaulting.
    p. 117.0
  • Hovering overhead in the Little Birds, Delta snipers saw me make the shot.
    p. 117.8
  • Delta took fifteen prisoners, but the Rangers in the Humvees hadn't arrived in time to secure the area by cordoning off vehicle and foot traffic.
    p. 117.9
  • Half a dozen Delta snipers met us at the front door, high-fiving me.
    p. 118.8
  • One of them looked at the other Delta snipers.
    p. 118.9
  • It also improved our relations with Delta.
    p. 119.0
  • Condor wanted a SEAL to go along with him and some Delta operators.
    p. 119.7
  • Condor radioed Delta.
    p. 121.1
  • Delta launched.
    p. 121.1
  • Other Delta guys formed a perimeter around the building.
    p. 121.3
  • A few probed Delta's perimeter.
    p. 121.4
  • Delta snipers in one helo and the guns on another helo fired at the enemy, taking ten to twenty of them down, and pushing back the mob.
    p. 121.4
  • Inside, Delta took Atto to the top of the building, where a helo landed and picked them up.
    p. 121.5
  • Later, back at the compound, Delta asked us, "We're not sure if it's Atto or not.
    p. 121.6
  • Delta whisked him away to a prison on an island off the coast of Somalia.
    p. 122.6
  • He wisely recommended that we mingle more with Delta operators, particularly the assaulters from Charlie Squadron.
    p. 123.4
  • In some ways SEALs were quite similar to Delta.
    p. 123.5
  • The busy tempo of ops, often done separately, added to the difficulty of getting together with Delta.
    p. 123.7
  • Plus, in the highly competitive environment of special operations units, especially at the tier-one level, some Delta operators seemed jealous of us.
    p. 123.8
  • We were tightest with the Delta snipers because we had the most in common with them, and we hung out with the Air Force CCTs and PJs that we knew from before.
    p. 123.8
  • I can only guess that the conventional army leaders of the QRF couldn't get along with the unconventional leaders of Delta.
    p. 124.0
  • Military politics bounced this back and forth—some nights we were allowed to participate and some nights we weren't—probably because someone above didn't like sharing his piece of pie with Delta and the SEALs.
    p. 124.2
  • The QRF had difficulties working with Delta.
    p. 125.9
  • Delta had difficulties working with the CIA.
    p. 125.9
  • Later that day, although I didn't want to, we got together with Delta on the runway for a group picture.
    p. 126.2
  • It's the only picture I have of my buddy Dan Busch, a sniper in Delta Force's Charlie Squadron, standing next to me.
    p. 126.4
  • To the rear of them we had two benches running parallel to the vehicle where two army guys sat—I think they were Rangers, but they could've been Delta operators.
    p. 131.6
  • Delta will rope in and assault the building.
    p. 131.8
  • Delta's C Squadron would fast-rope from two more to assault the building.
    p. 132.1
  • Two carried Delta assaulters and their ground command.
    p. 132.2
  • In a sandstorm kicked up by the lidos, Delta operators roped down to the target building.
    p. 133.6
  • Delta stacked up near the door, lining up behind each other in preparation to enter and snatch their target.
    p. 133.6
  • I told a Delta sniper, "We're going to have to move on them."
    p. 133.9
  • As we settled into our new position, the enemy had already begun firing into the target building where Delta assaulted.
    p. 134.1
  • From the fifth floor of the hotel, two enemy snipers fired into the target house, where the Delta assaulters were.
    p. 134.4
  • I looked over at the Delta operator.
    p. 134.5
  • The two men on the fifth floor continued to pop out, spray at Delta's assault force, then pop back inside.
    p. 134.6
  • The Delta operator and I moved forward again.
    p. 134.7
  • Delta loaded two dozen flexicuffed prisoners into two of the remaining 5-ton trucks.
    p. 136.1
  • Although Delta missed snatching Qeybdid, they'd captured a lieutenant of similar rank, Mohamed Assan Awale.
    p. 136.2
  • A Delta operator came over.
    p. 140.3
  • The next day, a Delta guy from across the hall who had an injured shoulder came and visited me.
    p. 149.1
  • He wheeled me over to see another patient, Brad, one of the Delta snipers.
    p. 149.3
  • Shortly afterwards, I heard Delta would be having a memorial service for the men who died in the battle.
    p. 149.9
  • They wheeled me past a wall where the names of the fallen Delta Force guys were written.
    p. 150.3
  • Dan was only twenty-five years old—incredibly young to be a Delta sniper—from Portage, Wisconsin.
    p. 150.6
  • After the memorial, when Scotty, Tim, and I were hanging out, a Delta guy asked who I was.
    p. 151.0
  • The Delta operator went to the other Delta guys and said, "Hey, Wasdin is here!"
    p. 151.1
  • The Delta operator went to the other Delta guys and said, "Hey, Wasdin is here!"
    p. 151.1
  • They swarmed me, took me to Delta's Charlie Squadron ready room, and gave me beers in both hands.
    p. 151.2
  • Afterward Delta had a party, but I had a fever and didn't have enough power in my engine to join them.
    p. 151.3
  • This partly explains why I didn't feel up to attending the party with Delta after the memorial.
    p. 151.9

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