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used in Throne of Glass

43 uses
  • The following day, Celaena approached the glass throne, casting a wary glance about the council chamber.
    p. 401.0
  • The Crown Prince's dogs, who had dutifully trotted alongside their master, approached the assassin with wagging tails and lay at her feet.
    p. 28.6
  • The sounds of their approaching party filled the air.
    p. 35.1
  • Chaol pulled her to his side, keeping a firm grip on her cloak as the Crown Prince approached.
    p. 42.2
  • Philippa approached, ignoring Celaena's glower as she adjusted the folds of the assassin's gown, fluffing them in the right places.
    p. 46.4
  • Celaena approached the rail again and peered over.
    p. 59.8
  • She approached the rack.
    p. 80.4
  • The light of the open field grew brighter and brighter as it approached.
    p. 90.8
  • From the approaching crashing noises, she knew another Champion was on his way out.
    p. 91.6
  • But— Princess Nehemia approached, clapping.
    p. 130.7
  • Dorian approached, and smiled at the princess as he bowed.
    p. 131.0
  • He ran a hand through his black hair and approached the princess, who waited for them with a hand on her hip.
    p. 132.7
  • Chaol practically shoved her from him as he approached the pair.
    p. 135.3
  • Carefully, as if approaching a sleeping person, Celaena walked to the large instrument.
    p. 143.3
  • Celaena hardly had the sense to lean her head away from the approaching stones, and the impact burst through her side and shoulder.
    p. 154.9
  • They were approaching the clock tower—black and menacing, as always.
    p. 168.9
  • Her skin tingled, and she lit a candle before approaching the wall.
    p. 172.4
  • She approached the head again.
    p. 184.4
  • Someone approached from the opposite direction.
    p. 195.6
  • With a sigh, he moved to blow them out before approaching her bed.
    p. 215.4
  • "I was in the garden with Nehemia—with my guards, don't worry—and he approached us.
    p. 223.5
  • The crowd continued talking as the captain approached the body, then turned to one of the guards watching him.
    p. 225.0
  • I hoped you'd still be awake," the Crown Prince said, and Celaena jumped from her seat to find Dorian approaching.
    p. 227.5
  • When he had approached the duke about Verin's death, he hadn't seemed bothered.
    p. 233.2
  • The door to her bedroom opened, and someone approached.
    p. 254.7
  • She laughed weakly and took the tea from the servant as she approached.
    p. 258.0
  • Celaena cocked her head as she approached the table.
    p. 269.0
  • Deanna, Goddess of the Hunt and Maidens, approached.
    p. 283.1
  • When she was assured that not even a jump through the air could snap the heel, she approached the top of the stairs.
    p. 287.5
  • And besides, I had to work up the nerve to approach you.
    p. 294.7
  • Dorian approached her slowly, halting only a hand's breath away.
    p. 299.7
  • She smiled weakly as he approached.
    p. 302.8
  • She hadn't seen Nehemia since the ball last night, hadn't dared to approach her, or tell Chaol what she'd learned.
    p. 308.6
  • Water dripped somewhere, and Celaena looked longingly at the middle archway as she approached the crossroads.
    p. 310.9
  • A landing approached below, opening into a room to her left.
    p. 311.6
  • Someone approached from the other end, a smear of black against the gold and orange light.
    p. 333.3
  • The sound of the approaching demon filled the air as she struggled to rise.
    p. 337.5
  • Tucking them into her fur-lined pockets, she approached Chaol, who was standing near the edge of the giant chalk circle that had been drawn on the flagstones.
    p. 343.7
  • Cain, panting and grinning, approached.
    p. 356.9
  • Kaltain approached the duke and hissed in his ear.
    p. 371.5
  • The princess only smiled slightly at her as she closed the bedroom door and approached.
    p. 377.4
  • "Yes, you are," Dorian replied, approaching her again.
    p. 394.6
  • He approached, stopping at the edge of the table.
    p. 397.4

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