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used in Sycamore Row

61 uses
  • When he asks, "Do you agree?" he's already assuming that you agree enthusiastically.
    p. 632.1
  • But Jake, and especially Carla, knew who would assume the responsibility of housebreaking and cleaning up after a puppy.
    p. 10.8
  • Jake waited, then said, "I guess it's safe to assume something bad happened to Seth Hubbard because you put him in the past tense."
    p. 16.1
  • If Mr. Hubbard died with no will, and left behind a couple of ex-wives, maybe some adult children, maybe some grandchildren, who knows, then they'd probably spend the next five years fighting over his property, assuming of course he does have assets."
    p. 18.7
  • He had always assumed he would not be bothered by his father's death, though he had male friends who had warned him otherwise.
    p. 41.5
  • Say, Jake, is it safe to assume Hubbard renounced a previous will?
    p. 60.1
  • Since they prepared the will, they naturally assumed they would probate it.
    p. 72.1
  • Freed from the legal profession, he went into the timber business and it's safe to assume that's where he met Seth Hubbard.
    p. 90.3
  • Jake was saying, "Is it safe to assume you're his most trusted lieutenant?"
    p. 94.4
  • I know those guys and it's safe to assume that will is much thicker, much smarter, and put together in such a way as to take advantage of proper estate tax planning, gift exclusions, generation-skipping transfers, the whole nine yards, okay, whatever is available to protect the estate and legally avoid as much in taxes as possible.
    p. 100.4
  • I assume you have plenty of copies of the old one, the one your firm prepared last year.
    p. 121.6
  • "I'm assuming Lettie is the black housekeeper."
    p. 126.5
  • I have to work with the executor, and we're assuming it will be Mr. Amburgh, to do certain things the law requires, such as notifying potential creditors, protecting assets, preparing an inventory of everything he owned, and so forth.
    p. 136.6
  • Knowing Judge Atlee and his distaste of lingering cases and slow lawyers, Jake believed a trial, assuming there was one, would take place within the next twelve months, probably sooner.
    p. 138.3
  • "I assume you've seen the will," Jake replied.
    p. 140.1
  • "I found a cousin in Tupelo who says the family has assumed he's been dead for decades."
    p. 142.0
  • Nine days after Seth hung himself, Judge Atlee assumed the bench in the main courtroom and said good morning.
    p. 147.2
  • Judge Atlee continued, "I'm assuming, then, that you have a license to practice law in this state."
    p. 149.8
  • And I'm assuming they are in the courtroom."
    p. 151.5
  • I assume there are several parties who intend to contest this will, am I right?
    p. 154.2
  • I'm assuming you have the time."
    p. 159.5
  • Assuming the jury finds in her favor.
    p. 160.2
  • Assuming, of course, that the employees here can continue to run things.
    p. 186.4
  • He stepped aside and Carla assumed the lectern.
    p. 214.6
  • She stepped to her right as Jake assumed the lectern.
    p. 216.4
  • "I'm assuming he has a contract with that woman.
    p. 225.8
  • However, you have assumed control of my courtroom by taking your positions.
    p. 236.6
  • Why have you assumed such a position of authority?
    p. 237.0
  • "You figured wrong, Mr. Buckley, and you assumed you and your Memphis co-counsel could march in here and take control of the proponents' case.
    p. 237.3
  • Mr. Brigance, would you assume your proper position in my courtroom?
    p. 241.4
  • Since we don't know for certain, then we should not assume he is dead."
    p. 280.3
  • She assumed that every person there, except for Jake, believed her mother was sleeping with a withered and decaying old white man, and doing so to get his money.
    p. 301.7
  • Assuming there is an answer.
    p. 315.6
  • It's not clear how he managed to assume ownership, and I'm convinced we'll never know.
    p. 316.9
  • I'm assuming he was either dead or gone because the land was in his name, not his wife's.
    p. 317.1
  • "Let's assume they did, just for the hell of it.
    p. 318.5
  • And let's assume further that they once owned the same eighty acres that Cleon Hubbard took title to in 1930, the same that got handed down to Seth Hubbard.
    p. 318.6
  • You can't assume that all black folks named Rinds in north Mississippi came from Ford County.
    p. 318.8
  • For the first thirty years of her life she assumed Cypress and Clyde were her biological parents and the other six kids were her brothers and sisters.
    p. 319.6
  • He assumed the bench, in his robe, managed a gruff "Good morning," and called the roll of lawyers.
    p. 360.4
  • You have listed two experts in this field, and I assume the proponents will need to employ their own.
    p. 361.7
  • If we assume a tax bite of 50 percent, then each of the three will walk away with something in the neighborhood of three point six million.
    p. 365.6
  • "But it's safe to assume the children will get no small benefit from such a settlement.
    p. 365.9
  • Assuming everything is his fault, and that he was drunk, he's looking at vehicular homicide.
    p. 369.8
  • That's assuming far too much."
    p. 376.1
  • I assume you'd like to discuss bail."
    p. 388.2
  • As a Chancellor, Reuben Atlee had absolutely no jurisdiction over drunk driving cases in the county, though, as always, he assumed they were his business.
    p. 416.0
  • Are you assuming Sylvester was your great-grandfather?
    p. 432.3
  • I've read your briefs, and the responses from the contestants, and I'm assuming you have nothing more to add to these motions."
    p. 437.2
  • Now, is it also safe to assume there has been no progress in the search for Ancil Hubbard?
    p. 437.3
  • "Yes sir, that's safe to assume, though with more time we may make some progress."
    p. 437.4
  • Looking at their addresses, I'm assuming these people worked in Mr. Hubbard's various factories and plants.
    p. 439.9
  • He relayed the facts as he knew them—an assumed name of Lonny, a bar brawl in Juneau, a cracked skull, lots of cocaine, and fake papers.
    p. 450.5
  • He assumed he was an officer.
    p. 456.0
  • Judge Atlee appeared from the rear and assumed the bench while the crowd jumped to its feet.
    p. 486.7
  • Judge Atlee took his time unfolding the scraps of paper, studying the names, trying to pronounce them perfectly, allowing each to assume a new position.
    p. 488.3
  • Judge Atlee assumed the bench without the ritual of "Please rise for the court" and began with a concise statement of the case.
    p. 489.9
  • Jake had made this request because he assumed the jurors, as a group, knew more about the case than they were willing to admit.
    p. 494.8
  • She wanted to cry, but at that moment she correctly assumed anyone looking would think she was only faking it.
    p. 526.4
  • Most seemed to frown at one point or another, and he assumed the "perish in pain" phrase made them cringe.
    p. 528.3
  • I assume Herschel and Ramona will be thrilled.
    p. 634.4

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