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used in Fast Food Nation

15 uses
  • They cook bite-sized pieces of meat in their sterilizers, as snacks, thereby rendering the sterilizers ineffective.
    p. 203.8
  • Carhops were rendered obsolete by various remote-control ordering systems, like the Fone-A-Chef, the Teletray, and the ElectroHop.
    p. 24.0
  • The smell is hard to forget but not easy to describe, a combination of live animals, manure, and dead animals being rendered into dog food.
    p. 149.1
  • The effects of this new meatpacking regime have become as inescapable as the odors that drift from its feedlots, rendering plants, and pools of slaughterhouse waste.
    p. 149.9
  • ConAgra is the largest private employer in Weld County, running a beef slaughterhouse and a sheep slaughterhouse, as well as rendering and processing facilities.
    p. 150.1
  • It also left IBP with a great deal of leftover bones, blood, and scraps of meat that could be rendered into profitable byproducts such as dog food.
    p. 154.5
  • A friend of his vomits whenever they clean the rendering area.
    p. 177.7
  • Jesus says the stench in rendering is so powerful that it won't wash off; no matter how much soap you use after a shift, the smell comes home with you, seeps from your pores.
    p. 177.8
  • Injured workers who proved uncooperative were assigned to jobs "watching gauges in the rendering plant, where they were subjected to an atrocious smell while hog remains were boiled down into fertilizers and blood was drained into tanks."
    p. 181.6
  • When the pain became unbearable, he was transferred to ground beef, then to rendering.
    p. 188.4
  • As part of the job in rendering, Kenny sometimes had to climb into gigantic blood tanks and gut bins, reach to the bottom of them with his long arms, and unclog the drains.
    p. 188.5
  • One day, Kenny was in rendering and saw a worker about to stick his head into a pre-breaker machine, a device that uses hundreds of small hammers to pulverize gristle and bone into a fine powder.
    p. 189.4
  • About 75 percent of the cattle in the United States were routinely fed livestock wastes — the rendered remains of dead sheep and dead cattle — until August of 1997.
    p. 202.3
  • Nevertheless, current FDA regulations allow dead pigs and dead horses to be rendered into cattle feed, along with dead poultry.
    p. 202.5
  • Carcasses that sat for longer than two hours, that were at highest risk for bacterial contamination, were not to be destroyed, or sent to rendering, or set aside for processing into precooked meats.
    p. 217.2

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