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used in Allegiant

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to discourage or intimidate
  • At the time I believed that Marcus was working under Dauntless-factionless orders.
    p. 12.3
  • "So Marcus told you he was working under my orders," she says, "and even knowing what you do about his rather tense relationship with both the Dauntless and the factionless, you believed him?"
    p. 12.9
  • In this city, "control" means needles and serums and seeing without seeing; it means simulations, like the one that almost made me kill Tris, or the one that made the Dauntless into an army.
    p. 21.5
  • I am wearing a gray shirt, blue jeans, black shoes—new clothes, but beneath them, my Dauntless tattoos.
    p. 23.7
  • Dauntless cake is much better.
    p. 30.7
  • What do the Dauntless teach about .... that?
    p. 31.0
  • What do the Dauntless teach, hmm.
    p. 31.1
  • I see their fists in the air, like excitable Dauntless, but without the Dauntless joy.
    p. 34.7
  • I see their fists in the air, like excitable Dauntless, but without the Dauntless joy.
    p. 34.7
  • My mother embraced Edward after he defected from Dauntless.
    p. 39.7
  • It takes me a few seconds to realize that it's actually a piece of coal, from the Dauntless Choosing Ceremony bowl.
    p. 41.3
  • I haven't seen Myra since she left the Dauntless compound with Edward, right after his eye was claimed by a butter knife.
    p. 42.1
  • Tori, former leader of Dauntless, ousted by Evelyn herself, stands a few feet away from me, her arms crossed.
    p. 46.3
  • "So," I say, "I had to hurt a lot of people to get through Dauntless initiation, and I'll do it to you, too, if I have to."
    p. 48.0
  • I can practically hear what she's thinking—I'm small, so I'm an easy target, but I'm Dauntless, so I'm not that easy to beat.
    p. 48.5
  • We want you to bring your Dauntless friends.
    p. 50.6
  • It wasn't very Dauntless of me to just trust them immediately, but these are strange times.
    p. 53.6
  • And I'm not sure how Dauntless I really am, anyway, now that the factions are gone.
    p. 53.7
  • It's strange to see my Dauntless friends in Abnegation colors, as if they've been with me my entire life.
    p. 55.9
  • There is a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces in the room: Susan and Robert stand together, talking; Peter is alone on the side of the room, his arms crossed; Uriah and Zeke are with Tori and a few other Dauntless; Christina is with her mother and sister; and in a corner are two nervous-looking Erudite.
    p. 58.8
  • I guess I forgot that he was once a Dauntless spy.
    p. 61.3
  • "That's a lot of Dauntless," a girl at the side of the room says, looking skeptical.
    p. 63.2
  • A Dauntless transfer to Erudite, no doubt.
    p. 63.4
  • But what we need right now are people with the skills to get out of the city unscathed, and I think Dauntless training makes them highly qualified for that task.
    p. 63.6
  • "I'm Dauntless.
    p. 63.8
  • "Cara, you'll need to get out of the city fast," the Dauntless-turned-Erudite girl says.
    p. 63.9
  • The Dauntless who came with Tori offer to find weapons for us.
    p. 64.6
  • THE BROKEN BUILDINGS in the Dauntless sector look like doorways to other worlds.
    p. 69.1
  • I stand on the roof of the Hancock building, near the zip line where the Dauntless flirt with death.
    p. 70.6
  • Zeke was one of the first friends I made in Dauntless, after I survived initiation.
    p. 81.4
  • Now I have met the men and women who operate them, and some of that mystery is gone, but what they mean to me will never be gone—my first act as a Dauntless was to jump on one, and every day afterward they were the source of my freedom, they gave me the power to move within this world when I had once felt so trapped in the Abnegation sector, in the house that was a prison to me.
    p. 83.6
  • I mean, I got to have a different life in Dauntless, a different name.
    p. 86.4
  • The Dauntless have the weirdest slang.
    p. 90.9
  • The more time I spend thinking about this landscape that every Dauntless patrol was told was normal, the more I see an old city rising up around me, the buildings lower than the ones we left behind, but just as numerous.
    p. 98.4
  • The outer limit of the Dauntless patrols.
    p. 99.4
  • No fence or wall marks the divide between the Amity compound and the outer world, but I remember monitoring the Dauntless patrols from the control room, making sure they didn't go farther than the limit, which is marked by a series of signs with Xs on them.
    p. 99.5
  • "The Dauntless serum gives hallucinated realities, Candor's gives the truth, Amity's gives peace, Erudite's gives death—"
    p. 99.9
  • Swelling inside me is the feeling that I am about to jump out of my own skin, because the farther we get outside the outer limit of the Dauntless patrols, the closer we get to seeing what lies outside the only world I've ever known.
    p. 100.8
  • And not just my name—my nickname, the name I chose when I joined Dauntless?
    p. 105.7
  • And he's right to say that every faction loses something when it gains a virtue: the Dauntless, brave but cruel; the Erudite, intelligent but vain; the Amity, peaceful but passive; the Candor, honest but inconsiderate; the Abnegation, selfless but stifling.
    p. 123.4
  • On the ones nearest to me, I see Dauntless headquarters.
    p. 128.9
  • "You've always known that the Dauntless observe the city with security cameras," David says.
    p. 128.9
  • I feel the same way I did when Peter pulled my towel away during Dauntless initiation, to be cruel: exposed, embarrassed, angry.
    p. 130.9
  • But now I'm wondering if I need it anymore, if we ever really need these words, "Dauntless,"
    p. 134.3
  • Tris, I worked in the Dauntless control room.
    p. 135.3
  • I am so accustomed to the Dauntless compound that I am not used to the creak of wooden floors beneath me—I am used to the scrape and echo of stone, and the roar and pulse of water in the chasm.
    p. 138.6
  • A week into my initiation, Amar—worried that I was becoming increasingly isolated and obsessive—invited me to join some of the older Dauntless for a game of Dare.
    p. 138.9
  • For my dare, we went back to the Pit for me to get my first tattoo, the patch of Dauntless flames covering my rib cage.
    p. 139.1
  • We might be able to take you up in one sometime, if it doesn't seem too daunting for you."
    p. 151.2
  • "So she wasn't really born Dauntless," I say as I sort through the lies that must have been.
    p. 154.9
  • When she first entered the city, it was as a Dauntless, because she already had tattoos and that would have been hard to explain to the natives.
    p. 155.1
  • I suspect that here, as in Dauntless, there is a limit to her climb through the ranks, and she is reaching it earlier than she would like to.
    p. 172.9
  • "I like to think I would have chosen Dauntless," says Nita.
    p. 174.4
  • "If the Dauntless knew about this, everyone would be getting in line to learn how to drive it," he says.
    p. 183.2
  • Well, she was from the world outside, but then she came here, and when she was fifteen, she was placed in Chicago as a Dauntless.
    p. 191.7
  • Your refusal to follow the orders of myself and Tori Wu, the former leader of Dauntless, resulted in countless deaths in the Erudite attack.
    p. 200.8
  • They'll put me in Dauntless, at first, because I already have tattoos, and that would be hard to explain to the people inside the experiment.
    p. 205.7
  • Anyway, she was testing the fear-inducing serum that was later incorporated into Dauntless initiation—long ago, the fear simulations weren't generated by a person's individual fears, you see, just general fears like heights or spiders or something—and Norton, then the representative of Erudite, was there, letting it go on for far longer than it should have.
    p. 215.4
  • Maybe it was the Dauntless who had it right.
    p. 218.7
  • I stopped cutting it like the Abnegation when I wanted the Dauntless to see me as a potential leader, but I miss the ritual of the old way, the buzz of the clippers and the careful movements of my hands, knowing more by touch than by sight.
    p. 231.5
  • The Dauntless taught initiates how to throw knives even before the changes to initiation that Max made before I joined them.
    p. 242.0
  • I never liked it, because it seemed like a way to encourage the Dauntless flair for theatrics, rather than a useful skill.
    p. 242.2
  • I guess the Dauntless are good for something after all ....
    p. 242.3
  • Most of us came from Dauntless, but I'm struck by how different we are anyway.
    p. 255.2
  • "When the Abnegation wanted to reveal the great truth of their world sooner than they were supposed to," she says slowly, "and Jeanine wanted to stifle them .... the Bureau was all too happy to provide her with an incredibly advanced simulation serum—the attack simulation that enslaved the minds of the Dauntless, that resulted in the destruction of Abnegation."
    p. 265.5
  • Murdered, at the hands of the Dauntless, at the urging of Jeanine, with the power of the Bureau to back her.
    p. 269.2
  • I remember the thought I had, after Johanna told me about the Amity administering the memory serum to Dauntless patrols—that when you take a person's memories, you change who they are.
    p. 270.3
  • "Tobias, you will shut off the security system as I do, so that we aren't caught—it's nearly the same technology you worked with in the Dauntless control room; it should be easy for you.
    p. 270.7
  • But then, he's also the Dauntless who helped us end the attack simulation and saved Tris from a horrible death.
    p. 331.1
  • These people are still responsible for the deaths of most of the Abnegation and the mental enslavement of the Dauntless and the utter destruction of our way of life, and something has to be done about them.
    p. 333.7
  • They found a good use for my Dauntless expertise.
    p. 343.1
  • We could use another Dauntless on board with us.
    p. 343.9
  • "I've noticed that when people switch to Dauntless, it creates some of the same types.
    p. 354.6
  • Erudite who switch to Dauntless tend to turn cruel and brutal.
    p. 354.6
  • Candor who switch to Dauntless tend to become boisterous, fight-picking adrenaline junkies.
    p. 354.7
  • And Abnegation who switch to Dauntless become ....
    p. 354.8
  • I mean, most Dauntless would rather leap into the chasm than keep going through their fear landscapes.
    p. 357.7
  • Zeke is still in the city, and so is their Dauntless mother.
    p. 389.4
  • Tobias rubs the back of his neck, pawing at the Dauntless tattoo like he wants to tear it from his body.
    p. 391.4
  • There is a target across the room, more sophisticated than the wooden-board target in the Dauntless training rooms.
    p. 421.0
  • "I didn't know the Dauntless were so interested in training the brain," Caleb says.
    p. 423.6
  • When I first saw her shoot during Dauntless training, she looked awkward, birdlike.
    p. 423.8
  • She is a small woman with power in her bearing, and one of the rare Dauntless who goes about things quietly and without ceremony.
    p. 426.3
  • Not surprising, among the Dauntless.
    p. 426.5
  • It's a strange thing to feel my instincts and Dauntless training kick in.
    p. 453.9
  • I don't belong to Abnegation, or Dauntless, or even the Divergent.
    p. 455.1
  • Some of them I recognize from across the factionless warehouse campfires, or from the time I spent at Evelyn's side as a Dauntless leader.
    p. 460.6
  • Amar and Christina found them, not among the other revolutionaries near the Hancock building, but in their family apartment in the Pire, above Dauntless headquarters.
    p. 485.6
  • I see Hana's lips moving, but I can't tell what she's saying—do the Dauntless have prayers for the dying?
    p. 501.3
  • When I finish, I stand in front of the mirror again, and I can see the edges of my tattoo, the Dauntless flame.
    p. 504.0
  • Two years ago, when I stood across from him in the park with the snow falling all around us, I realized that just as attacking him in front of the Dauntless in the Merciless Mart didn't make me feel better about the pain he caused me, yelling at him or insulting him wouldn't either.
    p. 513.9
  • Still, I know that Zeke is remembering him today, just as the rest of us are, even though this last act of Dauntless bravery is for Tris.
    p. 515.9
  • Zeke and Amar are policemen, and George trains the police force—Dauntless jobs, I call them.
    p. 517.8
  • I feel a thrill in my stomach, the fear-thrill the true Dauntless love.
    p. 518.1
  • The factions are gone, but this part of the city has more Dauntless than any other, recognizable still by their pierced faces and tattooed skin, though no longer by the colors they wear, which are sometimes garish.
    p. 520.1
  • We enter the lobby, with its gleaming, polished floors and its walls smeared with bright Dauntless graffiti, left here by the building's residents as a kind of relic.
    p. 520.6
  • This is a Dauntless place, because they are the ones who embraced it, for its height and, a part of me also suspects, for its loneliness.
    p. 520.6
  • The Dauntless liked to fill empty spaces with their noise.
    p. 520.7
  • "You're Four, Dauntless legend!
    p. 523.0

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