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used in The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

21 uses
  • His father—impeccable, precise, sure of everything—had turned into someone else.
    p. 289.3
  • He watched himself make the careful, precise incision for the episiotomy.
    p. 15.4
  • You are anywhere, he thought, watching from some fine point on the ceiling as his hands worked with method and precision.
    p. 16.5
  • Dr. Henry, working with such calm skill, his movements focused and precise.
    p. 22.5
  • The terms washed over her like so much water, but she liked the weight of the camera in her hands, its cool textures, and the way the world was so precisely framed when she held it to her eye.
    p. 83.3
  • She did not remember hitting the windshield, but it looked like a spiderweb, the intricate lines fanning out, delicate, beautiful, and precise.
    p. 85.1
  • When David came back, he brushed the hair from her forehead, his gestures gentle and precise, and started cleaning the cut.
    p. 87.5
  • She thought of the camera, its precise dials and levers.
    p. 88.8
  • After about half an hour the music stopped abruptly, and Leo's feet appeared on the stairs in precisely tied and polished leather shoes, a swatch of pale undressed ankle flashing beneath his pant legs, which were several inches too short.
    p. 96.8
  • But what if they simply erased those growth and development charts, with their precise, constricting points and curves?
    p. 98.6
  • Against the light were negatives he'd developed the week before: a series of photos of a human vein, taken in sequence, in gradations of precisely controlled light, the level of contrast changing subtly with each one.
    p. 152.7
  • What excited David was the precision he'd achieved, and the way the images did not resemble a part of the human body as much as other things: lightning branching down to earth, rivers moving darkly, a wavering expanse of sea.
    p. 152.7
  • The world is so precise, so rich.
    p. 185.2
  • The notes of these songs, delicate and precise, were intimately familiar.
    p. 194.8
  • He climbed the stairs without turning on the light, and when he reached Paul's door he paused for a long moment in the darkness, remembering how his son's hands had moved with such delicate precision over the strings, filling the wide auditorium with music.
    p. 198.2
  • Moments later a light went on in his room, and the precise notes of Segovia drifted clearly and delicately through the air.
    p. 202.2
  • He liked the series of precise steps from beginning to end, the sheet of exposed paper sliding into the developing fluid and the images rising out of nowhere, the timer going off and then the paper slipping into the fixer.
    p. 215.1
  • Paul became fascinated with Duke's fingertips, how delicately they held the joint, remembering how they flew over the keys with wild precision.
    p. 216.0
  • And his first two names, David for his father and Henry for his grandfather, those were fine as well, typed precisely by a secretary who had perhaps been interrupted by a phone call, by a visitor.
    p. 260.3
  • Delicate and precise, they gave the old house an air of rustling mystery.
    p. 264.5
  • Sometimes he came across his photographs, in textbooks or hanging on the walls of private offices or homes, and he was startled by their cold beauty, their technical precision—sometimes, even, by the hungry searching that their emptiness implied.
    p. 319.3

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