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used in Lonesome Dove

45 uses
  • "We wintered without losing a man, or much stock either," he said, very tired.
    Chapters 101-102 (19% in)
  • Fortunately it only rained in Lonesome Dove once or twice a year, so the loss of the roof didn't result in much suffering for the stock, when there was stock.
    Chapters 1-2 (23% in)
  • Fortunately it only rained in Lonesome Dove once or twice a year, so the loss of the roof didn't result in much suffering for the stock, when there was stock.
    Chapters 1-2 (23% in)
  • It was the way the stock business seemed to work along the border, the Mexican ranchers raiding north while the Texans raided south.
    Chapters 1-2 (37% in)
  • No moon at all was nearly as bad: then it was too hard to find the stock, and too hard to move it.
    Chapters 1-2 (40% in)
  • "This would have been a good night to cross some stock," he said.
    Chapters 1-2 (95% in)
  • Then we'll cross the stock.
    Chapters 1-2 (95% in)
  • Once in a while, in the early morning, the bawling of cattle or the nickering of horses would awaken her and she would look out the window and see him and his partner and a gang of riders trailing their stock through the low brush to the east of town.
    Chapters 3-4 (32% in)
  • "Oh, we just lope around till we strike some stock," Pea said.
    Chapters 7-8 (79% in)
  • " "How'd you round up that much stock without horses?"
    Chapters 9-10 (8% in)
  • The sun was just easing down toward the western horizon, the bullbats were dipping toward the stone stock tank that Deets and the Captain had built long ago.
    Chapters 9-10 (46% in)
  • Since he had never been allowed in Mexico, except once in a while in one of the small villages down the river when they were buying stock legitimately, he didn't really know what to expect, but he hadn't expected it to be quite so dark and empty.
    Chapters 9-10 (49% in)
  • " "We brought in some nice stock," Call said.
    Chapters 11-12 (52% in)
  • We'll pen the prime stock and hide the skinny little rabbits up in some thicket.
    Chapters 13-14 (82% in)
  • On the other side of the herd Augustus had finished separating out the prime stock and was about to divide up the crew.
    Chapters 13-14 (92% in)
  • Be the safest place for the good stock, I figure.
    Chapters 13-14 (95% in)
  • I can look after the stock.
    Chapters 15-16 (5% in)
  • "I'm helping their darky guard some stock.
    Chapters 15-16 (44% in)
  • He didn't work much on the branding, either, though once in a while he spent a night helping them gather more stock.
    Chapters 17-18 (19% in)
  • We got enough cattle now to stock five ranches.
    Chapters 21-22 (84% in)
  • Call himself spent the day on the mare, weeding out the weaker stock, both cattle and horses.
    Chapters 23-24 (75% in)
  • We got plenty of men to keep the stock moving.
    Chapters 23-24 (81% in)
  • Have you counted the stock yet?
    Chapters 23-24 (83% in)
  • Most of them were horned stock, thin and light, their hides a mixture of colors.
    Chapters 25-25 (71% in)
  • The herd had just crossed a little creek when Newt heard stock running and looked back to see the wagon racing for the creek like Comanches were after it.
    Chapters 40-41 (45% in)
  • Just having someone who could cook decently was a special occasion, though, like the men, he put no stock in eating grasshoppers.
    Chapters 48-49 (20% in)
  • I've got to lope up to the Red River to see if I think the water's fresh enough for my stock.
    Chapters 50-51 (86% in)
  • He looked at Roscoe, who was standing stock-still.
    Chapters 52-53 (35% in)
  • I guess by then you'll have a helluva stock of buffalo bones.
    Chapters 54-55 (41% in)
  • With no shooting to do for a little while, Augustus took stock of the situation and decided the worst part of it was that he had no one to talk to.
    Chapters 56-57 (17% in)
  • "Is it loaded already?" he asked, rubbing the smooth stock with one hand.
    Chapters 56-57 (52% in)
  • He kept one hand on the stock of the rifle, expecting that any minute the Indians might attack.
    Chapters 56-57 (53% in)
  • A line of blood ran down the stock of the shotgun he lay across.
    Chapters 68-69 (24% in)
  • "Then we heard she married a sheriff from Arkansas, but I didn't put no stock in that kind of rumor.
    Chapters 68-69 (74% in)
  • Are they just watering the stock, or have they camped?
    Chapters 74-74 (20% in)
  • Bob couldn't believe his own bad luck; he longed for a strong boy or two to help him with the stock.
    Chapters 75-76 (15% in)
  • "Get down—at least you'll want to water your stock," Clara said.
    Chapters 75-76 (46% in)
  • You have no authority to requisition stock from us.
    Chapters 83-84 (44% in)
  • Cholo had ridden off with the soldier to look at some stock.
    Chapters 87-88 (5% in)
  • Maybe I'll trot through this Miles City community and see if anyone stocks champagne.
    Chapters 93-94 (23% in)
  • Augustus used the stock of the Indian boy's carbine as a rude shovel and tried to shape the dirt they raked out into low breastworks on either side of the cave.
    Chapters 93-94 (45% in)
  • They had crossed the Yellowstone the day before—the men and all the stock had got across safely.
    Chapters 93-94 (89% in)
  • "Just move the stock on north," he said.
    Chapters 93-94 (96% in)
  • As it was, every time Call sold a bunch of stock to the Army he had to put aside half the money for a woman he had never approved of, who might, for all any of them knew, have already forgotten Gus and married someone else, or even gone back to being a whore.
    Chapters 99-100 (45% in)
  • "That woman gets half the money when you sell stock," Call said.
    Chapters 99-100 (83% in)

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