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used in The Magic Mountain

35 uses
  • He shrugged and observed that since reality could not be determined beyond the shadow of a doubt, neither, then, could fraud.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (47% in)
  • Although damned complicated and demanding, it was nevertheless an excellent, important, splendid profession and far preferable, given his peaceable nature at any rate, to that of his cousin Ziemssen, who was the son of his late mother's half sister and determined to become an officer.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (63% in)
  • Since the seamstress had said something to him at the same moment, he had no chance to determine who the malefactor was.
    3.2 - Breakfast (73% in)
  • And so he did not determine this time, either, who it was that was so sloppy about the door.
    3.5 - Clarity of Mind (87% in)
  • He spoke the words softly to himself, trying to imitate the guttural and sober rustic dialect of these mountain men; and he kept climbing for some distance beyond the hut, determined to reach the tree line.
    4.5 - Hippe (40% in)
  • The director, then, was not an independent man, but merely an agent, a functionary, an associate of those higher powers—though, of course, the highest and supreme associate here, the soul of the place, the determining factor for the whole organization, including the management office.
    4.7 - Doubts and Considerations (33% in)
  • And he had determined that his cousin, or rather, anyone just in general would need, all things considered, twelve thousand francs a year here.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (5% in)
  • We spoke about the neutrality and intellectual hesitancy of youth, of its freedom to choose, its tendency to experiment with all sorts of standpoints, and of how one need not regard such experiments as final, life-determining options.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (87% in)
  • But one way or the other, he had to have winter clothes, money, underwear, shoes—everything, in fact, that he would have brought with him had he known he would be here not for just three weeks at the height of summer, but ... but for a still-undetermined period, which, no matter what, was sure to last into some of winter, indeed, given assumptions and circumstances up here, would very probably include the whole season.
    5.3 - Freedom (69% in)
  • Brain and spinal tissue deteriorated so quickly that there was no hope of determining its structure.
    5.7 - Research (75% in)
  • Sperm, which transferred the countless, complicated individual and racial characteristics of the father to the egg, was visible only under a microscope; and even the most powerful magnification did not suffice to determine its genesis or allow it to be seen as anything but a homogeneous body—for the sperm of one animal looked like that of every other.
    5.7 - Research (78% in)
  • By suppertime, spirits were already very high at all seven tables, with everyone determined to continue the public gaiety in their own closed circle.
    5.9 - Walpurgis Night (9% in)
  • Every patient had to reckon with it as the infallible indication of his chances of being cured; the number of months or years someone would have to stay here could easily be determined from it—beginning with just dropping by for six months all the way up to a "life sentence," which all too often meant very little in terms of actual time spent.
    6.1 - Changes (5% in)
  • He is determined to leave, one way or the other—has he told you that, too?
    6.1 - Changes (29% in)
  • I've already explained to you that the moment my hopes of being able to return to the world of work in the foreseeable future should prove untenable, I was determined to fold my tents here and set myself up for the duration somewhere else in the valley.
    6.1 - Changes (55% in)
  • Hans Castorp counted, probed, and compared; he investigated the structure and placement of sepals and petals, of male and female sex organs, compared them to diagrams and illustrations, determined to his satisfaction that the structures of plants he knew were scientifically correct, and then proceeded to those whose names he did not know, identifying them with his Linnaeus according to class, cohort, order, family, genus, and species.
    6.2 - Someone Else (7% in)
  • You are determined to interpret democracy's noble endeavors to assert itself internationally as mere political cunning.
    6.2 - Someone Else (68% in)
  • But if you are determined to stick with mathematics, it, too, will lead you in a spiral from perfection to perfection; and you can take solace in the precepts of our eighteenth century, which taught that man was originally good, happy, and perfect, that it is only through social errors that he has been perverted and ruined, and that by working critically to rebuild society he shall become good, happy, and perfect again.
    6.2 - Someone Else (79% in)
  • You attempted a while ago to help us understand a Christian individualism founded in the dualism between God and the world, and tried to prove its preeminence over all politically determined morality.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (68% in)
  • Who knows, given the director's melancholy state, how much more balderdash of this sort there would have been, if the sight of Joachim, standing there at undaunted attention, obviously determined to speak— and speak courageously—had not disconcerted him.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (41% in)
  • He was sent for, and after breakfast he descended to the basement, determined to have a serious word with the man about his nephew and the way he was spending his time.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (80% in)
  • Our deeds, our actions were predetermined, of course, that was not where our freedom lay—but in being.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (75% in)
  • In order to get his bearings, he stomped his way around the hut and determined that he had arrived at the back end of it after a good hour—or so he estimated— of pure, futile folly.
    6.7 - Snow (61% in)
  • As for Hans Castorp, he did not feel all that at ease with the blurry tangle, perhaps; but he was not about to waste any exertion wrestling himself free in order to determine how old he had new become up here.
    7.1 - A Stroll by the Shore (39% in)
  • Apparently Frau Chauchat had practice in determining the direction of his semiwishes.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (27% in)
  • He was simply not a "hero," which is to say, he did not let his relationship with the man be determined by the woman.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (4% in)
  • In matters of love, a woman, as nearly as I can determine, primarily regards herself as simply an object, she lets things come at her, she does not choose freely, she makes her own subjective choice in love only on the basis of the man's choice, so that, if you will permit me to add this final point, her freedom of choice— presuming, of course, that the man in question is not too sorry a specimen, and even that cannot be regarded as all too strict a requirement—her freedom of choice,...
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (73% in)
  • He was himself inclined to this latter view, and his fellow residents granted him as much, at least in the sense that, from the very beginning, they silently acquiesced in his determined self-appointment as administrator and custodian of this public facility.
    7.7 - Fullness of Harmony (34% in)
  • Who had been the actual instigator could not be determined afterward.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (9% in)
  • It ran in a determined zigzag from token to token, but pulling back slightly toward the middle with each move; it ran to the H, to the O, to the L, after which it seemed to grow weary and confused, not to know what to do, but then it recovered, found the G, the E, and the R. Just as they thought!
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (29% in)
  • Perhaps there were transitional stages between the two, degrees of reality within nature, which, being mute, could not be evaluated and thus eluded a determination that, as he saw it, had something very moralistic about it.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (47% in)
  • A. K. Ferge, the simple martyr to whom all higher things were foreign, had held such a. ghostly hand in his own hand one evening and had determined by touch that it was well formed and whole, whereupon, by some means he could not quite describe, it had withdrawn itself from his grip, which though hearty had been quite within the bounds of respect.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (55% in)
  • Elly was in her "deep trance," her face resting in her tightly held hands, and Herr Wenzel was about to change records or turn one over, when our friend began to say, with some determination, that he had a suggestion to make— insignificant, really, but then it might be useful, in his opinion.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (91% in)
  • "I said—" the Italian replied, swallowing hard, "I am saying that I am determined to prevent you from molesting vulnerable youth any longer with your dubious ideas."
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (59% in)
  • All the same, he remained determined to put to immediate good effect the bustle of arrival, the hearty billowing of his breath in the cold air, the warmth of his quick walk in the winter morning.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (94% in)

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