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used in The Magic Mountain

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  • It would come, war would, and that was fine, although it would bring forth very different things from what its organizers expected.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (34% in)
  • ...STORY OF Hans Castorp that we intend to tell here—not for his sake (for the reader will come to know him as a perfectly ordinary, if engaging young man), but for the sake of the story itself, which seems to us to be very much worth telling (although in Hans Castorp's favor it should be noted that it is his story, and that not every story happens to everybody)—is a story that took place long ago, and is, so to speak, covered with the patina of history and must necessarily be told with...
    Forward (9% in)
  • I'm ab-so-lute-ly freezing, I mean my body is, although my face feels awfully flushed—here, feel it, it's burning up.
    1.2 - Room 34 (70% in)
  • Although he's still up and about.
    1.2 - Room 34 (86% in)
  • Hans Castorp ate heartily, although with not quite the lively appetite he had expected.
    1.3 - In the Restaurant (17% in)
  • Hans Castorp drank as well, although his face was burning like fire by now.
    1.3 - In the Restaurant (26% in)
  • He was as phosphorescently pale as Dr. Krokowski, and up front sat the Austrian horseman, steering, although the face was very vague, like that of someone you've only heard cough.
    1.3 - In the Restaurant (95% in)
  • And although this harmless vice added a jaunty touch to his appearance. the ultimate effect was much more that of the license of old age, the kind of carelessness that age either consciously and merrily permits itself or brings with it, cloaked in dignified oblivion; in any case, it was the only such carelessness in his grandfather's appearance that little Hans Castorp's sharp eye ever observed.
    2.1 - The Baptismal Bowl / Grandfather in His Two Forms (58% in)
  • Little Hans Castorp had often studied it, not with any artistic acumen of course, but with a certain more general, even penetrating understanding; and although he had only once seen his grandfather in real life in the fashion pictured there on canvas—just for a brief moment as part of a dignified procession into the town hall—he could not help, as we have said, regarding this pictorial presence as his authentic and real grandfather, seeing in the everyday one a temporary, imperfectly...
    2.1 - The Baptismal Bowl / Grandfather in His Two Forms (68% in)
  • The sight of it, the impression it left, was no longer new to him, but really quite familiar, and just as on the first two occasions he had behaved responsibly and kept his composure— with no sign of nervous weakness, although much distressed, as is only natural—he did so now as well, but to an even greater degree.
    2.1 - The Baptismal Bowl / Grandfather in His Two Forms (82% in)
  • Although he owned a fine coach, the consul walked to work in the old city every morning, just to get a little exercise, because he sometimes suffered from congestion of the blood in his head; and he returned home by the same route at five each evening, when, in most civilized fashion, the Tienappels sat down to dinner.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (5% in)
  • But otherwise he was a regular, healthy lad, a passable tennis-player and oarsman, although on summer evenings, instead of manning an oar, he preferred sitting on the terrace of the Uhlenhorst Boathouse, a refreshing drink in hand, listening to music and watching the boats as they drifted among the swans, their lights reflected in the bright, smooth water.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (14% in)
  • Although the shape of his hands was not particularly aristocratic, he took good care of them, keeping the skin supple and setting them off with a simple platinum band and his grandfather's signet ring; his teeth, which were rather soft and subject to damage, had been repaired with gold inlays.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (30% in)
  • A human being lives out not only his personal life as an individual, but also, consciously or subconsciously, the lives of his epoch and contemporaries; and although he may regard the general and impersonal foundations of his existence as unequivocal givens and take them for granted, having as little intention of ever subjecting them to critique as our good Hans Castorp himself had, it is nevertheless quite possible that he senses his own moral well-being to be somehow impaired by the...
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (42% in)
  • Although damned complicated and demanding, it was nevertheless an excellent, important, splendid profession and far preferable, given his peaceable nature at any rate, to that of his cousin Ziemssen, who was the son of his late mother's half sister and determined to become an officer.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (62% in)
  • For he had the greatest respect for work, although, for his part, he found that he did tire easily.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (65% in)
  • He powdered his cheeks and slipped into his plaid undershorts and red morocco-leather slippers, and still drying his hands, he stepped out onto the balcony, which, although private, was connected to those adjoining and separated from them only by an opaque glass partition that extended almost to the railing.
    3.1 - The Shadow of Respectability (14% in)
  • Giggles, gasps, grapplings—there was no disguising the indelicate nature of the sound, although in his kindheartedness the young man at first tried hard to give it a harmless interpretation.
    3.1 - The Shadow of Respectability (57% in)
  • They are people devoid of all manners, and although I am going to have to live next door to them for three weeks because there was no other way to arrange things, I do not wish to know them.
    3.2 - Breakfast (23% in)
  • The tables were large, with room for ten persons at each, although not all the places had been set.
    3.2 - Breakfast (31% in)
  • Standing erect behind his chair, Hans Castorp bowed stiffly and cordially to his table-mates as Joachim formally introduced them, although he barely looked at them, let alone made a conscious note of their names.
    3.2 - Breakfast (33% in)
  • He played the role of the perfect assistant, taking no part whatever in the exchanged greetings—although the tense, critical way he held his mouth suggested that he found his subordinate position a little absurd.
    3.2 - Breakfast (83% in)
  • Although one's general metabolism increases, the body stores the protein.
    3.2 - Breakfast (96% in)
  • When I wake up I look forward to being able to smoke all day, and when I eat, I look forward to it again, in fact I can honestly say that I actually only eat so that I can smoke, although that's an exaggeration, of course.
    3.3 - Teasing/Viaticum/Interrupted Merriment (12% in)
  • And it can't hurt me, for heaven's sake, to build up my protein, although that does sound disgusting, you must admit.
    3.3 - Teasing/Viaticum/Interrupted Merriment (21% in)
  • IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFICULT to guess his age, but it surely had to be somewhere between thirty and forty, because, although the general impression was youthful, he was already silvering at the temples and his hair was thinning noticeably, receding toward the part in two wide arcs, making the brow even higher.
    3.4 - Satana (1% in)
  • I assure you, I think that's marvelous, although my own talents lie in a different direction.
    3.4 - Satana (28% in)
  • There was a preachy flavor to it, although it was delivered in the light, bantering tone of small talk.
    3.4 - Satana (37% in)
  • "Graphic, perhaps?" the Italian responded, fanning himself with his handkerchief, although the air was actually rather cool.
    3.4 - Satana (83% in)
  • "No," Hans Castorp said, taking his seat again at the end of the table between the seamstress and the Englishwoman and conscientiously unfolding his napkin—although he was still weighed down by his first breakfast.
    3.5 - Clarity of Mind (58% in)
  • Hans Castorp stared at the two of them with a tactlessness that was quite foreign to him and that even he found brutal—although what was really brutal about it was the sudden pleasure he took in it.
    3.5 - Clarity of Mind (83% in)
  • Dr. Krokowski had appeared for breakfast and taken the seat opposite him at the head of the table; but, as if in a dream, he barely noticed the fact, although the doctor looked him in the eye, repeatedly and sharply, while carrying on a conversation in Russian with the ladies on his right, during which the younger ones—that is, Marusya with her rosy complexion and the gaunt yogurt-eater—kept their eyes cast down in meek embarrassment.
    3.5 - Clarity of Mind (94% in)
  • And so instead he began to speak about bodily functions, although in a rather strange fashion.
    3.6 - One Word Too Many (24% in)
  • His mouth was hanging open, because he couldn't breathe through his nose right, although he didn't have a cold.
    3.6 - One Word Too Many (92% in)
  • He was right, of course, and Hans Castorp could only point out that he wasn't the one who was sick, although he certainly was incredibly sleepy.
    3.7 - But of Course—a Female! (6% in)
  • Though to be sure, that was also where fat Frau Salomon from Amsterdam was seated, and she came to dinner every day of the week in a low-cut dress, apparently quite to the "boss's" liking, although she, Frau Stohr, could not understand it, because, after all, he could see however much of Frau Salomon he wanted at every checkup.
    3.7 - But of Course—a Female! (27% in)
  • But of course once again he had not located the guilty party, although one didn't have to have a university degree to guess that, of course, it had been Captain Miklosich from Bucharest, for whom it could never be dark enough when he was in the company of ladies—a man lacking in every refinement, although he did wear a corset, and who was no better than a beast of prey—yes, a beast of prey, Frau Stohr repeated in a smothered whisper as beads of sweat appeared on her brow and upper lip.
    3.7 - But of Course—a Female! (31% in)
  • But of course once again he had not located the guilty party, although one didn't have to have a university degree to guess that, of course, it had been Captain Miklosich from Bucharest, for whom it could never be dark enough when he was in the company of ladies—a man lacking in every refinement, although he did wear a corset, and who was no better than a beast of prey—yes, a beast of prey, Frau Stohr repeated in a smothered whisper as beads of sweat appeared on her brow and upper lip.
    3.7 - But of Course—a Female! (33% in)
  • When he used his handkerchief, he found red traces of blood, but he did not have the energy to think much about it, although he was easily inclined to worry about himself and tended by nature to play the hypochondriac.
    3.7 - But of Course—a Female! (97% in)
  • Hans Castorp listened until the last one had died away, and although he was not quite certain if Herr Albin was a phony or not, he could not help feeling a little envious of him nevertheless.
    3.8 - Herr Albin (85% in)
  • On the whole, however, it seemed to him that although honor had its advantages, so, too, did disgrace, and that indeed the advantages of the latter were almost boundless.
    3.8 - Herr Albin (94% in)
  • But he felt very dizzy from lying there so long, and the unrefreshing semisleep had left his face badly flushed again, although his body felt chilled all over—perhaps he had not been covered warmly enough.
    3.9 - Satana Makes Shameful Suggestions (5% in)
  • She was explaining that she knew how to prepare twenty-eight different sauces for fish—and she would stake her reputation on the fact, although her husband had warned her not to speak about it.
    3.9 - Satana Makes Shameful Suggestions (19% in)
  • Two green folding tables had been set up for devotees of games—dominoes at the one, bridge at the other, although only young people were playing cards, among them Herr Albin and Hermine Kleefeld.
    3.9 - Satana Makes Shameful Suggestions (23% in)
  • Would you believe," he went on, although he was quite aware that he should not be saying this, "that at first glance this morning I took you for an organ-grinder?
    3.9 - Satana Makes Shameful Suggestions (34% in)
  • But he was still waiting for something else, too, although he did not really ask himself what it was.
    3.9 - Satana Makes Shameful Suggestions (80% in)
  • But although he expressed himself elegantly, he went right on wearing his checked trousers and long petersham coat with the wide lapels—presumably that was the full extent of his wardrobe.
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (5% in)
  • It was no longer snowing the next morning; but although the thermometer outside registered a few degrees above freezing, there was still a foot of snow and a perfect winter landscape lay spread out before Hans Castorp's astonished eyes.
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (12% in)
  • On the way home, they caught up with Settembrini, who was also headed for the sanatorium; although bareheaded, he was carrying an umbrella.
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (24% in)
  • Although it all seems a little dry to me.
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (64% in)
  • He's always going on about work, although it really does not fit all that well here.
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (65% in)
  • And although one may tend and nurse illness in the individual case, to honor it intellectually is an aberration—imprint that on your minds!
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (70% in)
  • Although he was only a visiting guest up here, he, too, found it to be a very suitable arrangement.
    4.2 - Excursus on the Sense of Time (35% in)
  • Certainly, she replied, there were satisfactions, although it was very difficult.
    4.3 - He Tries Out His Conversational French (59% in)
  • True, some people did enjoy sweet melodies from their balconies, and three or four of the chairs in the arcade were occupied; but the majority of the guests sat at little white tables placed out on the covered porch, although frivolous and fashionable society, for whom sitting on chairs was apparently too respectable, took up a position on the stone steps leading down to the garden and gave free rein to merriment—youthful patients of both sexes, most of whose faces or names Hans...
    4.4 - Politically Suspect (18% in)
  • Music, it would appear, is movement for its own sake—although I suspect it of quietism.
    4.4 - Politically Suspect (70% in)
  • A forest of tall pines swallowed him, and wandering through it now, he even began to sing a little again, although more prudently—but as he descended his knees shook still more unsettlingly than before.
    4.5 - Hippe (41% in)
  • He was thirteen years old, a seventh-grader in short pants, and he was standing in the schoolyard talking with another boy about his age, but from a different class—a conversation that Hans Castorp had initiated more or less arbitrarily and that delighted him no end, although it would be a short one, given the limited scope offered by the physical object under discussion.
    4.5 - Hippe (53% in)
  • Hippe, the son of a high-school history teacher—and so a notorious model student—was already a grade ahead of Hans Castorp, although he was not much older.
    4.5 - Hippe (57% in)
  • But his eyes, bluish-gray or grayish-blue eyes (a rather indefinite and equivocal color, much like that of distant mountains) had a curious, narrow, and, if you looked closely, slightly slanted shape, and right below them were prominent, strong, distinctive cheekbones—features not at all ill proportioned in his case, but really quite pleasing, although they sufficed for his schoolmates to award him the nickname of "the Kirghiz."
    4.5 - Hippe (59% in)
  • Pribislav had held his head like that, too; but he had been a model student and led a life full of honors (although that had not been the reason why Hans Castorp had borrowed a pencil from him)—whereas it was all too clear that Frau Chauchat's careless posture, her door-slamming, and her brazen stares were bound up with her illness, that in fact they were all expressions of that same license young Herr Albin had praised, the advantages of which, if not honorable, were at least almost...
    4.6 - Analysis (11% in)
  • ...sitting just a little behind him, had an expression on her face revealing such ignorant ecstasy that it was pitiful to behold, while Fraulein Levi of the ivory complexion sat leaning back in her chair with half-closed eyes and hands resting palms-up in her lap—and one would have taken her for a corpse if her chest had not risen and fallen with such striking regularity, although Hans Castorp thought she looked more like a mechanically driven wax figure he had once seen in a sideshow.
    4.6 - Analysis (20% in)
  • It was not enough for him to speak in tactful, intoxicating tones about matters that, although generally well known, are usually left under a veil of silence.
    4.6 - Analysis (37% in)
  • Along with his frock coat, by the way, he wore his soft, floppy collar and his sandals over gray socks, which gave the impression of some fundamental idealism, although Hans Castorp found the look rather startling.
    4.6 - Analysis (39% in)
  • Director Behrens was neither the owner nor the proprietor of the sanatorium—although one might get that impression.
    4.7 - Doubts and Considerations (27% in)
  • We have called it a basement, but although the stone stairway leading down to it from the ground floor did indeed create the impression of a descent into a basement, this was almost entirely an illusion, the reasons for which were, first, that the ground floor sat rather high, and second, that the whole edifice had been built on a steep, mountainous slope, so that the "basement" rooms faced the front and looked out onto the garden and the valley—a state of affairs countered and...
    4.7 - Doubts and Considerations (77% in)
  • ...and so he looked for other ways to disguise his weakness—for instance, he kept his head in motion as much as possible, turning it to the right and left when conversing, or if he was guiding his soupspoon to his mouth, he would press his left forearm firmly against the table to stabilize himself, and he would even put both elbows on the table and prop his chin in his hand between courses, although he considered that boorish and permissible, at best, in the dissolute company of the sick.
    4.8 - Table Talk (4% in)
  • But it was all an annoyance, and it would not have taken much for him to have given up meals entirely in disgust, although he had come to value them for the sights and tensions associated with them.
    4.8 - Table Talk (5% in)
  • Having given up all hopes and pretensions for herself, Fraulein Engelhart was constantly breaking into raptures about Frau Chauchat; and the remarkable thing was that although Hans Castorp recognized and saw through her rabble-rousing—if not at once, then at least over time—and was indeed disgusted by it, he proved no less willing to allow her to influence him and egg him on.
    4.8 - Table Talk (18% in)
  • But although Hans Castorp was usually repelled by tangled and squalid affairs and even felt repelled in this instance as well, he continued to splash about in these murky waters, taking consolation in the certainty that he was here only on a visit and would soon be leaving.
    4.8 - Table Talk (65% in)
  • Affecting a businesslike tone, he offered his expert opinion about the appearance of this "careless" woman, chat she looked decidedly younger and prettier in full face than in profile, that her eyes were set too far apart, that her posture left a great deal to be desired, although he did have to admit that her arms were beautiful and "softly formed."
    4.8 - Table Talk (68% in)
  • It was also a purely political tactic, a bit of unnatural cunning, that he had called Frau Chauchat "lovely Minka," since it allowed him to continue: "I call her 'Minka,' although I don't know what her real name is, actually.
    4.8 - Table Talk (70% in)
  • —and broke off now, turning up his nose, although he knew of nothing more suitable to replace them with.
    4.8 - Table Talk (95% in)
  • As had been the case with several items in the story, this piece of information reminded Hans Castorp of his own grandfather, who likewise had worn black all the years his grandson had known him, although for reasons profoundly different from those of this grandfather here; Hans Castorp thought now of those old-fashioned clothes, the makeshift adaptation by which Hans Lorenz Castorp's true nature, belonging to a time long past, had indicated its dislike of the present, until in death...
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (65% in)
  • But the universal principle of the law had inspired him from infancy on, or so his grandson would have them believe; and although Hans Castorp was not feeling all that clearheaded as his organism strained to deal with one of the Berghof's six-course meals, he struggled to understand what Settembrini might mean by calling this principle "the source of freedom and progress.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (71% in)
  • And so in that regard, and insofar as the past was concerned, he had praise for Germany, although to be fair he thought his own nation should be given the palm for having unfurled the banner of enlightenment, culture, and freedom while other nations had still lain sleeping in superstition and bondage.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (73% in)
  • But although he paid due honor to technology and transportation, Hans Castorp's own field of labor—as he had, for instance, on that first day beside the bench up on the slope—he seemed to do so not for the sake of those forces themselves, but rather for their significance in helping humankind reach moral perfection, for, as he explained, he happily ascribed such significance to them.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (73% in)
  • There stood ... Clavdia Chauchat—listless, worm-eaten, Kirghiz-eyed; and whenever Hans Castorp thought of her (although "thought" is an all-too-inhibited word for describing how he turned inwardly toward her), it seemed to him that he was sitting again in that boat on the lake in Holstein and gazing with dazzled and bewildered eyes out of glassy daylight across to the eastern sky and the moonlit night draped in a web of mist.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (99% in)
  • Although there were a lot of novel things to experience up here, novel in every regard, very exciting, but also very taxing to both mind and body.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (11% in)
  • I don't have the feeling that I've quite got used to it all yet and acclimatized myself, although that would be a precondition for any real recuperation.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (11% in)
  • ...lying outside in the rest cure—the evening rest cure, to carry the presumption further, in which he had been participating for about a week now, despite the cold, damp weather, which did not look as if it would improve before his departure—although he had learned that it was simply not recognized as such, that the notion of bad weather had no right to exist up here, that no one paid it any attention or feared it; and with the docility of youth, with its ability to adapt to the ideas...
    4.10 - The Thermometer (13% in)
  • Life was just as good for Joachim out on his balcony as it was for Hans Castorp—although he was unmusical and unable to enjoy the evening concerts as much.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (18% in)
  • But now she was paying him a personal visit; drawn here by his catarrh, she gave a bony, sharp rap on his door and entered almost before he could say "come in," although at the threshold she leaned back to make sure she had the right room number.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (24% in)
  • And she would not release him from her gaze, although her eyes kept ranging off a little to one side.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (29% in)
  • The sty is not pretty, although I don't suppose she always has one.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (34% in)
  • And he continued to mutter on, although he did not appear quite sure what it was he meant to say.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (66% in)
  • Joachim asked in a low voice after a while, although he had not actually seen Hans Castorp consult his thermometer.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (66% in)
  • But despite his rather soaring expectations and although he held the instrument under his tongue for a full eight minutes, Mercury stretched himself again just to 99.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (67% in)
  • Because when only the eyes speak, things become quite informal, although her mouth had never even once said "Herr Castorp.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (71% in)
  • Joachim nodded and gave a shrug of his bare shoulders, although he might have protested that he hadn't arrived up here only the day before.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (77% in)
  • I certainly don't claim that we have finer ears up here, although our special training does contribute something.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (93% in)
  • Although since it is always the same day, it is surely not correct to speak of "repetition."
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (3% in)
  • That you've got a little problem yourself—although it's as good as cured now—why, none of us has ever pretended otherwise.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (11% in)
  • But, as we have noted, when it came to the rest of the day's sights and events, he had Joachim provide him a report; he asked him about the festive outfits that had been brought out for Sunday, the lace peignoirs and such (although it had turned too cold for lace peignoirs); about whether there had been any afternoon carriage rides (there had indeed— the entire Half-Lung Club had left on an excursion to Clavadel).
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (20% in)
  • This done, our adventurer felt he had put things in general good order and his mind was at ease; and although tormented by the cough and stuffy head of a cold, he lived each day as it came—each normal day, its established sameness divided into little segments, neither diverting nor boring, and always the same.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (28% in)
  • And although these visits never failed to have a certain dubious aura about them, one can eventually become accustomed to dubious things—if they remain within limits.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (42% in)
  • And, in fact, Settembrini had responded, although very briefly.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (49% in)
  • Although that was suggested to you right from the start.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (57% in)
  • Although I felt feverish from the start, too—because the air here is good not only for fighting off illness, but it's also good for it, sometimes bringing it to eruption.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (60% in)
  • Although they can be energetic, too!
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (69% in)
  • It has always struck me that way, although I've only noticed it just now, after the fact.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (79% in)
  • In short, the dining hall was already as good as full, although the winter season did not begin until October.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (2% in)
  • Young and attractive, from everything she had heard, the teacher replied, although she hadn't actually seen him to judge for herself.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (28% in)
  • But although that seemed to be his final remark at first, he was not at all prepared to let the subject drop and almost exhausted himself asking questions about every conceivable detail: about the picture itself—its size and whether it was just a head or a seated portrait—about the hours when the sittings were held.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (31% in)
  • This discovery also caused young Hans Castorp no little worry, although the Mannheimer's sad, greedy looks did not trouble him as much as the private relations between Clavdia Chauchat and Director Behrens— a man very much his superior in age, character, and position.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (40% in)
  • Frau Chauchat took a seat on a little round chair with rather rudimentary, stubby arms that stood beside the door to the laboratory; she leaned back, crossed one leg lightly over the other1, and stared into space, although the nervous distraction of being watched gave a certain sly squint to her Pribislav eyes.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (51% in)
  • Although there was that other reason too: a polite social conversation, an articulated exchange was quite appropriate for them, because no savage, profound, terrible secret existed between them.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (57% in)
  • Although he would have said, "Certainly, mademoiselle, rather unpleasant," and perhaps have pulled his handkerchief from his breast pocket with a little flourish and blown his nose.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (58% in)
  • Joachim stood up and tossed his magazine on the table; Hans Castorp followed him, although not without some apprehension, toward the door.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (65% in)
  • He dismounted, confused and dazed by what had happened to him, although he had not felt anything at all during the penetration.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (79% in)
  • Which was exactly how good Joachim now looked to Hans Castorp, although with the aid and under the auspices of physical optics—so that it did not really mean anything and was perfectly normal, particularly since he had expressly obtained Joachim's permission.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (92% in)
  • Settembrini had been standing close by, too, a toothpick between his lips, and as they were leaving he said to Hans Castorp, "Don't believe them, my good engineer, never believe them when they squawk—and there's not a one who doesn't, although they all feel very much at home here.
    5.3 - Freedom (15% in)
  • For although in the depths of his soul he was glad that, despite everything that had happened, Settembrini continued to speak with him as he did, continued to teach, to warn, to try to influence him, his own perceptive powers had advanced to the point where he would criticize the remarks and withhold his agreement, at least to some extent.
    5.3 - Freedom (24% in)
  • To be sure, in between such moments, he could be silent, too, if not to say turned in upon himself; for although his attention was directed outward, it was focused on just one point.
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (14% in)
  • But to do justice to the joys, they were countless, and although they arose out of trivial events, they were no less compelling than the sufferings.
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (44% in)
  • Frau Salomon from Amsterdam might sit on the balustrade—hard-pressed on one side by the knees of thick-lipped Ganser and on the other by the Swedish bruiser, who, although completely well now, had extended his stay for a little extra therapy.
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (61% in)
  • ALTHOUGH SOME of Herr Settembrini's innuendoes had annoyed Hans Castorp, there was no reason he should have been amazed by them—nor did he have any right to accuse the humanist of pedagogic spying.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (0% in)
  • Simply mentioning such things causes our own expression to change, and we notice that, although thus far we may have spoken of such questionable liaisons in a light and jocular tone, we did it for the same mysterious reasons people usually speak of them in that fashion—not that it in any way proves the subject to be a matter of levity and jest.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (8% in)
  • However complex the task, it is the sort of work that I can manage even in this cursed place, if need be, although I would hope that I shall not be forced to complete it here.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (71% in)
  • Yes, and at the time I was free to do so, although I thought it unreasonable to throw in the towel just because the local air was a little hard on me.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (76% in)
  • Because actually I was feeling as euphoric as if this were some sort of shindig, although I was scared stiff, or better, I was out of my mind with fear.
    5.6 - Humaniora (17% in)
  • The portrait of Clavdia Chauchat was hung in the living room, next to the window—Hans Castorp had spied it with one quick glance as he entered the room, although it bore only a very distant resemblance to her.
    5.6 - Humaniora (31% in)
  • I don't flatter myself that I handled it all that well, although I suppose we had twenty sessions at least.
    5.6 - Humaniora (37% in)
  • Take her eyes, for example— I'm not talking about the color, although that's tricky, too.
    5.6 - Humaniora (39% in)
  • We are simply describing Hans Castorp's impressions—but although he was especially receptive to such impressions, it should be noted that in fact Frau Chauchat's bared skin was by far the most remarkable piece of painting in the apartment.
    5.6 - Humaniora (45% in)
  • One can even view it in dead earnest if one likes— although, after all, it's not exactly appropriate on a coffee service.
    5.6 - Humaniora (68% in)
  • Hans Castorp, however, had been somewhat afraid of its onslaught, although he knew he was definitely well equipped for it.
    5.7 - Research (1% in)
  • But people leaped right over those six weeks, devoured them there in the dining hall—a mental procedure that Hans Castorp had learned something about all on his own, although he was not yet used to practicing it with the cool grace of some of the old-timers among his fellow patients.
    5.7 - Research (13% in)
  • He wore a short fur jacket over his winter suit, had a woolen cap on his head, felt boots on his feet, and thickly lined gloves on his hands, although those did not prevent his fingers from turning numb.
    5.7 - Research (22% in)
  • But although it was not material, it was sensual to the point of lust and revulsion, it was matter shamelessly sensitive to stimuli within and without—existence in its lewd form.
    5.7 - Research (46% in)
  • But although it could not logically exist, ultimately there had to be something of that sort, because the notion of archebiosis—that is, the slow development of life from inorganic matter—could not be dismissed out of hand; and the gap in external nature between living and nonliving matter, which we vainly attempted to close, had to be filled or bridged somewhere deep within organic nature.
    5.7 - Research (82% in)
  • At some point the division had to lead to "entities," which, although composites, were not yet organized and mediated between living and nonliving matter, groups of molecules that formed a transition between mere chemistry and organized life.
    5.7 - Research (83% in)
  • These were tissue formations—and very luxuriant formations they were— caused by foreign cells invading an organism that proved receptive to them and for some reason offered favorable conditions (although, one had to admit, rather dissolute conditions at that) for them to flourish.
    5.7 - Research (92% in)
  • The books lay piled high on the table with the lamp, but one was on the floor mat next to his lounge chair and another, the one Hans Castorp had last been reading, lay across his stomach, its weight making it very difficult for him to breathe, although his cerebral cortex had sent no order to the appropriate muscles to remove it.
    5.7 - Research (98% in)
  • Nothing—although it was twenty-four hours.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (4% in)
  • One could at least lie down on the chaise longue the other guests had given him, although it was covered with just a cloth, since it still lacked both cushions and upholstery.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (9% in)
  • They called that the last token of love, although it was done more for the sake of the survivors than of the dead man.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (18% in)
  • He looks as if he's sleeping," he said to be kind, although the considerable differences were obvious.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (18% in)
  • But although that incident confounded his good intentions, it was nothing in comparison to the stories told about Herr Einhuf, a lawyer from J iiterbog, a forty-year-old with a goatee and hands furry with black hair, who had been sitting at Settembrini's table for some time now, having replaced the cured Swede.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (30% in)
  • Some diners made for available exits, including the doors to the veranda, although it was very damp and cold outside.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (37% in)
  • Behrens had sent him a telegram—because they wanted to take more decisive action, a rib resection, to try it at least, although the chances for success were diminishing.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (50% in)
  • As they left, young Fritz wept a little again, and although it was only out of weakness, the tears he shed stood in curious contradiction to the dry, businesslike way he spoke and thought.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (51% in)
  • But the local does not go deep, gentlemen, it numbs only the outermost layer of muscle, you feel them make the incision, although only as a bruising pressure.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (67% in)
  • She now had no home, although she was not penniless—her former husband saw to that.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (74% in)
  • We have not yet mentioned Karen Karstedt, although Hans Castorp and Joachim took special interest in her.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (77% in)
  • Continuing toward the main street of Dorf, they saw Little Schiahorn directly before them, and on its right were three crags called the Green Towers, although they, too, now lay under snow glistening in the sun, and still farther to the right was the summit of Dorfberg.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (93% in)
  • ...had ticked ahead one space—not one of the largest hands, not the one for millennia for instance, few people then alive would ever see that happen—not the century hand, either, not even the decade hand, no. But the year hand had recently moved one space (although Hans Castorp had not been up here even a year yet, only a little more than half a one), and like some large clocks with a minute hand that jerks only every five minutes, it now stood still and would not advance again soon.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (94% in)
  • The suggestion had been Hans Castorp's, and although Joachim had some doubts at first because of poor Karen, he had yielded, admitting that it would have been pointless to play hide-and-seek with her, shielding her out of anxiety, a la cowardly Frau Stohr, from anything that might remind her of her mortality.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (95% in)
  • Among some shrubbery stood a little stone angel or cupid, its snowy cap cocked to one side, its finger to its lips; it might have been taken for the genius of the place— that is to say, the genius of silence, but of a silence that, although it was certainly the antithesis and counterpart of speech, and so a silence of hushed voices, was in no way a silence devoid of substance or incident.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (97% in)
  • The calling card, although large, was soon so full on both sides that the abortive attempts overlapped.
    5.9 - Walpurgis Night (45% in)
  • He asked himself these questions, asked good Joachim, even asked the valley buried under snow now since time out of mind, although he certainly never heard anything resembling an answer from any party—hard to say which was least helpful.
    6.1 - Changes (3% in)
  • That her departure was intended as merely temporary, was a departure only for now, that Frau Chauchat planned to return, although it was not certain just when—hoped to return, indeed would surely return—as to all that, Hans Castorp had received direct, spoken assurances, though not during the conversation in a foreign language we have already shared with our readers, but during an interval we have chosen to pass over in silence by breaking the time-bound flow of our narrative and so...
    6.1 - Changes (14% in)
  • ...distance: at dinner, when she had appeared in her blue skirt and white wool sweater, slamming the glass door and gracefully slinking to her table one last time, which set his heart pounding in his throat and almost caused him to hide his face in his hands—only Fraulein Engelhart's sharp gaze had prevented that; and then again, at three that afternoon, as she was leaving, although he had not actually been present, but had merely watched from a hall window with a view to the driveway.
    6.1 - Changes (15% in)
  • The great-aunt gave her some candies, "konfekti" as she called them in Russian; the teacher, Fraulein Engelhart, appeared, as did the man from Mannheim— although he stood off at some distance, watching gloomily; but then his mournful eyes glided up to the window, where he had spotted Hans Castorp, and lingered gloomily there for a while.
    6.1 - Changes (18% in)
  • But although she was invisibly absent, at the same time she was also invisibly present in Hans Castorp's mind—as the genius and guardian angel of the place, whom he had known and possessed for one wicked, riotously sweet hour, an hour quite incongruous with some delicate little song from the flatlands, and whose interior silhouette he now bore next to a heart that had been sorely overtaxed for the last nine months.
    6.1 - Changes (21% in)
  • Both doctors administered the drug, sometimes the one, sometimes the other, although the director was a virtuoso at it, inserting the needle and squeezing the syringe in one flourish.
    6.1 - Changes (26% in)
  • Well, I don't know about the climate in Daghestan, although I'm sure it's less detrimental than up on the coast.
    6.1 - Changes (31% in)
  • Although she does plan to return, or so she happened to mention to me—now how did we get started talking about her?
    6.1 - Changes (31% in)
  • Although the customs duties and postage do hit rather hard, and if you start adding any more to my bill, I am perfectly capable of converting to some local weed—there are some lovely items in the shop windows.
    6.1 - Changes (33% in)
  • And he walked on, wearing those everlasting pastel checked trousers, leaving Hans Castorp behind, presumably "cut to the quick" by so much trenchant significance—and to some extent he was, although he was also vexed and amused by the notion that he was supposed to be.
    6.1 - Changes (45% in)
  • Hans Castorp stirred his spoon in his cup, although there was nothing in it.
    6.1 - Changes (53% in)
  • Longer periods of thaw could be expected soon, and with them would come inevitable changes at the Berghof—changes that not even the authority of the director's word could hold back, although every day, in the dining hall, in patients' rooms, at every checkup, at every meal, he vigorously combated the prejudice that prevailed against the season of thaw.
    6.1 - Changes (59% in)
  • The shoveled piles of snow along the streets and the pallid carpets on the meadows disappeared, although the masses of white had been far too thick to vanish quickly.
    6.1 - Changes (77% in)
  • The visitor in August had long ago become a comrade—Dr. Krokowski frequently called him that when he stopped to check on him, and although, as Hans Castorp remarked to Joachim, that military word, with its exotic r, a single palatalized tap of the tongue, sounded dreadful coming from the assistant, it did not fit all that badly with his rugged, virile, jovial manner, which both demanded your cheerful trust and yet at the same time had its dubious side, since it was always contradicted...
    6.1 - Changes (92% in)
  • They would lower their voices to chat, and although the glass partition did not completely separate the balconies, Joachim next door could not make out what they were saying—did not even try for that matter.
    6.1 - Changes (95% in)
  • Although it should be said that, as a military innocent, he made it quite accidentally, without resorting to any sort of spying.
    6.1 - Changes (98% in)
  • He became fascinated by the passing year—although he had watched some twenty summers pass on earth without ever having been concerned about it before.
    6.2 - Someone Else (8% in)
  • I'll grant you that much," Hans Castorp added, intending to return to the Chaldeans, who had also waged war and conquered Babylon, although they were Semites, and so practically Jews—when both of them at the same time noticed two gentlemen just ahead, who had heard them talking and interrupted their conversation now to turn and look back.
    6.2 - Someone Else (21% in)
  • But although in terms of expensive, sophisticated clothes, ugly Herr Naphta had one thing in common with the cousins, it was more than just his advanced years that allied him with his neighbor in contrast to the younger men; there was definitely something else, too, which might best be attributed to the matter of complexion—that is, one pair was either tanned or sunburnt, whereas the other two were pale.
    6.2 - Someone Else (27% in)
  • Herr Settembrini's exotic pallor, however, which looked quite refined against his black moustache, had been left totally unaffected by the sun's rays; and his companion, although a blond—with metallic, colorless, ash-blond hair that he combed straight back from his receding forehead—likewise had the dull white skin characteristic of some darker races.
    6.2 - Someone Else (29% in)
  • I am more or less quoting him, although his words, of course, were much more graphic and literary than mine, but that's obvious.
    6.2 - Someone Else (74% in)
  • And so, might I courteously remind you that, although the Crusades did stimulate international commerce, they did anything but bring about international reconciliation.
    6.2 - Someone Else (82% in)
  • His Maria Mancinis tasted good again; the nerves of his dry mucous membranes had long since become receptive to the delicate aroma of the brand (a bargain at the price), so that for sentimental reasons he continued to order them from Bremen whenever his supply ran low, although the shop windows of an international resort displayed very inviting wares.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (5% in)
  • He had a special term for this responsible preoccupation with his thoughts as he sat at his picturesque, secluded spot: he called it "playing king"—a childish term taken from the games of his boyhood, and by it he meant that this was a kind of entertainment that he loved, although with it came fear, dizziness, and all sorts of heart palpitations that made his face flush even hotter.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (15% in)
  • "How do," the tailor said in Swiss dialect, although that seemed to match neither his name nor appearance and sounded rather false and odd.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (19% in)
  • Only the low ceiling was more or less beyond help; it was cracked and bare—although a small Venetian chandelier had been hung.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (23% in)
  • He might just as easily have asked "about whom?" but he kept things impersonal as a way of demonstrating his total innocence, although even Joachim knew what was going on.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (79% in)
  • Even Joachim had said nothing to his cousin, although he was well aware of the date on which he had met his "three-week guest" at the station in Dorf.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (8% in)
  • The senses could not avoid that conclusion, and people complained that they had been "cheated out of summer"—although, abetted by natural and artificial circumstances, people had cheated themselves out of it by squandering both internal and external time.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (13% in)
  • Although it does have a look of terrible finality about it.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (15% in)
  • Although I'm telling you that I can definitely discharge you in six months, but not one day before?
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (42% in)
  • He said nothing about Joachim's "permission" to leave, or about his own, although the topic might easily have been addressed.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (57% in)
  • He had a temperature of one hundred degrees, he could not believe he had been officially discharged, unless the director's recent remarks were to be taken as an order of expulsion, although he, the speaker, was unaware of having given any cause for such a measure; he had therefore decided, after considering the matter calmly and in conscious distinction to Joachim Ziemssen, to remain here and wait until he was completely detoxified.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (75% in)
  • At the far end on his left, the hunchbacked amateur photographer from Mexico sat perched on several pillows, wearing the facial expression of a deaf man, the result of linguistic isolation; on his right was seated the old maid from Transylvania, a lady who, as Herr Settembrini had complained, demanded that everyone take an interest in her brother-in-law, although no one knew the man, nor wished to know him.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (4% in)
  • Although this Bohemian was as stocky as a badger and displayed an appetite quite amazing even for people up here, he had been asserting for four years now that he would soon die.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (6% in)
  • Herr Magnus was more talkative and lively by nature, although in ways that had once aroused Settembrini's literary impatience.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (8% in)
  • On such occasions, Herr Settembrini's humor had at one time helped to smooth matters over; but although he sat in the same chair now, Hans Castorp was less adept at this and unable to lay claim to the necessary authority.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (10% in)
  • Such an act of confession might arouse disgust and entailed much self-abasement; all the same, it established, if only for a moment, intimate contact with the desired object, dragging her into one's confidence, into the element of one's passion, and although it meant that everything was over, such eternal loss was not too much to pay for desperate bliss—for confession was a form of violence, all the more enjoyable for the disgust it encountered.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (15% in)
  • Since our intent all along has been to make him no better or worse than he was, it should also be noted that when poor Wehsal approached him privately one evening and begged with ashen words for God's sake to please tell him in strict confidence about his experiences that night of the Mardi Gras party, Hans Castorp had complied with calm charity, although, as the reader can well imagine, he did not permit anything the least bit base or frivolous to sully that hushed scene.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (17% in)
  • Two days later, at around eight in the evening, the same time of day that he himself had arrived—although it was dark now—he hired the same, hard-riding vehicle in which he had seen Joachim off, to take him to the station in Dorf and fetch the envoy from the flatlands who had come to check up on him.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (23% in)
  • ...head back and pointing a forefinger into the air, Hans Castorp elucidated the fields of heaven for his uncle, or quasi cousin, tracing with words and gestures one twinkling constellation here, another there, and calling planets by name; his relative, meanwhile, paid more attention to his companion than to the cosmos, remarking to himself that, although it was certainly possible and hardly crazy to speak here and now about the stars, there were surely several other more obvious topics.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (26% in)
  • Although it accelerated the metabolism, the body was still able to store protein.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (31% in)
  • Such was indeed the vague, yet compelling power that caused Herr Tienappel to stare, quite unconsciously, at his cousin—with his mouth open now, by the way, because he could no longer breathe through his stuffy nasal passages, although the consul did not have a cold as far as he knew.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (44% in)
  • ...suddenly recovered, coughed, and tried to gloss over his inane conduct by any means possible; but he was relieved to see—a relief that contained the seeds of renewed disquiet—that Hans Castorp had paid no attention at all to what had happened, although he could hardly not have noticed, but simply passed over it with a disregard that did not look like tact, consideration, or politeness, but instead like pure indifference or callousness—a tolerance so vast it was almost eerie, as if he...
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (48% in)
  • His tongue grew a little thick as he talked, although he need not have let it disturb him, since his companion's eerie tolerance apparently extended to that phenomenon as well.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (50% in)
  • "Naturally, but of course, to be sure," he was always prompt to say, so that no one would think that, although he might be quite refined, he was rather narrow-minded.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (56% in)
  • The consul, however, was cold, was constantly freezing although his head was hot; and he stopped to consider that if the head nurse had offered him a thermometer, he would have refused it, and yet it would not have been the right thing to do somehow, since it would be impolite to use someone else's, his nephew's for example.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (76% in)
  • He knew that Christian butchers were obliged first to stun beasts with the blow of a club or an axe before they killed them, that this requirement was intended to prevent animals from being cruelly tortured; whereas his father, although much wiser and more delicate than those louts—and with eyes like stars, which not one ef them had— proceeded according to the Law and administered the lethal cut while the creature was still fully conscious and then let it bleed until it buckled and...
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (2% in)
  • During a pogrom, a panic of rage unleashed by the unexplained deaths of two Christian children, Elia had met a terrible end: he had been found hanging on the door of his own burning house, crucified to it with nails; and his wife, although bedridden with consumption, had fled the region with her children, little Leib and four others—all of them with arms raised, crying in loud lamentation.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (5% in)
  • The older children attended the local grammar school; although the intellectual offerings of this institution were sufficient for Leo's brothers and sisters, that was anything but the case for him, the oldest.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (6% in)
  • But apparently, given his adaptations and permutations, he was not as loyal as Joachim was to his—although, to * be sure, whenever Hans Castorp, both as a civilian and child of peace, listened to this has-been or would-be Jesuit he felt reinforced in his view that each of these two men would take pleasure in the occupation and status of the other, as something closely related to his own.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (26% in)
  • On that they were in fierce agreement—as worlds, as orders, as professions; and a child of peace found it worth his while to listen to Naphta talk about the martial monks of the Middle Ages, who, although ascetics to the point of exhaustion, were likewise filled with a spiritual lust for power and did not refrain from bloodshed in order to bring about the City of God and its transcendent world dominion; or about belligerent Knights Templar, who considered death in battle against...
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (30% in)
  • They all had to laugh, even Ferge, although he was still offended by the disparagement of his infernal adventure.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (43% in)
  • For although created immortal, it had become subject to decay and abomination as pan of the general impairment of nature brought about by Original Sin, was now mortal and corruptible, and should be regarded merely as a prison, the stocks in which the soul was entrapped, its sole purpose being to awaken within us a feeling of shame and confusion (pudoris et confusionis sensum), as Saint Ignatius had put it.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (47% in)
  • And as they moved along, they argued their principles with great personal urgency, although frequently they did not speak to one another, but instead each would turn to Hans Castorp to deliver his views, lecturing him, while pointing a head or thumb at the real opponent.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (51% in)
  • ...the humanist could fly off the handle, Hans Castorp quickly told about a thrashing he had once received—-a punishment still administered sometimes in the lower grades of his high school, where there had been riding crops in every room; and although social disparities had prevented teachers from laying a hand on him, he had once been thrashed by a bigger classmate, a lout of a fellow, who had applied the supple switch to his thighs and calves, right through his thin stockings, and it...
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (56% in)
  • A humane prison was a half-measure, an aesthetic compromise, and although Herr Settembrini was a master of beautiful rhetoric, he understood nothing about aesthetics.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (57% in)
  • In oils and marble, the body would be celebrated in classicistic taste—the sinful body, which they rescued from decay, although that should come as no surprise, since it was those same tender feelings about the body that prevented even physical chastisement nowadays.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (64% in)
  • Torture had been abolished, although examining magistrates still had ways of softening up the accused, but the death penalty seemed to be immortal, there was no doing without it.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (70% in)
  • They were human beings like the engineer, like himself—although weak-willed victims of an imperfect society.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (71% in)
  • Settembrini begged for moderation here, although his voice was rilled with passion, because he found it intolerable that Herr Naphta kept talking about the "bourgeoisiosity of life" in such a—God only knew why— disdainful, aristocratic tone, as if the opposite—and everyone knew what the opposite of life was—was somehow more noble.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (84% in)
  • And although Naphta had frequently stepped forward as the defender of "natural instinct" against Settembrini's contention that nature was merely a "dumb power," a brutal fact, a stroke of fate, to 'which reason and human pride dared not submit, he now took up his position on the side of the Spirit and of "illness," for there alone were to be found nobility and humanity.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (91% in)
  • That look reaped its rewards in reality, too; the women, although fully aware of the purely cosmetic and technical origin of such virility, were foolish—or hardened—enough that they gladly chose to be deceived, to be carried away by the illusion, to let it capture their feminine hearts.
    6.7 - Snow (2% in)
  • The mountains were invisible, although over time something of the nearest evergreen forest might come into view, heavily laden with snow, only to be quickly lost in the next flurry; now and then a fir would shake off its burden, dumping dusty white into gray.
    6.7 - Snow (7% in)
  • Hermine Kleefeld, for example—although her lips and the tip of her nose were blue from shallow breathing—loved to appear at lunch in woolen trousers, and after the meal she would loll about, knees spread wide, in one of the wicker chairs in the lobby.
    6.7 - Snow (16% in)
  • Athletic activities were strictly forbidden to all members of their society up here, both at the Berghof and at similar institutions; for although the air seemed to fill the lungs so easily, it made great demands on the heart; and in Hans Castorp's case, his clever remark about "getting used to not getting used" to things was as valid as ever, and his fever, which Rhadamanthus traced to a moist spot, persisted stubbornly.
    6.7 - Snow (16% in)
  • With Herr Settembrini looking on and playing the critical expert, although he knew absolutely nothing about sports, Hans Castorp purchased a pair of spiffing skis in a specialty shop on the main street—good solid ash, shellacked a light brown, with first-rate leather straps and pointed tips turned up slightly; he also bought poles with iron tips and snow rings, and could not be talked out of carrying it all on his shoulder to Settembrini's quarters, where he quickly came to an...
    6.7 - Snow (19% in)
  • Behrens did not even recognize him, although it was a bright afternoon and the beginner almost ran him down.
    6.7 - Snow (21% in)
  • And I like you better, too, although he's almost always right when you two argue and scuffle pedagogically for my poor soul, like God and the Devil struggling over a man in the Middle Ages.
    6.7 - Snow (30% in)
  • Although if he waited until the snowstorm overtook him, he might very well not be able to find his way home all that soon.
    6.7 - Snow (41% in)
  • And although the word certainly can be used pejoratively, even when—or particularly when—a sense of wicked adventure is bound up with genuine fear, if we give it a little thought this much at least becomes clear: that a great many things gather (or, as Hans Castorp the engineer would have said, "accumulate") in the soul of a young person, of a young man who has lived for years as this young man had; and then comes a day when something elemental erupts in a fierce, impatient cry of "Oh,...
    6.7 - Snow (42% in)
  • He was forced to halt every other moment, either to turn for a gulp of air or with head still bent low to blink up ahead—and see nothing but white darkness, although he needed to avoid running into trees or being toppled by some other obstruction.
    6.7 - Snow (47% in)
  • But there was no way; to keep to one direction, the approximate direction of home and the valley, was more a matter of luck than sense, because although he could sometimes just make out his hand in front of his face, he never once saw the tips of his skis; and had he been able to see better, there were still plenty of other impediments to frustrate his progress: snow full in the face, a norm as an adversary that robbed you of air and constantly forced you to turn and snatch for a...
    6.7 - Snow (48% in)
  • He did not choose words full of pathos, although it seemed to him at that moment as if an icy hand had gripped his heart, making it twitch and then hammer rapidly against his ribs, just as it had the day Rhadamanthus first discovered the moist spot on his lung.
    6.7 - Snow (50% in)
  • The only objection he could find to following that example was that he had no burnous and could not very easily pull his woolen vest up over his head—although he was certainly no child and knew from several sources pretty much how people froze to death.
    6.7 - Snow (57% in)
  • Although it took all his energy to climb against the wind, he made for that chimerical something, which often vanished entirely in the gloom, and when he finally arrived he realized—in dizzy outrage, amazement, and terror—that it was the familiar hut, the hayshed with its roof weighted down by stones, which he had now reconquered after many a detour and so much upright exertion.
    6.7 - Snow (60% in)
  • And so he looked at his watch—although it wasn't easy to fish it out of his clothes with fingers so numb that they couldn't feel anything—at his gold watch with the monogrammed spring case, which was still doing lively, faithful duty here in this lonely wasteland, just as was his heart, his touching human heart tucked inside the organic warmth of his rib cage.
    6.7 - Snow (64% in)
  • This was doubtless the spot assigned to him, and he would have to get used to it for now, although he was free to vary his position by leaning against his left shoulder and bracing himself with his right leg, while shaking his left to bring it back to life.
    6.7 - Snow (70% in)
  • It was not a genuine awakening; he simply lay there blinking, relieved to be rid of those repulsive women, although it was less than clear to him, and not all that important, if it was a temple column or a hayshed at his back, and he went on dreaming, as it were—no longer in visions, but in thoughts hardly less perilous and tangled.
    6.7 - Snow (88% in)
  • ...the case might be, whether it was morning or afternoon (but without doubt it was still late afternoon or early evening), there was nothing about the external circumstances or his own personal condition to prevent him from skiing back home, and that is what Hans Castorp did—boldly making a beeline, so to speak, speeding toward the valley, where lights were already burning when he arrived, although a trace of daylight reflecting off the snow had been quite enough to light his way.
    6.7 - Snow (99% in)
  • Although everything can't be just like before.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (5% in)
  • Then Frau Ziemssen appeared through the door connecting the rooms, greeted her nephew in the manner people often choose on such occasions, that is, she pretended to be pleasantly surprised to find him here, although her surprise betrayed a certain melancholy, was muffled by strain and silent worry—about Joachim evidently.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (12% in)
  • Spoke to us as if we were old friends, asked a great many questions, went on and on, although Joachim tells me he never actually made her acquaintance.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (15% in)
  • Even Director Behrens took up the phrase, although his very first move was to saddle Joachim with four weeks of bed rest: it was necessary just to repair the worst damage, to reacclimatize him, and to stabilize his body temperature for now.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (17% in)
  • For Joachim tried hard to keep his eye squarely on October, although certain nodes in his central nervous system refused to obey humanistic norms and hindered a compensatory distribution of body warmth through the skin.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (20% in)
  • ...when they were joined by A. K. Ferge and Ferdinand Wehsal, which frequently happened, that made a party of four before which the two intellectual adversaries could engage in constant duels—and we could not hope to present them in their entirety without fear of likewise losing ourselves in the same desperate infinitude into which they daily threw themselves for their large audience, although Hans Castorp chose to see his own poor soul as the chief object of their dialectic rivalry.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (21% in)
  • Even Herr Settembrini has a genuine soft spot for him, although he must disapprove, of course, of a certain fanatical terrorism that goes with Joachim's profession.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (23% in)
  • Besides the cousins, Ferge and Wehsal were also present, and everyone joined in eagerly, although not everyone was up to the subject.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (49% in)
  • Although one found pleasure in Naphta's concern for the enlightenment of the common people, that pleasure was diminished somewhat by the fear that what prevailed here was an instinctual tendency to shroud the commonfolk and the world in illiterate darkness.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (56% in)
  • As she departed, she left some Formamint, plus a bandage and some gutta-percha for moist compresses during the night; and Joachim made use of both and said he noticed definite relief from these remedies; and he continued to use them, especially since his hoarseness would not go away, indeed grew worse over the next few days, although his sore throat was gone, more or less.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (66% in)
  • ...progressed to a total loss of voice for hours, and given his sore throat, which returned whenever he neglected to keep his throat moistened with medications that increased salivary flow, there seemed sufficient reason to take that ingenious instrument from the cupboard—not to mention the fact that although Joachim swallowed the wrong way with normal infrequency, he did so only because of the special care he took when eating, so that he was almost always slow to finish his meal.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (70% in)
  • Hans Castorp saw a great deal of this innocence and irresponsibility in Joachim's character during these weeks and understood that although his cousin knew, that did not mean it was difficult for him to observe a decorous silence about his knowledge, for his inner relationship to it was loose and merely theoretical; and in terms of any practical considerations, it was all ordered and governed by a healthy sense of propriety, which no more permitted a discussion of such knowledge than...
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (79% in)
  • From then on Joachim assumed a permanent horizontal position, and Hans Castorp wrote to Luise Ziemssen about it—wrote to her from his splendid lounge chair that he must now add to his earlier occasional reports the news that Joachim was bedfast and that although his cousin had said nothing, one could see in his eyes that it was his wish to have his mother beside him, and that Director Behrens had expressly seconded this unspoken wish.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (84% in)
  • Joachim grasped Frau Ziemssen's hand with hands that were as yellow and wasted as his emaciated face, from which his ears, the one minor sorrow of his youth, stuck out more than ever; but despite that regrettable disfigurement, suffering had stamped his face with an expression of austere earnestness, even pride, and he still looked very manly—although the lips beneath his dark little moustache seemed too full now against the shadows of his hollow cheeks.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (86% in)
  • Two deep creases were engraved in the yellowish skin between his eyes, which although they had sunk deep into their bony sockets, were larger and more beautiful than ever.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (86% in)
  • And when he did awaken and was asked how he felt, he would always answer, though somewhat indistinctly, that he felt fine and happy—although he had hardly any pulse left and ultimately did not even notice the prick of the hypodermic.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (91% in)
  • Shaving had become difficult for him, and although he had a heavy beard that grew rapidly, nothing had been done about it for eight or ten days, so that his waxen face with its gentle eyes was now framed by a full black beard—a warrior's beard, the kind a soldier might grow out in the field.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (92% in)
  • His weak heart caused his face to swell, giving it a strained look that made Hans Castorp think that at the least dying must be a great labor, although Joachim no longer seemed to notice it much, because his senses were diminished and he had lapses in consciousness.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (92% in)
  • A story whose contents involved a time span of five minutes, however, could, by means of an extraordinary scrupulosity in filling up those five minutes, last a thousand times as long—and still remain short on boredom, although in relationship to its imaginary time it would be very long in the telling.
    7.1 - A Stroll by the Shore (12% in)
  • But since it can "deal" with time, it is clear that time, which is the element of the narrative, can also become its subject; and although it would be going too far to say that one can "narrate time," it is apparently not such an absurd notion to want to narrate about time—so that a term like "time novel" may well take on an oddly dreamlike double meaning.
    7.1 - A Stroll by the Shore (19% in)
  • What held him back were scruples of conscience—although it was patently most unconscionable to pay no attention to time.
    7.1 - A Stroll by the Shore (39% in)
  • Time, although the subjective experience of it may be weakened or even abrogated, is an objective reality to the extent that it is active and "brings forth."
    7.1 - A Stroll by the Shore (49% in)
  • And although this chapter of our story might, like an earlier one, bear the title "Someone Else," no one need worry that yet another instigator of intellectual and pedagogic confusion has now made an appearance.
    7.2 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (8% in)
  • Robust and yet spare at the same time, those are the adjectives one would have to use to describe him, I believe, although the two terms usually don't go together.
    7.2 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (21% in)
  • As we know, during Clavdia's absence he had moved into neighborly proximity to the Good Russian table, which, although parallel to his own, was pushed slightly forward toward the veranda door.
    7.2 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (29% in)
  • His hands, moreover, were rather broad, but ended in long tapering fingernails; and he used them when he spoke (and he spoke in an almost incessant stream, although Hans Castorp could not quite comprehend what was said) in a series of exquisite gestures that riveted his listeners' interest—the subtly nuanced, well-chosen, precise, tidy, cultured gestures of an orchestra conductor— a forefinger bent to form a circle with a thumb or a palm held out wide, but with tapering nails, to...
    7.2 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (32% in)
  • He waved a dining attendant over—it was the dwarf—and although she was very busy, she instantly obeyed his forceful gesture and took a position next to his chair, milk jug and coffeepot still in hand.
    7.2 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (50% in)
  • And although those who now gathered around him might at first have been drawn to him merely by his rumored wealth, very soon it was his personality and it alone to which they clung.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (4% in)
  • They would be playing for next to nothing, or so he exclaimed when they agreed to his suggestion of fifty centimes as the minimum wager—although that was a great deal for most of the participants.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (32% in)
  • And although I had never thought of it that way before, now that you mention it, I can only concur with you wholeheartedly.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (51% in)
  • But discussion was a habit now, thanks to his democratic mentors—both were basically democratic, although the one struggled not to be—and he got caught up in one of his own ingenuous commentaries.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (60% in)
  • The card game was over, although no one had troubled to gather up the cards and money from the table.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (80% in)
  • And since Frau Chauchat was already moving toward the door to the room, Peeperkorn let this headstrong young man go, although he stared after him for a good while, gazing over both his own shoulder and the Malayan's, his brow deeply creased in amazement at such an act of insubordination, to which his royal nature was quite unaccustomed.
    7.3 - Vingt et un (**% in)
  • Sometimes it was the bark of roots that had such qualities, like those of a vine on the Malay peninsula called Strychnos tieute, with which the natives mixed snake venom to make upas-rajah, a drug that when introduced into the bloodstream, with a dart or arrow for instance, led to almost instant death, although there was no one who could have told young Hans Castorp how it actually did so.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (13% in)
  • Although he always stood pulled up to full height, he did not usually walk that way, but compressed himself somehow.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (20% in)
  • He did not get stuck, but said his piece to the end, came to a full stop, lowering his voice and going his way like a man—although he always blushed and was actually somewhat afraid of the critical lull that would follow his own silence and give him time to feel embarrassed.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (26% in)
  • And you will see people gather around Peeperkorn, down to the last man, and Naphta will be left sitting there alone with his cleverness and his City of God, although he can express himself so clearly that it makes your blood and spit run cold, to use one of Behrens's phrases.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (28% in)
  • I am not at all manly in the sense that I regard other men as my rivals in courting— perhaps I am not masculine at all, but most certainly not in the sense that I automatically termed 'social,' although I don't really know why.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (30% in)
  • In our opinion, it is analytically correct, although—to use Hans Castorp's phrase—"terribly gauche" and downright life-denying, to make a "tidy" distinction between sanctity and passion in matters of love.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (66% in)
  • He is a chivalrous man and can carry on a high-spirited conversation, a. cavalier, although apparently he does not enjoy the privilege of changing his attire often.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (71% in)
  • "A chivalrous and high-spirited man," Peeperkorn repeated without picking up on the remark about Naphta, "although—permit me a qualification—although not without his prejudices.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (72% in)
  • "A chivalrous and high-spirited man," Peeperkorn repeated without picking up on the remark about Naphta, "although—permit me a qualification—although not without his prejudices.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (72% in)
  • There is also a certain rigor in your remarks, a kind of stiffness, an austerity that does not seem consistent with your own nature, although I have noticed something of the sort in your behavior before.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (80% in)
  • I, for my pan, was never able to attain such clarity, although it was clear to me that anyone who found himself in a situation where he must ponder such matters would have to assume certain precedents, or indeed predecessors—though I did know that Director Behrens, who as you are perhaps aware is an amateur painter in oils, had in the course of a great many sittings produced a magnificent portrait of her, with a lifelike mastery of the skin that, just between us, certainly takes one...
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (89% in)
  • And even if a twenty-ninth of February did come to pass, that was solely because a woman can be lured on by the primary choice of the man—to which I may add that I find it rather boastful and tasteless of me to call myself 'the man,' although Clavdia to be sure is a woman.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (90% in)
  • May had arrived—the merry month, if one believes the simple little ditties of the flatlands—but still quite fresh and with air somewhat less endearing up here, although the period of thaw could now be considered over.
    7.5 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Conclusion) (4% in)
  • And although I say 'damned,' it's just a turn of phrase; it's as if I were someone else—it can't apply to me.
    7.5 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Conclusion) (27% in)
  • The hands had turned a blackish blue, as had parts of the face, resulting in considerable disfigurement, although the regal features were unaffected.
    7.5 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Conclusion) (84% in)
  • "My, what big eyes you have," he continued after a brief rhetorical pause, although Hans Castorp's eyes had not widened at all, but simply gazed at the director rather drowsily and absentmindedly, "and haven't the vaguest what old man Behrens might mean.
    7.6 - The Great Stupor (5% in)
  • He had stood quietly in the background while the director demonstrated this new acquisition, and although he had not laughed or shouted bravo, he had followed the performances intently, twirling one eyebrow between two fingers, an occasional habit of late.
    7.7 - Fullness of Harmony (19% in)
  • Except that this was a fruit—a fresh, plump, healthy fruit, that was liable, extraordinarily liable, to begin to rot and decay at that very moment, or perhaps the next; and although it was purest regalement of the spirit when enjoyed at the right moment, only a moment later and it could spread rot and decay among those who partook of it.
    7.7 - Fullness of Harmony (96% in)
  • Of late, however, although the transition had been so gradual his audience had scarcely noticed, his interests had moved in a new direction, toward magical, arcane matters; and his fortnightly lectures in the dining hall—the sanatorium's main attraction, the pride of its brochure—which were always delivered from behind a cloth-covered table in an exotic, drawling accent, to an immobile audience of Berghof residents and for which he always wore a frock coat and sandals, no longer dealt...
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (0% in)
  • His field of study had always been concerned with those dark, vast regions of the human soul that are called the subconscious, although one would perhaps do better to speak of the superconscious, since there are occasions when the knowledge that rises up from those regions far exceeds an individual's conscious knowledge, suggesting that there may be connections and associations between the bottommost unlighted tracts of the individual soul and an omniscient universal soul.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (3% in)
  • The participants—almost all of them old acquaintances of ours, including Hans Castorp—showed some skill, to a greater or lesser degree, although a few of them were totally inept.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (9% in)
  • It was learned, further, that since early childhood Ellen had experienced visions, although at wide intervals, both visible and invisible.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (19% in)
  • They were all vaguely aware of this, and although they were not dealing here with a serious and authentic return to life, but a purely sentimental and theatrical performance, during which one would only see the departed person—nothing life-threatening, really—they nevertheless feared being confronted by whomever they had thought about, and each would have preferred to pass on to his neighbor the privilege of expressing such a wish.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (78% in)
  • The rest of them—Ferge, Wehsal, Herr Albin, the prosecutor, Herr and Frau Magnus, the ladies Stohr, Levi, and Kleefeld—loudly and happily expressed their approval, and even Dr. Krokowski himself nodded with satisfaction, although his relations with Joachim had always been cool, since the latter had proved less than obliging in the matter of analysis.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (80% in)
  • And what followed now were the strangest hours our hero's young life had ever known until then; and although we are not completely sure as to his later fate, although we shall lose sight of him at a certain point in our story, we would like to think that they remained the strangest hours he would ever experience.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (81% in)
  • And what followed now were the strangest hours our hero's young life had ever known until then; and although we are not completely sure as to his later fate, although we shall lose sight of him at a certain point in our story, we would like to think that they remained the strangest hours he would ever experience.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (81% in)
  • We men, if we do not shirk our own humanity, are aware of a certain moment in life when we feel this same unbearable pity—to which, absurd as it seems, no one responds, presumably because it is quite out of place—when we wrestle with a suppressed, outraged "Enough!" although we know it is not yet enough, cannot, dare not, be enough, and must go on and end one way or the other.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (82% in)
  • Although whatever that was on his head cast a long shadow, his emaciated face visibly bore the stamp of suffering and the same austere, earnest expression that had made him look so manly.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (96% in)
  • Two deep creases were engraved on his brow between the eyes, which had sunk deep into their bony sockets, although that did not distract from the tenderness of the gaze that came from those beautiful, large, dark eyes, directed in friendly silence at Hans Castorp, at him alone.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (97% in)
  • ...and sharp tongue, was a man in very frail health; von Zutawski, his friend, and the unusually robust Frau von Zutawski, had had the physical advantage of him, particularly since the two young ladies, who had been in his and Lenart's company, although very amusing creatures, were as easily frightened as chickens; and so in order to avoid an ugly brawl and public scandal, he had bidden Lenart, who had wanted to defend himself, to remain calm and for God's sake simply to put up with this...
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (27% in)
  • And although he did not spare Herr Settembrini, but let the Italian worry that he found Naphta's malice worth listening to, he nevertheless had to admit that it was now out of control, indeed often went beyond the bounds of a sane, healthy mind.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (32% in)
  • For although it might be tolerable if human reason and knowledge held themselves within earthly bounds and treated the subject-object experience as real within that sphere, the moment it reached out into the eternal riddle, into so-called cosmology or cosmogony, the joke was over, and presumptu-ousness had achieved the acme of monstrosity.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (41% in)
  • The thirst for individual freedom had brought forth the bellicose cult of nationalism, which humanitarian liberalism called sinister, although it, too, taught the doctrine of individualism, but from a slightly different angle.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (54% in)
  • Ferge was a long-legged man and he stepped it off properly, so that the fifteen paces at least became a handsome distance, although there were also those two damned cane barriers— which were not far apart at all.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (95% in)

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