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used in A Great and Terrible Beauty

572 uses
  • And Felicity and Pippa.
    Chapter 5 (47% in)
  • Felicity and Pippa.
    Chapter 5 (47% in)
  • Her eyes dart past us where they find Felicity and Pippa a few heads behind.
    Chapter 5 (90% in)
  • "Grace, charm, and beauty," Felicity says as she breezes past.
    Chapter 5 (92% in)
  • In the best possible corner, Pippa and Felicity are holding court with a few other girls.
    Chapter 6 (5% in)
  • Felicity has cordoned off a sitting area and turned it into her own fiefdom complete with exotic scarves that make it seem like a sheik's tent.
    Chapter 6 (5% in)
  • Ann, darling, Felicity and I feel simply awful about the way we treated you earlier.
    Chapter 6 (27% in)
  • "Felicity's mother sent a box of chocolates.
    Chapter 6 (28% in)
  • Felicity is about as bohemian as the Bank of England.
    Chapter 6 (36% in)
  • A shriek comes from Felicity's sanctuary.
    Chapter 6 (43% in)
  • Ann backs out with the other girls bearing down on her, Felicity pointing a finger accusingly.
    Chapter 6 (44% in)
  • Felicity's face is mocking and hateful.
    Chapter 6 (46% in)
  • "What's going on?" she asks, stepping between Ann, who is cowering, and Felicity, who looks ready to roast Ann on a spit.
    Chapter 6 (48% in)
  • Ann has stolen Felicity's sapphire ring."
    Chapter 6 (49% in)
  • Felicity thrusts out her ringless finger as proof and attempts a mournful pout.
    Chapter 6 (49% in)
  • We'll all be victims of her jealousy," Felicity gloats.
    Chapter 6 (59% in)
  • Felicity glares back at her, places a hand on her hip.
    Chapter 6 (60% in)
  • Pippa's mouth broadens into a smile, Felicity's a smirk as they exchange quick glances.
    Chapter 6 (66% in)
  • Felicity steps forward, challenging me, her gray eyes inches from mine.
    Chapter 6 (72% in)
  • A little smacking Felicity with her own petulant story about dear old Father.
    Chapter 6 (74% in)
  • I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself until I lock eyes with Felicity, who is glaring at me with a mix of admiration and hatred.
    Chapter 6 (76% in)
  • I've won this round, but I know that with girls like Felicity and Pippa there will always be a next time.
    Chapter 6 (76% in)
  • "She could have come forward sooner and not frightened us all so," Felicity says by way of thank-you.
    Chapter 6 (79% in)
  • Felicity looks like a girl whose lollipop has just landed in the dirt.
    Chapter 6 (80% in)
  • "It would seem that I am in your debt, Gemma," Felicity says.
    Chapter 6 (81% in)
  • "Not at all, Felicity," I volley back.
    Chapter 6 (81% in)
  • Felicity laughs, giving Ann a quick kiss on the cheek, which makes her blush again.
    Chapter 6 (87% in)
  • Pippa comes up and takes Ann by the arm, slowing her down so that Felicity can slip in beside me.
    Chapter 6 (92% in)
  • Felicity's eyes narrow, but her mouth never loses its smile.
    Chapter 6 (93% in)
  • Felicity sees this.
    Chapter 6 (96% in)
  • Felicity leans over me, the moonlight catching the planes of her face in such a way that she is all wide, hard angles and milky-white skin.
    Chapter 7 (8% in)
  • There's something about Felicity that makes me want to impress her, show her that I'm a match for her strength and she can't win me so easily.
    Chapter 7 (10% in)
  • I find myself following Felicity out of my room, down the long corridor, past rooms of sleeping girls tucked away behind walls that house pictures of women from Spence's past, grim-faced ghosts in white dresses whose somber mouths are tight in disapproval of this little escapade, but whose sad eyes all seem to say go.
    Chapter 7 (16% in)
  • Felicity starts down.
    Chapter 7 (19% in)
  • Felicity stops, turns to me, that pale face taunting.
    Chapter 7 (19% in)
  • "It's only been a few minutes," Felicity says.
    Chapter 7 (23% in)
  • Felicity starts up the hill toward the chapel, the fog swallowing her whole in just a few steps.
    Chapter 7 (30% in)
  • "We have a tradition here at Spence," Felicity says.
    Chapter 7 (32% in)
  • Elizabeth looks to Felicity for permission to talk.
    Chapter 7 (35% in)
  • It's just a way to prove that you are trustworthy," Felicity says.
    Chapter 7 (37% in)
  • Felicity's mouth opens, her tongue rubbing against her top teeth, feeling them.
    Chapter 7 (38% in)
  • Pippa makes a coughing noise in her throat before dissolving into giggles and I can see this is an impromptu request, an extra bit of daring on Felicity's part.
    Chapter 7 (39% in)
  • I think it's an excellent idea," Felicity snaps.
    Chapter 7 (40% in)
  • Elizabeth the puppet looks between her two masters, Felicity and Cecily.
    Chapter 7 (41% in)
  • Felicity says.
    Chapter 7 (42% in)
  • A contemptuous "ha" escapes from Felicity's mouth.
    Chapter 7 (43% in)
  • "Feel your way," Felicity says, pushing me inside.
    Chapter 7 (47% in)
  • Felicity's probably no more related to Admiral Worthington than I am.
    Chapter 7 (58% in)
  • There's just enough time to make the morning's first stop—a little offering of appreciation for Felicity's kindness last night—and then I'm off to breakfast, suddenly famished.
    Chapter 9 (20% in)
  • As I'm late, I manage to avoid seeing Felicity, Pippa, and the others.
    Chapter 9 (21% in)
  • Felicity's clique of girls is clumped together in their seats, waiting for me.
    Chapter 9 (23% in)
  • Felicity sticks out her dainty foot, stopping me in the narrow row between her wooden desk and Pippa's.
    Chapter 9 (23% in)
  • Felicity is all attention.
    Chapter 9 (26% in)
  • Felicity's mouth flies open in horror.
    Chapter 9 (28% in)
  • Behind me, I hear snickering erupt from Felicity and Pippa.
    Chapter 9 (34% in)
  • Felicity is still stifling her laughter.
    Chapter 9 (36% in)
  • Felicity nearly trips in her mad rush to get out the door.
    Chapter 9 (40% in)
  • Mademoiselle Felicity!
    Chapter 9 (41% in)
  • Felicity's French is quite good."
    Chapter 9 (45% in)
  • "Yes," I say, swallowing hard, knowing full well that I would rather eat nails than ask for Felicity's help.
    Chapter 9 (45% in)
  • In the evenings, the two of us sit by the fire in the great hall, the stillness broken only by the laughter coming from Felicity and her acolytes as they pointedly ignore us.
    Chapter 9 (51% in)
  • Felicity tilts her head, pretends to consider the sketch, but I can tell she already knows what she wants to say.
    Chapter 9 (60% in)
  • Felicity turns on her smile, ready to be congratulated.
    Chapter 9 (61% in)
  • Felicity's smile drops fast.
    Chapter 9 (62% in)
  • "Good heavens, Ann, it's just a silly poem," Felicity gibes, rolling her eyes.
    Chapter 9 (79% in)
  • Felicity asks.
    Chapter 9 (82% in)
  • The laugh comes again and I recognize it as Felicity's.
    Chapter 10 (45% in)
  • The shiny-slick hatred I feel for Felicity and Pippa, and all those who flit through life without a care.
    Chapter 10 (46% in)
  • I take two steps closer and jump out in time to see Felicity locked in an embrace with a Gypsy.
    Chapter 10 (50% in)
  • Felicity gasps.
    Chapter 10 (52% in)
  • If I were to tell, Felicity would be ruined for life.
    Chapter 10 (54% in)
  • "Don't tell her anything," Felicity snaps, still trembling.
    Chapter 10 (54% in)
  • Sheer panic passes over Felicity's gray eyes.
    Chapter 10 (55% in)
  • Ithal moves to hold Felicity.
    Chapter 10 (56% in)
  • Felicity turns to me.
    Chapter 10 (58% in)
  • As delicious as it would be to watch Felicity squirm under Mrs. Nightwing's interrogation, it's better to know that she'll owe her escape to my charity.
    Chapter 10 (61% in)
  • I pull the furious Felicity from the lake.
    Chapter 10 (70% in)
  • Felicity and I decided to take the boat out on the lake and she fell in quite by accident.
    Chapter 10 (71% in)
  • Felicity is actually stunned into silence except for a well-timed sneeze, which immediately causes Mrs. Nightwing to fuss and fret in her own irritable way.
    Chapter 10 (73% in)
  • Felicity and I cannot stop staring at our feet.
    Chapter 10 (75% in)
  • "Yes, well, see that you're careful in the future," Mrs. Nightwing harrumphs, preening a bit under Felicity's skillful manipulation.
    Chapter 10 (77% in)
  • I throw my cape over Felicity's shoulders.
    Chapter 10 (78% in)
  • "It's just as Gemma said," Felicity lies.
    Chapter 10 (81% in)
  • Felicity huffs.
    Chapter 10 (82% in)
  • Felicity and I have a secret, one she's not sharing with anyone else.
    Chapter 10 (83% in)
  • She leans in close to Felicity.
    Chapter 10 (85% in)
  • "I do believe that one headmistress is enough, Pippa," Felicity scoffs.
    Chapter 10 (86% in)
  • "Sometimes she is such a child," Felicity says when we're a few steps behind them all.
    Chapter 10 (88% in)
  • Felicity sniffs.
    Chapter 10 (93% in)
  • Felicity says.
    Chapter 10 (94% in)
  • Felicity looks puzzled.
    Chapter 10 (96% in)
  • Felicity gives my hand a pull.
    Chapter 10 (99% in)
  • It means passing up an invitation to Felicity's suddenly open sanctuary in the great hall—thanks to my newfound status as the keeper of her secrets—but there's only one thought in my mind: There has to be a way to control my visions rather than have them control me.
    Chapter 11 (3% in)
  • Felicity laughs and takes on the tone of a fashionable lady.
    Chapter 12 (10% in)
  • "I think it's disgusting," Pippa says, though I suspect she's more put out by Felicity and me sharing a joke than any mention of blood.
    Chapter 12 (11% in)
  • At this, Felicity gives me a sharp nudge in the ribs.
    Chapter 12 (13% in)
  • "I think they are extraordinary," Felicity says, moving her lantern closer to the wall.
    Chapter 12 (19% in)
  • Felicity regards Miss Moore coolly.
    Chapter 12 (28% in)
  • Miss Moore leans her face in toward Felicity's till they're separated by only a breath or two.
    Chapter 12 (28% in)
  • I think Felicity is really going to be raked over the coals for being so cheeky.
    Chapter 12 (29% in)
  • Felicity yanks a lock of her hair and she yelps, then quiets.
    Chapter 12 (48% in)
  • It's Felicity's voice now, asking the question I want the answer to.
    Chapter 12 (49% in)
  • "Please tell us, Miss Moore," Pippa begs, shooting a glance at Felicity.
    Chapter 12 (51% in)
  • Felicity asks.
    Chapter 12 (55% in)
  • "I found it all very interesting," Felicity says.
    Chapter 12 (66% in)
  • "At least it got us out of that dreary old school for the afternoon," Felicity reminds them.
    Chapter 12 (67% in)
  • Felicity loops her arm through mine, whispers low.
    Chapter 12 (69% in)
  • Careful, Felicity, she might use her evil eye against us.
    Chapter 12 (71% in)
  • Even Felicity can't keep from sputtering with laughter.
    Chapter 12 (71% in)
  • Felicity is suddenly by my side, using the advantage of my height to hide her from view, in case Ithal is near.
    Chapter 12 (73% in)
  • Felicity peeks her head out, searching.
    Chapter 12 (74% in)
  • Felicity looks around.
    Chapter 12 (78% in)
  • I throw Felicity a look.
    Chapter 12 (81% in)
  • Felicity can't decide whether to laugh or spit venom at me.
    Chapter 12 (83% in)
  • Felicity narrows her eyes and marches off to catch Pippa, Elizabeth, and Cecily.
    Chapter 12 (85% in)
  • In a moment, they're arguing, with Elizabeth and Cecily shaking their heads and Felicity huffing her displeasure.
    Chapter 12 (86% in)
  • For her part, Pippa just seems glad to have Felicity's attention.
    Chapter 12 (87% in)
  • In a moment, Felicity is back by my side, fuming.
    Chapter 12 (87% in)
  • I've underestimated Felicity's need for control.
    Chapter 12 (89% in)
  • "Tonight at midnight," Felicity says.
    Chapter 12 (90% in)
  • Felicity stops suddenly, like a horse spooked.
    Chapter 12 (92% in)
  • I whisper, while trying to ignore Felicity's fingernails dug deep into my arm.
    Chapter 12 (93% in)
  • Singing, he hops up onto the wall and presents it to Felicity as if I'm not standing between the two of them at all.
    Chapter 12 (94% in)
  • Felicity keeps her head low and stares at the ground.
    Chapter 12 (95% in)
  • I believe you have an admirer, Felicity.
    Chapter 12 (95% in)
  • The girls look from Ithal to Felicity and back again, watching and waiting.
    Chapter 12 (96% in)
  • Felicity's face is a stone as she tosses the flower to the ground.
    Chapter 12 (97% in)
  • Felicity lights candles she's stolen from a cupboard.
    Chapter 13 (1% in)
  • Felicity has managed to talk her into coming, and all she's done so far is complain about everything.
    Chapter 13 (2% in)
  • She reaches for it, but Felicity grabs first.
    Chapter 13 (4% in)
  • There's a gleam in Felicity's eye as she reaches into her shift and pulls out the bottle of communion wine.
    Chapter 13 (4% in)
  • She throws her arms around Felicity.
    Chapter 13 (5% in)
  • Felicity rolls her eyes.
    Chapter 13 (6% in)
  • "You may stop now," Felicity scolds.
    Chapter 13 (8% in)
  • "Go on, then, it won't bite you," Felicity says.
    Chapter 13 (10% in)
  • Ann tries to hand the bottle back, but Felicity is firm.
    Chapter 13 (11% in)
  • Let her alone, Felicity.
    Chapter 13 (12% in)
  • "And no spitting it back in," Felicity taunts.
    Chapter 13 (13% in)
  • Felicity breaks into a devilish grin, and they all laugh, even Ann.
    Chapter 13 (15% in)
  • Felicity is more pleased than I've ever seen her.
    Chapter 13 (16% in)
  • I like the feeling, but Felicity has already snatched the bottle away and sent it to Ann who takes her medicine like a good girl with just the slightest grimace at the taste.
    Chapter 13 (17% in)
  • Once Felicity has her drink, we've all been initiated.
    Chapter 13 (18% in)
  • It's Felicity, sitting up and looking at me, confused, and I realize I'm crying.
    Chapter 13 (21% in)
  • Felicity makes a face.
    Chapter 13 (24% in)
  • "Don't get prickly on us," Felicity shoots back.
    Chapter 13 (25% in)
  • Ann shakes her head, but the bottle is still there at the end of Felicity's hand, so she takes another tight-lipped swig.
    Chapter 13 (25% in)
  • Felicity joins my snickering.
    Chapter 13 (26% in)
  • Felicity sits up so quickly I can still feel the warmth of her next to me, trailing behind her by seconds.
    Chapter 13 (28% in)
  • Felicity pulls my hand to her mouth and bites into the fruit cupped there.
    Chapter 13 (29% in)
  • Felicity raises the apple and my arm into the air, both held tight in her pale fist.
    Chapter 13 (30% in)
  • Felicity snorts.
    Chapter 13 (33% in)
  • Felicity grabs the diary from me, and the pages turn faster and faster as they read, their mouths hanging open in astonishment.
    Chapter 13 (35% in)
  • "We're past that," Felicity says.
    Chapter 13 (36% in)
  • Here, I'll read aloud," Felicity says.
    Chapter 13 (36% in)
  • We all shush her, and Felicity continues.
    Chapter 13 (38% in)
  • Felicity stops.
    Chapter 13 (41% in)
  • "This is more like it," Felicity says.
    Chapter 13 (43% in)
  • Felicity raises her voice, talking over her till she shuts up again.
    Chapter 13 (45% in)
  • Felicity growls.
    Chapter 13 (48% in)
  • " I'm so lost in thought that I don't realize Felicity has stopped reading.
    Chapter 13 (49% in)
  • Felicity is looking at me in a bemused way.
    Chapter 13 (51% in)
  • Felicity holds the diary aloft in mock seriousness.
    Chapter 13 (53% in)
  • "Wait a moment, that's mine," I say, reaching for the diary, but Felicity pockets it.
    Chapter 13 (55% in)
  • "We've got to help you with your French, Gemma, before LeFarge bumps you down in the ranks," Felicity says.
    Chapter 13 (57% in)
  • Felicity glares at me.
    Chapter 13 (60% in)
  • "Pippa's paramour," Felicity says, drawing out the word.
    Chapter 13 (63% in)
  • Felicity laughs.
    Chapter 13 (65% in)
  • Felicity kicks Pippa hard in the shin.
    Chapter 13 (68% in)
  • "Don't be so touchy," Felicity says snidely, but when she catches my eyes, there's a hint of kindness there and I understand she's done it for me, and I wonder for the first time if we really might be friends.
    Chapter 13 (69% in)
  • Felicity slithers off the rock and drags herself along the ground with her hands, leaning close to Ann, who recoils, her back against the cave wall.
    Chapter 13 (75% in)
  • Felicity holds her gaze for a moment, then licks Ann's cheek in one long stroke.
    Chapter 13 (76% in)
  • Felicity only laughs and falls back against a low rock, stretching her arms over her head.
    Chapter 13 (76% in)
  • "Felicity, that's shocking!"
    Chapter 13 (78% in)
  • Felicity smells blood.
    Chapter 13 (78% in)
  • She loves Felicity's brazenness.
    Chapter 13 (79% in)
  • Felicity is up, dancing, throwing herself around like a whirling dervish.
    Chapter 13 (79% in)
  • Felicity shouts with glee.
    Chapter 13 (81% in)
  • She takes Ann's hands, dances her around in circles, Felicity's blond hair whipping at the air.
    Chapter 13 (81% in)
  • Felicity stops.
    Chapter 13 (82% in)
  • "I'm sorry, Felicity.
    Chapter 13 (82% in)
  • The bottle is in Felicity's hand.
    Chapter 13 (83% in)
  • "It needs to be more binding than that," Felicity says, her eyes faraway.
    Chapter 13 (85% in)
  • Felicity exhales, rolling her eyes dramatically.
    Chapter 13 (86% in)
  • Felicity curtsies.
    Chapter 13 (87% in)
  • Felicity breaks Pippa's skin and Pippa screams as if she's been mortally wounded.
    Chapter 13 (89% in)
  • "Go on, then," Felicity urges.
    Chapter 13 (92% in)
  • My finger stings as I drag it softly over Felicity's china-white cheekbones.
    Chapter 13 (93% in)
  • Felicity moves a candle into the center.
    Chapter 13 (95% in)
  • "This is silly," Ann says, trying to pass the candle to Felicity, who refuses it.
    Chapter 13 (96% in)
  • Felicity's grip on the candle is strong, her voice determined.
    Chapter 13 (96% in)
  • This seems to satisfy, for Felicity intones, "O great goddesses on these walls, grant us our heart's desires."
    Chapter 13 (98% in)
  • Felicity passes the bottle one last time and we drink.
    Chapter 13 (99% in)
  • Except for the half-moon shadows under her eyes, Felicity doesn't seem any worse for the long evening.
    Chapter 14 (5% in)
  • "Whatever is the matter with her?" she says, trying to cozy up to Felicity and Pippa again.
    Chapter 14 (6% in)
  • "I'm afraid we cannot divulge any of the secrets of our Order," Felicity says, giving me a furtive glance.
    Chapter 14 (8% in)
  • "I'm afraid I'm otherwise engaged," Felicity answers, crisp as can be.
    Chapter 14 (11% in)
  • She and Felicity lock eyes—Felicity looking grim as a small, unfriendly smile pulls at the corners of Cecily's lips.
    Chapter 14 (16% in)
  • She and Felicity lock eyes—Felicity looking grim as a small, unfriendly smile pulls at the corners of Cecily's lips.
    Chapter 14 (16% in)
  • She gives Felicity a victorious look as Mademoiselle calls me to her desk for closer scrutiny.
    Chapter 14 (19% in)
  • Shakily, I take my chair, looking up only briefly to see Felicity grinning from ear to ear.
    Chapter 14 (25% in)
  • Discreetly, Felicity passes me a note.
    Chapter 14 (26% in)
  • Felicity shields the content of the note with the wall of her hand.
    Chapter 14 (29% in)
  • Swiftly, Felicity passes the note again just before Mademoiselle LeFarge looks up.
    Chapter 14 (30% in)
  • "Nothing," Felicity and I say together, proving beyond a doubt that something is indeed going on.
    Chapter 14 (31% in)
  • "Oui, Mademoiselle," Felicity says, all French charm and smiles.
    Chapter 14 (33% in)
  • When Mademoiselle's head goes down again, I open the note Felicity has passed me.
    Chapter 14 (34% in)
  • Pippa is passing her own note to Felicity when I glance over.
    Chapter 14 (37% in)
  • Something hard and mean flits across the surface of Felicity's face but it's replaced just as quickly with a closemouthed smile.
    Chapter 14 (39% in)
  • Felicity gives me a warning look on the way out.
    Chapter 14 (43% in)
  • For the first time all day, I'm afraid I really will vomit, though it has nothing to do with the whiskey and everything to do with how deeply I hate them at this moment—Pippa, for writing the note, and Felicity for giving it to me.
    Chapter 14 (67% in)
  • Felicity presses.
    Chapter 14 (79% in)
  • Felicity turns to the girls.
    Chapter 14 (80% in)
  • "Shove off," Felicity growls, deliberately using bad language to intimidate her.
    Chapter 14 (88% in)
  • "I don't think Pip would agree with you," Felicity says.
    Chapter 14 (97% in)
  • I'm still smarting from that nasty letter this afternoon and the fact that Felicity is wearing one of Pippa's new gloves while Pippa wears the other, like badges of their friendship.
    Chapter 15 (3% in)
  • Felicity howls.
    Chapter 15 (9% in)
  • Felicity screams.
    Chapter 15 (11% in)
  • Pippa screeches and pretends to beat Felicity with the carnation stem.
    Chapter 15 (12% in)
  • Felicity runs just out of the carnation's reach.
    Chapter 15 (13% in)
  • "No," Felicity says quickly.
    Chapter 15 (14% in)
  • Felicity tilts Pippa's chin upward with a finger.
    Chapter 15 (15% in)
  • With a bow Felicity hands the diary to me.
    Chapter 15 (18% in)
  • Felicity raises an eyebrow.
    Chapter 15 (20% in)
  • Felicity scoffs.
    Chapter 15 (21% in)
  • Felicity lowers her head and gives Pippa a baleful look.
    Chapter 15 (22% in)
  • Pippa squints at Felicity as if she might read the meaning in her forehead, but slowly, a blush creeps up her neck into her cheeks and she's gasping.
    Chapter 15 (23% in)
  • Go on," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (27% in)
  • Felicity applauds.
    Chapter 15 (31% in)
  • "Come now," Felicity chides.
    Chapter 15 (33% in)
  • "Yes, the plot thickens," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (51% in)
  • At the thought of Gypsies, my eyes find Felicity's.
    Chapter 15 (53% in)
  • "I'm not sure that Mother Elena could tell us the day of the week," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (54% in)
  • "I'm game," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (55% in)
  • Pippa sits on Felicity's right, their gloved hands intertwined.
    Chapter 15 (55% in)
  • Felicity pats the ground beside her.
    Chapter 15 (56% in)
  • Reluctantly, I take my seat and join hands with Ann and Felicity.
    Chapter 15 (57% in)
  • "We'll go around in a circle and each add something," Felicity instructs.
    Chapter 15 (58% in)
  • "We don't know that they're Sapphists," Felicity says, annoyed.
    Chapter 15 (59% in)
  • Using all my strength, I break the circle and find myself back in the cave while Pippa, Ann, and Felicity look at me, stunned.
    Chapter 15 (64% in)
  • I think someone got a wee bit frightened," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (65% in)
  • "So did I," Felicity says in wonder.
    Chapter 15 (67% in)
  • Felicity puts the tip of her hair in her mouth, moistens it with her tongue.
    Chapter 15 (68% in)
  • Felicity stands and offers me her hand.
    Chapter 15 (71% in)
  • I can scarcely breathe in this corset," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (73% in)
  • Felicity muses.
    Chapter 15 (73% in)
  • My fingers fumble with the laces and grommets but soon Felicity's thin shift and the soft skin beneath it are both exposed.
    Chapter 15 (75% in)
  • Felicity—this is obscene!
    Chapter 15 (76% in)
  • Felicity's voice floats out to us.
    Chapter 15 (77% in)
  • If Mrs. Nightwing finds us, she'll punish us by forcing us to teach at Spence for the rest of our lives like that spinsterish, sour-faced crew she's got teaching us now," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (81% in)
  • "If you're that modest, Pip, get under the water," Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (82% in)
  • "Suit yourself, then," Felicity says, swimming out to the middle of the lake.
    Chapter 15 (83% in)
  • Felicity says.
    Chapter 15 (85% in)
  • "If this were ancient times, we would hunt you down and put out your eyes for what you've seen," Felicity snarls from the lake.
    Chapter 15 (91% in)
  • "Next time," Felicity says, moving to help Pippa, "we will put his eyes out."
    Chapter 15 (91% in)
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN "I KNOW YOU DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING HAPPENED last night, but I think we should try to contact the other world again," Felicity whispers to me.
    Chapter 16 (1% in)
  • Felicity's mouth hangs open.
    Chapter 16 (3% in)
  • Pippa is standing with Cecily and her crowd, desperately trying to get Felicity's attention.
    Chapter 16 (4% in)
  • Felicity looks over at the fashionable crowd and turns her back on them, rather obviously and deliberately.
    Chapter 16 (5% in)
  • "We are, if you believe Reverend Waite and Mrs. Nightwing," Felicity says with a wink.
    Chapter 16 (7% in)
  • Pippa lets out a petulant sigh and stands sullenly in front of me, throwing a glance to Felicity, who shrugs.
    Chapter 16 (9% in)
  • "Especially if it's a private carriage attached to a good deal of money," Felicity jokes.
    Chapter 16 (11% in)
  • Felicity straightens like Cleopatra's Needle.
    Chapter 16 (12% in)
  • "She's obviously never seen some of those men after a few brandies," Felicity whispers, waltzing by.
    Chapter 16 (14% in)
  • We collide into Ann and Felicity and the lot of us fall to the floor in a heap.
    Chapter 16 (15% in)
  • "Do relax, Pippa," Felicity says, straightening her skirt.
    Chapter 16 (20% in)
  • Pippa gives Felicity a superior little smile.
    Chapter 16 (21% in)
  • Something hard glints in Felicity's eyes.
    Chapter 16 (22% in)
  • Felicity folds her arms across her chest.
    Chapter 16 (24% in)
  • Felicity says with an icy coolness.
    Chapter 16 (25% in)
  • Felicity growls.
    Chapter 16 (26% in)
  • She tries to pull Felicity away, with no luck.
    Chapter 16 (26% in)
  • Felicity moves closer to Pippa.
    Chapter 16 (26% in)
  • Felicity's slap echoes in the room like a gunshot.
    Chapter 16 (27% in)
  • Felicity says through her teeth.
    Chapter 16 (28% in)
  • Felicity will never walk through Spence's halls again without hearing whispers behind her back.
    Chapter 16 (30% in)
  • Felicity gives a cruel laugh.
    Chapter 16 (31% in)
  • Felicity's eyes shine with hate.
    Chapter 16 (32% in)
  • Felicity grabs for Ann's hand, and Pippa and I settle in.
    Chapter 16 (35% in)
  • We waltz near the windows, putting space between us and Ann and Felicity.
    Chapter 16 (35% in)
  • She's just gone and ruined Felicity and now she wants my sympathy in the bargain.
    Chapter 16 (37% in)
  • I have no appetite for dinner, nor do I join the others in Felicity's scarf-draped sanctuary.
    Chapter 16 (58% in)
  • Felicity rolls her eyes.
    Chapter 16 (88% in)
  • Nothing more," Felicity says, yawning.
    Chapter 16 (91% in)
  • Felicity chokes on her last bite of custard.
    Chapter 16 (99% in)
  • "How dreadful," Felicity says, shooting me a quick glance.
    Chapter 17 (1% in)
  • I look at Felicity, who looks at Ann, who looks back at me.
    Chapter 17 (6% in)
  • Finally, Felicity sighs heavily, working up real tears.
    Chapter 17 (6% in)
  • Felicity rests her chin in her hands.
    Chapter 17 (12% in)
  • Felicity is on top of the game.
    Chapter 17 (27% in)
  • Felicity snaps at Ann the moment Mrs. Nightwing has left us.
    Chapter 17 (35% in)
  • Felicity sneers.
    Chapter 17 (37% in)
  • "You seem on edge tonight, Brigid," Felicity says.
    Chapter 17 (38% in)
  • Felicity takes hold of my hand, and I can feel how her skin has gone cold.
    Chapter 17 (61% in)
  • "Of course not," Felicity says, putting the haughtiness back in her voice.
    Chapter 17 (75% in)
  • Felicity shudders.
    Chapter 17 (84% in)
  • "We need to see Mother Elena," Felicity announces.
    Chapter 17 (86% in)
  • Felicity's eyes are a warning.
    Chapter 17 (90% in)
  • "The men," I say, speaking deliberately to Felicity.
    Chapter 17 (91% in)
  • Felicity matches my tone, sending me her coded message.
    Chapter 17 (92% in)
  • "Oh, I agree," Felicity mocks.
    Chapter 17 (94% in)
  • Ann immediately bites at a ragged fingernail and Felicity puts an arm around her.
    Chapter 17 (96% in)
  • Felicity grins so widely, her whole face comes to life.
    Chapter 17 (99% in)
  • I catch Felicity's eye, nod in his direction to show he's there.
    Chapter 18 (13% in)
  • "Bravo," Felicity snaps.
    Chapter 18 (19% in)
  • "Not quite," Felicity says.
    Chapter 18 (22% in)
  • Felicity ignores us.
    Chapter 18 (24% in)
  • But I can't leave Felicity here.
    Chapter 18 (32% in)
  • "I knew you could not stay away," Ithal says teasingly to Felicity.
    Chapter 18 (35% in)
  • Ithal steps closer, toys with the cape's ribbon at the hollow of Felicity's throat.
    Chapter 18 (41% in)
  • "I demand to see Mother Elena," Felicity says, cool and sure.
    Chapter 18 (47% in)
  • I can't look at anyone, especially not Felicity and Ann.
    Chapter 18 (69% in)
  • Along the way, Felicity glances back, taking in the sight of Kartik beside me.
    Chapter 18 (75% in)
  • Kartik opens the flap for Felicity and Ann but pulls me sharply aside.
    Chapter 18 (77% in)
  • CHAPTER NINETEEN "THERE YOU ARE," FELICITY CALLS TO ME FROM A SMALL table where she and Ann are sitting with the old Gypsy.
    Chapter 19 (0% in)
  • Felicity clears her throat, whispers.
    Chapter 19 (7% in)
  • Felicity nods, urges me to play along.
    Chapter 19 (20% in)
  • Felicity jumps in.
    Chapter 19 (21% in)
  • ," Felicity says.
    Chapter 19 (34% in)
  • Felicity doesn't believe a word of this part.
    Chapter 19 (40% in)
  • Felicity tries to get her back.
    Chapter 19 (47% in)
  • Felicity jumps in.
    Chapter 19 (49% in)
  • Felicity tosses another shilling onto the table.
    Chapter 19 (54% in)
  • It's the sound more than anything else that sets me to running, past the Gypsy men, who are too drunk to come after us now, past the protesting Felicity and Ann I'm leaving behind.
    Chapter 19 (58% in)
  • "Well, that's a fine way to treat us," Felicity says, huffing into view.
    Chapter 19 (63% in)
  • "What an evening," Felicity mutters as she walks ahead, leaving me on my knees under the watchful eyes of the owls.
    Chapter 19 (68% in)
  • "Not at all," Felicity adds.
    Chapter 20 (11% in)
  • Felicity and I say in a tumble.
    Chapter 20 (13% in)
  • Felicity laces tiny flowers together into a crown.
    Chapter 20 (13% in)
  • "I'm sorry, Felicity.
    Chapter 20 (15% in)
  • "Perhaps you shouldn't eat so many toffees," Felicity says.
    Chapter 20 (24% in)
  • In Italy," Felicity says, finishing her crown.
    Chapter 20 (30% in)
  • Felicity smiles and it's as if she's turned the sun on us both.
    Chapter 20 (39% in)
  • Felicity turns her sharp eyes on me.
    Chapter 20 (42% in)
  • "Our mysterious Gemma," Felicity says, appraising me a bit too closely for comfort.
    Chapter 20 (53% in)
  • Felicity waggles her eyebrows.
    Chapter 20 (55% in)
  • Felicity lays her head back against the grassy bank.
    Chapter 20 (62% in)
  • "It's the belief that the spirits can speak to us from beyond through the use of a medium like Madame Romanoff," Felicity says.
    Chapter 20 (67% in)
  • "Leave it all to me," Felicity says, grinning.
    Chapter 20 (73% in)
  • Felicity is up, quick as a hare.
    Chapter 20 (74% in)
  • "She needs to remember her place," Felicity says by way of an answer.
    Chapter 20 (78% in)
  • Felicity plops down onto the grass and laces a boot.
    Chapter 20 (80% in)
  • Felicity and the younger girls erupt in laughter.
    Chapter 20 (83% in)
  • "I'm going to strangle you, Felicity," Pippa mutters as she balances unsteadily in the water.
    Chapter 20 (94% in)
  • "Now, where's Felicity got to?"
    Chapter 20 (97% in)
  • "Honestly," Felicity chides, "you'd only be interested in the afterlife if there were a chance to find a husband there."
    Chapter 21 (6% in)
  • Felicity rolls her eyes.
    Chapter 21 (7% in)
  • Felicity leans over and whispers in my ear.
    Chapter 21 (25% in)
  • Like a shot, Felicity is out of her seat, pulling me up by the arm.
    Chapter 21 (26% in)
  • Felicity's plea has struck a chord with Madame Romanoff.
    Chapter 21 (28% in)
  • I don't know whether to kill Felicity or thank her.
    Chapter 21 (29% in)
  • "What a fake," Felicity announces as I join the throng making its way out of the lecture hall.
    Chapter 21 (85% in)
  • This makes even Felicity blanch, and I'm certain to end up in the stocks or the equivalent.
    Chapter 21 (87% in)
  • I can't get around them and I can just make out Felicity's blond head moving farther away.
    Chapter 21 (89% in)
  • My hand is on Felicity's shoulder, shaking her gently awake.
    Chapter 21 (99% in)
  • Felicity reads the latest installment from Mary's diary, but I can't take in much of it.
    Chapter 22 (4% in)
  • Felicity closes the diary.
    Chapter 22 (5% in)
  • Felicity catches my eye.
    Chapter 22 (8% in)
  • "You have to take us," Felicity says.
    Chapter 22 (12% in)
  • Felicity holds out her hand.
    Chapter 22 (13% in)
  • I grab Felicity's outstretched hand.
    Chapter 22 (16% in)
  • Felicity asks.
    Chapter 22 (17% in)
  • "Pay her no attention," Felicity says to me.
    Chapter 22 (21% in)
  • Felicity is holding my hand tighter.
    Chapter 22 (27% in)
  • Felicity tries to open it but her hand swipes clean through.
    Chapter 22 (30% in)
  • "Gemma, you try," Felicity says.
    Chapter 22 (31% in)
  • Felicity twirls round and round, overcome by happiness.
    Chapter 22 (40% in)
  • Far off in the distance, I can hear Felicity's shouts of joy, Ann's following after.
    Chapter 22 (78% in)
  • Felicity says.
    Chapter 22 (93% in)
  • Felicity puts her arm around me.
    Chapter 22 (97% in)
  • It's easy to see that she wants Felicity's praise.
    Chapter 23 (17% in)
  • "Very nice" is all Felicity says.
    Chapter 23 (18% in)
  • "It was a lovely waltz," Felicity says, getting it wrong.
    Chapter 23 (19% in)
  • Felicity smirks.
    Chapter 23 (25% in)
  • Felicity gives a radiant smile.
    Chapter 23 (28% in)
  • Felicity inspects the bowl of fruit.
    Chapter 23 (39% in)
  • "Felicity, please do not eat the exhibit or I shall be forced to use wax fruit next time and then you'll have a nasty surprise in store."
    Chapter 23 (41% in)
  • Felicity shares one of her sly grins.
    Chapter 23 (44% in)
  • Felicity wanders over to some clay.
    Chapter 23 (59% in)
  • She hands Felicity a lump of clay for molding.
    Chapter 23 (61% in)
  • "Of course it's an apple, Cecily," Felicity snaps.
    Chapter 23 (67% in)
  • Felicity throws me a conspiratorial glance.
    Chapter 23 (81% in)
  • Felicity picks the apple from the bowl and finds her bite mark.
    Chapter 23 (89% in)
  • "I see Felicity doesn't complicate the matter with too much deliberation.
    Chapter 23 (91% in)
  • Felicity takes another mouthful.
    Chapter 23 (93% in)
  • We're playing doubles, Felicity and Pippa against Ann and me.
    Chapter 24 (1% in)
  • Felicity throws back her head in exasperation.
    Chapter 24 (3% in)
  • "You should have reached for it," Felicity says, twirling her racquet.
    Chapter 24 (4% in)
  • "But so much is within our reach now," Felicity says, cryptically.
    Chapter 24 (5% in)
  • Felicity rolls her eyes.
    Chapter 24 (6% in)
  • Felicity interrupts.
    Chapter 24 (9% in)
  • Dutifully, Pippa follows Felicity on her mission and soon we're all looking for the September blooms.
    Chapter 24 (10% in)
  • I'll tell you on the way back," Felicity chides.
    Chapter 24 (18% in)
  • Pippa is squawking about the way we've kept vital information from her, but Felicity's eyes are on Kartik and then me with an understanding that makes me feel suddenly like running for cover.
    Chapter 24 (18% in)
  • Pippa whispers something low in Felicity's ear.
    Chapter 24 (24% in)
  • Felicity suggests softly.
    Chapter 24 (24% in)
  • Felicity, Pippa, Ann .... may I present Virginia Doyle, my mother.
    Chapter 24 (26% in)
  • Felicity runs her hand over the delicate threads.
    Chapter 24 (30% in)
  • Felicity muses.
    Chapter 24 (32% in)
  • "Nothing's happened," Felicity whispers.
    Chapter 24 (34% in)
  • Felicity says, showing off her French.
    Chapter 24 (39% in)
  • "I might have known," Felicity whispers dryly in my ear.
    Chapter 24 (41% in)
  • "You are not dreaming," Felicity whispers back.
    Chapter 24 (45% in)
  • I ask Felicity.
    Chapter 24 (48% in)
  • She regards Felicity, who is studying her, intrigued and undaunted.
    Chapter 24 (52% in)
  • "No," Felicity says, retrieving the arrow.
    Chapter 24 (52% in)
  • Felicity hands the arrow back.
    Chapter 24 (53% in)
  • Felicity's smile is bitter.
    Chapter 24 (53% in)
  • The huntress clasps a hand around Felicity's upper arm.
    Chapter 24 (54% in)
  • The word powerful brings a smile to Felicity's face, and I know she's going to get what she's after.
    Chapter 24 (55% in)
  • In answer, Felicity takes the bow and arrow.
    Chapter 24 (55% in)
  • Felicity closes one eye and pulls back on the bow with all her might.
    Chapter 24 (56% in)
  • Felicity's cheeks flush with disappointment.
    Chapter 24 (57% in)
  • Felicity, observe?
    Chapter 24 (57% in)
  • Huntress or not, she's got a tough road ahead of her, teaching Felicity patience.
    Chapter 24 (58% in)
  • But to my surprise, Felicity doesn't scoff or argue.
    Chapter 24 (58% in)
  • "Barely," Felicity says wryly.
    Chapter 24 (63% in)
  • Felicity asks.
    Chapter 24 (67% in)
  • "They're humming," Felicity says.
    Chapter 24 (69% in)
  • Felicity brings her hand ever closer to a rune.
    Chapter 24 (72% in)
  • Felicity's face clouds over.
    Chapter 24 (74% in)
  • "I'd be invisible for a day," Felicity adds.
    Chapter 24 (76% in)
  • "Yes, terribly careful," Felicity chimes in, trying to charm Mother as if she were one of our impressionable teachers.
    Chapter 24 (78% in)
  • Felicity is taken aback.
    Chapter 24 (79% in)
  • Felicity brushes herself off and trails behind them.
    Chapter 24 (84% in)
  • Felicity calls to me.
    Chapter 24 (88% in)
  • Felicity takes both my hands in hers, twirling me around.
    Chapter 24 (91% in)
  • Felicity shrieks, as our bodies lean back in defiance of gravity till we're nothing more than a great blur of color on the landscape.
    Chapter 24 (93% in)
  • Under the tutelage of the huntress, Felicity is becoming an accomplished archer, fleet and unstoppable.
    Chapter 25 (1% in)
  • Felicity says.
    Chapter 25 (7% in)
  • Felicity shouts in triumph.
    Chapter 25 (10% in)
  • Ann starts to retort, but we're interrupted by the sight of Felicity barreling down the hall.
    Chapter 25 (63% in)
  • Felicity is poised on the crest of the hill, pulling back on her bow.
    Chapter 25 (79% in)
  • I can't help wondering what it is they talk about on their hunts or why Felicity tells me less and less.
    Chapter 25 (81% in)
  • Felicity has managed to pierce a small rabbit.
    Chapter 25 (89% in)
  • Felicity is still holding the bloody arrow in one hand.
    Chapter 25 (90% in)
  • Felicity adopts the same ridiculous face.
    Chapter 25 (93% in)
  • Felicity is giggling through her bulldog face.
    Chapter 25 (94% in)
  • Felicity pushes open the door and leans provocatively against the frame, playing the coquette.
    Chapter 26 (16% in)
  • Felicity smiles as if she's only just discovering the world.
    Chapter 26 (19% in)
  • Felicity's mood is dropping fast.
    Chapter 26 (21% in)
  • I dab it behind Felicity's ears and onto her wrists.
    Chapter 26 (22% in)
  • It's a bit disconcerting, this side of Felicity, like having a pet shark that thinks itself a goldfish.
    Chapter 26 (23% in)
  • Well," Felicity says, breaking away.
    Chapter 26 (24% in)
  • Felicity breezes by.
    Chapter 26 (42% in)
  • Felicity is so anxious she doesn't come back with a snappy reply.
    Chapter 26 (45% in)
  • I pass unnoticed through them, down the hill to where Felicity sits alone on a stone bench.
    Chapter 26 (88% in)
  • Felicity says nothing, just sits.
    Chapter 26 (89% in)
  • Felicity stares straight ahead, says nothing.
    Chapter 26 (98% in)
  • Felicity makes no move to come inside.
    Chapter 26 (98% in)
  • Felicity sits on the flattened boulder, braiding the same section of hair, unbraiding, braiding it again.
    Chapter 27 (7% in)
  • The voice, a faint echo in the great cave, belongs to Felicity.
    Chapter 27 (51% in)
  • Felicity ....
    Chapter 27 (58% in)
  • Felicity.
    Chapter 27 (64% in)
  • Felicity's voice expands, fills the space around us, a bell tolling.
    Chapter 27 (65% in)
  • The lightning's back, a big one, two, three of light that lets me see Felicity's face, slick with tears, nose running.
    Chapter 27 (71% in)
  • Felicity's voice goes feathery thin.
    Chapter 27 (77% in)
  • The rain beats down relentlessly, mixing with the strangled sounds of Felicity's sobbing.
    Chapter 27 (79% in)
  • Or Felicity trying to hold back her tears.
    Chapter 27 (87% in)
  • Felicity is beside me.
    Chapter 28 (3% in)
  • "I didn't see anyone," Felicity pants.
    Chapter 28 (5% in)
  • "Will you hunt today?" she asks Felicity at last.
    Chapter 28 (9% in)
  • Tomorrow," Felicity answers.
    Chapter 28 (10% in)
  • I'm suddenly aware of Felicity's face; the gray of her eyes looms larger.
    Chapter 28 (22% in)
  • When we kiss, I'm falling again, back onto that mountaintop where Felicity, Pippa, and Ann are standing, back from their own journeys, and yet it feels as if we've never left this place.
    Chapter 28 (29% in)
  • Felicity and Pippa burst into the room.
    Chapter 28 (35% in)
  • Felicity says.
    Chapter 28 (41% in)
  • "It's the latest from Paris," Felicity says coolly.
    Chapter 28 (45% in)
  • Felicity puts her spoon down hard.
    Chapter 28 (50% in)
  • Cecily opens her mouth to reprimand Felicity, but no words come.
    Chapter 28 (51% in)
  • "Cat's got her tongue," Felicity says, smirking.
    Chapter 28 (52% in)
  • Felicity nods.
    Chapter 28 (53% in)
  • "We could go back into the realms and make you hideously ugly," Felicity says.
    Chapter 28 (83% in)
  • Say goodbye to Sir Perfection and become a barrister's wife," Felicity says, sneering.
    Chapter 28 (84% in)
  • Felicity nods.
    Chapter 28 (86% in)
  • Felicity is having a sudden, all-consuming attack of stomach pains.
    Chapter 29 (4% in)
  • We sit, sheltered by the colorful scarves of Felicity's private salon.
    Chapter 29 (39% in)
  • "Oh, that's sublime," Felicity says, wiping a tear from her eye.
    Chapter 29 (41% in)
  • "Gemma, I want to go again," Felicity says when it's quiet.
    Chapter 29 (43% in)
  • Felicity nods.
    Chapter 29 (44% in)
  • Right here," Felicity says.
    Chapter 29 (49% in)
  • Felicity lifts a section of scarf with her finger.
    Chapter 29 (50% in)
  • But in the next moment we're swept away to Felicity's tent.
    Chapter 29 (54% in)
  • Felicity says, arching a brow.
    Chapter 29 (61% in)
  • "Ugh," Felicity says.
    Chapter 29 (68% in)
  • "What filthy creatures," Felicity says, laughing.
    Chapter 29 (75% in)
  • Felicity gasps beside me, and now I know it's true—the beast is growing.
    Chapter 29 (79% in)
  • "We've got to get them back on the columns," Felicity screeches.
    Chapter 29 (84% in)
  • Felicity shouts.
    Chapter 29 (91% in)
  • "I think I've had enough magic for one night," Felicity says, wiping her brow with the back of her hand.
    Chapter 29 (98% in)
  • NOW," FELICITY SAYS, opening the curtain of scarves just in time for us to hear Cecily's and Elizabeth's ear-piercing screams, followed by Mrs. Nightwing's screeching, "Merciful heavens!"
    Chapter 30 (0% in)
  • "Now, that was brilliant," Felicity says, snickering.
    Chapter 30 (6% in)
  • That display was most shocking," Felicity says, struggling to keep the giggle out of her voice.
    Chapter 30 (11% in)
  • "I've never been inside the inner sanctum before, Felicity.
    Chapter 30 (14% in)
  • "I know another place that's far lovelier," Felicity answers.
    Chapter 30 (14% in)
  • Felicity smiles dreamily.
    Chapter 30 (15% in)
  • Felicity is quick.
    Chapter 30 (20% in)
  • Felicity and I nearly knock each other down in our mad rush to reach the forbidden image before she does.
    Chapter 30 (22% in)
  • "Nothing," Felicity says.
    Chapter 30 (23% in)
  • It's not as if we can say no. "Of course," Felicity croaks.
    Chapter 30 (25% in)
  • "Yes," Felicity says.
    Chapter 30 (73% in)
  • Felicity shakes her head, incredulous.
    Chapter 31 (46% in)
  • Felicity and Pippa shake me till I'm forced to turn over and face them.
    Chapter 32 (88% in)
  • "Let's go," Felicity whispers.
    Chapter 32 (90% in)
  • "Well," Felicity sighs after a while, "I hope you recover.
    Chapter 32 (95% in)
  • Felicity's head shoots up.
    Chapter 33 (47% in)
  • Felicity looks as if she's going to burst into tears.
    Chapter 33 (48% in)
  • Beside me I can hear Ann starting to cry, Felicity squirming in her chair.
    Chapter 33 (56% in)
  • My mouth opens, ready to say no, it's all my fault, but Felicity is quicker.
    Chapter 33 (59% in)
  • Felicity has a hard, desperate look in her eyes.
    Chapter 33 (62% in)
  • Felicity widens her eyes, trying for an innocent look.
    Chapter 33 (67% in)
  • Felicity puts her hand on my arm.
    Chapter 33 (68% in)
  • I can't look at Felicity.
    Chapter 33 (72% in)
  • When the downstairs clock gongs midnight, there's a scratching at our door by Pippa and Felicity, letting us know that it's safe to come out for one last evening together.
    Chapter 35 (2% in)
  • Felicity dangles a key.
    Chapter 35 (3% in)
  • Felicity is surprisingly cool.
    Chapter 35 (11% in)
  • Felicity pulls the half-empty bottle from its hiding place inside a rocky crevice.
    Chapter 35 (12% in)
  • "Fine," Felicity says.
    Chapter 35 (16% in)
  • Felicity keeps passing the bottle, and soon, they're all flushed and glassy-eyed, noses running a bit from the sudden warmth of the whiskey in their blood.
    Chapter 35 (18% in)
  • Felicity twirls around the cave, reciting poetry.
    Chapter 35 (19% in)
  • Felicity is taunting me with the poem.
    Chapter 35 (21% in)
  • Felicity grabs Pip's hand and runs toward the cave's mouth.
    Chapter 35 (25% in)
  • Felicity, what are you up to?
    Chapter 35 (27% in)
  • Felicity howls at the globe in the sky.
    Chapter 35 (30% in)
  • "We all know there's another way," Felicity says.
    Chapter 35 (33% in)
  • "No," Felicity says.
    Chapter 35 (36% in)
  • Felicity cuts me off.
    Chapter 35 (38% in)
  • The huntress offering me the berries, whispering to Felicity on their hunts.
    Chapter 35 (39% in)
  • Pippa and Ann look from Felicity to me and back again, waiting.
    Chapter 35 (43% in)
  • Felicity creeps forward, knocks me backward into the dirt.
    Chapter 35 (43% in)
  • Felicity ....
    Chapter 35 (44% in)
  • "She doesn't trust us," Felicity says.
    Chapter 35 (47% in)
  • Felicity takes her hands.
    Chapter 35 (49% in)
  • "That time has passed," Felicity says, crossing her arms over her chest.
    Chapter 35 (54% in)
  • Felicity unbuttons her sleeves, shimmies out of her blouse.
    Chapter 35 (56% in)
  • Felicity explains to the others, ignoring me.
    Chapter 35 (57% in)
  • Felicity is naked now.
    Chapter 35 (60% in)
  • Felicity holds up a finger for silence.
    Chapter 35 (64% in)
  • Felicity is in the lead, her skin a beacon.
    Chapter 35 (66% in)
  • Felicity crouches low, creeps closer.
    Chapter 35 (71% in)
  • It bathes Felicity in a white like plaster, turns her into a statue frozen in time.
    Chapter 35 (74% in)
  • Felicity climbs up last.
    Chapter 35 (80% in)
  • "We hold hands and make the door of light appear," Felicity says.
    Chapter 35 (84% in)
  • For the first time this evening, Felicity seems lost.
    Chapter 35 (85% in)
  • ," Felicity whispers.
    Chapter 35 (87% in)
  • He takes a step back, ready to retreat, but not before Felicity sees him.
    Chapter 35 (88% in)
  • In that one instant of distraction, Felicity seizes her chance.
    Chapter 35 (89% in)
  • I had thought Felicity dangerous a moment ago, when she felt powerful.
    Chapter 35 (92% in)
  • Felicity is panting, the stick still raised above his eyes.
    Chapter 35 (94% in)
  • Slowly, Felicity releases him, saunters back to join us.
    Chapter 35 (95% in)
  • Felicity gives me a hard look.
    Chapter 35 (98% in)
  • Felicity says, eyes shining in triumph.
    Chapter 36 (3% in)
  • Felicity, please listen, I think we should go back.
    Chapter 36 (10% in)
  • She wipes a finger across Felicity's bloody face, rubs the stain with her thumb.
    Chapter 36 (16% in)
  • "Yes," Felicity says.
    Chapter 36 (19% in)
  • I grab Felicity by the arm.
    Chapter 36 (21% in)
  • Felicity is confused.
    Chapter 36 (36% in)
  • I've got my hand on Felicity's arm, and as if she can feel my terror, she backs slowly away from the circle.
    Chapter 36 (37% in)
  • Felicity can't break away, can't stop staring at that skeletal face, the eyes rimmed in red with swirling black ovals for centers, the sharp, jagged teeth.
    Chapter 36 (43% in)
  • Felicity's mouth stretches into a ghastly O. Like ink, the black floats across her eyes, till they're bottomless.
    Chapter 36 (46% in)
  • I scream, barreling headlong into Felicity, the two of us sprawled on the ground.
    Chapter 36 (48% in)
  • We're on either side of Felicity, running for the river.
    Chapter 36 (52% in)
  • Felicity is coming out of it now, stumbling, then running.
    Chapter 36 (58% in)
  • I slip my arms around her chest, but she's heavy and won't budge, and then she's free, falling back in the grass, thanks to a hard tug from Felicity.
    Chapter 36 (68% in)
  • The wind whips Felicity's hair across her pale face.
    Chapter 36 (82% in)
  • Felicity shrieks till she's hoarse.
    Chapter 36 (92% in)
  • "Felicity, we've got to go—now!"
    Chapter 36 (92% in)
  • Felicity is sobbing.
    Chapter 36 (99% in)
  • Felicity paces past me.
    Chapter 37 (52% in)
  • "Keep this," I say, crumpling the crescent eye amulet into Felicity's hands.
    Chapter 37 (82% in)
  • When I return, I find Felicity perched outside Pippa's room, her back pressed up against the wall.
    Chapter 38 (67% in)
  • When I join the others again, Felicity is staring at the new grave, crying in the rain.
    Chapter 38 (96% in)
  • Felicity can't bring herself to look at me.
    Chapter 38 (98% in)

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