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used in BoneMan's Daughters

35 uses
  • Keen insight, assuming it was right.
    Chapter 34 (78% in)
  • Assuming all personnel are KIA.
    Chapter 1 (89% in)
  • Assuming that she got it, which her agent, Stevie Barton, had all but guaranteed, over five million buyers who received the fall catalog would see her face.
    Chapter 2 (4% in)
  • Like most Middle Easterners, he valued cleanliness far more than your typical westerner—even here in the desert, assuming he hadn't been out long enough to have been driven to a city, the man would take care to bathe each day.
    Chapter 3 (22% in)
  • Assume for a moment that you are God.
    Chapter 3 (50% in)
  • "Assuming God feels anything, I'm sure war bothers him."
    Chapter 3 (53% in)
  • In God's heart, assuming you're still in character."
    Chapter 3 (70% in)
  • "Assuming this evidence of theirs pans out," Welsh said.
    Chapter 4 (18% in)
  • Assuming the man they'd put away really was BoneMan.
    Chapter 4 (23% in)
  • Three: The game assumed that Ryan actually cared whether or not the children died as much as he cared whether his wife or child died.
    Chapter 7 (25% in)
  • What if giving up Celine, assuming Kahlid would agree, actually saved Bethany as well as Ahmed?
    Chapter 7 (45% in)
  • So then, assuming there was a God who made such choices, what would God do?
    Chapter 7 (52% in)
  • Suicide would take too much time now, assuming he could really go through with it.
    Chapter 7 (78% in)
  • Or you can assume that BoneMan's out there, snickering at all the foolishness in the papers.
    Chapter 11 (82% in)
  • "Assuming that Switzer's not our man, I'm left wondering what kind of military man might have killed seven women in the space of six months and then disappeared."
    Chapter 11 (88% in)
  • "Assuming he hasn't."
    Chapter 11 (92% in)
  • "You're assuming that someone planted the evidence."
    Chapter 11 (96% in)
  • "I'm assuming that Switzer's not the guy, which means someone set him up.
    Chapter 11 (96% in)
  • At least that's the way she was viewing the blood evidence—everything she did was predicated on the assumption that Switzer really was the wrong man, which could only mean the blood had been planted.
    Chapter 13 (4% in)
  • "I'm saying that nothing I have to say will help you stop the man, assuming he's still active."
    Chapter 13 (88% in)
  • "I'm assuming it'll take a couple weeks to line things up."
    Chapter 15 (69% in)
  • A blindfold prevented the light from reaching her eyes, assuming there was light.
    Chapter 19 (1% in)
  • "That is the assumption we are all working under at this time," Ricki said.
    Chapter 19 (69% in)
  • An obsessed man, broken by the war, she'd assumed.
    Chapter 19 (76% in)
  • He couldn't be sure it was what BoneMan wanted, but until or unless a better idea presented itself to him, he would run with the assumption.
    Chapter 20 (36% in)
  • BoneMan, assuming that was really who had taken her, had finally come to pay her another visit.
    Chapter 21 (3% in)
  • Or what if the man was less intelligent than Ryan had assumed?
    Chapter 22 (63% in)
  • No. I assumed he meant BoneMan.
    Chapter 25 (98% in)
  • "Assuming we find another BoneMan," Kracker added.
    Chapter 28 (88% in)
  • "Assuming that's what he's doing," she said.
    Chapter 30 (34% in)
  • Why not just tell us now, assuming he's going to tell us anything at all?"
    Chapter 30 (47% in)
  • How stupid of her to assume that because he was a man he would be interested in seduction.
    Chapter 33 (44% in)
  • He was back on his heels and Bethany assumed it was her boldness and unapologetic acceptance of him that he found so jarring.
    Chapter 33 (54% in)
  • Assuming Hortense was in the ballpark.
    Chapter 34 (90% in)
  • Ryan knew that Bethany's life (assuming that she was still breathing, a prospect that he clung to without regard for the alternative) would likely depend on his ability to disregard those debilitating emotions so that he could do what was needed to save her.
    Chapter 35 (8% in)

There are no more uses of "assume" in BoneMan's Daughters.

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