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used in The Remains of the Day

33 uses
  • However, I am not at all certain now as to the actual circumstances which had led me to be standing thus in the back corridor.
    4a — Day 4 - Afternoon (33% in)
  • I thus contented myself by saying simply: "It has been my privilege to see the best of England over the years, sir, within these very walls."
    Prologue (9% in)
  • For it had occurred to me that the proposed trip in the car could be put to good professional use; that is to say, I could drive to the West Country and call on Miss Kenton in passing, thus exploring at first-hand the substance of her wish to return to employment here at Darlington Hall.
    Prologue (42% in)
  • It was thus that I had been able to gain some sense of the sort of place Miss Kenton had gone to live her married life.
    Prologue (53% in)
  • I suppose I must have been intending to explain to Mr Farraday how I would thus be able to explore an option which might prove the ideal solution to our present small problems here in this house.
    Prologue (63% in)
  • I looked forward to the visit not only because visitors from Lord Darlington's days are most rare now - Mr Farraday's circle, naturally, being quite different from his lordship's - but also because I presumed Mr Graham would accompany Sir James as of old, and I would thus be able to get his opinion on this question of bantering.
    Prologue (95% in)
  • Much of the power and prestige it went on to gain derived from the fact that unlike other such organizations which have come and gone, it managed to keep its numbers extremely low, thus giving this claim some credibility.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (41% in)
  • Mr Graham would always take the view that this 'dignity' was something like a woman's beauty and it was thus pointless to attempt to analyse it.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (48% in)
  • If I try, then, to describe to you what I believe made my father thus distinguished, I may in this way convey my idea of what 'dignity' is.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (59% in)
  • Mr Silvers, however, had remembered the significance the visit would have for my father, and had thus called him in to offer him the option of taking several days' leave for the duration of the General's stay.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (85% in)
  • My father thus replied to the effect that while he was most grateful that his feelings had been taken in to account, Mr Silvers could be assured that service would be provided to the usual standards.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (85% in)
  • My father, appreciating his employer's position, volunteered immediately to take the General, and thus was obliged to suffer intimate proximity for four days with the man he detested.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (88% in)
  • Continentals - and by and large the Celts, as you will no doubt agree - are as a rule unable to control themselves in moments of strong emotion, and are thus unable to maintain a professional demeanour other than in the least challenging of situations.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (95% in)
  • I am thus asking you to step outside this door and see for yourself.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (16% in)
  • I thus made my way as quietly as possible to a position from which I could execute such a march, and clutching my implements firmly about me, succeeded in propelling myself through the doorway and several paces down the corridor before a somewhat astonished Miss Kenton could recover her wits.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (18% in)
  • In the end, I judged the best option to be to talk in the privacy of his room, thus giving him the opportunity to ponder his new situation in solitude once I took my leave.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (27% in)
  • Furthermore, it became clear that a number of the parties would be arriving some time before the three days set aside for the conference, thus giving themselves time to prepare their ground and gauge the mood of fellow guests, though their exact arrival dates were, again, uncertain.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (48% in)
  • I thus set about preparing for the days ahead as, I imagine, a general might prepare for a battle: I devised with utmost care a special staff plan anticipating all sorts of eventualities; I analysed where our weakest points lay and set about making contingency plans to fall back upon in the event of these points giving way; I even gave the staff a military-style 'pep-talk', impressing upon them that, for all their having to work at an exhausting rate, they could feel great pride in...
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (49% in)
  • As ever, little was done to conceal anything from me as I went in and out of the various rooms in which these gentlemen sat deep in discussion, and I thus could not avoid gaining a certain impression of the general mood at this stage of the proceedings.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (54% in)
  • Coming upon me as it did, however, in the midst of such a busy period, I could not afford to let it preoccupy me unduly, and I thus decided I should resolve it at the earliest opportunity.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (58% in)
  • I thus started the engine again and was partially reassured to find that the smell seemed not as powerful as before.
    2a — Day 2 - Afternoon (36% in)
  • I thus searched my imagination and eventually declared: "A local variation on the cock crow, no doubt."
    3m — Day 3 - Morning (9% in)
  • I thus gave no indication of having had a disturbed night when I thanked the landlord and took my leave to explore the market town of Taunton.
    3m — Day 3 - Morning (26% in)
  • I thus said to her during one of our cocoa sessions, in an ironic tone of voice: "Miss Kenton, I'd rather expected you to have handed in your notice by now," accompanying this with a light laugh.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (9% in)
  • I thus thought it opportune to relate at this point, as precisely as possible, what had taken place earlier between myself and Lord Darlington.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (14% in)
  • Thus it was that I came to accept the kind hospitality of Mr and Mrs Taylor.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (34% in)
  • I cannot recall precisely what I said, but I remember showing Miss Kenton out of my pantry quite firmly and the episode was thus brought to a close.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (40% in)
  • Of course, she never took more time than her entitlement, and thus I felt it improper to inquire further concerning these outings of hers.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (45% in)
  • I thus judged it best simply to smile and say: "Of course, you're quite correct.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (73% in)
  • There was open, hearty laughter at this remark, during which his lordship muttered: "Thank you, Stevens," thus enabling me to take my leave.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (91% in)
  • My own table is on the village square side of the room and I have thus spent much of the past hour watching the rain falling on the square, and upon the Ford and one or two other vehicles stationed outside.
    4a — Day 4 - Afternoon (4% in)
  • At the same time, it had never been Mr Cardinal's habit to turn up to dinner without any prior warning, and I was thus a little surprised when on answering the door that evening I found him standing there, his briefcase cradled in both arms.
    4a — Day 4 - Afternoon (37% in)
  • I started to walk away again, but then when I had all but reached the doors out to the corridor, I heard Miss Kenton say: "Mr Stevens," and thus turned once more.
    4a — Day 4 - Afternoon (60% in)

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