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used in The Remains of the Day

22 uses
  • And although we continued our habit of meeting for cocoa in the evening, the sessions tended to be brief and unfriendly.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (9% in)
  • On this occasion, in fact, a reply of sorts did occur to me as I stood up there on the ladder; a reply to the effect that those of our profession, although we did not see a great deal of the country in the sense of touring the countryside and visiting picturesque sites, did actually 'see' more of England than most, placed as we were in houses where the greatest ladies and gentlemen of the land gathered.
    Prologue (7% in)
  • I immediately set about trying to fulfil Mr Farraday's wishes, but as you know, finding recruits of a satisfactory standard is no easy task nowadays, and although I was pleased to hire Rosemary and Agnes on Mrs Clements' recommendation, I had got no further by the time I came to have my first business meeting with Mr Farraday during the short preliminary visit he made to our shores in the spring of last year.
    Prologue (20% in)
  • Although I did my best not to, something of my scepticism must have betrayed itself, for Mr Farraday then added, as though for reassurance, that were it to prove necessary, then an additional member of staff could be hired.
    Prologue (26% in)
  • I fear, however, that in my anxiety to win the support of Mrs Clements and the girls, I did not perhaps assess quite as stringently my own limitations; and although my experience and customary caution in such matters prevented my giving myself more than I could actually carry out, I was perhaps negligent over this question of allowing myself a margin.
    Prologue (37% in)
  • Nevertheless, I considered most carefully what might be the most opportune occasion to bring the matter up with him; for although I would not for one moment, as I say, suspect Mr Farraday of inconsistency, it nevertheless made sense not to broach the topic when he was preoccupied or distracted.
    Prologue (57% in)
  • I would like to have discovered what had become of Mr Graham, for although we had not known each other well, I would say we had got on on those occasions we had met.
    Prologue (96% in)
  • On inquiring where the bathroom was, the woman told me in a timid voice that although it was the door facing mine, there would be no hot water available until after supper.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (19% in)
  • For although I am sure he never had the chance to encounter a tiger beneath the dining table, when I think over all that I know or have heard concerning him, I can think of at least several instances of his displaying in abundance that very quality he so admired in the butler of his story.
    1e — Day 1 - Evening (66% in)
  • She begins one sentence: 'Although I have no idea how I shall usefully fill the remainder of my life... ' And again, elsewhere, she writes: 'The rest of my life stretches out as an emptiness before me.'
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (4% in)
  • Although he was still, of course, a professional of the highest class, he was now in his seventies and much ravaged by arthritis and other ailments.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (8% in)
  • Then, not more than a week later, I was coming down the back corridor from the kitchen when Miss Kenton came out of her parlour and uttered a statement she had clearly been rehearsing; this was something to the effect that although she felt most uncomfortable drawing my attention to errors made by my staff, she and I had to work as a team, and she hoped I would not feel inhibited to do similarly should I notice errors made by female staff.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (15% in)
  • It is important to be reminded, moreover, that although Darlington Hall was to witness many more events of equal gravity over the fifteen or so years that followed, that conference of March 1923 was the first of them; one was, one supposes, relatively inexperienced, and inclined to leave little to chance.
    2m — Day 2 - Morning (36% in)
  • Although of course I made no deliberate attempt to overhear, I could not help but get the gist of what was being said, and was surprised by the extent of my employer's knowledge, which, despite the occasional infelicity, betrayed a deep enthusiasm for English ways.
    2a — Day 2 - Afternoon (73% in)
  • Indeed, although one could not see out far that day on account of the encroaching mist, and the daylight too was rapidly fading by this stage, obliging Miss Kenton to hold her needlework up to the last of it, I remember our often breaking off from our respective activities simply to gaze out at the views around us.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (13% in)
  • For instance, although she continued to discharge her professional duties with all her usual diligence, her general mood tended to undergo swings of a sort I had hitherto never witnessed.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (47% in)
  • For instance, Miss Kenton, although the crockery is being washed to as high a standard as ever, I have noticed it is being replaced on the kitchen shelves in a manner which, while not obviously dangerous, would nevertheless over time result in more breakages than necessary.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (60% in)
  • "In fact," I said, "although it has been extremely enjoyable to meet you all, I must confess I'm beginning to feel rather exhausted... " "Of course, sir," Mrs Taylor said, "you must be very tired.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (80% in)
  • Although one sympathizes to some extent with the idealism contained in such an argument, there can be little doubt that it is the result, like Mr Smith's sentiments tonight, of misguided thinking.
    3e — Day 3 - Evening (97% in)
  • For instance, I learnt that her marriage was not in quite as parlous a state as might have been supposed from her letter; that although she had indeed left her home for a period of four or five days - during which time the letter I received had been composed she had returned home and Mr. Benn had been very pleased to have her back.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (18% in)
  • Although I explained that it was unlikely I would pass through that part of Dorset, Miss Kenton continued to press me, saying: "Catherine's heard all about you, Mr Stevens.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (22% in)
  • At this point, I thought it appropriate to reveal my identity, and although I am not sure 'Darlington Hall' meant anything to him, my companion seemed suitably impressed.
    6e — Day 6 - Evening (71% in)

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