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used in Light in August

14 uses
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sheered to the left
change direction abruptly; or to cause such a change of direction — (usually said of a boat)
  • But the horse slowed, sheering into the curb.
    Chapter 9 (49% in)

There are no more uses of "sheer" flagged with this meaning in Light in August.

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?  —13 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • I tell you, they were not men after spoils and glory; they were boys riding the sheer tremendous tidal wave of desperate living.
    Chapter 20 (64% in)
  • And then Christmas would turn and with that still, sullen face of his walk out of whatever small gathering the sheer empty sound of Brown's voice had surrounded them with, with Brown following, still laughing and talking.
    Chapter 2 (40% in)
  • That she had never been away from Jefferson for a longer period than six months at any time and these only at wide intervals filled with homesickness for the sheer boards and nails, the earth and trees and shrubs, which composed the place which was a foreign land to her and her people; when she spoke even now, after forty years, among the slurred consonants and the flat vowels of the land where her life had been cast, New England talked as plainly as it did in the speech of her kin who...
    Chapter 11 (37% in)
  • But something held him, as the fatalist can always be held: by curiosity, pessimism, by sheer inertia.
    Chapter 12 (15% in)
  • So when he now came to her, after the passive and cold and seemly transports of sheer habit she began to speak of a child.
    Chapter 12 (29% in)
  • Perhaps it was sheer and instinctive feminine cunning and indirection, perhaps not.
    Chapter 12 (29% in)
  • They were gathering now about the sheriff and the deputy and the negro, with avid eyes upon which the sheer prolongation of empty flames had begun to pall, with faces identical one with another.
    Chapter 13 (13% in)
  • His mouth is open, the loose and flabby flesh sagging away from the round orifice in which the stained lower teeth show, and from the still fine nose which alone age, the defeat of sheer years, has not changed.
    Chapter 16 (3% in)
  • He speaks loudly, as if he had anticipated having to drown the other's voice by sheer volume.
    Chapter 16 (40% in)
  • He believes her, but he wants to corroborate the information for the sheer pleasure of hearing it again.
    Chapter 17 (94% in)
  • Some believed it to have been sheer chance; others said that the man had shown wisdom, since he would not have been suspected of being in the minister's house at all if someone had not seen him run across the back yard and run into the kitchen.
    Chapter 19 (2% in)
  • It was some throwback to the austere and not dim times not so long passed, when a man in that country had little of himself to waste and little time to do it in, and had to guard and protect that little not only from nature but from man too, by means of a sheer fortitude that did not offer, in his lifetime anyway, physical ease for reward.
    Chapter 20 (26% in)
  • ...ever did, have ever done,' he thinks, thinking of the faces: the faces of old men naturally dubious of his youth and jealous of the church which they were putting into his hands almost as a father surrenders a bride: the faces of old men lined by that sheer accumulation of frustration and doubt which is so often the other side of the picture of hale and respected full years—the side, by the way, which the subject and proprietor of the picture has to look at, cannot escape looking at.
    Chapter 20 (75% in)

There are no more uses of "sheer" in Light in August.

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