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used in The Bourne Identity

43 uses
  • Wherever he goes, regardless of the identity he assumes or the success of his cover, he'll be guarded around the clock.
    Chapter 35 (94% in)
  • I assume you'll require the usual conditions of your stay with us?
    Chapter 4 (30% in)
  • He pulled her alongside him, forcing her to the left, breaking into a run, assuming the direction was toward the rear of the Carillon du Lac, hoping he'd find the exit.
    Chapter 5 (82% in)
  • He had not fully thought out his moves, but was operating on two assumptions.
    Chapter 6 (29% in)
  • He placed it on the seat beside him, then reached for the ignition, assuming the key that had unlocked the door was the proper one.
    Chapter 8 (40% in)
  • For the trunk, he assumed.
    Chapter 8 (41% in)
  • That's the one thing I am, Mr. Bourne-I assume it's Bourne, it's what he called you.
    Chapter 9 (53% in)
  • No. They'd been at the Bertinelli lecture, and if they had recognized me up on the stage with you, I assumed they'd given my name to the police.
    Chapter 9 (56% in)
  • Marie had said she wanted to help him; he had accepted, assuming she was driven by false gratitude into staying with him for a day or so-and he was grateful for that.
    Chapter 10 (22% in)
  • He had been picked up at sea five months ago, his port of origin assumed to have been Marseilles.
    Chapter 11 (16% in)
  • I assumed that someone had been bribed to forward information.
    Chapter 12 (63% in)
  • I assume Peter told you I might need some help.
    Chapter 12 (77% in)
  • I assume they're in the size twelve range.
    Chapter 14 (36% in)
  • At least I assume its Chernak.
    Chapter 15 (33% in)
  • You assume Cain's used Chernak; you don't know it for certain any more than we do.
    Chapter 15 (40% in)
  • But I assume it's the beginning of one.
    Chapter 16 (3% in)
  • I don't care where they're buried-and I'm damn sure you don't want them made public-but I assume records were kept.
    Chapter 16 (35% in)
  • Eight of us regrouped on the ground; two, we assumed, had not survived the jump.
    Chapter 16 (74% in)
  • So Bourne dropped back a letter and assumed 'Cain.'
    Chapter 16 (90% in)
  • According to "unnamed sources," an American male holding the proper codes transferred millions to a bank in Paris, assigning the new account to specific individuals who were to assume rights of possession.
    Chapter 18 (86% in)
  • I thought the assumption of undercover was that discovery was less probable.
    Chapter 19 (36% in)
  • Assuming you're right, why wasn't the entire reference deleted?
    Chapter 19 (53% in)
  • I assume by the newspapers you're referring to the Canadian woman.
    Chapter 19 (55% in)
  • Another, whom I'm told often assumes a religious habit, sends you his congratulations.
    Chapter 20 (60% in)
  • Beyond that, assuming the worst, he would hardly ask for his own execution.
    Chapter 22 (45% in)
  • They drove back to Paris on the assumption that they would be far less obvious among the crowds of the city than in an isolated country inn.
    Chapter 23 (71% in)
  • Am I to assume I'm taking the place of Parc Monceau?
    Chapter 28 (73% in)
  • I assume you've taken measures to have it watched-even now at the moment-and followed-even now at the moment.
    Chapter 28 (76% in)
  • It's to be assumed you recognized me.
    Chapter 30 (17% in)
  • The ego speaking through the assumed second party?
    Chapter 30 (72% in)
  • He could not; certain things had to be. assumed, his own loss passed over, no indication given.
    Chapter 30 (81% in)
  • Surely, you were the most capable I knew, so I assumed you drove a hard bargain.
    Chapter 30 (83% in)
  • Blind recipients he had assumed were intrinsic to the Monk's strategy.
    Chapter 31 (59% in)
  • You know that and I know that-at least we can assume it-but they don't know that.
    Chapter 32 (3% in)
  • They could assume too, couldn't they?
    Chapter 32 (4% in)
  • You found the negative with only a number on it and right away you assumed the name of Jason Bourne.
    Chapter 32 (71% in)
  • If d'Anjou had gotten out of France, Carlos could assume the worst; if the man from Medusa had not, the assassin would know the worst.
    Chapter 33 (22% in)
  • You assume the guilt for a crime you did not commit?
    Chapter 33 (60% in)
  • Could such a man under these circumstances begin to ... believe he's the decoy, assume the characteristics, absorb the mocked dossier to the point where he believes it's him?
    Chapter 34 (40% in)
  • It's not just your man assuming the role of the decoy, but the decoy himself transferring his identity to the one he's after.
    Chapter 34 (43% in)
  • Assuming the target was also aware of it, or that he'd communicated it through his transference, yes.
    Chapter 34 (48% in)
  • None of you would listen ... You sent a man out in deep cover for three years-three years-to pull in Carlos, and when the strategy broke, you assumed the worst.
    Chapter 34 (87% in)
  • Assuming I knew whom to go to, would you have listened to me?
    Chapter 35 (55% in)

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