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used in Misery

56 uses
  • The writer's scenano was that Annie was still alive, although he understood this was only make-believe.
    Part 4 — Goddess (62% in)
  • Then the awareness that, although the pain was constant, it was sometimes buried by an uneasy compromise which he supposed was relief.
    Part 1 — Annie (4% in)
  • These things all came at widely spaced intervals, but then as the pain itself began not to recede but to erode (as that Revere Beach piling must itself have eroded, he thought, because nothing is forever , although the child he had been would have scoffed at such heresy), outside things began to impinge more rapidly until the objective world, with all its freight of memory, experience, and prejudice, had pretty much re-established itself.
    Part 1 — Annie (4% in)
  • 'We are going to be very happy here,' she said, and although a bolt of horror ripped into his heart, Paul still did not open his eyes.
    Part 1 — Annie (19% in)
  • Although I rather suspect that you may go into a coma before too long; I believe you are in a near-comatose state now, and I have had a lot of ....
    Part 1 — Annie (44% in)
  • Because of his researches for Misery, he had rather more than a layman's understanding of neurosis and psychosis, and he knew that although a borderline psychotic might have alternating periods of deep depression and almost aggressive cheerfulness and hilarity, the puffed and infected ego underlay all, positive that all eyes were upon him or her, positive that he or she was staffing in a great drama; the outcome was a thing for which untold millions waited with held breath.
    Part 1 — Annie (55% in)
  • But there will come a day , and it won't be long, either, although it may seem longer to you than it really is , when it hurts a little less.
    Part 1 — Annie (62% in)
  • 'Although I suspect we may have to put off the actual start of Misery's Retum for a day .... or two .... perhaps even three.
    Part 1 — Annie (76% in)
  • Although he had no way of telling for sure, he thought he was out longer this second time.
    Part 1 — Annie (82% in)
  • Although he knew it was too soon to be feeling any relief, he did feel it , having the pills, it seemed, was even more important than taking the pills.
    Part 1 — Annie (87% in)
  • They looked to him about as they had when he had first seen them , although he had been looking at them through a haze of pain and could not be completely sure but he knew that the piles of boxes might not be as random as they had looked, oh, not at all.
    Part 1 — Annie (88% in)
  • Although the curtains guarding the bow windows were only half,drawn, affording a lovely view of the mountains, the room seemed too dark , because its colors were too dark, he thought.
    Part 1 — Annie (90% in)
  • And although that set the panicky little voice of his lesser self to squealing again that he was caught and might as well give it up, might as well confess and hope for her mercy, he managed to meet her suspicious gaze with an ironic weariness.
    Part 1 — Annie (97% in)
  • He nodded, although the truth was that he could not feel anything , this medication on top of what he'd already given himself was rolling him toward unconsciousness at an alarming rate, and he was beginning to see the room through gauzy layers of gray.
    Part 1 — Annie (99% in)
  • Although Ian Carmichael would not have moved from Little Dunthorpe for all the jewels in the Queen's treasury, he had to admit to himself that when it rained in Cornwall it rained harder than anywhere else in England.
    Part 2 — Misery (0% in)
  • 'Next Saturday, I was standing in front of the theater at noon, although the box office didn't open until one-fifteen and the movie didn't start until two.
    Part 2 — Misery (7% in)
  • She suddenly leaped at him with that limber ferocity, and although he felt certain she meant to hurt him as she had before, possibly because she couldn't get at the dirty birdie of a scriptwriter who had cheated Rocket Man out of the Hudson before it went over the cliff, he did not move at all , he could see the seeds of her current instability in the window of past she had just opened for him, but he was also awed by it , the injustice she felt was, in spite of its childishness,...
    Part 2 — Misery (8% in)
  • Although I'll be goddamned if I know how I'm going to fix it.
    Part 2 — Misery (8% in)
  • Three nights ago, when he was sure she was upstairs, he had sneaked one of the sample boxes out and had read everything on the label, although he supposed he had read everything he needed when he saw what Novril's principal ingredient was.
    Part 2 — Misery (9% in)
  • The counsellor had had a stopwatch, and Paul Sheldon's dozing mind saw it with brilliant clarity, although he had last held its honest silver weight in his hand more than thirty years ago.
    Part 2 — Misery (12% in)
  • He wrote another three hours, although by ten o'clock the pain had begun to be quite bad.
    Part 2 — Misery (17% in)
  • He and Ian had looked at each other, and Ian had tried to smile, although his eyes were gemlike with unshed tears.
    Part 2 — Misery (22% in)
  • Mrs. Ramage was still up when Geoffrey began to hammer on the cottage door, although it was already two hours past her normal bedtime.
    Part 2 — Misery (24% in)
  • Although she was the most levelheaded and practical of women, the sudden outburst of knocking startled a little scream from her, and she scalded herself with the hot milk she had been pouring from pot to cup.
    Part 2 — Misery (24% in)
  • It was not grief, this feeling, although she was nearly overwhelmed with grief — this was a strange, thundery feeling that she couldn't ever remember having before.
    Part 2 — Misery (24% in)
  • Billford had diagnosed the fatal malady as a heart attack, although the girl was very young — only eighteen — and had seemed in the pink of health.
    Part 2 — Misery (29% in)
  • Although everyone had agreed that the girl's death was puzzling, it had crossed no one's mind that she might not be dead at all.
    Part 2 — Misery (29% in)
  • She began to pull half healed turves out of the ground with her trembling fingers, and although Geoffrey returned in almost no time, she had by then already clawed a hole some eight inches deep.
    Part 2 — Misery (32% in)
  • Although Paul had no way of knowing exactly what it was, he was sure that Annie had an adjective for it.
    Part 2 — Misery (36% in)
  • Ears attuned for the sound of Old Bessie returning , although she had only been gone for forty-five minutes , he pulled a bunch of the Kleenex, dipped the wad in the pitcher, and bent awkwardly over to one side with the soppy mass in his hand.
    Part 2 — Misery (44% in)
  • She cleaned; she cooked ambitious meals (although everything she cooked came out tasting strangely industrial, as if years of eating in hospital cafeterias had somehow corrupted any culinary talent she might once have had); each afternoon she bundled Paul up in a huge blue blanket, jammed a green hunting cap on his head, and rolled him out onto the back porch.
    Part 2 — Misery (50% in)
  • He brought his left leg down, and although it took his weight and saved him the fall, the pain was excruciating , it felt as if a dozen bolts had suddenly been driven into the bone.
    Part 2 — Misery (53% in)
  • I suppose I must have known you would, because I see I brought you some pills, although I don't remember doing it.'
    Part 2 — Misery (56% in)
  • By positioning his wheelchair all the way to the left of the door, he could for the first time see the road which ran by her place, although it was really no big deal , two-lane blacktop between decaying snowbanks, shiny as sealskin and awash with rainwater and snowmelt.
    Part 2 — Misery (61% in)
  • Although the picture accompanying the obit was even grainier and fuzzier than usual, Paul saw that Paulette Simeaux made 'Queenie' Beaulifant look like Thumbelina.
    Part 2 — Misery (70% in)
  • That testimony her attorney hadn't been able to keep out of the trial (although he had nearly ruptured himself trying), and while Annie had never confessed to anything in so many words during the three days in August she had spent 'up there on the stand in Denver', he thought that she had really confessed to everything.
    Part 2 — Misery (77% in)
  • He said he was an artist, although I found out later he was nothing but a hippie dope-fiend dirty bird who had been washing dishes in an Estes Park restaurant for the last couple of months.
    Part 2 — Misery (88% in)
  • I wasn't always sure you'd be able to, you know, although I never said because I didn't want to upset you.
    Part 2 — Misery (90% in)
  • After all, this was the woman who, although she'd gotten her cap in 1966, had told him only minutes ago that she had been a nurse for ten years.
    Part 2 — Misery (97% in)
  • Although he had been tearing along like house afire a few seconds ago, anxious to get Ian, Geoffrey, and the ever-amusing Hezekiah caught in the Bourkas ambush so that the entire party could be transported to the caves behind the face of the idol for the rousing finale, he was suddenly tired.
    Part 3 — Paul (6% in)
  • She was taking extravagant care of him, changing the bandages on his weeping stump every eight hours (and at first, she had informed him with the air of one who knows she will never get a medal for what she has done , although she deserves one , she had done it every four hours), giving him sponge baths and alcohol rubs , as if to deny what she had done.
    Part 3 — Paul (11% in)
  • Although Annie never said so, he believed she had filled in the n's either as another evidence of her solicitude , How can you say I was cruel to you, Paul, when you see all the n's I have filled in?
    Part 3 — Paul (12% in)
  • Paul had heard him walk away from the door, and although he knocked again, Gary had not come back.
    Part 3 — Paul (21% in)
  • ...and that night she swept gaily into the room where he sat in a stupid daze of drugs and pain with his wrapped left hand held against his chest and she had a cake and she was bellowing 'Happy Birthday to You' in her on-key but tuneless voice although it was not his birthday and there were candles all over the cake and sitting in the exact center pushed into the frosting like an extra big candle had been his thumb his gray dead thumb the nail slightly ragged because he sometimes chewed...
    Part 3 — Paul (26% in)
  • And now, as he awoke, he did so with a jerk that hurt him all over, hardly aware that his lips were pressed tightly together to keep the scream inside, although the thumbectomy had happened over a month ago.
    Part 3 — Paul (26% in)
  • Nothing which had gone before , except perhaps for the moment when he had realized that, although his left leg was moving, his left foot was staying put , was as terrible as the hell of this immobility.
    Part 3 — Paul (30% in)
  • The prospect did not seem to disturb Annie's weird serenity in the least, although Paul could not believe that, in some part of her mind, she did not realize how close to the end of the game they had now come.
    Part 3 — Paul (49% in)
  • He grabbed the bedpan and finally managed, although it hurt worse than before.
    Part 3 — Paul (61% in)
  • Although her pet writer was now less than thirty,five feet away, Annie's voice remained composed.
    Part 3 — Paul (70% in)
  • Although the cops almost surely missed it, Paul's own practiced ear sensed the minutest of hesitations , there could be a trap here, a snare which might spring at once or after a short delay.
    Part 3 — Paul (71% in)
  • No, she said at last, although he had headed west, so she assumed he must have gone toward Springer's Road and the few farms out that way.
    Part 3 — Paul (71% in)
  • Paul tried; to cry out to him, to warn him, but every time he opened his mouth nothing came out but a neatly reasoned paragraph of narration , although this paragraph was different each time he tried to scream, it always opened the same way: 'One day, about a week later ....
    Part 3 — Paul (78% in)
  • Not to make myself look better (although I probably would) and not to make Annie look worse (she couldn't).
    Part 4 — Goddess (30% in)
  • Only when he let himself into his apartment he knew it was the cleaning woman who had pulled the drapes, and although he fell down and had to smother a scream of fright when Annie rose up like Cain from behind the sofa, it was just the cat, a cross-eyed Siamese named Dumpster he had gotten last month at the pound.
    Part 4 — Goddess (64% in)
  • He turned back to the word processor and wrote fast, almost bludgeoning the keys: -1 The kid heard a sound in the back of the building and although the thought of rats crossed his mind, he turned the corner anyway — it was too early to go home because school didn't let out for another hour and a half and he had gone truant at lunch.
    Part 4 — Goddess (89% in)
  • He knew what that thing was, although he hadn't the slightest idea how such a thing could have gotten into this deserted East 105th Street tenement, but the long white stripe down its back was a dead give-away.
    Part 4 — Goddess (95% in)

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