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used in Of Human Bondage

38 uses
  • The four weeks of his engagement at Farnley passed quickly.
    117-118 — Chapters 117-118 (4% in)
  • He disengaged himself from Miss Watkin's arms, and she kissed him again.
    1-2 — Chapters 1-2 (87% in)
  • Mr. Carey asked if Philip had behaved properly; and Mrs. Carey remarked that Mrs. Wigram had a new mantle, Mr. Cox was not in church, and somebody thought that Miss Phillips was engaged.
    7-8 — Chapters 7-8 (30% in)
  • Among the day-boys, of whom there were about a hundred and fifty, sons of the local gentry and of the men stationed at the depot, those whose fathers were engaged in business were made to feel the degradation of their state.
    15-16 — Chapters 15-16 (9% in)
  • Another master was engaged to teach mathematics more systematically than had been found necessary hitherto.
    15-16 — Chapters 15-16 (54% in)
  • There was no doubt that he was a fine scholar, and he was engaged on a work which was quite in the right tradition: he was writing a treatise on the trees in Latin literature; but he talked of it flippantly, as though it were a pastime of no great importance, like billiards, which engaged his leisure but was not to be considered with seriousness.
    15-16 — Chapters 15-16 (72% in)
  • There was no doubt that he was a fine scholar, and he was engaged on a work which was quite in the right tradition: he was writing a treatise on the trees in Latin literature; but he talked of it flippantly, as though it were a pastime of no great importance, like billiards, which engaged his leisure but was not to be considered with seriousness.
    15-16 — Chapters 15-16 (73% in)
  • Fraulein Thekla, the professor's elder daughter, was engaged to a man in England who had spent twelve months in the house to learn German, and their marriage was to take place at the end of the year.
    23-24 — Chapters 23-24 (51% in)
  • But although I'm not exactly engaged to Hermann I can never love anyone else, and I look upon myself as his bride.'
    23-24 — Chapters 23-24 (74% in)
  • First, as the result of heaven knows what scheming, by dint of humble prayers and veiled threats, the parents of the young Englishman to whom Fraulein Thekla was engaged had invited her to visit them in England, and she had set off with an album of water colours to show how accomplished she was and a bundle of letters to prove how deeply the young man had compromised himself.
    25-26 — Chapters 25-26 (29% in)
  • The silent old ladies who sat at the top of the table near the Frau Professor were in a flutter, and when Fraulein Hedwig said she was to go home at once for the formal engagement to take place, the Frau Profes sor, regardless of expense, said she would give a Maibowle.
    25-26 — Chapters 25-26 (33% in)
  • There was small occasion for heroism in the Frau Professor's house, but he was a little more exactly truthful than he had been, and he forced himself to be more than commonly attentive to the dull, elderly ladies who sometimes engaged him in conversation.
    27-28 — Chapters 27-28 (93% in)
  • Though her French accent was so much part of her that it remained, all the mellifluousness of her manner left her when she was engaged in teaching.
    33-34 — Chapters 33-34 (6% in)
  • The curate had recommended rooms in Barnes, and these Philip engaged by letter at fourteen shillings a week.
    35-36 — Chapters 35-36 (65% in)
  • Philip wrote back that he would like nothing better, only he had already an engagement to spend Christmas with friends in the country, and he did not see how he could break it.
    37-38 — Chapters 37-38 (30% in)
  • The young man had been engaged in an intrigue with a girl who played in touring companies, and his account of the affair filled Philip with envious amazement.
    37-38 — Chapters 37-38 (34% in)
  • Two others were engaged on the second leg, and more were occupied with the arms.
    53-54 — Chapters 53-54 (88% in)
  • When she made engagements and broke them, he met her next day with a smiling face; when she excused herself, he said it did not matter.
    63-64 — Chapters 63-64 (11% in)
  • But Philip's unlucky words engaged him in a discussion on the freedom of the will, and Macalister, with his wellstored memory, brought out argument after argument.
    67-68 — Chapters 67-68 (51% in)
  • It appeared that the fellow's wife had discovered the adventure he was engaged in during his periodical visits to London, and had gone to the head of the firm that employed him.
    69-70 — Chapters 69-70 (46% in)
  • "I'm awfully sorry, I'm engaged tomorrow.'
    69-70 — Chapters 69-70 (85% in)
  • Won't you get out of your horrid engagement, just this once?'
    69-70 — Chapters 69-70 (88% in)
  • He got up, disengaging himself from her, and went to the other side of the room.
    71-72 — Chapters 71-72 (27% in)
  • He had already engaged a room in a hotel in Paris.
    73-74 — Chapters 73-74 (52% in)
  • To remind himself that he too had once been engaged in the practice of art, he put up a charcoal drawing of the young Spaniard Miguel Ajuria: it was the best thing he had ever done, a nude standing with clenched hands, his feet gripping the floor with a peculiar force, and on his face that air of determination which had been so impressive; and though Philip after the long interval saw very well the defects of his work its associations made him look upon it with tolerance.
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (9% in)
  • "I'm engaged to be married to Mr. Kingsford.'
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (52% in)
  • She would waylay him in the street and, knowing she had been waiting about for him to come out of the hospital for a couple of hours, he would give her a few charming, friendly words and bolt off with the excuse that he had a business engagement.
    79-80 — Chapters 79-80 (93% in)
  • The work was of the same character as that which he had just been engaged on, but with the greater directness which surgery has than medicine; and a larger proportion of the patients suffered from those two diseases which a supine public allows, in its prudishness, to be spread broadcast.
    83-84 — Chapters 83-84 (46% in)
  • He had kept the newspaper and now looked at the advertisements again: a shop in Holborn needed a salesman too, and he went there; but when he arrived he found that someone had already been engaged.
    99-100 — Chapters 99-100 (67% in)
  • They put the work of the heroes on those who remained, and since they did not increase the wages of these were able at once to exhibit public spirit and effect an economy; but the war continued and trade was less depressed; the holidays were coming, when numbers of the staff went away for a fortnight at a time: they were bound to engage more assistants.
    101-102 — Chapters 101-102 (60% in)
  • Philip's experience had made him doubtful whether even then they would engage him; but Athelny, representing himself as a person of consequence in the firm, insisted that the manager could refuse him nothing.
    101-102 — Chapters 101-102 (61% in)
  • You always stand a better chance if you're engaged by the firm already.'
    101-102 — Chapters 101-102 (68% in)
  • Philip could not tell whether he meant to engage him or not.
    101-102 — Chapters 101-102 (89% in)
  • The buyer looked at it for a moment doubtfully, and Philip surmised that he was wondering why the manager had engaged him.
    103-104 — Chapters 103-104 (7% in)
  • She was the buyer in the "Petticoats,' and when Philip entered was engaged in conversation with the buyer in the "Gentlemen's Hosiery;' Miss Bennett was a woman of massive proportions, with a very large red face heavily powdered and a bust of imposing dimensions; her flaxen hair was arranged with elaboration.
    103-104 — Chapters 103-104 (67% in)
  • He told Philip that he should demand higher wages, for notwithstanding the difficult work he was now engaged in, he received no more than the six shillings a week with which he started.
    107-108 — Chapters 107-108 (32% in)
  • There were about a hundred of them, and whichever was engaged would be offered his keep and the same six shillings a week that Philip had.
    107-108 — Chapters 107-108 (39% in)
  • He was immensely elated at being engaged as a locum; it made him feel extremely grown up; he had an insane desire to laugh at nothing in particular; and the more he thought of his professional dignity the more he was inclined to chuckle.
    115-116 — Chapters 115-116 (70% in)

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